Take It to The Limit

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This was another story that sprung out from contest held by VivienneRose (the topic I chose was “Day of Serving”) and while I didn’t win this one, she seemed to enjoy the story enough to request I write her some more. Looking forward to what we come up with together.

Just like with the previous one, I wrote it from her POV. Hope ya’ll enjoy, and check out her stuff on here She’s really awesome!


“Have you been edging all week for me?”

You nod, and the ache in your eyes proves it.

“Good boy.”

You’re kneeling in front of me, naked except for the collar and leash around your neck.

I’m hot just looking down at you, and we haven’t even started yet.

“You know the rules,” I tease, stroking your face with my black, leather-gloved hand before cupping your bearded chin, making sure your eyes are where they belong. On me. “You’re mine for the day. Every inch of you belongs to me. Any pleasure, any pain, is mine to give,”

Your cock twitches, and I smirk. “And any orgasms too. I own you. Say it.”

“Mistress Vivienne owns me.”

I smile and let go of your chin, allowing you to get a good look at me. My gloves, the black leather corset showing off my tits, and your favorite pair of knee-high leather boots.

If I let you, you’d probably kiss and lick every inch of leather on me. But not today.

Today I have bigger plans for you.

I walk over to the bed, feeling your eyes on me, knowing how nervous you are. But rules are rules, and, like they say, how do you know you don’t like something until you’ve tried it?

Slowly, I slip on the harness, clicking it in place over my naked pussy, and proudly show you the pink strap-on I’m going to fuck you with. Not too big or too small. Just right for your first time.

I run a gloved finger over your trembling lips, sliding it between them as a treat. Something to get you relaxed. You suck it gently, coating the leather with your saliva. I can’t wait to see you do the same to my waiting cock.

After a moment I pull the finger out and try not to giggle at your frown. Poor baby. “Don’t worry sweetie. You’ll be doing plenty more sucking today. Now, open wide.”

Nervous as you are, you obey, and I smirk as your lips part and I push the tip of my rubber cock between them. I let it rest there, enjoying the sight of you practically kissing my pendik escort bayan strap-on before pushing it further.

You almost gag, but I glare and you stop in your tracks. You’re going to take it all for me, like it or not.

In and out, I begin fucking your mouth for all it’s worth. I find the right rhythm, and let loose, pushing and pulling as far and as deep as I can. The strap-on disappears, practically poking the back of your throat, but each time it reappears, more and more of your saliva is covering it.

“You suck like a pro,” I praise as my gloved fingers slide through your messy hair, holding you in place. “Such a good little slut for Mistress, aren’t you?”

I can see it in your eyes, the unease has lessened. It looks like you’re even starting to enjoy yourself.

Good. I love a man who can suck my cock without complaining.

Not that it matters if you did. You don’t get to complain today. Besides, my cock isn’t the only one that’s hard anymore, is it?

Yours is sticking up, begging to touch my boots. Poor baby. You’ll just have to wait.

I let go of your head and watch you suck, swallowing my length and coating it with so much saliva it’s almost glistening. God, it’s so hot to watch.

“There you go sweetie,” I giggle at your thoroughness. “Take it deep into your whore mouth, and imagine it exploding cum down your throat. Mmm. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Sucking my cock and swallowing all my cum like a good boy.”

You moan, and your hands grab my legs as you imagine what it would be like if my rubber cock could shoot cum in your mouth like yours has in mine.

Just the thought is getting me wet.

Gently, I slide my cock from between your lips, and the look on your face is priceless. Like a child who’s had their lollipop pulled away before they were finished.

“Now now,” I whisper, shaking a gloved finger at you, “You have other holes I want to play with today.”

Picking up your leash, I lead you towards the bed. “Bend over baby” I command, and you do as you’re told, raising your ass in the air in complete and total submission. You know what’s coming, but you don’t care. All that matters right now is what I want.

And right now, I want to fuck you in the ass.

Your cock presses against my sheets, dribbling precum onto the floor. Looking up, you see your reflection in the maltepe escort mirror on the wall- bent over and helpless, with me behind you, the tip of my cock poking at your tight little asshole.

My gloved hands rub your ass cheeks, parting them as the saliva-lubed strap-on slides into your waiting bottom. In the mirror, I watch your expression turn from discomfort to acceptance as you accept your place as my slave once more. “Good boy,” I whisper, then begin to thrust.

Just like with your mouth, I start slow, wanting you to get a taste. A little at a time, even as my pussy gets wetter at the thought of what I’m doing to you. After a few gentle pokes, I push forward, and the rhythmic fucking starts again.

In and out, pegging you relentlessly, my juices leaking through the leather harness. I’m so hot right now, fucking your ass is driving me wild, and I’m not alone. Your cock is getting harder by the second. You’re loving this as much as I am.

“You’re doing so well sweetie,” I moat as I speed up my thrusts. “Tell me you love when Mistress Vivienne fucks you.”

You grunt, the feeling of my cock in your ass has you on edge. “I love when Mistress Vivienne fucks me.”

“Again.” I push the strap-on deeper.

“I love it when Mistress Vivienne fucks me!”

You practically scream, and hearing you say those words is all I need. With one last thrust, my pussy gives in and lets out a massive wave, sending my juices all over the harness and down my legs, leaving plenty on my boots for you to lick up later.

I keep thrusting, moaning, and screaming as wave after wave rock my body, and you watch me in the mirror with a smile, knowing you made me so happy.

My orgasm finishes, and I pull my cock out of your ass. You don’t move, not until I tug at your leash. “You did so well taking my cock,” I moan, almost breathless. “I think you’ve earned a treat.”

Your eyes light up, and I try not to laugh, knowing what wicked plans I have for you. “But you have to do exactly as I say. Those are the rules, aren’t they slave?”

“Yes, Mistress Vivienne.”

“Good,” I say as I place your arms in the restraints and lock them in place, leaving your legs free. Then, I wrap a gloved hand around your aching cock, and gently start to stroke it, up and down, up and down. You’re already so hard, so close to cumming after edging all week, kartal escort but not yet.

Not until I say so.

One hand around your shaft, another tickling your balls, you moan as I take full control. You’ll do whatever I want you to, even if you don’t want to.

And I know you won’t want to do what I have in mind.

You squirm on the bed, and I keep on stroking, teasing you more and more until your practically begging me to finish you off.

Then, I say it. “Lift your legs.”

It takes you a second to obey, but lift them a little. I shake my head. “Higher.” You try again, but it’s not enough. “Higher.”

My hand leaves your balls, and I show you where I want you. Laying there, legs raised and cock pointing out.

Right at your face.

You can tell now what I want, and though you don’t like it, there’s nothing you can do about it. Today is all about what I want. And I want you to shoot your load in your mouth.

My gloved hand keeps stroking your pre-cum lubed cock and drops dribble onto your chest, and I grin when your eyes widen. You can feel it, and so can I.

“Open your mouth,” I command with a wicked smile, and though you don’t want to, you do as your told like a good slave.

I speed up my strokes, the soft leather gliding along your aching shaft, priming the pump and preparing it for what’s coming.

It’s going to be amazing.

Your balls tighten up and your legs start to shake, and with a few more teasing strokes, your cock explodes, my hand aiming it so the first shots of hot, sticky cum go right into your mouth.

More cum follows, so much of it after edging all week, and not all of it gets in your mouth. Most of it does, and the rest, I milk out onto my gloves, making sure none of it goes to waste.

I let your legs down, then walk over to the head of the bed. I let the cum drip from my glove into your mouth, then cup your chin with my leather-clad fingers and shit it tightly.


You do, and the image of you laying there, cum all over your face and chest as you swallow your load for me, is enough to make my pussy wet all over again.

“Good boy,” I whisper, proud of you for doing what I wanted. But the day isn’t over yet, and I watch you lick your lips as you stare at my dripping pussy, begging for a taste of my juices to wash yours down with.

Slipping off the harness, I slide onto the bed and straddle your eager face. “I hope you’re ready for round two sweetie. Because it starts right now.”

Your tongue gently brushes against my swollen lips, and I let out a moan.

It looks like you are.

Good boy.

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