The All-Over Tan Ch. 02

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For part 1 of this story see The All-Over Tan. Thanks for the feedback, hope you like this one too.

Rob leaned back heavily in the lounge chair reveling in the dual sensations of the blowjob he just gave to his best friend, Mark, as well as the one he just received from his best friend’s sister, Marissa.

Rob tried to act nonchalant as Marissa curled up next to him on the poolside lounge chair and Mark flopped down in the one next to them.

“I take it that this is not the first time you guys have fooled around?” Rob asked

“Today or ever?” Mark responded with a smirk. “That was just a stress reliever for you so you’d stop being such a prude.”

“No, Robby, it’s not,” said Marissa smoothly as she languidly caressed Rob’s chest with one hand and idly stroked her glistening pussy with the other, “In fact, Mark, why don’t you tell him how this all started?”

“Sure thing, eh.” Mark put his hands behind his head and basked in the warm afternoon sun. “Remember, Rob, how I was late to your 18th birthday party? Well…”


Mark arrived home from school early having ducked out of baseball conditioning practice complaining of a sore shoulder. He tossed his backpack on the couch and kicked off his shoes heading straight for the back patio and the waiting pool and south Florida sun. He stripped off his shirt and dropped his shorts and boxers in a puddle around his ankles allowing the warm breeze to caress his body. He dove into the refreshing pool and swam the length underwater, pulled himself out the side and headed for the lounge chair sitting in the full sun. He grabbed up a tube of suntan lotion, shot a liberal amount onto his hand and began massaging it into his skin.

As was his after-school custom, he lay back on the lounge chair, squirted another daub of lotion into his hand and set to work on his cock. Closing his eyes and reveled in the feeling of his manhood thickening at his touch. Once fully erect, he slowed his ministrations to a more reasonable pace wanting to enjoy the building sensation that would ultimately lead to a happy ending.

Marissa drifted down the steps from her upstairs bedroom being rudely awakened from her nap by the clatter of her younger brother’s exuberant arrival, albeit an hour early, from school. Her classes at the university were cancelled for today so she spent the late afternoon relaxing and sleeping.

She followed the trail of school gear and clothing leading out to the pool where she spied her brother blissfully stroking his massive cock. Her breath caught as she took in the sight of her toned and muscled brother, eyes shut to the world, working his thick member with his hands. A chill ran down her back and directly to her, as of this morning, freshly shaven pussy. Involuntarily, her hand drifted to the terminus of that jolt and she felt warm moisture at her fingertips.

As quiet as she could manage, she slipped through the patio door and padded silently to where Mark was lounging, all the while lightly stroking her now engorged clit. She had never seen her brother naked before and was in awe of what she saw, especially the hard, thick cock he was slowly jacking not five feet from where she stood. She knew he sunbathed nude, she did too, so did mom and dad but this was different, somehow. A slightly stronger stroke to her needy clit elicited a gentle moan, unbidden, from her lips.

Mark’s eyes shot open to see his sister standing at the end of his lounge chair, her eyes fixed on his cock and her hand at her crotch.

“I didn’t know you were home.” Mark pendik escort said. He tried to stand but Marissa stopped him with a hand on his shoulder, the same far-away look in her eyes. Mark sat back on the lounge chair and it was then he looked at Marissa, appraising her for the first time. He had seen her nude before, sunbathing by the pool but never this close. Her long brunette hair rested neatly on her shoulders framing a face that artists yearn to recreate. Her moist lips parted slightly and her brown eyes stayed transfixed on his still-erect cock. Her beautiful breasts were capped by dark nipples, hard and erect in her excitement. Mark scanned down her toned, flat abs to see a sight he was not expecting, her shaved pussy. Mark’s cock throbbed at the sight of the hairless, perfectly tanned flesh and without a though he reached out his hand to touch the object of his fantasies.

For months now he had been trying to convince his girlfriend, Cheryl, to completely shave her pubic hair. She kept her pussy neatly trimmed but Mark had hoped that she would take it all off.

“Oh, yes.” Marissa sighed as Mark’s fingers caressed the outer folds of her wet pussy. Mark marveled in the sensation of her incredibly smooth skin.

“Can I lick you?” Mark whispered the question. Marissa didn’t answer but stepped forward straddling the lower part of the lounge chair and pulled Mark’s head towards her wanton cunt.

Mark lashed his tongue out and traced it around the area where there should have been, at least in his experience, a mound of coarse hair. He extended his tongue further into his beautiful sister’s pussy and tasted her sweet juices as she moaned slightly, gripping his head tighter. Mark placed his hands on his sister’s hips and guided her back to another lounge chair, laid her back gently and continued his feast on her magnificent pussy, tracing his tongue around her moist labia and swollen clit. He wrapped his lips around her sensitive button and sucked and nibbled until he could feel her thighs tensing up as her orgasm approached. Releasing her clit he traced his tongue down her wet slit and thrust it as far as he could into her cunt, licking and thrusting and savoring the juices that were flowing into his mouth.

Marissa’s breathing became ragged as her orgasm shattered through her, her brother’s tongue filling her and sending her over the edge. Once the electric sensations began to subside, Mark slackened his assault on her pussy and licked and kissed gently until her breathing returned to normal.

Without a word, Marissa rolled Mark onto his back, she kissed him fiercely, tongues dancing and tasting her own cum on his lips. She kissed her way down his sculpted chest and seized his cock in her hands and quickly brought her mouth down over his swollen head, taking as much of the shaft into her mouth as she could. Mark let out a deep moan as she began to work her lips and tongue over his aching member.

Marissa slid her hand down to massage her brother’s heavy ball sack, squeezing slightly as if to encourage his sperm to release, all the while sucking loudly on his cock. With the jacking off Mark was already doing and the taste of his sister’s shaven pussy fresh on his lips, it did not take long for Mark to moan “I’m going to cum, sis.”

Marissa moaned a muffled “uh huh” and Mark’s back arched off the lounge chair as his cum boiled up in his cock and burst into his sister’s eager, waiting mouth. With thrust after thrust the thick warm semen flowed into Marissa’s mouth and she clamped her mouth around his thick cockhead so to not loose a drop. maltepe escort She swallowed heavily and continued to stroke Mark’s cock siphoning the cum from his balls. Mark was certain his head would explode when Marissa finally released the suction from his cock.

“That was amazing, little brother.” Marissa panted as she smiled at him.

“You have the most amazing tasting pussy I have ever….” Mark was also panting.

“Cheryl’d better not hear you say that! She snuggled up next to him on the lounge chair and Mark wrapped his arm around her shoulder, caressing her back with the other.

“So you like my shave?” Marissa already knew the answer, she could see it in his eyes. Mark could only make a slight noise that she accepted as an affirmative.

“If you want a real all-over tan, brother dear, you should shave yours off too.” Mark’s deflating cock twitched at the idea. “In fact, come with me.” Marissa took her brother by the hand and led him back into the house, up the stairs to the hallway bathroom the two of them shared.

“Have a seat.” Marissa commanded. She indicated the oversized garden bathtub situated in a corner of the bathroom. She fumbled around under the dual sinks for the implements, arranged them neatly on the tile ledge surrounding the tub and turned on the water. All the while Mark sat silently taking in the scene. His older sister, who had just given him the most amazing blowjob of his life was about to shave his pubic hair. The idea washed over him like a wave and his cock continued to grow with his mounting excitement.

Marissa turned on the trimmer she kept stashed under the sink for her own grooming and leaned in to grab Mark’s stiffening cock. She held his thick member out of the way as she deftly trimmed away the dark, coarse hair. Mark, like most of the men in his family, did not have body hair except for a light dusting from mid-thigh to ankle and his armpits. Once the majority of his pubic hair had been trimmed away, Mark tore his eyes away from his sister’s perfectly shaped ass swaying slightly in the mirror above the sinks, her pussy still glistening. She was turned on by this also. He glanced down to see her fill her palm with shaving lotion and she began to spread it out over his pelvis and ballsack.

Still kneeling in the tub, Marissa carefully scraped the razor over Mark’s most sensitive areas and it didn’t even occur to him that he should be concerned, the occasional nick or cut while shaving one’s face could be annoying but here it might be a disaster! However, Marissa proved to be as skillful as Sweeny Todd, before all the killing, that is. In a few minutes she began to rinse off the excess shave cream and carefully inspected her work.

“Want to know the best way to make sure you did a good job?” Marissa smiled and leaned into her brother’s crotch and began to run her tongue over the freshly shaven areas, now especially sensitive. Mark’s entire pelvis jolted from the new sensation and he thought he might cum right then and there. Marissa continued down to his heavy balls, running her tongue and hands over every inch of newly exposed skin. Mark could barely speak but managed to croak out. “I want to check your shave also.”

Marissa’s eyes widened, she smiled and stood, stepped out of the tub and led Mark down the hall to her bedroom. She pushed Mark down on the plush bedspread, his massive cock pointing at the ceiling, walked around the bed and crawled up on all fours and began to work her way down Mark’s body.

Starting out face to face, albeit upside-down, they kissed passionately, kartal escort tongues intertwining. Moving down she stopped to run her tongue over Mark’s tanned chest and nipples, teasing him with little nibbles. Mark returned the favor, savoring his sister’s amazing breasts, capped with nipples as hard with arousal as his throbbing cock. They continued to kiss down each others sculpted abdomens until they found themselves in a perfect sixty-nine.

A soft moan escaped Marissa’s lips as she again marveled at the sight of Mark’s perfectly formed cock. She wetted her lips and began to swirl her tongue and lips around the bulbous head. At the same time, Mark’s tongue danced around his sister’s swollen labia, carefully inspecting every smoothly shaved surface. Marissa then engulfed as much of Mark’s cock as she could in one breath, pushing about half of it into her mouth and to the back of her throat.

Mark groaned and thrust his tongue deep into his sister’s pussy, reveling in the tang of her pungent juices. He alternated between sucking and nibbling her distended clit and tongue-fucking her as deeply as he could manage. Marissa’s pussy was on fire as Mark was giving her one of the best ‘inspection’s she’d ever had. She continued to suck his cock further and further into her mouth and, at last, in one swift movement, drove his cock far into her throat so her nose nuzzled his clean-shaven scrotum.

Mark felt, for the first time, his entire cock engulfed by someone’s mouth and groaned loudly, vibrating Marissa’s clit. He wanted to release his cum right then and there but also knew he wanted more. As Marissa slowly backed off his cock he rolled her over onto her back, continuing his ministrations on her now dripping cunt. Reluctantly, he pulled his cock from his sister’s mouth and reversed his position. Holding himself in a push-up, his throbbing cockhead millimeters from Marissa’s aching pussy, she shifter her legs to allow him full penetration.

Without a word, gazing deeply into each others eyes, Mark drove his thick cock deep into his beautiful sister’s pussy. Mark held still for a moment, reveling in the ecstasy of the first penetration.

“Fuck me, little brother.” Marissa wrapped her hands behind Marks head and pulled him to her lips. Mark began a steady rhythm, thrusting deeply into his sister’s soaking pussy and pulling back so that only the engorged head of his stiff cock remained. He continued this for a few moments until he felt Marissa thrusting her pelvis up to meet him. He increased his pace and his sister untangled her tongue from his to bury her head in his shoulder.

“God, yes. Fuck me hard.” Mark needed no further encouragement and began to plow thrust after thrust into Marissa’s aching cunt. Every muscle in Marissa’s body seemed to tighten all at once as her orgasm exploded through her. The sudden tightening on Mark’s cock sent shivers down his spine into his balls which erupted blast after shuddering blast of his thick cum deep in his sister’s pussy.

Mark and Marissa held each other silently for a long time. Finally Mark glanced at the clock on the bedside table. “Shit, I’m late for Rob’s birthday party.” He rolled over, kissed Marissa deeply and headed to take a shower. Marissa smiled and called after him. “Let’s do this again some time!”

“Anytime you want!” was the reply.

Rob’s cock ached. It was, with out equal, the hottest story he’d ever heard and he spent his fair share of time on the internet!

“So, it looks like you liked our tale.” Marissa reached out and took Rob’s long cock in her hand and began to slowly stroke his manhood.

“Looks like we’re just in time for the party!” The voice from the patio door shocked the trio by the pool. Shock turned quickly to wide grins as Mark and Rob’s girlfriends, Cheryl and Karly stepped into the warm afternoon sun.

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