The Barnet Sisters Ch. 02

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Mike Howard was introduced to Judy and Trudy’s mom as a graduate school tutor in math. Judy had no problems with math but Trudy always had. So, Mike showed up three times a week to help the girls out. They studied in Trudy’s room for the most part. They used an old card table as a work area and draped a sheet over it. The sheet hung down to the floor on all four sides.

Mike actually was tutoring Trudy but Judy was having fun in her own way. She was naked under the table with her head between her sister’s wide spread thighs and her ass backed up between Mike’s wide spread legs. She could get half his dick in her pussy if she pushed backwards and then she would move forward a few inches to lick her sister’s clit. This of course was very distracting to both of the other two.

There was a light knock at the door and Gale Barnet opened it and looked inside. “How’s it going?” She asked.

“I’m getting there,” Trudy said with a faraway look in her eyes as her sister licked her clit firmly.

“She’s starting to get the hang of it,” Mike said and then cleared his throat to hide a moan as Judy rammed her ass back, impaling herself deeper on his dick.

“Good,” Gale said with a smile as she closed the door.

Judy rocked forward, flicked her tongue against her sister’s clit and then rocked back hard against Mike’s dick. She got a good rhythm going as she whimpered and moaned softly. The question was, who was going to come first. Not that it really mattered.

As it was, Trudy came first and Judy a short time after her. Mike was grinning as Trudy laid her head on the table with a long drawn out groan. Judy was now ramming her hot wet pussy back against his dick even harder and faster as she neared her orgasm. When it hit, she ground her ass against his inner thighs and moaned loudly as her pussy tried to crush his dick.

The first time he had been there, there had not been a sheet over the table. The second time there had been and Trudy was under the table. Today it seemed to be Judy’s turn. Judy had swapped places with her sister that first time and had given him a marvelous blowjob. He wondered if they would swap places today.

A few minutes later, a hot mouth was trying to swallow his dick. It looked as if Judy was doing the honors. He groaned as he felt the head of his dick enter her throat. This was the third time she had worked his dick over and she was getting better each time. He wondered how long he could make it last. Judy was trying to force even more of his dick down her throat and moaning at the same time.

He did not last more than a few minutes and then he was coming with long hard squirts. When he groaned loudly, Trudy lifted her head and looked at him. She frowned and whispered, “That greedy little bitch. It was supposed to be my turn.”

There was a muffled giggled from under the table, to which Trudy replied, “You’ll get yours later.” She paused a second and shook her head. “What am I saying, you’ve already got yours and now mine also. Greedy, just downright greedy.”

Judy giggled under the table again and then sighed deeply as she nursed on Mike’s slowly deflating dick.


Mike came by twice the next week and then showed up mid morning on Saturday. Gale Barnet was on her knees in the front yard weeding a flowerbed. Her knees were on a pad and her ass stuck up as she bent over. Mike got out of his SUV and walked around to watch the older woman. Her ass was as fine as her daughters were. The lower swell of each cheek just barely showed at the bottom of the tight shorts she wore.

A moment later, Gale rocked back and straightened up. She smiled up at Mike as her hands went to her lower back. “I’m getting too old to be out here on my hands and knees.”

Mike grinned and shook his head. “I’m not touching that one. Any answer I might make would come out very wrong in so many ways.”

Gale laughed and said, “The girls are in the backyard by the pool.”

At the word girls, Mike’s eyes dropped to the nice amount of cleavage at the top of the older woman’s blouse. It was obvious from the small tents in the cloth, she was not wearing a bra. Trudy and Judy had been telling the truth about their mom. She was a slightly taller version of them with a little more mileage and wear and tear showing. Not bad at all for a woman pushing forty.

When his eyes returned to her face, Gale was grinning. “That kind of look could make an old lady blush,” she said softly.

Mike narrowed his eyes and looked around the yard. “I don’t see any old ladies around here.”

Gale laughed. “Sometimes I feel like I’m a hundred.”

“You don’t look a day over thirty five,” Mike said with a wink.

“Flattery is something I’m long past.”

“I don’t see why? You are a good looking woman. I wouldn’t mind being seen out with you.”

Gale cocked her head to the side. “Are you asking me out or just flirting?”

Mike chuckled. “A little of both actually, now that you mention it.”

“I am flattered but….”

“But you think I’m too young, right. I’m about halfway pendik escort between your daughter’s age and yours. Anyway, I do like older women. The young ones and the one’s my age are not quite mature enough to suit me.”

“You keep looking, you’ll find one,” Gale said as she turned back to the flowerbed. She sighed and shook her head. “I think these weeds are growing faster than I’m pulling them.”

“Put the twins to work,” Mike said with a grin. He already knew the answer to that one.

Gale laughed for a second and then looked up at Mike. “You are kidding, right. They might work on their tans, they might work on their homework, if I’m lucky. Some work in the house, if I force them. Work in the yard, not in this lifetime.”

Mike chuckled and nodded. “I understand believe me. Let me deliver these papers to Trudy and I’ll come back and help you. I always loved digging in the dirt when I was a kid.”

Gale shook her head. “You go relax, this is my version of recreation and relaxation. Hot sun, sweating, dirty fingernails, showing my ass to the neighborhood, what could be more fun?”

“I’m not answering that one either,” Mike said with a chuckle, his eyes wandering to her ass.

“Smart man,” Gale said as she bent over and started to pull weed again.

Mike watched her ass for a few moments longer and then headed around the house to find the twins.


Trudy and Judy were sprawled out on two lounge chairs beside the pool. One had on a lime green sting bikini with pink piping and the other had on a bright pink one with lime green piping. Mike looked from one to the other and then handed the one in pink the folder with Trudy’s test papers in it.

Both young women grinned and when he handed the paperwork to the right girl, Judy asked, “How did you know or was it a lucky guess?”

“The lime green tube top you wore that first night,” he replied with a grin of his own.

“We’re getting too predictable,” Trudy, said offhanded as she looked over the papers. “Hey, these scores aren’t all that bad.”

“They need to be better but they will get you by for now,” Mike said. “I’ll continue to tutor you, if you’d like.”

“I’d lick that very much,” Judy said and then licked her lips with an exaggerated motion.

“Yes you do, and you take dictation at the same time,” Trudy said with a grin. “Don’t you just love higher learning?”

“I talked to your mom in the front yard,” Mike said.

“Oh good, did you make any progress in dating her?” Judy asked.

“Yes and no,” Mike replied as he moved over to sit in a chair next to the patio table. It was in the shade and cooler. He had slacks, a dress shirt, and his jacket on, so he was rather warm out in the sun.

“Ditch that jacket,” Trudy said. “It’s Saturday. You should have on shorts and a tight t-shirt.”

“Get rid of the shirt and the pants too. If that don’t get mom’s attention, we’ll say the hell with it and haul your ass off into the bushes,” Judy said with a big grin.

“According to her, I’m too young for her to date, so keeping up appearances is crucial to the plan,” Mike said.

“Yeah, but having a heatstroke is not part of the plan,” Trudy said.

Mike stood up, took off the jacket, and unbuttoned another button on his shirt. He hung the coat on the back of the chair and sat back down. “That’s better,” he said as he sat back and relaxed.

“Roll the sleeves up a couple of turns,” Judy suggested. “You’re relaxing and trying to cool off.”

“I wonder if mom has any of dad’s old shorts or bathing suits tucked away somewhere,” Trudy said thoughtfully.

“Why don’t you ask her, here she comes around the end of the house,” Judy whispered.

Gale went to the little metal shed by the fence and put up the kneepad and tools she had been using. She came back out of the shed and walked toward the pool. “The sun is too hot to do anymore today,” she said to no one in particular.

“Do you happen to have any of dad’s old shorts or maybe a bathing suit for Mike before he melts,” Trudy asked.

“Or I could just go home and change,” Mike said quickly.

“I think there are still some of his things in a box in the garage,” Gale said softly, her eyes on Mike. “Want to give me a hand looking? Some of the boxes are on the shelf.”

“Sure, if it’s not too much trouble,” Mike said standing up.


As they entered the cooler garage through the back door, Gale flipped on an overhead light and said, “Jim, my husband, built the shelves for his height, so I always have to drag the ladder out to get anything down.”

Gale’s car was on one side of the two-car garage and a small fishing boat was on the other. She walked past the boat and looked at the line of boxes on the shelf. “This one right here, I think.”

Mike got the box down and sat it on one of the seats in the boat.

Gale opened the box and looked inside. Closing the box, she said, “Nope. It’s the next one to the left.”

Mike replaced that box and got the next one in line.

Gale opened it maltepe escort and laid out several t-shirts and a couple of pair of shorts. Then she dug a little deeper and pulled out a silver and black Speedo. She held it up with a grin on her face and then she glanced at Mike. “Uh, maybe not,” she whispered.

Mike grinned and shook his head. “Not enough material there, I’m afraid I’d embarrass myself.”

Gale gave him a quizzical look for a second and then she shivered as she put the Speedo back in the box. “My husband had the same problem from time to time.”

She dug around some more and pulled out a pair of boxer cut swim trunks. “Maybe these would be better.”

“Those I can probably live with. I’ll have to try them on though,” Mike said as he picked up a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and took the swim trunks from Gale. He paused, looked at the clothes, and then at Gale. “Uh, you don’t mind if I wear these, do you. Some people are sentimental that way. I can go home and change.”

Gale smiled and shook her head. “The Speedo has memories but the rest is just clothing.”

“If I may be so bold as to ask, what did you wear when he wore the Speedo?”

Gale chuckled and shook her head. “A bikini that was more like three Band-Aids.”

Mike grinned and said, “That must have been one hell of a sight. I’m sorry that I missed it.” His eyes dropped to the front of her blouse and then returned to her face.

Gale found herself blushing. It was an odd sensation after all the years since she had last done it. She put the clothing back in the box and closed it to distract herself from the charming young man next to her. “You can put this back on the shelf,” she said as she stepped back.

Mike laid the clothing down and put the box on the shelf. As he picked the clothes back up his eyes ran up and down the old boat. Then he smiled and whispered, “Did you ever wear that bikini in this old boat?”

Gale felt herself blushing again as memories of being bent over the middle seat of the boat jumped into her mind. Her husband’s long thick dick had filled her pussy so full….

Mike chuckled and whispered, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Gale started to turn away from the young man teasing her but her eyes caught on the large tent in the front of his slacks. When she froze, Mike gave her a funny look and then he realized where and at what she was staring. He turned around quickly.

“Uh, sorry about that. I, uh, forgot I wasn’t wearing underwear,” he said in a flustered voice.

Gale giggled softly. “I don’t think wearing underwear would have made much of a difference.”

“Uh, yeah, it does, some of the time,” Mike said, still pretending to be flustered.

Gale chuckled. “You can change in the hall bathroom,” she said giving him a way out.

“Uh, thanks,” Mike said as he walked toward the door leading into the house.


Mike came into the kitchen to find Gale wearing a white beach robe that just barely came below her ass. She was stirring a pitcher of lemonade that was on a tray with two glasses. He had put on the swim trucks and a t-shirt. He laid his clothes on a barstool at the end of the counter.

Gale saw Mike out of the corner of her eye and smiled at him. “The girls are getting lemonade but I’m having a beer, how about you?”

“I’ll have a beer also, if you don’t mind,” he replied as he walked along the other side of the counter from her.

Gale turned toward the refrigerator and got out two beers. The robe was not tied or buttoned so when she turned back, it swung open to reveal the small yellow bikini she had on. It covered almost as much of her as her daughters covered of them. Gale handed the beers to him.

Mike grinned as he sat one down and opened the other. “That’s definitely not three Band Aides.”

Gale grinned at him and shook her head. “No, that one is hidden away.”

Mike sat the open beer down and picked up the other one. As he opened the second beer, he asked, “Snoopy daughters, I take it.”

“That and to keep the flood of memories that go along with it down to a minimum.”

Mike chuckled and whispered, “I guess flood would be a good choice of words for those type memories.”

Gale felt herself blushing and then she grinned as she decided to try to turn the tables. “It’s a fitting word, yes. It seems like every time I wore it, Jim ended up fucking my brains out.”

“Lucky man,” Mike said without batting an eye.

“Lucky me, also,” Gale whispered and picked up the tray. “You carry the beers and get the door. I’ll try and carry this out to the table without dropping it.”

Mike grinned and picked up the two beers in one hand and went to open the door. “Maybe I should carry it. I was a waiter during my early college days.”

“I’ve waited a few tables myself,” Gale said as she followed him outside.


When Gale sat the tray down on the table, Trudy looked at Judy and said, “I wonder if she knows we drink beer now.”

“You had better not be drinking beer. Not for another kartal escort year, in any case,” Gale replied without even turning around.

“We’re in college mom, everyone drinks beer,” Judy said.

Gale laughed and looked over her shoulder at her daughters. “I went to college, remember. So you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know but as your mother….”

“Yes, mother, your ass is covered where beer is concerned. Now that bikini is another story,” Trudy said with a laugh.

Gale lifted the back of her robe above her butt and wiggled it from side to side. There was just a thin strap up the crack of her ass. “Like you two, I sometimes like to show my ass.” Since the bikini bottoms the girls had on had cloth in the back, the statement was a little motherly jab.

“She’s getting to be a smartass in her old age,” Judy said with a wink at Trudy.

“And I’ll keep on getting smarter as you two grow older. You just haven’t realized it yet,” Gale said as she poured two glasses of lemonade.

“I remember my dad telling me the same thing when I was about eighteen. I hate to say it but he was right,” Mike said grinning at the twins.

Gale handed her daughters a glass apiece but did not say anything. She just smiled and winked at them.

“I think they’re trying to gang up on us,” Trudy said.

“It won’t work but we shouldn’t tell them that,” Judy replied.

Gale laughed as she moved to a chair next to the table and sat down. “We’re not deaf.”

Judy stuck her tongue out at her mom and Trudy laughed. “Put that thing away. Who only knows where it’s been,” Gale said with a grin.

Both of her daughters got shocked looks on their faces, which made Mike laugh. That got him two dirty looks. Judy looked back at her mom and asked, “Ok, what have you done with my mom? You’re some kind of mad alien who has taken over her body. She would never say anything like that out loud in front of company anyway.”

Trudy looked at her sister for a moment and then looked at Mike. “He brainwashed her while they were in the garage.”

Gale laughed. “No he didn’t but he did open my eyes to who I used to be.”

“A smartass, right,” Judy said.

“In a way. More like not afraid to say what is on my mind,” Gale said looking at Mike. Mike smiled and nodded.

“Oh shit, they are ganging up on us,” Trudy said with a mock wide eyed expression. Everyone laughed.

A few moments later, Gale stood up. Looking at Mike she said, “Now I’m really going to show my ass.” Then she took off her robe.

Mike grinned and then whistled softly. “And a fine looking ass it is,” he said softly.

“Thank you,” Gale replied as she walked over to the edge of the pool. Grinning at her daughters, she went down the steps. At the bottom, she made a shallow dive and swam the length of the pool. Mike’s eyes followed her swiveling ass the whole way. The twins just grinned and watched as well.

At the far end, Gale flipped over and swam back to the steps. As her hand reached the first step, she stopped swimming and glided to a seat on the second step. She shook the water out of her short hair and wiped her face with her hands. Seeing her daughters looking at her, she smiled and leaned back on the next step.

“The water is fine,” she said. “I’d forgotten how much I used to love to swim.”

“You sure haven’t forgotten how,” Mike said as he stood up. He stalled a few minutes sipping on his beer. Gale’s bare ass wiggling so delightfully through the water had his dick semi hard. Luckily the t-shirt hid it at the moment but if he took it off….

Judy looked at Mike and then at her sister. With a wink she whispered, “I think Mike liked watching mom’s ass.”

Trudy leaned forward and looked past her sister at Mike. “How can you tell besides the silly grin?”

“He’s stalling in taking his t-shirt off,” Judy replied with a grin in Mike’s direction.

Gale looked at her daughters and then around at Mike. “I’ve already seen the tent show,” she said with a grin of her own.

Mike chuckled and nodded. “Yes, you have,” he said as he sat his beer down and whipped his t-shirt off. There was a large bulge in the front of the shorts but not the tent from earlier. The suit had a built in mesh pair of underwear.

“Well, there goes all our fun,” Trudy, said with a wink at her sister.

Judy sighed and said, “We could go swimming.”

“We have dates tonight and I don’t want my hair to smell like chlorine.”

Mike listened to the two sisters as he walked down into the pool. At the bottom of the steps, he turned to face Gale and then fell backwards as he pushed off with his feet and legs. He did the length of the pool doing the backstroke and then flipped over to do a crawl back toward Gale.

As he came to a stop next to her, Gale said, “I see I’m not the only one who likes to swim.”

“I was raised on a lake. Swimming was a way of life.”

“That’s what all the fish say,” Trudy said with a giggle.

Mike gave her a hard look and then shook his head as he looked at Gale. “What kept you from drowning the two of them at birth?”

“They were really cute babies and ever so nice and quiet. That is until they learned to talk and then it was too late to drown them,” Gale replied with a grin in her daughters direction.

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