The Family Canoe Pt. 02

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All Characters in this work of fiction are over the age of 18.

A Note from Nikki: I wrote the first part of this story a long time ago (it was published in 2007! Wow I just had to look that up and hadn’t realised it had been so long!) but finally decided to publish the next part of it here after much neglect. I hope that you, my loyal fans enjoy it and forgive me the ridiculous delay. There’s a third part that completes the story that will be published in a month or so.

Licks and kisses,


— +++ —

Dave woke to the sound of birds greeting the dawn and groaned. He didn’t want to be awake so early, but the instant that he did wake, he became aware of his desperate need to pee. He threw back the canvas of his swag and stumbled out to the designated tree. He breathed deeply of the fresh clean air as he held his cock and allowed the pent up piss to flow. He was almost finished when he heard the snap of a branch indicating that someone was coming. He turned to warn whoever it was that he was there only to find May frozen mid-stride.

“Sorry,” she said, clearly not having expected anyone to be there.

“No problem,” Dave replied, turning a little so that he wouldn’t be putting his cock on display for his sister-in-law. He was surprised when there was no immediate sign of her leaving. She just stood there until he’d finished, then moved nearby so that she too could pee. “Well, have fun,” he laughed as he left her to her morning ablutions. He looked back over his shoulder for a second glance as he walked away. She wore a loose fitting t-shirt and a pair of short shorts that were barely visible under its hem.

He returned to his swag, wondering just how much May had seen. To think that he could have just flashed her after fucking her daughter the day before! He lay in his swag and tried to sleep, but it didn’t work. With a sigh, he climbed back out, pulled on his shorts, a t-shirt and a warm vest and set about bringing the camp fire back to life. With the fire going nicely he set about breakfast for himself, grabbing bacon, eggs and his cast iron fry pan. It was soon sizzling away and smelling fantastic.

“That’s cruel you bastard,” he heard from Phil and May’s tent. “We can smell it in here you know.”

“Not my problem,” Dave called back. He grabbed a beer and cracked it.

“That really seals it,” Phil laughed from within the tent. Dave heard movement.

“Beer already?” May called out.

“Its tradition,” Dave called back just as Phil emerged from the tent.

“Grab me one Bro,” Phil said as he turned toward the designated toilet area. He returned moments later and took the beer that Dave passed to him.

“Sleep well?” Dave asked.

“Like a baby,” Phil replied.

“Like a baby freight train,” May complained as she crawled through the door of the tent on her hands and knees. Dave laughed and looked to see her emerge. She still wore the loose-fitting t-shirt and the v-shaped neck line hung low enough to give him a good view down the front. He quickly turned away, despite the attraction of seeing her tits. After all, given his brother was right next to him, it would be way too easy to get busted.

“Bacon and eggs?” he asked by way of offering to both Phil and May. They both accepted and he added to what was already cooking in the pan. “Should I cook any for the sleepy one?” he asked when they sat down to eat, nodding in the direction of April’s tent.

“Naah, no point, it’ll be well cold by the time that she emerges,” May laughed.

The three of them finished breakfast, cleaned up and discussed plans for the day. Dave was keen to do some fishing while Phil was planning on taking a hike and May said that she was going to spend a large part of the day reading.

“But you also promised to take me out in the canoe remember,” May prompted Dave.

“Yep, I have to do that as well,” Dave agreed.

“But not until it’s warmer,” May stated. “I don’t want to freeze my fat ass off.

“There’s nothing fat about your ass,” Dave laughed.

“See! See Phil! That’s how you’re supposed to respond when a woman calls her ass fat,” May berated her husband, poking him aggressively.

“Hey!” Phil protested, “He only beat me to it because I was about to accuse him of being a perv for checking your sexy ass out in the first place.”

“Whoa, something tells me I gotta back out of this one,” Dave laughed.

“Well you get brownie points for using the word sexy,” May said, pacified. She stood up and wiggled her ass at her husband, then did the same to Dave, who held his hands up as if to hide from the view. “Hang on, now you don’t want to even look?” she complained to her brother-in-law and moved to put her butt even closer to him.

“Not that it isn’t sexy, but like Phil said, I’m his brother!” Dave protested.

May just blew him a raspberry.

Dave set about rigging up his fishing gear. Every now and then he’d glance over to April’s tent in the hope that he’d see movement and that she might sincan escort get up for the day. After an hour he gave up on it though and paddled out into the lake to fish, leaving May sitting with a book and Phil pottering around the camp site preparing for his hike.


“Where’s Uncle Dave?” April asked her mother about an hour later when she finally emerged from her tent in nothing more than a close-fitting t-shirt and her panties.

“Not here thankfully, with you barely dressed,” her mother admonished her. “You’re lucky that your father is off hiking or he’d have a fit. Put some clothes on.”

“God, it’s not that bad, it’s no worse than wearing a bikini!” April complained. She knelt down on all fours and thrust her torso back into the tent to retrieve her daisy-dukes.

“Nice view that,” her mother laughed when she found herself confronted by her daughter’s panty-clad butt. She was surprised when she saw that it looked like something had dried on her daughter’s thigh, but didn’t say anything of it.

“Glad you like it,” April called back, wiggling her ass before exiting again. She stood up and put her shorts on. “Better?”

“It’ll do. I’ll still be jealous of that skinny little bottom though,” May replied.

“Oh come on Mother, your ass is still sexy, hell even Uncle Dave checks it out when he thinks no-one is looking.

“Ha? You think he checks me out? You should see how hard he tries not to get busted checking you out. I think he nearly had a fit when he saw you in those shorts yesterday,” May said to her daughter.

“Well it is fun to tease him,” April laughed.

“He’s your Uncle!” May admonished her.

“Yeah, but he’s not that old so he doesn’t really seem like my Uncle and you know, he’s probably the hottest Uncle I could ask for,” April told her.

“You are terrible April, but I know what you mean. It doesn’t seem right to have a brother-in-law that much younger than me and that hot. I mean, If I wasn’t married to your father, I’d still have to be a cougar to have my way with him.”

“I bet he totally would if you weren’t married,” April said.

“Not if you were in the picture,” her mother replied. “Good lord, listen to us discussing the merits of who he’d do. You’re a terrible influence young lady. Neither of us can ever go there, so let’s drop it.”

“Sure, but that won’t stop me teasing him and checking him out,” April laughed.

“I might have to spank you if I catch you,” May warned her.

“I might enjoy it too much,” April laughed.

“That’s it, I’m not talking about it anymore!” May conceded and returned to her book. Aril just laughed.

“I’m going to tan on the dock,” she told her mother, who waved her away casually. April went back to her tent and changed into her bikini, amused at the fact that her mother thought it was perfectly fine for her to be in a swimsuit that showed off practically everything, but not her panties and t-shirt, which showed off much less. She strolled down to the dock and laid out a towel in the sun.

She checked whether she could be seen from the camp site and happy that her mother wouldn’t notice, took her bikini top off. She lay on her stomach first with a plan to roll over when the time was right.


Dave pulled the fish into the boat with his net and unhooked it before tipping it into his bucket. He figured that there was enough there to feed everyone dinner for the night and decided to head back to camp. The day was heating up nicely and he decided that a bit of a tan wouldn’t hurt, so he took his shirt off. He paddled slowly, enjoying the scenery and sun.

When he came in sight of the dock, he called out hello, wondering if April had stirred from her bed and whether his brother would be back from his hike. He was known to disappear for hours when he wanted to hike, so he didn’t really expect him to be there.

April sat up on the dock and waved at him and he was pretty sure she was topless. He wasn’t quite close enough to make out the detail and was sorry for that fact, but he did see May stand up and start to make her way down from the camp. He couldn’t help but wonder what her reaction would be if she realised that her daughter had just flashed her tits at her uncle. By the time that he reached the dock April had her bikini top on and both she and May were waiting for him.

“How’s the intrepid fisherman?” May asked as the canoe glided up alongside the dock.

“Back with dinner at least,” Dave replied.

“And a bit of a tan,” April said with a smile.

“Oh I only took the shirt off for a bit of sun in the last twenty minutes. Can’t afford to get burned.”

“I know what you mean,” April replied.

“Huh, if you thought you could get away with it you’d toast yourself,” May said to April with a laugh

“I like being tanned,” April complained.

“Tanned is fine, but make sure you use some sunscreen, because burned and cancerous isn’t a good look,” May instructed her sincan escort bayan daughter.

“Yes Mummy,” April replied. She did jump up to go and get the sunscreen though. Dave tried hard not to eye off her tight little bottom retreating from view in front of her mother.

“Kids!” May said with mock exasperation to Dave. “Are you going to take me out in your little boat now?”

“Little boat? It’s a canoe! But yes, I will take you out. Just let me get these fish cleaned and squared away so that they last until dinner.

“Excellent, well I’ll get changed then. Dave watched as May too retreated from sight. Her butt was rounder than her daughter’s but held its sex appeal. He gave himself a mental shake and climbed from the canoe, tied it off to the dock and then retrieved the fish.

“Hey Uncle Dave, can you do my back for me?” April asked as she returned to the dock and he went to depart.

“You really want fish hands all over your back?” he laughed.

“Well you can wash them first, silly,” April replied

“I tell you what, first let me get the fish squared away. It will only take me 10 mins and if you do your front and lie on your back you should avoid getting burnt while I do it if you haven’t been out here too long.” He went up to the camp to find May exiting the tent in a black, one piece bathing suit. It had a plunging neck line that split down between her breasts almost to the point of showing her belly button. Dave only barely remembered not to stare. “Wow, that’s hot,’ he said.

“Why thank you young man,” May said flirtatiously. “I figured if there was a chance that I might fall in I should at least be prepared.

“There’s no falling out of my canoe unless you’re trouble and then it’s more a case of getting tipped or thrown rather than falling,” Dave teased her.

“Well I’ll be sure to mostly behave then,” May replied. As she said it her fingers traced down the open neck of her swim suit and over the curve of her full breast. Dave’s eyes were drawn by the movement. He swallowed hard. Suddenly having May out on the boat seemed like it could be almost as much trouble as April had been (Just from a knowing where to look point of view) he told himself.

Dave finished cleaning the fish, wrapped them and stored them in the cooler on ice so that they’d be nice and fresh come time for dinner. He washed up and stretched, looking out over the lake from the campsite. He could just see April on the dock, lying on her back, her tits out for anyone to see.

“Is it time to go canoeing?” May asked as he stared and started to harden in his pants.

“Um yeah, I just promised April that I’d put sunscreen on her back and then we can go,” he replied. “I’ll give you a holler from the dock when I’m ready.”

“Great,” May replied, turning the next page of her book.

Dave strolled down to the dock, his cock hardening as each step brought him closer to the sight of his topless niece. “Bit brazen isn’t it?” he asked as he stepped onto the pier.

“You don’t like it?” April accused him. He saw her eyes drop to his crotch. “Looks like part of you is honest at least.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it, I was just amazed that you’re lying like this when it could have been your mother coming down here.

“I would have heard her coming and rolled over,” April laughed. “Now, are you going to sunscreen me?

“I am. I told your mother I’d call her when I was done, so it’s going to be quick and professional,” Dave said as he knelt beside her as she turned over onto her stomach.

“Boring old man,” April teased him. He slapped her butt in response, then started rubbing the sunscreen into the smooth skin of her back.

“God your hands feel good Uncle Dave,” she moaned happily as he massaged her as well as sun-screened her.

“You feel pretty good yourself you know,” Dave replied.

“Oh I know how good I feel,” April laughed. “I spent half the time I was down here feeling how good I felt while I remembered yesterday and last night. Looks like you have been too.” She reached awkwardly and grabbed at his cock.

“Well even if I hadn’t been, just touching you like this is enough to get me hard,” Dave laughed.

“Well don’t forget my legs, I left them for you to do as well.” Dave shuffled further down her body and the knelt over the top of her right leg, his left between hers. He ran a trail of sunscreen up the middle of her leg and then used both hands to rub it in. The higher he went the wider April parted her thighs and the more aware of her pussy he became. He quickly moved and did her left leg before moving higher to where he could reach her upper thighs and butt. He ran a hand up each leg and slid them under the bright red fabric that just covered her ass. He gripped it firmly, his thumbs teasing under the crotch to touch her bald pussy.

“Oh fuck yes,” April moaned in response. He felt her push back against him, then she started to roll over. Dave stared at his niece’s tits, wanting escort sincan nothing more than to fondle them and suck on her erect nipples, but he was too conscious of time. he’d already spent too long sunscreening her.

“Time to go paddling May,” he called out and received a look of disgust and disappointment from April for his announcement.

“You’d better bring this back for me,” she said, grabbing his cock quickly before scrambling her bikini on.

Dave quickly hopped into the canoe, worried that his erection would be too noticeable if he were seen standing up by his sister-in-law.

“Took your time,” May accused him with a gentle laugh as she strode down onto the dock.

“He had to make sure I was properly covered. I couldn’t risk cancer Mum,” April said in his defence. Dave decided no reply was safest. He held onto the dock as May lowered a plastic bag into the bottom of the canoe and then climbed down the ladder herself.

“Thought a bit of wine wouldn’t go astray,” May said in explanation as she arranged the bag. “And a book of course.”

“So let me guess, you’re going to be just like your daughter and I’ll be doing all the paddling?” Dave asked when he noted that she was facing him rather than the bow of the canoe.

“Of course, that’s what you’re here for isn’t it?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Clearly,” Dave laughed. He pushed away from the dock gently and took up the paddle. He didn’t bother getting the kayak paddle as he still didn’t trust himself to be deflated enough for his erection to go un-noticed. He paddled them out onto the lake and then around, the large screen of trees taking them out of view of the dock.

“What a glorious day,” May declared. “I think I might follow April’s and your lead and get a bit of sun myself. She leaned back in the canoe as if offering her breasts for sampling. Her hands supported her and she tipped her head back. Dave just admired how good she looked. It did nothing to lessen the stiffness in his shorts. He paddled them along happily, taking in the scenery both in and out of the canoe.

After a couple of minutes, May reached up with one hand and pulled the strap of her suit from her left shoulder, then did the same on the right. Each side came down and hung loosely across her breasts, nearly exposing them completely.

“You don’t mind do you?” she asked Dave.

“Hey, it’s all good with me, just adds to the spectacular view,” he said. May gave him a smile and leaned back again. Dave couldn’t believe just how close she was to exposing her tits. It really wouldn’t take much movement at all and her suit would slip from them.

“How about some wine?” May asked a moment later, still leaning back on her hands, her eyes closed.

“Sounds good,” Dave replied. May sat up and leaned forward to get the plastic bag from under the canoe seat where she’d put it to keep it from the sun. The movement spilled her breasts from her suit as the straps fell further down her arms. Dave swallowed hard. Her nipples were dark pink and the areolae quite large. May caught him looking and he blushed.

“Sorry,” he said, “It’s just …”

“Don’t worry about it,” May laughed. “Shit I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of tits before, just not saggy old ones like mine.” She made no effort to cover them up, but instead poured two glasses of wine. Dave watched the movement of her full breasts as she poured the first and passed it over to him and then poured herself one. She lifted her glass and offered, “Cheers.”

Dave reached across and clinked his glass with hers, then sat back with the paddle in the boat, drifting in the sun, sipping on the wine. “You know you’re tits aren’t saggy,” Dave ventured after a couple of minutes drifting in silence.

“Well maybe not saggy, but they’re not perky and perfect either,” May said, hefting one tit with her hand. “It’s kind of sad what having a kid does to them. I used to have quite small nipples, but it seems that since having April they just went and did something completely different.”

“Really?” Dave asked. He’d never given much thought to the fact that having kids might have an impact on something as specific as a nipple.

“Yeah, lucky they still enjoy being played with!” May said and gave her nipple a demonstrative tug with thumb and finger. Dave suppressed a moan and had to adjust his cock in his pants. He would have loved to have given his cock a tug given how horny he’d become after rubbing April, but that of course wasn’t what you did in front of your sister-in-law, even if she was topless and tugging on her nipple. “I’m always amazed at how far they stand out when they’re excited,” May added as she pulled on the other nipple.

“Well I never saw them before you were pregnant, even if maybe I’d wanted to, but they sure look good now,” he said to her.

“Speaking of looking good, you didn’t look so bad yourself this morning out behind the trees.”

Dave nearly dropped his glass of wine at the comment. “Um, while I was pissing?”

“Yeah, sorry, I know I shouldn’t have looked, but I couldn’t help it. I mean I’ve been with Phil a long time and every now and then it’s nice to get a chance to look at another cock. It’s a pity it wasn’t fully erect really.”

“Um, okay,” Dave replied, lost for meaningful words.

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