The Hotel Ch. 05 – Jack

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Jack and Mum sat on the sofa, Jack topped up their glasses with champagne, they were both happy, mum was glowing after her first fuck, mum said, “I feel so good, I was hoping we would do it, now we’ve done it, I feel so happy, how does my baby feel?”

Jack kissed his mum then said, “It was wonderful mum, I’d like you to take off your bodysuit so that I can see, touch, feel and enjoy all of your gorgeous body, I’m naked for you, I want you naked for me.”

Mum took off her bodysuit; her body was amazing for her age, no tit droop, flat stomach, perfect sex slit and her gorgeous long, muscular legs. Jack then positioned mum on the sofa; her head was resting on one of the arms, he had one leg on the top of the sofa, her legs open wide, her other leg resting on the floor. Jack had complete access to mum’s cunt and ass. He then started to lube her ass with her cunt juice, mum loved this then said, “Baby, I’ve some K-Y jelly in my bedroom, will I get it for you?”

“Mum, that would be good and faster, it will give your ass a perfect lube, I don’t want you to have any discomfort when I ass fuck you.”

Mum left the lounge and came back with the K-Y; it was a lot faster; within minutes, mum was taking three fingers in her ass; she was ready. Jack then took mum into the kitchen; he positioned her bending over the kitchen table, the palms of her hands were resting on the table, giving her support. Mum’s ass was high in the air, level with Jack’s enormous cock. Jack lubed his cock, the bulbous head glistening with lube. Jack said, “Are you, ok, mum? I just want you to relax and enjoy; I’m going to give you a vaginal orgasm, it will be strong, with the first one, I’ll go easy until you get comfortable with it if I give you any pain then tell me at once.”

Jack then centred his bulbous head in the canter of mum’s ass hole, with a gentle push, he was home, his full length was buried up mum’s ass. Jack slowly and carefully built up a rhythm; mum loved it. The head of Jack’s cock was stimulating mum’s G-spot, mum said, “This is amazing, your hitting my G-spot, your cock feels marvellous, the girls have ass fucked me with a dildo. I’ve never had a cock, Jack; I’m doing so many things with you for the first time.”

Jack moved up a gear; he said, “Mum, your ass is so tight, it feels so good.”

“Jack, fuck me harder and deeper, I’m on the edge.”

Mum had her first orgasm; she was trembling with it. Jack kept pounding her ass; mum could take it all. Mum had her second orgasm; it was stronger; mum loved it. Jack kept pounding her ass. Jack had a feeling for a long time that mum was having sex with aunt Jo, he wasn’t sure, he kept pounding mum’s ass, he sensed that she was close, Jack asked, “Mum, do I know any of your girlfriends?”

“Oh yes, aunt Jo and Edi Reid, they would both love your magnificent cock.”

Mum then had a body-shaking orgasm; it was a strong one, Jack pulled out, mum was still shaking, her massive tits bouncing all over the place. Jack was pleased he knew about aunt Jo; he liked her, he knew that soon he would have mum and her sister together. Edi Reid was a dream; she was maybe sixty with a gorgeous body, tall and elegant. She had moved to Jack’s town, he had seen her at the Luncheon Club, where she had been introduced as a new member. Her husband was a wealthy man; he was ten years older than Edi. Jack would enjoy having Edi too.

Mum had composed herself. Jack put ataşehir escort bayan her into the same position then entered her pussy doggy style. Once again Jack started stroking mum’s clit as he developed a powerful rhythm, mum was giving a great ride, gripping his cock at the right time on every thrust he made, mum said, “I love this baby, you go so deep when you do me doggy style. Jack just kept pounding away, loving mum’s tits wobbling, he preferred her naked when they were making love, twenty minutes later, Jack sensed mum was close, he started to pound her deeper and faster, they both came within seconds of each other. Jack stood mum up and turned her around, they kissed and cuddled, Jack saw the time was ten to six, Jack said, “Mum, we’ve had a wonderful six hours, we had no lunch, let’s shower then go out for something to eat?”

“Jack, it’s been a wonderful six hours, my ass and pussy are both tingling, it’s an amazing feeling.”

They walked to an Italian restaurant; mum said, “Jack, I’d like to help you in your new business, is there anything that I can do for you? I could also be there to give you all the sexual gratification that you need. I want to be there with you.”

Jack thought for a moment then said, “Mum, I want to be honest with you, I will tell you how it is with me then you will know if you want to be part of my life. In the last few months, I’ve had affairs with two older women. I spent time with them; I made love to them; I enjoy sex with older women; both of them cared about me. I gave them lot’s of pleasure that they didn’t expect at their age in life.”

“Sadly, they are both gone now. I benefited from my relationships with them. My number two, at the Hotel, is Molly, she’s a wonderful asset to my business. She is sixty, she loves my cock, she wants me to fuck her two or three times a week, it’s uncomplicated, she helps me, and I help her.”

“In the new business, I have Jean, she will run the new business, she’s also sixty, she also loves my cock. It’s a similar arrangement to Molly, I fuck her, and she works hard for me. Then there’s Suzi, Su’s daughter; she is married to a minister, she’s allowed nothing, her life was a mess. She loves my cock, as well. She doesn’t work for me but sends a lot of business in my direction. Su asked me to look after her; I’ll do that for her. Mum, tomorrow you’ll meet them all, every one of them is a nice person. If you need a job then I can give you a job at the Wine Company, we would go to France in October, then you’d learn all about wines. I love you mum, I always will, but I leave it up to you what you want to do.”

Jack had spoken throughout the meal; there had interruptions when the waiter was close, the meal was finished, mum said, “Jack, I can live with what you have said, I don’t mind sharing you, but I’ll need to fuck at least three times a week. I will pack a bag so that I’ve enough clothes for a few weeks. I want to see all your new businesses, I want to be part of it, and I want your magnificent cock too.”

They went back to mum’s, they had sex again and a hefty session the next morning. Mum looked gorgeous in a black outfit and mini-skirt for the funeral. Mum was glowing as they walked into the church. Jack saw Suzi and Charles sitting, Jack and mum sat next to them. There weren’t that many in the congregation, Jack saw, Molly and Jean. Jack was not impressed with the sermon Suzi’s husband gave, it escort kadıköy was a stock funeral sermon, not what you would have expected from the son in law of the diseased.

Jack then noticed that Suzi was wearing makeup; she looked gorgeous. Jack thought if Suzi had her hair coloured the same as Su, she would look like Su. The service finished then Su’s body was carried into the church graveyard. Another short service took place. Jack felt so sad; mum must have realised she squeezed his hand, then whispered, “Tonight will be special. I’m going on top.”

They got to the Hotel, only twenty people attended the buffet lunch. Drinks were served on arrival, Liz was in complete control if it had been for four hundred, Liz couldn’t have given more concentration. Jack introduced mum to Molly; he introduced her as his mother, Pat. Then Jack introduced mum to Jean and Suzi; they all chatted freely. Jack saw the Mayor, his wife and Sandy. Jack went over and spoke to them. He apologised to Sandy for not seeing her as he had been so busy. She knew about the new business, so she understood. Then Sandra whispered to Jack, “Jack, I’ve met a guy; he’s a pilot with a parcel distribution company, it’s going to be difficult seeing you.”

Jack wished her well then sighed a sigh of relief. He saw Molly standing, he went to her and said, “Mum’s going through a tough time this now, she’ll be staying with me for the next few weeks.”

“Jack, don’t worry, we’ll think of something, your mum’s a beautiful looking woman, she’s gorgeous.”

Jack replied, “Thanks, Molly, Liz is doing a great job; she’s so professional. ”

“Thanks, Jack, her twenty-first is next month, she wants to come to the Hotel for her meal, she says there’s no better food anywhere. Is it ok if I bring her?”

“Molly, no problem, what can I get her as a present?”

“She wanted an iPad, but my cooker at home is fucked, so I’ve had to buy a new cooker. I have spent a fortune on clothes for her, so all is good.”

“Molly, it’s her twenty-first, let’s make it special for her. I’ll buy the iPad and invite you both for dinner at the Hotel, is that ok with you?”

“Jack, you’re a darling, we’ll come for dinner with you, but I won’t tell her about the iPad, that’ll be a terrific surprise for her.”

Jack then saw Jean, Suzi and mum chatting; he was amazed how good Suzi looked, she was wearing a black outfit with mini-skirt just like mum, Jack said, “Suzi, you look fantastic, your clothes are beautiful.”

“Jack, there all mum’s, we are the same size, I have now an amazing wardrobe, the lingerie fits me perfectly. Charles, my husband, hates it, he’s not coming to the lunch as he has hospital visits to do. I told him to fuck off this morning; he didn’t like that. Young Charles, told him to change his attitude; otherwise, I would divorce him. I thought that he was going to have a heart attack. I’m going to stay in the bungalow now until he comes to his senses. Charles and I have spoken to Jean; we need to get a van to transfer mum’s furniture to your warehouse. Charles, can give Jean at least five house clearances a week, she’ll need a van too, I feel so relieved, nobody will ever tell me what makeup to wear or how to dress again. Pat, we must meet for a coffee soon, Jean, would you like to join us?”

They all exchanged mobile numbers; Jack was happy about this. The lunch finished, everyone drifted off, Jack thanked bostancı escort Liz for doing an excellent job, she thanked him, Jack said, “Your mum, has told me that you want to have your birthday meal in the Hotel, no problem, I’m inviting you and your mum for dinner. I’ve checked the date, I have reserved our top suite so you can stay the night here. I’m looking forward to having a meal with you.”

“Thank you, Mr Jack, that’s amazing, you’re making my day very special for me. I am looking forward to it too.”

Jack then took mum around the new pool and Spa; it would open next week, it looked fantastic, the sauna, Turkish Bath, Jacuzzi, in fact, everything was in place. The pool was full of water which was crystal clear.

Jack then took mum to the new warehouse; it was impressive, pallets of wine were in a corner, the place was vast. Jack was wondering how many dealers he would get in the Centre; Jean had told him not to worry; it would all fit into place.

Mum and Jack went back to the apartment, Jack opened a bottle of champagne, they sat in the lounge, mum said, “I love all your girlfriends, I think that you may have a young one soon, Molly’s daughter can’t keep her eyes off you. Molly, Jean and Suzi are all amazing; I think that they’re all bisexual, that could be good, then we can have threesomes or even foursomes. Jack, I want to help you spend time with you getting to know the wines. You should open a wine shop inside the Antique Centre, wine and Antiques go together. You should also open a Restaurant or Bistro at the Centre, you have so much space, and you can do so much. Jack, I think that you should consider aunt Jo helping you too, she’s got her properties that she rents out, she has all the time in the world. She only lives a five-minute drive from the Centre. She would be an asset to your business, will I ask her and see if she’s interested?”

Jack stood mum up then took off her mini-skirt, he was pleased to see that she was wearing tight pants with a crotchless bodysuit, he removed her panties, he admired her gorgeous sex slit, Jack said, “Mum, get your phone and call aunt Jo then sit down and call her, I want to make you cum before we go out.”

Mum got her phone; she sat on the edge of the sofa cushion with her legs spread. Jack went down on her, sucking her substantial hard clit as he finger fucked her, mum was pushing her pussy against Jack’s mouth as she dialled Jo’s number.

Mum told aunt Jo that she was now staying with Jack; the divorce was going through. She told aunt Jo about Jack’s new businesses, about his new Spa, she was painting Jack in perfect light as Jack sucked her clit. Mum said to her that she was going to work for Jack in his wine business and also help him in his Antique business, would Jo be interested in working too? Jo was and asked when she could see Jack to talk about it? Jack came off mum’s clit then said, “Mum, ask aunt Jo to meet us both on Saturday morning in the Hotel at ten, we are meeting Jean and some of her staff at eleven. Meeting aunt Jo at ten will let her see around first.”

Mum passed the message to Jo, who agreed. Jack went back to mum’s clit; mum then told Jo that Jack was a darling; he was looking after her every need. Mum came off the call and said, “Jo is interested, I think she’s bored at the moment. Jack, flirt with Jo on Saturday, I’m sure that she’ll respond, baby, I’m so close to cuming.”

Jack knew how to make mum cum quickly, he kept sucking her clit, took some of her cunt juice on his index and middle fingers then started to finger fuck her ass, mum shot her load in Jack’s mouth thirty seconds later. They cum kissed for several minutes, then mum said, “Let’s go to bed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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