The Impossible

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When you’re in your early twenties, the world is open to you. You feel so invincible and that nothing is impossible. My aunt always told me nothing was impossible and if you didn’t try, you would never know what your limitations were.

My girlfriend Clare and I watched a porn movie together when we were stuck in a hotel for a night outside of Indianapolis. We had always had great sex in our two years together, but I was feeling like something was missing. That movie we watched in the hotel room that night helped me figure out what it was that was missing.

There was a scene where two women were having sex and then a guy came in and joined in. I knew then, that I wanted that. I wanted the experience of a threesome, with Clare and one other woman. Clare fidgeted a little during the scene, but right after the scene, we were fucking like we hadn’t done in a long time. And when I was ready to cum, I pulled out and pushed my cock into her mouth. I wanted to see how she’d respond tasting her own pussy juices and my cum at the same time. Watching my wet cock slide between her open lips just really sent me over the edge. She swallowed and didn’t complain afterwards and I knew I had to have that threesome. The problem would be finding the third person.

My family split up when I was sophomore in high school. My father moved south to Florida to write a novel and fish. My mother took my younger brother and moved to California. I wanted to stay in my hometown, so I moved in with my Aunt Jenny. She had a house at the edge of town that sat on a couple of acres of land. Her late husband had been a farmer and when he died, she got the house and the land. Jenny wasn’t the farming type, she liked the city more, but the house was big and comfortable and it was paid for.

Once a month she would go into the city and spend a weekend there. I always imagined she had a boyfriend there and she kept things quiet so she could continue to lead her own life in the farmhouse. She was an independent type who liked nice things and liked her space, she liked culture and considered herself a refined, worldly woman.

As far as looks go, Jenny was attractive, but not a beauty. She wore her make up well and kept her hair stylish, her large, almond shaped green eyes were her best asset other than her body. What men (and women) first noticed about Jenny were her breasts. Jenny was a 38D with a small waist and nicely shaped hips. Her ass was round, but not huge; standing at five-seven, her body was an incredibly appealing package.

After I moved in with Jenny, I spent many nights fantasizing about her tits. I jerked off more to one of her bras than I did to any magazine. Once she caught me in the bathroom with one of her bras and my dick in my hand. Jenny just said, “Oh my.” And closed the door. Outside the door, she said in a low, sexy voice, “You just finish what you’re doing, dinner will be waiting when you’re done.”

With her approval, I finished. I kept the bra in my room and she never asked about it. It seemed to me that she did wear lower cut tops for a while after that, but maybe that was just what I wanted to see.

When I graduated high school, Jenny and I got drunk and played strip poker. I could not get up from the table when she was down to her bra and panties. I was sure I’d cum right there, but somehow I managed to control myself. Jenny seemed to enjoy it, teasing me, making me wriggle with excitement. She played it up well and when we were all done, she came around the table and kissed me passionately on the mouth. Then she gathered her clothes and went off to bed, leaving her door open.

I gathered up my clothes, stood outside her door watching her brush her hair, and get ready for bed. I wanted to cross that threshold and I think she wanted me to, but I was too far-gone and far too nervous. I shot my load right there when she took off her bra and rubbed her breasts.

Nothing ever happened between us, though I often thought that that’s what she wanted from me. We were very close, we were able to talk about everything and I think I worried that if anything happened we wouldn’t be so close. But, it was always in the back of my mind and there were days were I still fantasized about her.

So, after failing to find someone that was an ideal partner for the threesome — someone that Clare would just feel comfortable with — I decided to get some help from my Aunt Clare. We sat down over dinner one night about two months after the movie and after a few glasses of wine, I decided that was the time to broach the subject with my Aunt.

“You’re very worldly.” I said to her as I refilled her wine glass. “I’m sure you’ve experienced things that many people around here haven’t.”

She smiled wickedly at me, “Such as?”


Her smile broadened and she shipped her wine. “Well, I’m not a porn star or anything, but I’ve been around the block as they say.”

I didn’t know where to go from there I had kind of painted myself into a corner and I felt like I didn’t know what to say next. escort ataşehir I stammered a little and played with my food trying to remember how I’d planned to approach this.

“Is it something with Clare?” She helped me. “Something wrong in the bedroom?”

“Oh, it’s not that something’s wrong, it’s that I just want to — eh, try something different.”

“Hmmm.” She leaned back in her chair her cleavage seemed to push up out of her blouse. “Let me guess, backdoor?”

I laughed a little. Truth was that Clare and I had tried that a time or two and while it wasn’t her favorite, it wasn’t a problem. “No.”

“It’s not an oral problem is it?”

“No.” Clare wasn’t great at giving head, but she was a willing participant. “No, we’re okay there.” I found myself getting excited with this very open discussion.

Jenny stared at me over the rim of her wine glass. “Are you guys getting kinky or something?”

I laughed again and set my wine glass down. There was only one way to approach this and that was directly. “I’d like — I’m wondering how one would go about getting into a threesome.”

Jenny licked her lips and leaned forward, her breasts pushing against the edge of the table. “Oh, that. Who’s idea is this?”

“Mine.” I said plainly.

“I figured as much.” Jenny’s smile never faded. “What are Clare’s thoughts on this?”

“Uhm, we haven’t really discussed it as far as it actually happening.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Oh, we talked about it before. You know the typical, ‘what do you think’ kind of thing and she said she wasn’t too crazy about the idea. I guess she had a cousin — a girl cousin — who kissed her when she was fourteen and it kind of freaked her out. And then she had a girl at college hit on her so…”

“So, it sounds like you might be two people away from a threesome.”

“I don’t know.” I replied in earnest. “I think she might actually be interested with the right person, but I just don’t know how we — pull it all together, you know?”

The smile never left Jenny’s face. “So, you want me to help you figure this out?”

“I just thought you might know how to start this. Tell me what I need to do. You know, how do I initiate it and with who?”

Now Jenny leaned back again and now her smile was more of knowing grin. The wheels were turning. After a moment, she sipped her wine and said, “Well, for starters you need to make sure Clare is interested — for real. You need to know that when you present this idea that it’s going to be fly and not crash.”

So, we set a plan in motion where Jenny would find out for me if Clare were interested in a threesome with another woman. Jenny and Clare were friends and Jenny was sure she could find out if there was anything there. Naturally, I didn’t tell her that I hoped she would be the third person, I figured one step at a time would get me in the right direction..

So, two weeks later Jenny invited Clare over to help her plan a party. Jenny assured me she would have an answer for me the following day. She did not disappoint me.

When I arrived at the house Jenny was dressed in tight jean cut-offs and a tight fitting t-shirt. She was busy getting ready for a little gathering she was going to have that evening. Since time was short, she led me back to her office and showed me her desk. On the desk were a few drawings of naked women and one drawing of two women kissing.

“I had these out yesterday and I watched how Clare reacted when she saw them.” Jenny was very proud of herself. “She was visibly excited by the drawings and when I worked closely with her I could feel her tension. When she left, I hugged her and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. She held the embrace longer than necessary.”

“You’re good, Jenny.” I commented as I was mentally trying to keep my cock from ripping through my jeans.

“She’s interested.” Jenny stated, “She’s very interested. She just needs to be with the right person.”

“Yeah.” I sighed feeling my cock start to sink. “How do you go about doing that? I mean, how do I find someone to join us?”

“Well.” Jenny’s smile grew broad and she winked at me, “I think it might be best if she has one on one session with someone she trusts first. Kind of a warm up.”

I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. I didn’t dare say what I was thinking. “Who?” I finally asked.

“Well, I invited her over next Saturday for dinner.” Jenny turned her back to me as she walked around her desk collecting the drawings. “I thought that I might be able to test the waters for you, if that would be okay.”

Once again, my cock jumped up and I was sure I was going to shoot my load in my pants. “So, you think if she feels comfortable with you and you two can — you know, kind of break the ice — that she might open up to the idea more?”

“Oh, she’ll open up.”

“So, why can’t I just find someone for the threesome?” I blurted out.

“First things first.” She leaned on the corner of the desk. “I’ll make sure she’s interested and then kadıköy escort bayan we’ll work on the threesome for you.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. Only one thing bothered me, I wasn’t going to be there for the event. Even if I was only going to watch, I wanted to be there.

“Can I be there to see how things turn out?”

Jenny laughed lightly and smiled so broadly I thought her face would split open. “I think we can arrange to give you a front row seat.”

The next week I was so horny I was fucking Clare every chance I got. It seemed wrong because every time I fantasized about my Aunt’s big tits. Jenny had nice tits, a healthy and firm 34 C, but I had longed to be up close and personal with Jenny’s boobs. The idea of Clare sucking on those giant melons was just too exciting and I would cum early on during sex. On Friday night, Clare gave me a blowjob first so when we had sex I might last longer.

On Saturday afternoon, Jenny picked me up and drove me to her house. She had a knee length skirt on and a jeans shirt for a top. She looked very comfortable.

I asked her on the way, “So, I’m assuming you’ve slept with another woman before?”

“I lived in the city for a few years and I hung around with a pretty adventurous crowd. Lesbian sex was one of the tamer things I did back then.”

“Really.” I said sincerely shocked. “I just always figured guys would be chasing you left and right.”

“Oh, I’ve always liked boys.” She replied with a smile. “And with these,” She gestured at her breasts, “boys always liked me too.” She glanced at me, “As I remember you were rather enamored with my breasts for awhile.”

I wanted to change the subject as my cock was springing to life again. I looked away and laughed, “You know how boys are, uncontrollable urges and all.”

“Yes.” She said sweetly.

At the house, she showed me to her bedroom and then the closet. The closet was large, nearly as big as my dorm room at school. She pointed to the closet and said, “You stand in there, you’ll have a perfect view of the bed from there.” She turned away to walk out then turned back to me and said, “Don’t make a mess in there.”

Clare arrived at the house around six and the two of them started cooking and drinking wine together. I sat upstairs in my old room for a long time then moved to the bedroom around eight. Jenny had told me she wouldn’t rush things and for me to be prepared to wait.

About 8:15 Jenny and Clare came up the stairs. Clare had a stain on her shirt and Jenny said she had another shirt for her to put on. I knew Clare well enough that I could tell she was excited when she came into the room. Her nipples were erect through the fin fabric of her bra and her face was flushed. She kept playing with her hair, which was one way I knew that she was horny.

As Clare took off her shirt Jenny stepped up right behind her and gently touched her side. Clare turned to her acting surprised.

“You have such beautiful skin.” Jenny said sincerely.

“You have been complimenting me all night. You’re making me blush.” Clare replied.

“You just remind me of my youth.”

That caught Clare’s attention. “Youth? You’re so young. If I didn’t know better I’d swear you’re just a few years older than me.”

“Oh you’re sooo sweet.” Jenny said and hugged Clare tight smashing their breasts against one another.

As they pulled apart, Jenny gave Clare a light kiss on the lips. “You make me feel quite young and adventurous again.”

Clare didn’t pull back, the two of them stood with their hands on each other’s hips their faces just inches apart. Clare finally said, “You’re such a great woman, Jenny, you always seem so young and vibrant to me.”

“Now who’s blushing?!” Jenny said and hugged Clare harder. This time her hands traced up and down Clare’s back. As Jenny pulled back she said, “Oh, I’m being bad. Too much wine, I guess.”

“Bad?” Clare asked, not letting go of my Aunt. “How are you being bad?”

“Well,” Jenny said with a sigh, “you’re making me awful horny and I feel like I’m coming on to you.”

Clare didn’t respond at first. Her back was to me and I think she was taken a back. Finally, she said, “I bet Craig wishes he was here to hear you say that. He thinks you’re so hot.”

Jenny leaned in and kissed Clare full on the mouth. The kiss was tender and probing, growing deeper with each passing moment. Clare did not pull away at first. When the kiss broke, Clare pulled back and shook her head.

“Wow. That was some kiss.”

“Sorry.” Jenny said quickly, but did not let go of her. “I was just overcome.”

“The wine.” Clare said quietly and started to pull away.

Jenny kept a tight hold on her, but did not pull her back, she just did not let her go. “No, it’s more than the wine. I’ve always been attracted to you, Clare. You’re a beautiful young woman.”

Clare seemed suddenly uncomfortable and I thought for sure the whole night was ruined. “Uhm, I’m flattered, but I’m not really…”

Jenny escort bostancı leaned in and kissed Clare on the neck. “This doesn’t make you a lesbian, Clare. It just makes you a woman.”

Now Clare pushed back a little more forcefully, “I just don’t think I can do this.”

Jenny relaxed her grip and pulled back. “Oh, I see. I’m a little too old, aren’t I?”

“No, no!” Clare replied catching Jenny’s hand. “I’m just — Oh, God! I know Craig wants me to do this — to have sex with another woman, but I’m just so…I mean I’ve barely figured out the male body!:

“But you know the female body.”

Clare pushed away again. “Where’s the shirt? I can wear my blouse. I’m okay.”

I was anxious. I was starting to think that Clare would win this battle and then I’d never have the chance. Not the chance for the threesome and not the chance to, at least, see Jenny naked.

Just then Jenny pulled back and pulled off her top. The bra she was wearing barely contained her breasts. Her stomach showed a little bit of flab, but otherwise she still looked hot. “Here take by blouse.”

Clare turned back to her and nearly gasped looking at Jenny’s huge tits. She stopped with her hands at her sides and stared at Jenny. “God, you’re so hot.”

Jenny stepped forward and put a hand on Clare’s shoulder. “Come lie on the bed and let’s talk.”

Clare’s knees started to sag a little. Jenny leaned in again and kissed her gently on the lips. “We’ll lie on the bed and just get to know each other better.”

Clare looked around as if she suspected someone might be watching. “I like boys. I just really like boys. I like Craig.”

“I like boys too. Nothing like a good hard cock, but sometimes,” Jenny took her by the hand, “sometimes you need something softer. I’ve always kept my options open.” Jenny lead her over to the bed and set her down. Clare just sat there with her hands in her lap and her head down.

Jenny stepped up and straddled her legs. With one hand, she reached back and unhooked her own bra. Her breasts bounced in front of Clare’s face. Clare looked up at the large breasts so close to her face.

“I like when a boy sucks on my nipples and works his way down to my clit.”

She put her hand behind Jenny’s head and pulled her face into her breast. “Lick that.”

Slowly, Clare opened her mouth and let her lips fall on the large nipple before her. Gently she started kissing and then licking and eventually she was sucking on the nipple. Jenny moaned with delight. After a moment she pulled Clare back and bent and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

As they kissed, Jenny’s hand went down to Clare’s firm breast and squeezed it gently. She slipped her fingers inside the bra and played with the nipple. When they broke the kiss Clare said, “See? It’s not so bad.”

“You’re so beautiful.” Clare said and she put her face back down to the large nipple and started eagerly sucking on it.

Jenny rose up and let Clare work on the nipple. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She wore no underwear. She guided Clare’s hand to her crotch and Clare pulled back as if shocked.

Jenny pushed her back on the bed. “Have you ever tasted your own pussy?”

Clare only nodded. I thought about the night that I pulled out and came in her mouth with her pussy juices all over my cock. My cock was rock hard and I was stroking myself lightly.

Jenny worked the zipper of Clare’s jeans and started to pull them down. Again, Clare protested. “Let’s go slowly.”

“You like kissing don’t you?” Jenny asked.

“Oh yes.” Clare cooed. “I love to kiss.”

With that, Jenny lowered herself down onto my girlfriend and kissed her passionately. They rolled around atop the bed kissing and touching, Jenny being the bolder of the two. Her hands explored Clare’s young body with expert precision, as if she had a map to every one of Clare’s sensitive spots.

Clare writhed on the bed, now anxious, yet still hesitant to take the even further. Jenny finally worked off the jeans and kissed up her left leg. I watched as Clare spread her legs and let Jenny’s face down into her crotch. Clare arched her back and moaned loudly and I thought I would cum. The scene was too much to bear. I was so horny and now Jenny’s ass was sticking up in the air. Her hands massaged Clare’s pert breasts.

I stepped out of the closet and out of my pants all in one-step. I removed my shirt and softly crept up behind Jenny’s round ass. I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know if I truly dared. What would be Jenny’s reaction and worse yet, what would be Clare’s reaction. But, now I had gone too far and as I approached, I saw Jenny turn toward me, her face wet with Clare’s pussy juices and wink. She spread her legs more and I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy hole.

Jenny reached back and spread her pussy lips for me. I slowly pushed my cock in and I heard Jenny moan into Clare’s snatch. I started pushing harder and then I saw Clare look up over Jenny’s back. Her body shuddered and I knew she was having a huge orgasm. Bigger than anything I had ever given her.

Once her orgasm had subsided, Clare surprised me by pushing herself up on her elbows and looking me straight in the eye. “Pull your cock out of her so I can suck it.”

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