The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 12

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 12

Gloria’s Tales — Part 3

It was Easter weekend in Regal Bay, the second weekend of April, and Gloria had been looking forward to a quiet one. Most of her close family was away on spring break vacations. In fact, only her daughter Gina was spending the holiday weekend in Regal Bay. As a result, the elder Van Winkle thought she’d give her daughter a call. That call quickly went from pleasant to something less in a manner of minutes, thanks in no small part to Coors Light beer.

“Mom, I just don’t want to keep hooking up with guys who only want to fuck, fish, and free-load. And believe me, that’s the only kind of guys around this shit-hole of a town that want to do anything with an old bitch like me.”

Gloria was sitting at her breakfast table that Saturday enjoying light lunch that her house-keeper had prepared, listening once again to the dismay her daughter Gina seemed to enjoy spewing her way, at least once a week. Gina was the twin sister of Ginger, Gloria’s oldest children, and even now as she advanced into her late forties, Gina was still the black sheep of the Van Winkle family.

“Gina, Gina, Gina,” Gloria clucked. “I really wish you would stop worrying about settling into a relationship of any kind, with any kind of man. You need to relax more, and get out and enjoy your life. Regal Bay is a wonderful place, if you’d only take the time to enjoy it.”

“Mother, I grew up in this fish-breath town, remember,” Gina retorted. “I know this place and I know that there isn’t anything around here that I want to do. I don’t like hanging around the beaches or parks, I don’t like going out to clubs with all of these college kids and their drugs and music, and I don’t like spending any amount of time at your golf club. I don’t like golf and I don’t like the people that are always snobbing around, sticking their hands out looking for some Van Winkle charity.”

“But you do like spending time up at the Cattle Ranch or the Pecos Bill Salon up by the highway, don’t you?” Gloria thought to herself, knowing that Gina was a fixture at those two country-western bars. Gloria audibly sighed. “Gina, I understand you very well. You’ve been this way since you were a teen-ager, and you haven’t outgrown it yet. Nor will you or should you. I love you just the way you are, dear. You’re the only Van Winkle that really did her own thing, you know.”

“And look where that got me,” Gina replied. “A single mother with a son who has disowned me and won’t answer my calls, all because I “did my own thing” instead of following my beloved sisters and brother in the Van Winkle goose-step.”

“That will be enough, young lady,” Gloria insisted. “I understand perfectly well that you have never embraced our family’s eccentricities, nor will I even blame you for your choices.”

“You mean, it’s not my fault I never felt the desire to sleep with my own father or brothers,” Gina snidely replied.

Gloria paused, growing more frustrated. “Gina, you were never pressured and always respected. The Van Winkle family has always been close, you know that, but it is not a pre-requisite of being a family member. Not all of your cousins have enjoyed the pleasures, and your siblings have long ago settled into more traditional family roles.”

“Which is why Ginger still enjoys bragging about her personal sexual escapades every time she calls, or those of her bi-sexual twins,” Gina answered. “And don’t tell me you still aren’t entertaining Gabriel, especially now that he works for you. I know better than that. Plus, I’ve heard stories about cousin Annie’s boy Tim. He’s gaining something of a reputation, did you know that?”

Gloria paused, quite aware of young Tim Strauss’s reputation, having only recently spent a few quality hours with her great-nephew, and a friend of his. That brought an idea to her mind.

“Gina, why don’t you come over tonight for dinner?” she offered. “We can talk better about your problems if you’d like, and maybe over some wine, or beer if you’d rather, we can get it all out and see if it makes you feel any better. Plus, I might have a few ideas of my own to help you. How does that sound?”

Gina, for her part, seriously thought about not accepting. Instead, she realized that it had been too long since she and her mother had actually sat across from each other and enjoyed an evening. “Okay, Mother. I don’t have anything else planned this evening any way. Why not?”

“Wonderful!” Gloria replied. “I’ll have Shonda prepare her delicious chicken and dumplings for us. It’ll be nice having a quiet dinner with my lovely daughter, I think. Just the two of us.”

“Okay, whatever. I said I’d be there, didn’t? Good-bye, Mother,” Gina said and hung up.

Gloria set her phone down on the table and finished off the piece of toast she’d been nibbling on. A string of thoughts flowed through her mind and she was dialing a moment later.

“Hello, Natalya? Yes, this is Gloria. I was wondering if I might speak to your son, if he’s available?” She kartal escort listened for a moment. “Yes, I think I’ve got it. Thank you.” Gloria hung up and quickly touched in the number that her friend and employee had given out. A moment later she was talking to Nicolas Aleshinov.

“Nico? Yes, this is Gloria Van Winkle. I was calling to ask if you might be available this evening, say, sometime after nine?”


Gloria greeted her daughter at the front door shortly after five o’clock. Gina’s car, a small, red Pontiac, was parked behind her own gray Mercedes. It was an obvious clash between classes, in Gloria’s mind, although she and her daughter would always be associated with the higher one.

“I’m so thrilled you decided to come,” Gloria grinned as she took her daughter’s hands in hers, and then kissed her forehead. “It’s been entirely too long since you’ve paid me a visit, Gina.” The two women embraced and then Gloria took Gina’s hand in hers and led the way through the big house overlooking the bay from Van Winkle Heights, to the back porch where Shonda had set out a tray of tea and crackers ahead of dinner.

They each took a seat in one of the well-upholstered deck chairs facing out towards the Pacific, some five miles distant. The evening was warm, though a gentle breeze coming from the northwest made it pleasant. The patio umbrella blocked the setting sun. Gina lit up a cigarette and dropped both the pack and lighter onto the glass-topped table. Gloria poured iced sun-tea for both of them, though only she drank.

For the next twenty minutes, mother and daughter small-talked a little as the sun continued to reach for the Pacific. They spoke of work, the weather, and family, until Shonda stepped through the patio door and announced that dinner was served.

“Shonda has this wonderful recipe for chicken and dumplings,” Gloria told her daughter as they followed the robust house-keeper inside. Shonda was a member of one of the few African-American families living in Regal Bay, the Reverend Miles Franklin behind her father. “She tells me it’s an old family recipe, passed on through generations of Franklins, maybe as far back as the Colonies,” Gloria continued. Inside, Gloria and her daughter took places at the smaller table in the breakfast nook of the kitchen, where she had asked for dinner to be served. She felt it a little more intimate, it being only her and her daughter, than the larger eight-place oak table in the dining room.

Once seated, Shonda served their plates already prepared, asked if there was anything else, and then quietly removed herself to the small sitting room she used when awaiting Gloria’s instructions.

Over dinner, Gloria drank beer along with her daughter, though she seldom drank much. She always had on hand several varieties for guests, and as her daughter was known to enjoy Coors Light, she had had a case delivered that afternoon. Gina finished three bottles before she had completed her meal, and Gloria, having finished off her one, looked forward to retiring to the den, where she had a bottle of Kaella Rose wine chilling.

With dinner concluded, Gloria insisted they retire to the den to talk. Gina retrieved a fresh bottle of beer from the kitchen before following her mother on through. In the comfortably furnished den, Gina and Gloria sat in matching chairs facing somewhat towards the unlit fireplace, their backs to the windows and the view of the growing darkness. Between them sat a lamp table which Gina used for her beer and ashtray. Gloria had switched to the wine that she had chilling in the den and under her mother’s suggestion Gina accepted a glass.

“I invested in this wonderful Washington state winery a few years ago,” Gloria explained as she marveled at the sparkling liquid through the walls of her glass. “I receive a case of each vintage annually.” Gloria took a sip, and followed it up with a larger mouthful. Gina, for her part, wasn’t a wine drinker, but did enjoy hers none the less.

As the evening wore on each woman relaxed more, with Gina growing ever tipsier from the wine they were consuming. It was all to the designs Gloria had for the evening. She wanted her daughter to relax, to enjoy herself, and not think about her person troubles. Soon after the wall-mounted coocoo clock had chirped nine o’clock over her shoulder, Gloria stood and greeted the young man being escorted into the den by Shonda.

“Nicolas! Welcome! I am so thrilled that you were able to make it!” Gina took the young man in her arms, greeting him with a hug, and then a light kiss upon each of his cheeks. She then turned and introduced her daughter.

“Nicolas, this is my daughter Gina, Ginger’s twin,” she announced.

“Good to meet you finally,” he said to Gina, who remained seated in the chair. She had a look of puzzlement upon her face, which she cast her mother’s way as the young man stepped up and presented his hand. She shook it and he added, “I have heard about you for some time, but it is a pleasure to finally be able to maltepe escort bayan put a face to the name.” Nico then brought his lips to her hand and lightly kissed the back, in a somewhat formal fashion. Gina recognized a slight accent on Nico’s words, but could not place it. She also noted the slight grin on his mouth, and the twinkle in his eye as they met hers.

“Nicolas is the son of a wonderful woman who works for me, Gina,” her mother explained as she returned to her seat. “Natalya, his mother, is an events planner for the convention center, though she helps out with the other properties as well.”

Gina was beginning to get a hint of what her mother might have in mind. The effects of the alcohol she’d consumed that evening had her buzzing pleasantly, but she was still quite aware that her mother had avoided any discussion of relationships in general or sex in particular, and that hadn’t been with Gloria’s normal manner. She gave a look to her mother that let her know that she was well aware of her plans.

“Shonda, darling,” Gloria called, knowing that her house-keeper was still waiting just in the hallway.

The black woman stepped into the room. “Yes, Ma’am?”

“I think we can manage from here,” Gloria told her. “Dinner was fabulous, as always, dear. Do have a pleasant weekend as well. I shall see you Tuesday morning then.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Thank you, Ma’am. Have a joyous Easter, Ma’am,” Shonda replied before bowing out. Shonda was a wonderful house-keeper and in her many years working for Gloria since Hugo’s passing, she had never wavered in her commitment to bringing a touch of religion into Gloria’s home. Gloria loved the young woman and would take care of her in the future, very well.

After Shonda had left the room, Gloria reached to take Nico’s hand in hers. “Be a darling, Nico, and fetch my daughter and yourself a cold beer. I think Gina would rather drink that than this uppity wine I’ve on hand.” Gloria smiled at her daughter mischievously then.

“Coors light,” Gina said in answer to Nico’s glance. “Bring two for me, please,” she added as he moved off. Obviously, Nico knew his way around her mother’s home, if she could rely on him to retrieve drinks from the kitchen.

“I know what you’re doing, Mother!” Gina accused with a glare. “What makes you think that I want to have sex with a boy that young?”

“I’m suggesting no such thing!” Gloria laughed. “I only thought that maybe, if you were of a mind to enjoy yourself, to let yourself go to your pent-up passions and get some much-needed male contact.”

“I can’t believe you are paying some kid to come have sex with your down and out daughter!” she practically shouted. She calmed herself, tossed back the last of her glass of wine, and said, “This is shit, Mother!”

“Come now! This is very nice wine,” Gloria replied, fully aware that the alcohol was not what her daughter was referring to.

“You know what I mean, Mother!” Gina sighed. “I don’t need you or anyone else to set me up with a man.”

“Gina, it’s not like that at all!” Gloria replied. “Nico is one of several young men in this town who have a desire for older women. He enjoys pleasuring those of us who are supposed to be beyond our prime. He is completely here of his own free will, of that I can assure you. I’m paying him nothing more than a compliment by introducing you to him. He has asked about you on several occasions, of that I can also assure you. Nico has been looking forward to meeting you and now that he has, why don’t you let him make his case? Just relax, enjoy yourself, and should you find him pleasing, then allow him to pleasure you.”

Gina obviously couldn’t take her mother seriously, but knew enough about the secretive world hidden in the shadows of Regal Bay and the Van Winkle family to know that her slut-mother wasn’t making any of it up. If Nico was indeed there to see to her needs, be they sexual or not, then he was indeed there of his own free will. Still, Gina didn’t think of herself as attractive, not now that she was an out of shape divorced mother, and settling into a low point in her life. What could a young Romeo do to change any of that, she wondered. Then again, as Nico came striding confidently back into the room, she asked herself, “What do I have to lose?”

With a trio of fresh beers in hand for himself and Gina, Nico had barely set them on the table and settled himself into an empty chair when Gloria said, “I’d like to thank you, good and proper Nico. You did a marvelous job on the new planters out back last week, by the way. Gina, you really must take a look at them. Nico is such a wonderful, creative spirit. I do wish he’d turn his skills into something more useful and beneficial.”

“I do not think I would have time then for all of my other pursuits,” Nico smiled as he took a long look towards Gina. His smile was genuine, she felt. And his eyes seemed to be taking her in warmly as well. It had been a while since a man had looked at her that way.

Gloria noticed her daughter’s escort pendik calmness and wanted push the issue just a bit more. “I’m sure you have enough energy to actively pursuit all of your desires, Nico, my boy. Why don’t you come over here,” she added, patting her thigh as she did.

“Okay,” Nico smiled, and sat his beer down on the table between the two women.

Gloria reached out and took his hand in hers, and then placed it on her thigh, just below the hem of the blue and pink striped dress she had worn that evening. Nico knelt down, grinning from ear to ear, and let the older woman move his hand upon her thigh. “You are very warm, Mrs. Van Winkle.” he said. “I didn’t think it was all that warm in here.”

“Maybe it’s just me,” Gloria grinned while tossing her daughter a wink. “Maybe you’re making me hot. And since you are, you’d better call me Gloria. We’ve talked about this before, young man.” She then parted her thighs and pulled his hand higher between them. She pulled his hand from her upper thigh and placed it atop her white panties, and directly onto her pubic mound. “That “Mrs. Van Winkle” is for formal talk. This is all about pleasures now.” She then began to move his hand up and down her crotch and lower belly.

“What do you think? Am I getting hot?” she asked him in a husky voice.

“Yes, Gloria, you are getting pretty warm alright,” Nico said. “In all the right spots, too.” He gave Gina a side-long glance, adding a wink before turning his attention fully back to Gloria.

“And I’ll bet you’re getting pretty hard, right about now,” Gloria grinned and glanced again towards Gina. Her daughter sat quietly, watching.

Nico gave his crotch a glance. “That would be your fault,” Nico answered. “You know how to get moya malen’kaya priyatel’nitsa excited.”

“Moya who?” Gina asked, interrupting the scene playing out before her.

“He means, “His Little Playmate”,” Gloria laughed. “It’s what Nico calls his manhood!”

“Oh. That,” Gina giggled. “Sounded weird to me.”

“Nico’s parents are Russian, so he tends to toss in a few words now and then in his native tongue,” Gloria told her daughter. “And speaking of tongue…” Gloria let his hand rest upon her crotch and reached up to begin unbuttoning his shirt. His hand continued to rub her pussy through the panties and she pulled her thighs open a little wider. Once his shirt was open, she leaned back into the chair and spread herself wide. “Give Grandma Gloria a kiss, Nico,” she purred.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Nico replied, and lowered his face between her thighs. He planted his mouth against the mound of her crotch and kissed her pussy through her dampening panties. He sucked in a deep lungful of her scent before giving her entire crotch a wide-tongued lick, from bottom to top.

“Oooohhh, that feels so good,” Gloria sighed. She rolled her head and gave Gina a smile. “Join in, if you’re of a mind, dear.”

Gina hesitated, and then after a long gulp of beer, she slipped to the floor on her knees behind Nico and pulled his shirt up and away. Nico turned away from Gloria’s presented crotch and leaned in to give Gina a quick kiss. Once their lips had parted, the action took on a new urgency. Gina grabbed his head in her hands and pulled his mouth back to hers. She kissed him hard and long, and accepted his tongue into her mouth when he thrust it out. She caught it with her lips and sucked on it hard. Her fires had erupted within her in that moment, and she needed desperately what he seemingly was willing to give. She had been without sexual satisfaction for entirely too long and needed desperately to get off.

Gina eventually released Nico and stood. She had dressed very different from her mother in that she had worn pleated black slacks and a three-button pull-over shirt. As she stood looking from her mother, who sat with her legs were splayed obscenely in the chair, and at Nico, a young man with a wide grin growing on his face as fast as the bulge in his khakis, Gina lifted her shirt up and off. She wore a plain white bra beneath and her soft, matronly breasts were held high on her chest. She reached back and a moment later they fell into Nico’s and her mother’s view. Gina’s nipples were cherry-red and surrounded by large areola. The thick buds were hard with excitement, and surrounded with goose-bumps that covered the dark discs of her areola.

As Nico took the sight of Gina’s breasts fully in, he began to pull and tug at his belt and khakis. He had to roll back onto his ass to kick them off, and fell between Gloria’s parted thighs behind him. She, too, had begun to strip down, having removed her blue and pink dress. She had been wearing a bra and had to unfasten it before allowing her own breasts to fall free. Her nipples were of pale pink, ringed by even paler discs on her soft breasts, though they had begun to thicken and darken in anticipation of what was in store for the evening.

Still sitting on his ass, and still wearing his white briefs, Nico’s head was pulled to the side by Gloria, who placed one sweat nipple against his lips. He sucked it into his mouth immediately and began to feast. As soon as she had stripped of her slacks, Gina knelt in front of him and began to run her hands across the bulge in his underwear that his stiffening cock was building.

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