The Night

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It started out as a quiet Saturday. I was laying in the living room watching television and enjoying the fact that nobody was home. Clicking through the channels I found a interesting movie. It was the usual guy flick. Full of explosions and half dressed women. After about 20 minutes of this I started feeling the urges and the heat in my sweats. Looking at the clock it would be about a hour before my sister got home and about 2 before Mom. So I decided to take care of the throbbing of my cock.

I took out my hot throbbing cock and slowly slid a finger around the opening. Running my precum up and down my shaft. Closing my eyes I could see my sister and her friend standing before me. Their shirts were open to allow me to see their hot young breasts pressing against the thin fabric of their bras. Pumping my hard cock without mercy I imagined my sister taking me in her mouth, sucking me deep. While her friend sucked on my hot balls and gently pushed on my ass.

I was so close to cumming, my cock expanded in my hand and right as I was about to feel the release of my cum I heard the key opening the door. Quickly I covered myself up and tried to slow my breathing. Kim (my sister) and her friend Angela decided to come home early from school. Just my luck they had to get there when I needed so badly to shoot my load. I could feel the pain in my sack as my body fought to push the hot jism out. Kim walked into the living room and just glared at me. Judging by the look on her face I could imagine she knew what I had been doing but at that time chose to ignore me and continue to her room without saying a word.

Angela however, looked at me with a lustful grin and told me hello before walking to join my sister in her room. They both looked so hot. Angela was in a short black miniskirt with black panty hose and a white blouse. Just under that I could tell she was in a white lacy bra that from the looks of it was a front clasp. She swung her hips a little more than she needed to as she walked away. Pausing at the door to give me another sly grin before disappearing. Feeling the heat in my crotch I wasted no time getting myself to the bathroom and cleaned up. Just the thought of seeing those two nearly made me shoot in my sweats. As soon as I felt I had myself under control I went back to my position on the couch. I had just gotten covered back up when the two girls made their way back through the living room. I judged from their conversation that Angela had to go home and was upset at not being able to stay longer.

She looked at me in passing and gave my covered crotch a hard start before saying bye. I smiled and said bye and waited for Kim to walk her out to her car before I slipped my cock out again. I thrust my hand down on my pole again. Thinking of the sight of Angela fine ass. I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum before Kim got back but at least I could make things a little better for escort kartal myself. I gave myself a few more tugs and then slipped my cock back in my jeans as I heard Kim coming to the door. I assumed the position of watching TV again and ignored her stare as she walked through the room. I watched her as she walked away.

She was in a pair of snug jeans that hugged her ass and hips well. Her top was almost a match for Angela’s. However I could tell that she had removed her bra sometime after she had gotten home. That was just like her. She was enough of a tomboy that she hated being reminded that she was a girl. I smiled as I watched her ass move in a fashion that was all too feminine. As she rounded the corner to her room she turned to flash a quick look in my direction. I turned to the TV again just as she was about to catch me watching her. That was close I though.

There was no reason for me to make my thoughts obvious. She closed her door and I sighed. Well no need wasting a good orgasm just because she was home. I flicked the remote to shut the tube off and headed to the computer room. Maybe I thought to myself, I could find a good story or two on the internet and get my self off before mom got home. I sat and found just what I needed a story of a girl getting herself off and pictures to add to the illusion. I imagined my sister in the other room laying on her bed stroking her hot pussy lips while she rubbed her nice 36C breasts. I was looking at the pics and stroking my now wet cock hard when I caught movement from the corner of my eye. I lost myself in my orgasm.

Hot cum running down my fingers with every pulse of my cock. I turned to look at the door and noticed it was cracked where it had been closed before. I checked the clock and new it had not been Mom. She wasn’t due home for another 30 minuets. I Guessed my sister had tried to come check her email and found me getting off to the computer. I smiled to myself and I watch the cum run down my fingers. I figured she got a good show and I got the good cum so I would just let it be. After cleaning my mess I retired to my room to finish my studies and prepare for the next day. Mom arrived home and greeted me with a hug before telling me it was time for dinner and that I should come to the table.

I agreed and followed her. The rest of the night was uneventful except for the looks I got from Kim. She glanced at me when she thought I wasn’t looking and I noticed her glances were towards my crotch. Thinking she might have liked what she saw, I started getting hard again. I excused myself to go to bed for the night and headed for my room. Once I had gotten undressed I found the pair of silk panties that I had taken from my sisters collection and started rubbing my hard cock.

Thinking of her stares as I brought myself off with another huge orgasm before slipping into sleep. I woke to something pulling maltepe escort at the panties now thoroughly stuck to my cock with my dried cum. I barely opened my eyes to see Kim’s startled face in the dim light. I opened my eyes wide as I finally figured out that this was not a dream. I stuttered while trying to explain what I was doing. The whole time she was just looking at my growing hardon wrapped in her silky underwear. “I’m sorry Kim. Please don’t be mad and oh please don’t tell Mom!” she just smiled as she wrapped her fingers around my throbbing member. “Oh my dear brother, why would I tell Mom when we could have so much fun together? I can see that you are hard for me. Do you like the feel of my panties against your hard cock? I know you were jacking off today when I got home. Were you doing that thinking of me to?” I stammered looking for words but none came. I only smiled an nodded my head yes and she slowly stroked my cock.

“Would you like to stroke that cock against my hot pussy? I will let you have my panties I have on if you want to my hot brother.” I smiled and said yes. She stood slowly and removed her shirt. I watched at her young breasts stood proud out from her body. Her black Victoria Secrets panties clung to her hot pussy like a wet towel. I watched as she slowly removed them and brought them up to my nose. The scent of her wet cunt was almost too much as she smiled and pressed them to my nose. She smiled as she pressed her pussy against my hard cock.

I could feel her wet pussy lips against my hot cock. The feel of her pubic hair gliding against me. I reached up with my hands to her hard nipples. She moaned and pressed herself into me harder. “Ohh” she moaned softly as I pulled her nipples. Before I knew what was happening she had moved her pussy up to my mouth. I licked her hot slit from her clit to her ass. Tasting my young sisters hot body. I moaned as I felt her hand start stroking my cock with her panties. “She looked down at me as I continued to suck and finger her hot holes. Smiling she said “Oh you like that don’t you dear brother. Would you like to have these closer to you?” I answered her by sucking her clit and lips hard into my mouth.

“I take that as a yes, here lift your legs.” Not knowing what she was going to do, I slowly lifted my legs. I moaned as I felt what she had intended. She slowly pulled her tight panties up my legs, up to my waist until I was snuggly in them. “Oh you look so good like that dear brother, You hot cock is pressing hard against them. Do you like the way they feel?” I moaned a yes as I tongued her ass. Her moans slowly got louder. Fearing we would wake Mom I pulled my cock from her panties and guided her down to its slick shaft. She hungrily sucked it into her hot mouth.

Sucking me in almost to the base before slowly coming back up. I felt the heat rising in my cock as she sucked me. Her juices poured pendik escort bayan from her hot hole into my mouth as she had a little orgasm. I moaned with the taste. “Kim, I’m not going to last much longer if you keep sucking me like that” I said between licks. She just moaned and sucked me harder while stroking my balls through the crotch of her panties. “Oh I’m getting close!” I said moaning.

She suddenly jerked her panties off of me and slid down to my cock. Slowly she positioned her pussy opening over my cock. Her juices dripped from her hair down to the tip of my cock as she slid her tight young pussy down on me. Still in shock of getting the chance to fuck my hot sister, I just sat still as she fed my cock into her depths. She moaned as I parted her and moved slowly in. I reached up to her hot ass and rubbed her body as she slid up and down on me.

“Ohh please finger my ass,, use our juices and finger me.” I reached under her and got my fingers wet with her cum then started to ease my fingers into her hot ass. Her moans were becoming louder as our fucking got faster. “Damn Kim, be quiet before you wake Mom and we get busted” I growled as I fucked her juicy holes. “Ohh I’m going to cum,, please don’t stop” she cried as she ground her hot pussy into my body. I could feel the juices rising up inside myself also. I tried to get her off me but she stayed on me. Begging me to fill her hot cunt with my jism. “I’m cumming sis, Oh you are so hot.”

“Yes, oh fuck your sister make my pussy burn for you.. That’s it,, ohh yes” she moaned as her orgasm took her. She pulled my finger from her ass and laid back on me with my cock still buried deep inside her. I reached up and rubbed her nice breasts as we finished our orgasms together. I slowly slid from her and was rewarded with a hot kiss and slip of her tongue.

“You don’t know how long I have wanted to do that Kim. Thank you” I said as I started to feel myself start to slip into sleep. I awoke to the sun shining outside and half startled to find that I was in bed alone. Kim must have slipped off to her room sometime in the night. I got dressed and headed out to get something to eat. I stopped by her room on the way. Hoping to get a peak of the hot young woman I had fucked the few hours before. Her bed was made and she was nowhere to be found. Somewhat disappointed, I headed out to find Mom sitting at the table.

“Hey mom I said, where’s the brat?”

“Don’t talk about your sister that way young man. She stayed at her friend Angela’s house last night. She came and got her about 11 last night. You would have known that if you had been awake sleepy head.” I just sat stunned. Did I dream the whole thing? It must have happened I thought to myself. She seemed so real. Confused I went to my room and looked for signs that our encounter had been real.

I had almost given up when I spotted a note tucked under my pillow. It was attached to a pair of silk panties and read, “Dear brother, thank you for a wonderful fuck. We must do this again. Until then here is a reminder of our wonderful night.” Love, Kim. I smiled and sniffed her sent again from the crotch. Yes dear sister, we will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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