The Sleepover Ch. 02

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The next week passed in a haze for Cindy; a blur of school, homework, and volleyball practice. She probably failed her calculus test, but she didn’t even care. All she could think about was Mr. Parker. Katie came up to her in the cafeteria on Tuesday to invite her back for another sleepover, and since then Cindy was counting down the days till Friday.

Friday evening after school Cindy started getting ready for the party starting with a long, hot shower. She curled her hair, something she rarely did because it was too time consuming. She put on 4 different make up faces before deciding on the same one she used every day; she didn’t want to look too sexy, the girls would be suspicious. Taking a final look in the mirror before leaving the bathroom- she prided herself in being able to pull off cute and sexy on the same face.

Getting dressed was much of the same process. The girls wore their pajamas to these sleepovers so they wouldn’t have to change when they got there. Cindy put on the thong that she had bought the previous day at the mall; it was pretty simple- black and lacy. Cindy liked simple and it was perfect for her first thong. Over it she wore her button up PJs; they were white with pink stripes, and very cute in Cindy’s opinion.

She called for her mom and they got in the car.

“We’re going to be so late, why did you take so long to get ready,” her mom asked as they started the short drive to Katie’s house.

“My hair was just being really unmanageable,” replied Cindy hastily.

“You’re just going to a sleepover, you didn’t want me to braid it like last time?”

“I don’t know mom, I just felt like being a little fancy; I never go to parties.”

“I guess, Cici, I’m just glad you had a good time. You seem really excited to go back. I was worried about volleyball being the only thing that made you leave the house. It’s good to have friends at your age.”

“Yeah mom, I know.”

They arrived at the Parker’s and Cindy got out of the car, her heart beating fast she approached the front door. She hesitated before knocking. Katie opened the door, in her excitement Cindy had almost completely forgotten Katie existed; she had to play cool.

“Hey Katie! What’s up?”

“Cindy! We’re watching a movie, it’s so funny. I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before, you have to come see.”

Cindy didn’t dare ask where Mr. Parker was, she assumed he had already disappeared to his room; she was almost relieved she didn’t have to interact with him in front of the girls.

She sat down and actually pendik escort started having a good time but was grateful when the girls started falling asleep.

After Hannah fell asleep Cindy saw Katie get up and turn off the movie and curl up in her own sleeping bag. It was late; she hoped Mr. Parker was still waiting for her. After twenty minutes Cindy got up- the rest of the girls lied around her like land mines. She tiptoed through the maze, slowly making her way to Mr. Parker’s room.

For the second time that night, she hesitated before she knocked.

“Come in, Cindy.”

She opened the door and stepped in quietly, closing the door behind her and locking it. She turned around to Mr. Parker chuckling quietly at her, “Quick learner you are. Go sit on the bed.”

She sat while Mr. Parker paced around the room. He was in his boxer’s again… He was beautiful, everything from his disheveled hair to his muscular legs were making Cindy feel things that she had never felt before last week.

She was embarrassed by her starting but she couldn’t stop; she had waited so long and she was so hungry for him- for him to look at her.

She couldn’t tell what he was doing, rummaging in drawers and in the closet, but he came back with a collection of things in his hands.

Cindy couldn’t believe what she saw: rope, duct tape, and a long strip of fabric. Her eyes met his and he said, “Don’t worry Cindy, baby, I won’t hurt you… this is just for fun, you can you leave whenever you want to. You just won’t want to.”

He winked, and his voice was so husky but soothing that Cindy was immediately calmed.

“Take off your clothes… show me your body.”

Cindy was trembling… this was it. She took a deep breath and slowly removed her shirt, button by button.

He had already seen her tits, but he was the one who took her shirt off last time. Taking it off by herself made her feel so dirty… Cindy liked it. With her shirt off, she looked up at older man in front of her and he was still staring, his eyes boring into hers and his foot tapping impatiently.

Cindy stood up and pulled down her pajama bottoms, leaving her in the black lace thong that she had been so excited for but was now self-conscious about.

“Well look at that, somebody got dressed up. You can leave that on for now.”

Cindy, blushing sat back down on the bed.

“Now Cindy, you’re a virgin? I can tell. Be honest with me, I need to know so I can take care of you.”

Cindy wasn’t expecting this question, her maltepe escort blush spread turning her whole face red and she stared at the floor trying to muster up the words or the courage to respond with.

He grabbed her chin and lifted her face to his, “Um, yes sir, I’m a virgin.” The words spilled out of her mouth.

“Now Cindy, I’m going to blind fold you, and I’m going to tie you up… and I’m going to fuck you. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Cindy nodded, there was no question, she wanted this… she had been fantasizing about it all week.

He took the strip of cloth and tied it tightly around her head, making sure there was no way she could see, and then he kissed her- roughly. Cindy had been waiting for his touch again for what seemed like forever, and this strong kiss made her feel weak. She felt him pulling at her thong and her body automatically responded, helping him remove it.

Once it was off he pushed it into her mouth.

“These panties are soaked Cindy; taste them.”

She tasted the sweet wetness and grew even more turned on, something she thought were impossible. Then she heard tape ripping, and duct tape was placed over her lips, the panties still filling her mouth.

“We can’t have you waking the other girls.”

Finally he laid her back on the bed and pulled her arms up behind her head. She felt the soft rope around her wrists as he tied her hands to the headboard, he left her feet free.


Katie couldn’t sleep.

She had seen Cindy get up and leave the room, but she hadn’t been back for a while and Katie was starting to wonder where she had gone. She got up and tiptoed through the crowd of sleeping girls. She had to go to the bathroom too and didn’t want to wait for Cindy who was taking too long. She got to the bathroom but it was empty- where was Cindy?

She went to the bathroom and then set out to find her friend. Cindy can’t have gone home, her stuff was still here.

Walking by her dad’s bed room, Katie heard muffled speaking inside. Was Cindy in her dad’s room, why would she be in there? She opened the door, not prepared for the scene she was walking in on.

“Daddy, what are you doing?”


James wasn’t prepared for this…

His teenage daughter walking in on him getting ready to fuck her equally young friend. He was about to freak out, but he saw something, his daughter, the spitting image of her mother when he met her, was breathing deeply, her eyes widened and her mouth fallen open.

She wasn’t kartal escort mad, or angry, or scared… She was horny.

She looked a lot like Cindy; only shorter, blonder, and his daughter.

“Katie, close the door.”

She complied, “Daddy, what’s happening?”

“I’m about to fuck your friend Cindy. What are you doing?”

This was surreal, but it was happening, his daughter, the little blonde girl that was the only one of his daughters that completely took after their mother.

Katie was squirming- she didn’t know what to say or do.

“Take a seat Katie,” gesturing towards his office chair.

Again his daughter obeyed without question, he saw her eyeing her naked friend squirming on her father’s bed.

Cindy was hearing everything that was going on but couldn’t say or do anything.

Katie had always been a daddy’s girl… always trying to please him by doing well in school, and sports. But this was something crazy, how was she going to react to this? James didn’t know what to do with her- all he knew was that his cock was rock hard and that his eighteen year old daughter was looking at it; the same look that Cindy and countless other women had given his cock over the years, that hungry, yearning look.

He doubted that his daughter was a virgin like Cindy.

Katie had had a rebellious phase last year that focused on dating a college boy, and from the way Katie had talked about him, James was sure that boy had fucked her. He was furious about it at the time.

That was his little girl, his daughter, and no one was allowed to touch her but him.

“Katie… That boy you dated last year, Ryan, he fucked you didn’t he?”

Katie hung her head, “Only like once daddy, it was only for like a minute.”

“You’re a slut, Katie; you’re eighteen, you’re still in high school… I’m your father and I still own you. No one gets to touch you, do you understand?”

He almost started yelling but calmed himself.

Katie burst into tears, fully ashamed of herself even in this strange situation.

“I’m so sorry!”

“You should be and you will be… are you going to be good from now on? Are you going to listen to me?”

“Of course daddy, I’m so sorry!”

James was walking a very dangerous line with his daughter but he didn’t care; his throbbing cock did. He still had some rope left over after tying Cindy up. He grabbed it and approached Katie.

While beginning to tie his youngest daughter to the chair he said, “I’m going to fuck your friend, and you’re going to watch… and if you’re very good for the next week, we’ll talk about you getting special treatment from me next time.

Now you are being punished for being such a slut; you can only watch; do you understand?”

“Yes daddy, l understand.”

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