2037: A SPH Cuckold Journey Pt. 01

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New York, 9:47am, Monday, June 29th, 2037

Adam jiggled his right leg impatiently as he sat waiting, whilst playing with the keys that were nestled in the right pocket of his black skinny jeans. He had already been kept waiting for 15 minutes and he just wanted the tests to be completed quickly. Today was a big day for Adam; it was his 25th birthday and enjoying a nice lie in, he was waiting in the testing centre.

In 2028, the government had implemented a new societal system, whereby people were tested and then chosen for their place in society. Upon turning 25, all men and women were required by law, to undergo personality and intelligence testing as well as a full physical examination. The idea was to provide better social prosperity and give better opportunities for the less advantaged. The system had been a great success so far, with people reporting far greater satisfaction in their lives.

Adam wanted to get the test over quickly so that he could go out and celebrate his birthday with his friends later on. His impatience was growing.

Finally, after another 5 minutes, a woman who looked around 40, walked around a corner in the long corridor to Adam’s left, and made a beeline towards the reception area. The lady went to the receptionists desk and spoke briefly to the receptionist. Adam checked her out while she was speaking to the receptionist. He guessed that she was around 115 pounds and stood at around 5″5, but that was definitely helped by the black 4″ heels that she was wearing. She wore a black dress that hugged her body tightly and Adam could easily make out the hourglass figure that she had.

As if sensing his eyes upon her, she turned around swiftly and scanned the 4 faces that were currently sitting in the waiting area. Adam quickly averted his eyes to the ground. She looked down at the notepad that the receptionist had handed her and then asked aloud “Adam Buller?”

Adam raised his head and met her eyes which were still scanning the 4 people in the waiting room. Her eyes finally settled on his and they were locked in a stare for a brief moment before she curtly told Adam to follow her.

Adam stood up and then followed her down the corridor to the left of the reception area. They rounded the corner and during this time Adam managed to get a much better view of her curves. They reached a door at the end of the corridor and the lady opened the door and ushered for Adam to follow her in. She shut the door behind him, and Adam was able to scan the room.

It was a relatively small room with a desk in front of him with two chairs, one either side of the table. There was a high tech looking computer on the table plus two large stacks of papers and some pens on the desk. In the back of the room, there was a large machine, the likes of which Adam had never seen before. It looked very complex and stood quite tall at around 8 feet high.

“Please sit down” the lady said, interrupting Adam’s scanning of the room.

He sat down and the lady rounded the table before placing herself in the seat opposite Adam.

“My name is Lindsey” she began, “and I am one of the staff here at the testing facility for the 2028 charter. As you know it is a legal requirement for anyone turning 25 to complete 3 tests to determine various factors, such as personality, intelligence and physical shape. But the test can do far more than that, it can show us your needs, desires and what makes you happy and sad. It will help us to better place you into modern day society. Do you have any questions so far?”

“How long does this normally take?” Adam asked.

“Usually not too long, why don’t we get started?” Lindsey asked whilst peeling off the top set of papers from both stacks on the desk.

She placed them in front of Adam as well as placing a pen there.

“Let’s start with the intelligence and personality testing, these tests are best done if you answer with your gut instinct. Try to answer as honestly as possible, as the physical test we do after also has a personality detector based on brain usage, so lying here won’t do you any favours. Let me know when you’re done and then we can move on.” She gave Adam a quick smile as she finished instructing him on what to do.

Lindsey stood up and moved to the back of the room where she began looking at the multiple screens on the large scanner. Adam began answering the questions on the intelligence test first. They were fairly straightforward at first but became increasingly harder as the test went on. The questions involved a series of math based problems, literacy based multiple choice questions as well as leadership based situational questions. Adam finished the test and moved on to the personality test.

The personality test involved more direct questions such as “Are you a leader or a follower?” and “Are you adventurous or cautious?”. Adam tried to answer with his gut instinct as he had been told and around 40 minutes later he had completed both sections of the test. He just wanted to get out of the test centre and celebrate so he called out to Lindsey.

“Ex-Excuse illegal bahis me?” he called.

“Have you finished the tests Adam?” Lindsey questioned with an air of boredom.

“Yes” he replied.

“Great!” she exclaimed “If you’d like to bring the papers over here and then take off your jacket and t-shirt and place them on the desk please.”

Adam was a bit taken aback. “Why do I need to take off my top sorry?” he questioned.

“It’s so that we can hook you up to a heart rate monitor that goes around your chest for accurate readings.” She replied.

Adam didn’t question her further and walked around the table to hand over the papers before taking off his jacket and t-shirt, placing them on the table behind him. He stood there, topless, feeling a little awkward whilst Lindsey passed the paper into a tray where Adam assumed a machine would collect and analyse his results. A few moments later she turned around.

“Ok, now if you’d like to step into the physical testing machine for me please?” She beckoned for him to step into the large machine while she held the door open for him. Lindsey then placed a chest strap around Adam and connected the wires on either side of his chest to a small port on the inside of the machine.

“This machine is state of the art.” She announced. “It can tell us about your physical health condition as well as an analysis of your expected physical deterioration as well as heart function and brain chemical foundations.”

Adam was a little confused at the last part and his expression clearly couldn’t contain his curiousness.

“Don’t worry dear, we’re not injecting you with anything here, just seeing that you’ve developed normally and well.” She chuckled and then closed the door on Adam.

Adam saw her turn back to the paper analysis machine through the glass door. The machine began making unfamiliar sounds, whirring and hissing. Adam felt a slight tensing of his muscles and his heart began pulsing slightly higher than his normal rate while he stood there. A moment later the glass screen turned black. A message came up on the screen. “You will see a series of images designed to extract certain reactions from your brain. Feelings such as joy, pain and anger.” Images began flashing on the screen. First a war torn country, then a cute Labrador, an office worker was next, then a plane. Image after image and they kept coming faster. Very soon Adam wasn’t able to distinguish each image, but he kept staring. Around 5 minutes later the images disappeared, and the glass went black again. A “Test complete” message appeared and then the glass returned to its transparent form. Linsey was waiting with papers in hand and opened the door before removing the chest strap that had gripped Adam’s body. She then motioned for him to step out of the machine and said, “please sit down at the table”.

Adam stepped out and placed a hand on his t-shirt.

“Did I tell you to put that back on?” Lindsey asked rhetorically. “The test is not fully complete yet, sit down and wait please” she said firmly.

Adam was taken aback by her curtness but complied. Lindsey sat down opposite him again and began typing quickly into the computer at the desk.

A few moments later she spoke.

“Right Adam, thank you for you cooperation so far. The computer has analysed your intelligence and personality traits. Overall, you seem to be more of a follower and can take directions fairly well. However, your intelligence is under the average level for a man of your age which I know sounds disappointing to hear but there are some options that we can help you pursue.”

Adam was disappointed with this but not too surprised, he had never excelled at school or college, always hovering below the class average.

Lindsey went on.

“As for your physical tests you seem to be quite fit and in good shape. At 5″7 you’re a little short for a male but that’s not a major issue. Your heart function is fantastic though which is great, and the computer predicts your life expectancy to be till at least 78!” She seemed to want a reaction from Adam, so he smiled briefly. She went on, “However, the image test has shown us some very surprising results. The images are shown very quickly in order to gauge your brain’s perceptions of which images it prioritises and can help us determine various personality traits.”

“Ok.” Adam replied simply.

“I am going to be blunt with you here Adam. You might not like what I have to say but please hear me out.” Adam became nervous at hearing this.

“The test has determined that you fall into the category of an inferior male. Essentially what this means is that you don’t meet the intelligence level of an average male and your personality trait falls heavily into the submissive category as opposed to the expected dominant personality trait. To put it simply Adam, the test views you as a beta male.” She finished her sentence, each word stinging Adam’s ego.

“The test can be wrong though surely? I’m sure people have come here, and the test has told them the complete illegal bahis siteleri opposite of what they are?” Adam raised his voice and was visibly getting angrier.

Lindsey gently replied. “Adam dear, the test has a 97% success rate and when it shows that someone falls heavily into the submissive category the test is usually right. If you really want to we could complete the last section of the physical test if it will help put your mind at ease?”

“Yes, I’ll complete the test, I need it to show that I’m average, I’m not a beta male!” Adam was furious.

“Ok, it’s quite simple here Adam,” Lindsey went on “I need you to take off your remaining clothes for me.”

“What?” Adam’s rage was interrupted by his surprise at her request.

“It’s up to you Adam, we can end the test, or you can take off your clothes. It allows us to fully analyse your potential and it could alter the results if everything goes well.” She informed him.

“Ok fine. I’ll do it.” He responded very defensively.

Adam bent down and untied his laces before removing his shoes and socks. He then stood up and undid his belt before removing his black skinny jeans. He now stood in the room in his navy boxer briefs and waited for Lindsey to say something.

“You have to take off your underwear for the test to be fully effective.” She said.

Adam contemplated this for what felt like an eternity. Finally, he reluctantly peeled down his boxer briefs and stood in front of Lindsey naked.

Lindsey, staring at Adam’s crotch, began to laugh, not a small chuckle, but a high pitched uncontrollable laugh.

Adam was furious, he looked down at his manhood and then back at Lindsey who had now composed herself.

“What’s so funny? My dick is perfectly normal, just get this test over with.” He was furious and just wanted this to be over.

Lindsey reached into a drawer and pulled out a 12″ ruler. She beckoned for him to come around to her side of the table. She grabbed his penis and placed the ruler above it. Adam looked down and saw that it was 1.8″ long. She typed this figure into the computer and then began gently tugging at his penis. His cock immediately sprung to life and began to grow. Once he was fully erect she looked at the ruler again and typed in the figure. Adam was a little surprised to see that he was 3.7″ erect as he had always thought he was bigger. Yet for some reason this seemed to turn him on more.

“How often do you masturbate Adam?” Lindsey asked.

“About 5 times a week normally” he replied.

Lindsey began to stroke his penis slowly and gently with her thumb and index finger.

“And are you still a virgin Adam?”

“Yeah” Adam replied sheepishly.

“And how long do you normally last when you jerk off?” She asked.

“Qu-quite a while, maybe 10 minutes” Adam stammered.

All of the gentle stroking and the questions that Lindsey was asking him were making him very horny. Adam’s eyes started to wander towards Lindsey’s cleavage which was very revealing in her black dress. He guessed that she was a 32 or 34C and he was loving what he saw. The stroking continued in silence for around a minute more before Adam’s breathing intensified.

“Are you going to cum for me Adam?” Lindsey asked huskily.

At that, Adam’s cock spurted a small amount of semen onto Lindsey’s arm. Lindsey chuckled to herself while Adam stood there shocked that he had cum so quickly.

“Well that was more like two minutes not twenty.” She chuckled. “Thanks for that Adam. Please put your underwear on and sit back down.” She instructed. Adam complied. Lindsey took a tissue from one of the drawers in the desk before wiping his semen off her forearm.

Once Adam was back in his seat, Lindsey analysed the results on the computer and then turned to Adam.

“Ok Adam, the reason why we had to measure your penis length was because in the rare occasion that a man is found out to be a beta, he can alter the result if his penis is above average. It’s very rare that we see this though and I only laughed because I knew immediately that your penis was well below average.” She told him this with a matter-of-fact air about it. She continued “You penis is incredibly small and when these results are entered, they essentially show that you are a complete beta male. There is no way that this result can be changed or adapted now. You might be disheartened at this but there are some… unique options that we can explore.”

Adam was upset at being laughed at and disappointed that he was deemed to be a complete beta male.

Lindsey paused before speaking again. “Now Adam, if we hadn’t measured your penis length, you would have probably been recommended for some menial job such as a refuse collector or janitor. But your penis is unique because of how small it is. Now we have great connections with some wealthy clients who like to have servants in their household. However, these are powerful women that have excelled in society and are very demanding. They have very particular needs… do you understand what I’m canlı bahis siteleri saying Adam?” She asked.

Adam was very confused about what she was suggesting, “I’m confused, you think I would be a good servant for a wealthy client?”

“Yes Adam, the clients we deal with are women who are very dominant, they are powerful in their workplace. They also have desires to be dominant in the bedroom and these desires can be very… sexual in nature. They might want to humiliate you, they might punish you if you don’t behave or they might make you service their every needs.” She explained.

“So a sex slave pretty much?” Adam responded dejectedly.

“That is a narrow minded way to view this opportunity Adam. Think of this as a chance to submit to your inner desires of being submissive whilst working for a wealthy client. You won’t have to worry about buying a house or any financial purchases ever again if you chose this option. Your personality fits perfectly with what the client is looking for and she has promised that you will be able to retire once you turn 45.” Lindsey was trying to be as persuasive as possible. “This is a great opportunity Adam, if you don’t take this then you’ll be left with a 50/50 chance of getting a janitor job or you’ll end up homeless. You are a unique guy and I think you should take this opportunity while you still have the chance.” She finished her speech.

“What’s the pay like? Will I have to move cities?” Adam queried. He didn’t know why he was curious, but this seemed to spark something inside of him.

“You won’t be paid Adam, everything that you need will be provided for by your new mistress and she will buy anything that she feels is necessary for you. You will have to serve her well and at the end of your time with her, she will pay off a mortgage for you in a 2 bedroom apartment as well as a car. Until then however, you will be a live in servant and your mistress will decide what she buys for you… if anything. You’ll be living with her here in New York in a nice mansion.” She finished her sentence and awaited more questions from Adam.

“Ok, so you’re saying I work as a servant for 20 years and then I can retire, and I’ll have an apartment and car paid for once I do retire?” Adam attempted to clarify.

“Yes. You will be required however, to undergo a one week training programme at one of our partner facilities before you go and begin your servant life. This is all paid for by your future mistress. You’ll be expected to participate willingly, and you will do everything that you are told by the staff there. How does that sound Adam?” She asked.

“That sounds fine to me, what about my belongings that I’ve got at home… and what does the training involve?” he asked.

“Your personal property will be placed into storage, all paid for by your mistress. As for the training programme, it varies based on your future mistresses needs. Each programme is tailored to different types of servitude.” She answered his question, yet the vague response concerned Adam. She felt sure that he would refuse this.

“Ok, I’ll do it.” Adam replied, his response surprising both Lindsey and himself.

“Great!” She replied as she began to type into the computer. “I’ll email the training facility now so that they’re ready for your arrival. I’ll write down the address for you and you can make your way there immediately. Please put your clothes back on now Adam.” She instructed.

Adam had completely forgotten that he was sitting in his underwear and instinctively grabbed his clothes and put them back on. He was however, still shocked that he had to leave for the training facility immediately.

“Do I not get to enjoy my birthday or anything like that?” He asked while buttoning up his jeans.

“We have to move quickly with this Adam, it’s a very unique opportunity and you wouldn’t want to miss out now would you? If your training goes well I’m sure your new mistress might consider letting you have a small celebration in the future!” She replied.

Lindsey handed Adam a piece of paper with an address in central New York written on it.

“You will report to this address at midday today” she said. “You will ask for trainer Grace when you get to the facility and tell her that I sent you for client 12. Everything is written on the paper anyway so don’t worry if you forget anything. If you do not report there at the designated time you will forfeit your right to any financial or social aid.” She smiled pleasantly before standing up. Adam followed suit and Lindsey rounded the desk before opening the door.

Adam left the room and Lindsey followed him back down the corridor that they had come in around an hour ago. Adam rounded the corner and headed towards the reception area. They arrived at the reception area and Adam saw that only one new person was in the waiting are now. He turned back to Lindsey.

“Thank you very much for cooperating with the tests today Adam” she said, “we hope that you are satisfied with the outcome of your test and I’m sure you’ll be a fantastic fit for your new role in society. I wish you all the best and make sure you work hard. This is a great opportunity, but you must submit fully to the role! Goodbye now Adam.” She finished her speech, turned on her heel and walked back to her testing room.

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