A Baby – Family and His Brother Ch. 06

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Is this story true or not, you tell me?

Went to the pool where Nick was now drying off, looking at him, felted so lucky to have found this man in my life, let alone the rest of his family.

I know many of you think, yeah right, they had you for a sexual toy. If you were there, you would know differently, and if I were their toy they sure did spend a lot of money, with a college education, job and just general things they would buy me. No, the three of us loved each other very much, showed it and expressed it.

Anyways, Nick asked me, “Hey what was so funny with you three.

I just smiled, “Oh nothing Hun, just something happen between Sue and I.”

He smiled at me and said, “I guess Guy is next.”

I mentioned don’t think so, he got to many girls all over him now.

He laughed and said, “Yeah right, you know how he looks at you.”

I said, “Nick, he looks at all girls like that. Also, if it did happen, both of you would have to approve.”

He said, “You know we trust you and know you wouldn’t hurt him, or lead him on”.

Truthfully I had a hidden fantasy being with Guy. He looked so much like Nick, and he did make comments all the time even though he was now 17.

Guy used to talk to me all the time about his girlfriends and the things that they did. I kept warning him about using rubbers, and not to embarrass his family by getting some girl pregnant so he could just have fun. He was taught well though by his parents, to respect girls, and was truly a sincere person, enjoying him-self without hurting the girls.

Sue and I went to bed many times over a two year period when she was going to college locally, until she transferred to U of C Berkley, then it only happen when she came home for the Holidays.

Guy was already enrolled at U of C Berkley starting his freshman year and came home with Sue during the 4th of July weekend.

One evening the three of us were in the family room, Jan and Nick were at the store. At this point in our lives, Guy was 18, Sue 20 and I 22.

Guy started to be a smart ass and said, “Hey Nicole, when you going to go to bed with me like you do with Sue.”

I looked at Sue, she said, “Always thinking with his other head.”

I really didn’t know that he knew we were going to bed, so I said; “Now what makes you think I go to bed with your sister.”

Sue turned around and said, “Yes where did you get that ideal.”

He started to laugh, “Well these walls maybe sound proof when in your bedrooms, but the swimming pool isn’t.”

I said, “You little shit, you been spying on us.”

He apologized, but said, No he didn’t intend to, but one day he came home from school early cause he was sick and seen the two of us going at it on the lounge chairs.

He then smiled and said, “Thank You.”

I didn’t know what to say, looked at Sue, back at Guy.

Then said, “Ok, you been doing your thing now with me for over 3 years. So your wish is going to come true.”

His smart-ass remark was “Yeah Right.”

I then got up, grab his hand, Sue said, “You go girl, and show him what a woman is really like.”

Guy started to stammer with his speech, “Hey I was just kidding with you, and I know you really don’t want to.”

I then said, “Oh now your backing out and want to get a commitment out of me.”

Sue looked a little startled and then said, “You mean Guy, that you have been lying to me about wanting Nicole.”

Guy looked at her, said, “Ok, Ok, what I mean I don’t want to go to bed with a girl just because I have been making smart remarks to find out her reaction, but she doesn’t really want to go to bed with me.”

I dropped his hand, went and sat down, said, “Ok, if you want to put stipulations on it then we won’t.”

He hung his head down. I felt sorry for him, and said,

“Guy, yes I have always wanted to go to bed with you. But, since you were a minor, just like your sister I wouldn’t do it. Also, because my commitment is to your parents I would never have done that to them.”

“If you want me to say I am in love with you, it would be a lie, but I do love both your sister and you, but like very close friends”.

“Sex between us is for pleasure, because we care about each other and fulfilling a desire of ours”.

“This is what your sister and I have, caring about each other and pleasuring each other fantasies”.

He looked at me, and said. “I guess ankara bayan escortlar I really blew this chance.”

Sue and I started to laugh, “Yep you did, poor baby.”

I looked at Sue and said, “Lets go for a swim and wink at her.”

She knew what I was up to. She said, “Guy you coming or you going to mope around the house.”

He said, “Ill be out there in a few minutes.”

Sue and I got up, went to our bedrooms, undressed and got some beach towels.

We both walked out to the pool, dove in and started to play around in the water. Guy walked out, naked as usual; I looked at him and knew it was going to happen very soon. He is a spitting image of his Father, sexier then heck. I felt a twinge in my stomach, thought yes it is time to fulfill my desires that had been going on for three years.

Guy dove in and started to screw around with us girls, but noticed that he was staying closer to me. Then he started to swim under water and go in between my legs, as he went through he would put a hand on my thigh, and then one on my pussy and push himself through. He did variations of this until one time; instead of going through he came up put his hand on my pussy and then flipped me over into the water. I went down and came back up and grabbed his cock and pulled him down into the water.

In the meantime Sue seen what was going on and said, “that she was going in to get something to eat and have fun guys.”

We continue screwing around in the water for a while, and both of us were getting more and more excited each time we touched each other.

Then Guy looked at me and said, “Nicole its time”.

I said, “Ok, lets go into the house and get comfortable.”

We got out, grabbed our towels, he took my hand and we walked into the house. Sue was in the kitchen and we walked right past her, she turned and seen where we were headed and smiled at us.

Guy brought me into his bedroom and proceeded to wipe the water off my body, taking his time and gently pampering me. When he came to my butt he wiped and let his hand slide down the crack of my ass right to my pussy and gently flicked my clit with his finger.

I turned around and then let him wipe the front of me off. He was so gentle with his hands, massaging my breast and with his fingers just touching my nipples. Then he started to wipe my stomach off and got on his knees to wipe my legs off, thighs and work the towel up to my pussy and gently wiped it.

I looked down at him and noticed his cock was rock hard. I grabbed the towel from Guy and motion for him to stand, then proceeded to wipe his back off, and with my hand massaged his shoulders. I told him you know you look just like your Father and that is a reason I had a wanting for him.

He smiled and said, “You know a lot of the girls I know said the same things”.

I continued to wipe his butt, between his legs and slowly massaged his balls with the towel. Then turned him around, looking at him, wiping his face, neck, working my way down his chest when I got on my knees and looked straight at his cock.

Dear God I never realized how big he was, bigger then Nick, more like his Uncle Jack. As I stared, I let the towel dropped and didn’t even bother to wipe him off anymore.

I put my hand on his cock and slowly started to massage it, with my tongue licking the tip and just under the rim.

He started to moan, I proceeded licking his shaft as I worked his tip with my hand, then working my way to his balls sucking one in, as my hand continued to work on the tip of his cock.

I worked my other hand around to his ass and searched out his asshole and circled it with my finger, slowly inserting it in. Guy was really getting excited and moving to my stroked in his ass, and what I was doing to his balls, plus my other hand working the tip of his cock.

He started to moan really loud and said, “Yes sis that’s the way, oh yes sis I waited so long for this.”

I then proceeded to lick back up his shaft and kissing his cock when my mouth got to the tip, at which time I open my mouth and then just plunged my mouth down on his cock, as it entered my throat he jerked it forward and it went all the way in. I clamped down on it and started to suck,

“Oh dear God, please don’t stop”, he said.

I pushed my finger all the way in his ass and found his prostrate and started to massage it.

He pulled out to his tip as I was sucking and then ankara seksi escortlar entered my throat again. Slowly he started to fuck my mouth, with long deliberate strokes, my finger seemed to be coordinated with massaging of his prostrate each time he went in and out of my mouth.

As this was happening his cock got thicker and I knew that he was close to Cumming. His strokes became very short, just out of my throat and then back down. I started to moan, now I was totally into it and started to suck so hard he could hardly bring it out.

“Ohhhhhhhh Yessssssss, Sisssssss, Godddddddd Yessssss Sisssssss,” then he jerked and froze with his cock in my throat and started to cum.

Load after load came spewing from his cock with each jerk into my throat. I sucked faster and faster as he filled my throat with cum and swallowed each load as it came.

“Ohhhhhhhhh myyyy Godddddddd, pleassss don’t let this stop.” He said.

His jerking into my mouth started to subside, and I relaxed my mouth with the grip I had on it and gently started to suck the tip of his cock and made sure that I got it all.

He was exhausted and fell backwards on the bed, just moaning that he never had that happen to him before.

I stood up and went to the bed; he opened his eyes and just looked at me. He smiled, said “Sis, it was well worth the wait.”

I smiled, and then said, “Were not done yet Hun.”

Smiling he said, “I know, but can we wait a few minutes.”

Then a knock came at the door, Guy and I looked over to the door as it open and Jan came in.

She looked in, said, “I am sorry didn’t know you both were in here. Just wanted to tell Guy that dinner was ready.”

“Ok mom, we will be right there.”

“She winked at me and said, you coming Hun.”

I laughed said, sure, and then looked at Guy and said, “We can finish later Guy, if you still want to.”

He started to blush, stuttered because his Mom was still there, “sure, sure, if you want to.”

I went to the door, kissed Jan and I went into our bedroom, got dressed for dinner.

The five of us were sitting at the dinner table when Nick started to say.

“Well what did you guys do why your Mother and I were working our butts off on this Holiday weekend.”

I started to laugh, because I knew then that Nick and Jan knew what happen.

“Guy said, oh nothing really, we just swam and talked about things.”

Nick being the smart ass he always was, said, “Yeah right, you swam and talked about things.”

Then he got serious. “Ok, I want to talk to the three of you. Nicole, you know that Jan and I love you, also, feel you kids do to.”

Now he looked at Sue and Guy, said, “Both of you are adults, what you do is your business. I don’t want any of you to ever get hurt by your actions, so what you do, you must accept any consequences that may happen and live with it.”

I got frighten, thought that Nick was mad at me.

Then he was point blank. “I know that the three of you are having sex, like I said before, your adults and what you do is your business, but things could happen. So, if anything happens accept the consequences.”

Sue blurted out, “I am not having sex with Guy”.

Nick then said, “Well I will clarify what I meant. I know your not having sex with Guy, you guys are having sex with Nicole.”

I looked at him, puzzled, said, “I am sorry, I thought you wouldn’t care after they were adults.”

He looked at Jan, asking for help. Jan started to laugh, ok you guys. “You know we brought you two up that there wasn’t anything wrong with your bodies or sex. We don’t care if you two are having sex with Nicole, but remember your all within three years of each other in age. Now what your Dad means, if you fall in love with her, but she doesn’t love you that way, even though your having sex with her, or what if you get Nicole pregnant Guy? These are things that have to be thought of. Nicole I only asked that you be honest with my kids”.

I told her that I felt I was, and both Sue and Guy said, “Yes she is”.

Then Jan said, “You have our blessings.”

Nick made a sigh noise, saying, “Glad we got that straight.”

We all started to laugh, Jan said, “Yeah you did a good job.”

He just shook his head, “Ok, Ok, don’t rub it in or Ill cut you two off.” We all really started to laugh then.

The kids and I got up and went for a swim, as bayan ankara escort Nick and Jan said they were going to bed, to tired because of the Holiday workday.

After our swim, an a little chatting about what Nick had to say, Sue said she was tired and going to bed.

Guy and I were still at the pool and he looked at me, eyeing my body up and down, said, “Your beautiful Nicole, and earlier was the best sex I had with anyone.”

Then said, “I have masturbated so many times thinking of this day.”

Looking at him, said, “I enjoyed it Hun, but remember were not done.”

His cock started to get hard.

“I see you have recouped.” Then he got up, saying, “Yup” grab my hand, then said, “I am going to show you how much I recouped.”

We went into his bedroom; he laid me on the bed. He started to talk and asked if I really wanted him over the past years. I said, “Yes” and only because he was a minor, I wouldn’t do anything. Then told him that I masturbated many times thinking of having sex with him. I also told him that I talked to his parents about it and they said it would be ok when he turned 18.

While we were talking he was playing with my nipples, and then lean over me and started to suck on them.

“Nicole I have wanted you for so long”.

He then looked at me and started to kiss me, with his tongue in my mouth and rubbing my breast at the same time. I started to respond, and felt his cock next to my leg. He began to nipple on my earlobes, whispering to me. You’re so sexy, your body so perfect, my Father and Mother were lucky to have found you. He said that many times when I would be with them, he would fantasize it was he with me.

He said a few times he tried to see if he could hear us, in front of their bedroom door, but couldn’t. Then he said, that he use to look in the keyhole once in a while and see Nick and I fucking. He confessed that he also watch videos of the three of us making love. Nick taped many videos, the three us, or just Jan and I.

As Guy was whispering to me, his fingers were now just barely touching my body, the same, as he father would do to me. Slowly he reached my pussy, and search out my clit. With his fingers he started to massage my clit, with his finger just entering my cunt. He continued this for a long time and my body was now meeting his strokes on his finger. My moans were getting louder and louder, saying to him, “Your just like your father.” “Oh yessssss Hun just like thattttttt.”

Guy knew I was ready, he may have been only 18, but he learned well from the videos. He was almost mimicking what his Father did to me.

Then he rolled over on top of me, his cock close to my entrance. I reached down, grab it and pointed it to my vagina. His thrust forward, made me jerk, as it entered a sigh came from him, I said, “that’s my baby, yes that’s my baby, fuck me Hun.

Guy’s cock had to be around 8”, also very thick. I thought to myself, I have fucked two (at the time) of the men in this family and each one had the most magnificent cock a woman could ask for.

His thrust became faster and faster, my body was moving in rhythm with his as his thrust went in, I met each one.

Screaming “Yesssss, ohhhhhhh Godddddddd Yessssss…please Guyyyyy don’t stoppppp, fuck meeeeeee.

As my climax near he was whispering to me. “Am I as good as Dad”?

“Ohhhhhh Yessssssss Hunnnnnn, ohhhhhhh yesssssss, just as good as Daddddd… just don’t stop.”

This seems to put him and I over the peak…for we both started to cum at the same time. He jammed his cock all the way into me, and then started to jerk, with each thrust filling my pussy of his juices and I screammmmmmm.

“Ohhhhhhh Godddd Yesssssss Guyyyyyyyyy fuck meeeeeeeee. Dearrrrrrrr Godddddddddd please don’t let this stop.”

Guy was sweating and breathing heavy, as he was continuing to cum. He whispered to me, “maybe we made a baby.” I just thought for a minute, then to sooth his ego, yes Hun, “maybe we made a baby.”

This is my story, a tale you all must think, but no this really happen, and will say happen many times with this family, including, with the twin’s (John and Lisa), and Victoria. Nick and Jan were very free when it came to sex.

They taught their children nothing was wrong with sex, as long as you never hurt anyone with it. I can truthfully say none of them went to bed with each other, except I had suspicion about the twins, because they were so close to each other, never knew for sure. The only thing that I knew they did was kiss and masturbated in front of each other, but never seen them have oral or intercourse. They both said, that they never went all the way with each other.

To be continued

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