A Brat’s Fantasy Ch. 04

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I have this fantasy…

I dream about the first time I ever meet you. Sometimes you come to my world. Other times I slip into yours for a few days.

Got started on this fantasy thinking about how I was teasing you that day mentioning how often I get comments about my “exuberant” walk. So I can blame this one, on those that came before.

I started thinking about coming to see you, in your world…on a bus, since I don’t drive.

You’d come to pick me up with a friend, figuring an extra person along might make things not quite so fraught with tension, casual chat getting us beyond that my gods, it’s you moments.

And you know that the area where the bus lets off passengers is a good distance away from the woman’s restroom. And you’ve been thinking about that feline strut I keep teasing you with.

You decide that you really want to see the way that I walk. So you tell me, when you arrive, grab your bag, and walk to the bathroom.

We’ll be waiting for you at the far end of the parking lot.

Walk to the bathroom, comb your hair, check your makeup, whatever. Then come out and head that way.

I’m so nervous when the bus pulls into where I know you’re waiting for me. I am hoping you’ll like what you’re finally getting to see. I can barely exit the bus without tripping over my own feet, clad in the high heels I don’t often get the chance to wear. I try to ignore the looks…and jerk forward to escape an “innocently” accidental touch. Nearly falling out the bus doors, I wait meekly for the bus driver to pull out my bag.

I’m not at all feeling like the kinda girl who never gets lost in the crowd.

I’m just trying to remember how the hell walking works again?

The driver hands me my bag, quite likely wondering why he is given a drop dead you bastard look in return.

I take a deep breath and turn towards the bus depot. I can see the sign for the women’s bathroom. And it seems to be miles away.

I remind myself that I’m rarely phased by anything. And that brats never whimper. And so with no attempt çiğli escort to look over my shoulder to try and spot you, after all, you have told me not to, I start walking towards those world’s distant doors.

I’m not aware of it, because I’m too concerned with not melting bonelessly to the hot pavement, but the unfamiliar high heels and my fear of not pleasing you actually enhance the style of my signature walk.

You’re there at the edge of the parking lot. You and your friend, to either side of the truck, doors open waiting to swoop me up, and take me away.

“That’s her.” You say when I step off rhe bus.

“She’s pretty.” Your friend comments politely.

And then I start my walk towards the bathroom doors. I am walking fast. I need to get to you, and sit down, before I collapse.

And I walk with that totally unaware, hip swinging feline arrogant slink.

“Oh man…” Your friend mutters.

“Fuck me.” You reply.

Both of you staring avidly as I disappear into the bathroom.

“I’m hard.” You drawl huskily, not thinking about what you’re saying. “I’m just, flat out hard.”

“Me to.” Your friend mumbles. “Oh hell man! I didn’t mean…nothing personal…shit.”

“Just shut up.” You growl absent mindedly. “I get it-but shut the fuck up.”

You’re staring at the bathroom doors too hard waiting for me to come back to take the usual offense. But you file the comment away for future consideration.

“Minute it’s safe, you stop the truck and let me get in the back with her.” You tell your friend.

Even though it’s less then five minutes, to you it seems like hours before I slip back out the bathroom door.

I find the walk towards you so much easier then the trip to the bathroom. Walking towards you, I can see the fierce hunger in your eyes.

Your friend gets behind the wheel while you open the back door to the truck for me with a murmured greeting and a welcoming smile. I get in, you close it, hop back into your seat in the front, and we’re off.

“Hello çiğli escort bayan baby.” You say. “Nice to finally meet you.”

My smile in return, I am sure, must be purely blinding.

We drive for some ten minutes, trading casual small talk. But our eyes are saying anything but mundane.

And then your friend stops the truck.

“Eyes forward on the road!” You growl at him, and nearly rip the doors off the truck joining me in the back seat.

“Hi baby.” I whisper, hoping I’ll finally get to feel your mouth on mine.

I’m not at all expecting you to tear me free of my seat belt and drag me across the seats to slam me down straddling your thighs.

But I am soooo not complaining.

Your mouth is attacking mine before I can say anything else. And I’m suddenly too busy trading hungering kisses and playing chase games with your toungue to have any interest in mere words.

I’m wearing a pretty little vintage 70’s sleeveless mini dress. It’s white with a glorious, riotous explosion of vibrantly colored flowers.

But both the neckline and arm holes are snug. So you content yourself with cupping a breast and pinching my taut nipple through the brocade fabric.

I’m naked beneath this dress. Just as you ordered me to be.

And the dress was made to form to every last curve and inundation of a woman’s body.

So straddling your thighs as I am, the dress rides so high up my thighs that the bottom of my lush ass is almost exposed.

You can’t get your hands on my naked breasts. But there’s no challenge to slip a hand between my wide spread thighs.

Your fingers delve eagerly into my wetness. You push three up into me, while your thumb roughly rubs on my swollen clit.

And gods yes, I am wet. I have been the entire bus ride. Sitting there in my seat and wondering where I will leave the most obvious wet spot, on my seat or on my skirt.

You finger fuck me for a bit, our mouths still teasing and tasting, your fingers pinching back and forth between my achingly escort çiğli taut nipples.

“I can’t wait to taste these, to put clamps on them.” You whisper into my ear. “I know how much you love the way that hurts.”

I tear my mouth away from yours for a moment, and whimper into your throat, licking your neck like a playful kitten.

You growl at me warningly when I stab the tip of my toungue teasingly into your ear, but I just giggle softly.

You know I like to tease. I’ve never hidden the fact that I like to push buttons and sometimes just have to be mischeviously naughty.

I’m also getting much better at being a good girl. When you tell me, I want my submissive little kitten who aches to please me, I can nudge the bad girl far back.

But you haven’t told me to be good yet.

So I circle the curve of your ear with my wet toungue, and purr when your body shudders beneath mine.

I mewl into your ear when your fingers hit an especially sweet spot.

“Lift up a bit.” You rasp into my ear.

I’m so lost in you that I obey without a thought, assuming you want easier access for your sensual assault on my cunt and clit.

Back to kissing you, and so lost in the pleasure, I don’t even hear the sound of a zipper going down.

A scant second to realize, that’s the tip of your cock I feel. And then the two hands suddenly gripping my waist slam me down onto your waiting prick.

I’d scream with pleasure if your mouth wasn’t still devouring mine.

You hold me down tight against you for long moments. Both of us just enjoying the feeling of you finally being buried balls deep in my pussy. I don’t think either one of us even remembers that someone else is in the truck driving us.

“I love you baby!” I whisper into your ear. “And gods…you feel so good!”

“I love you to.” You rasp. “Now fucking cum for me. I want to hear you mewl and whimper in my ear, as you cum all around my dick!”

And you pinch my clit hard. Suddenly I am coming hard around your impaling flesh, gasping and mewling into your ear. So consumed with how good this long waited cum feels, I’m barely aware of you thrusting up in my body enough times to join me in what feels like a never ending cum.

I melt bonelessy upon you, and just hope, that I regain enough strength to exit the truck when we reach our destination.

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