A Concert She Will Never Forget

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Allison applied the rest of her silvery eye shadow and slipped it back into her make-up bag. She only had a half an hour before her friends, Kendra and Keri would arrive to pick her up. She had been so excited about this concert. It was her favorite band and she couldn’t wait to see them. She fastened the buckles, which climbed all the way to the top of her knee high black shiny boots, stood up and looked in the mirror.

“Wow, you look fantastic Ally” she smiled at her reflection, pleased with what she saw.

She knew that she would see so many people that she knew and hadn’t been in touch with. She’d been working out a lot and hoped that everyone would notice. “I hope it helps me meet someone tonight.”

The doorbell rang and broke Allison from her thoughts. She scooted to the door and let Kendra and Keri in.

“Wow Ally you really look awesome” Kendra whispered as she hugged Allison.

“Thanks Chick” Ally answered as she turned to Keri to give her a hug also.

When Allison was finally ready she and the other two girls climbed into Kendra’s SUV and made their way downtown. On the way Keri and Kendra chattered nonstop in the front seat. Holding hands, stroking each others thighs and flirting a lot, “just as new couples do” Allison thought feeling lonely.

Soon they found a good parking spot and began to make their way toward the venue. The girls chattered away as they walked with other concert goers to the venue. Everybody was in an extreme state of excitement, talking loud, grabbing each others hands skipping down the side walk. Allison looked at everything and everyone she passed, in one occasion there was a guy who looked right back at her, stared even, she smiled feeling elated.

Once the girls got into the venue, they each grabbed a beer and made their way through the crowd to the front by the stage. They stood in a small circle and chatted until the lights went down and the crowd pushed in, separating Allison from her friends.

Allison didn’t mind the separation much. She just wanted to see the show. She watched the opening band wide eyed, feeling the bass drum hit, enjoying the bodies pressed against her as she wavered back and forth to the beat of music. After the first song she could feel people hitting her back being shoved into her, she turned around to watch the mosh pit that was erupting just two people behind her. She loved to watch the testosterone driven dance, the fight to knock each other around, frenzied by the music. She made her way to the edge and looked in at all of the sweaty male bodies. Her arms folded in front of her chest protecting her person. Just then a blond figure was coming at her fast, their eyes locked, she put her hands out to stop him from running right into her. Instead of the impact she felt two arms encircle her waist. The blonde moved to the side of her putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Sorry bout that I didn’t want to hit you full force” He yelled over the music.

She looked side ways at him, she thought that he was gorgeous, just a little taller then her wearing a pair of cargo shorts with a t shirt hooked into his belt loop. His chest was tan, it looked very strong his pectorals moving up and down as he tried to catch his breath. He had short blonde hair and the bluest eyes.

“I like your boots” he shouted toward her, scanning her body slowly with his eyes. After that he was gone, back into the circle, she caught a quick glimpse of him now and then, but lost him as the set ended.

Allison turned to the front of the stage looking for Kendra and Keri. She couldn’t find them so she held her ground staying rooted in her place so that she could watch her favorite front man and hopefully touch his face when he bent into the crowd, like he always did. She felt a nudge on her shoulder. It was him. The blonde, he had two beers in his hands, holding one out to her.

“Thought I’d get you a beer since I nearly plowed into you” He smiled at her as he handed her the beer.

“Thanks a lot, I needed something to drink”

“Hi my name is Damien” He said as he stretched his hand out to shake hers.

She smiled and shook his hand, “Nice to meet ya, Im Ally”

They continued to make small talk, drinking their beers and taking turns smiling at each other. The lights started to come down and Damien told her that he’d see again before the end of the show, and disappeared into the crowd.

Allison went back to staring up at the stage watching all of the musicians move into their places. The music started, it was a hard guitar driven song, that made Allison move. Swaying her hips back and forth, running her hands down her sides, throwing her head back singing at the top of her lungs. She could feel the music running through her veins, the front man looking into the crowd screaming into the mic, making Allison’s heart beat double time.

As the song came to an end Allison felt a harsh, out of breath voice in her ear,

“I love that song” Damien breathed as the next song started. It bursa escort was a slow rhythmic song, filled with innuendo and depictions of flesh on flesh. Allison began to move slowly, her back side swinging left to right, keeping the slow beat. She could feel a body behind hers starting to press closer, she knew it was Damien. She began to feel hot, the smell of sweat and alcohol filling her nostrils, the feeling of Damien’s hips moving with hers. He put his hands on her waist and moved closer, so that his body was pressed completely against her back. They swayed back and forth, enjoying the music, enjoying the feel of each other. Damien smelled like every man should, and it made Allison all the more excited as his hands rubbed up and down her hips, driving her to grind her back side further into his pelvis. Pretty soon she had head thrown back, onto his shoulder, eyes closed feeling his breath on the side of her face. He was looking at her, “beautiful” he thought, taking her gesture as an invitation to touch her more. He moved his hands from her hips down to the front of her thighs, kneading them. Allsion let out a small moan encouraging him further. Damien began to kiss her neck, she reached her arms back and gripped his legs pulling him closer. She could feel herself being pressed into the stage by his hard body, his hands moving up and down her torso, sliding over her breasts then back down. She could feel a wet spot forming between her legs where his hands were heading. He grabbed a fist full of her skirt, and rubbed the hem up her thigh, he let the finger tips of his other hand follow the same path. He felt around to the front and made contact with her already wet lips. He traced his finger up and down the out side of her lips letting it bury deeper and deeper, watching her moan and feeling body grow weaker.

Allison felt as though she were high, her favorite music, weak beer, and strong very skilled hands were about to make her cum. She turned around and looked at Damien, surprised that she could look at this stranger that she was just handing her body over to. He lunged at her, gripped her backside hard and began to kiss her. They both pulled back at the same time, as though they knew they were missing something.

“After the show” Allison yelled at his face and turned around. They enjoyed the rest of the show together, dancing, and pointing out their favorite songs.

Once the music stopped everyone started rushing toward the door. Allison asked Damien to wait with her to see if she could find Kendra and Keri. They waited until almost the entire venue was empty and still she couldn’t find them.

“Hmmm, maybe I should just go back to the car, I’m sure that’s where they are waiting for me” Allsion said, biting on her lip nervously.

“Do either of them have cell phones? I have mine on me, you could call them and tell them that I’ll give you a ride home”

Allison shifted from foot to foot trying to decide.

“Yeah Kendra does, I’ll wait till we get outside to use the phone”

After Allison reassured Kendra over and over again for ten minutes that she would be okay, she hung up and followed Damien to his car. They chatted about music mostly, sometimes asking each other questions. Damien stopped.

“There’s my mobile” He said pointing at a blue cargo van.

“Nice, is that your love grotto?” She asked, with a slight grin on her face.

He looked at her, they both laughed, then continued to the van. When Allsion climbed in, she turned around and looked in back, it was very clean and it looked like he had bolted a bench seat to the floor in back.

“Like that huh? Gotta have it otherwise I would only be able to carry one passenger.” Damien explained as he turned the key in the ignition. He looked at Allison, he felt so attracted to her, the moment they made eye contact at the show he knew he wanted her. She felt his stare and looked back at him.

He broke the silence “Okay so I guess I need to know where you live if you want me to drive you home. Of course you could always come back to my place, but just so you can meet my cat.” He said with a big grin on his face.

“Only to meet your cat huh? Hmm I’ll pass then” Allsion said feeling devilish still wet from his fingers playing with her earlier. He was looking at her as though waiting for her to say or do something else. She decided then and there that she was going to have this man and knew how to go about getting him.

“I’ll direct you, just drive” She said playing with her skirt hem. Her moving fingers caught Damien’s eyes.

“Looks like you’re hiking your skirt up there, feel free I don’t mind looking at your legs” He ran one of his hands over the top of her nylon-clad leg, then put it back onto the wheel.

She leaned her head back and closed her eyes to clear her thoughts for a moment.

“You really had me going in there, I thought that my knees were going to go out on me” Allison said with her eyes still closed. “So drive until you get to Lincoln then go right.”

Damien bursa escort bayan never stopped thinking about her reaction to his fondling, he wanted more, and knew she did too. He pulled out of the space and drove in the direction he she told him. He reached his hand back to her legs and began to rub the top of her lap very gently, letting his hands dip between her thighs occasionally. Each time his hand went between her legs, she spread them a little bit more. Pretty soon her skirt was so high that he could actually see a tiny hint of her still wet lips. He ran two fingers up the inside of her thighs and once again began to trace the long slit between her lips, pausing above her clit to apply more and more pressure.

“You are so wet Allison, I want to taste you”

She opened her eyes and saw that they were just about to her house. “Stop here. This is where I live.”

He pulled the van over and faced her never pulling his hand away from her lap, still playing with her clit. He watched her head lull back, she began to pant and moan, thrusting her hips to his fingers. He moved one through her lips and down until it was going inside of her, she let out a very sensual moan, his fingers were soaked.

“Damien, stop, lets go inside” Allison reluctantly broke the wonderful path of his hands.

She opened the door and let him in, following him just out of the hallway before he was on her. He reached for her and pulled her to him. He wrapped his arms around her and gripped her backside hard while kissing her passionately, kissing down her face, her neck, chest. He settled on his knees, pushed her skirt and looked up into her face.

“I can make you feel so good Ally.”

He began to run the tip of his tongue over her moist thighs then up further between them licking at the delicious moisture. She was so pink and tasted so sweet that he had to drive his tongue into her deep. She leaned against the wall letting it support her feeling Damien’s tongue run circles over her clit. He was lapping up her juices making her moan. She grabbed a fist full of his hair and pushed his head in closer, driving his tongue deeper. Her legs began to shake and Damien pulled back looking up at her.

“You can’t cum yet” He said and stood up in front of her, he started to kiss her and thumb at her clit. She had her arms wrapped around him clutching at his backside moaning into his mouth. Damien broke the kiss and sat down on her couch calling her over to him. She stood in front of him looking down at his blonde hair, which was now a mess from her fingers pulling on it. He yanked on her skirt and brought it down to the floor, she stepped out of it and watched Damien survey her body, standing there in a white cotton shirt, thigh high stocking and boots. He ran his hands over her thighs letting his thumbs run over her lips then back down her thighs, He was teasing her and it was torture.

Damien pulled at her wrist, taking her down to his lap so that she was kneeling over him, his body between her legs. He reached his fingers into the folds of her lips and rubbed them from top to bottom letting a finger slip inside of her with every stroke. Her hips were moving trying to get his fingers closer just to concentrate on her clit, but they wouldn’t he was hell bent on teasing her until she begged for release. He put his arms around her waist and brought her down so that she was laying on her back on the couch her legs spread, Damien sitting between them, he stared at her.

“Please Damien” She whimpered.

“Please what” He stared right into her eyes

“Please make me cum, I need it so bad, Please” She begged.

“Why don’t you help me out, try to do it yourself? I want to watch you.”

She reached her hands down, pushed one finger onto her clit and held her lips open for him to see with her other hand. She circled her clit over and over again, her hips moving up with every stroke, bringing her closer to orgasm. Damien sat there watching her looking into her eyes then down at her exposed clit. He kneaded her thighs torn between watching this erotic display and touching her beautiful body. It was too much for him, he brought his fingers to hers pushing them away, slowly stroking her pussy bringing her to the edge time and time again. She was moaning, her knees shaking, and her hips bucking. Her mind was a cloud of pleasure as she came, her cum ran onto his fingers, that were still stroking her.

She whimpered “Stop, stop it’s too much” was all she could manage through her heavy breathing.

He sat back looking at her, her face along with the rest of her exposed body was flushed, she looked breath taking.

Allison sat up and looked at Damien, he was the sexiest man that she had ever met, he made her cum harder then she ever had before. She wanted to return the favor. She knelt in front of him, unzipped his shorts and pushed her fingers into them, he was rock hard, ready for her. She stroked up and down over his underwear feeling the length of him. She then unbuttoned his shorts escort bursa and pulled on the waist band of his underwear, exposing him completely. She gathered all the saliva she could and let it slip between her lips onto the head, she plunged her mouth down letting his hardness fill her mouth, into her throat. She played her tongue against the shaft, running it up and down the length of him, pulling him all the way to the back of her throat with each thrust of her mouth, stopping only to use her tongue to swirl more saliva around the head of his cock. His head was thrown back, his hand wrapped in her hair, she could hear his heavy breathing and sometimes a quiet moan. She pulled her head up and took him into her hand and stroked him a few times while watching him. He gripped her hair and pushed her mouth back down so that is was over him again her lips wrapped tightly around him while her tongue darted over his completely engulfed shaft. Her moans vibrating against the length of him, bringing him closer and closer to coming. He bucked his hips pushing into her throat deeper, she grabbed his knees and held him tightly in her mouth.

“Allison, Im going to cum” He breathed as he pulled her hair tight. She gripped him with both hands, he moaned loudly and shook hard, filling her fists with his cum. She watched his face contort with pleasure, then relax. She got to her feet and went to the bathroom to clean up, her mind still hazy from all of the teasing and pleasure that she received from Damien, someone she didn’t even know made her feel better than she had ever felt.

Damien sauntered into the bathroom, his shorts fastened and his shirt gone, standing behind her looking into her eyes through the mirror. She shut off the water her hands now clean. He wrapped his arms around her body, moved them up to her chest and fondled her breasts, holding them tight, while using his finger tips to caress her nipples through her shirt and bra. His cock was hard again pressing against her bare back side through his pants. He pulled his hand back and ran it down the back her thigh then back up bringing his fingers into her again. He pushed her head down so that she was slightly bent over the sink, and unfastened his pants, pulling a condom from his pocket before letting them drop to the floor. She could hear what was happening, the thought of what he was doing made her gush, her thighs wet with her cum, ready for him, her mind cleared and was glad for the sound of the condom wrapper being torn by his teeth. He slipped it on, and pressed his hardness against the crack of her ass. He wrapped her hair around his fist, and guided his cock into the edge of her opening, letting it throb against her pussy. She began to move her hips making him move into her deeper and deeper. She looked into the mirror staring right into his eyes, he pushed her head down hard and bucked his hips driving into her deep. She moaned hard, enjoying the feeling of being completely manipulated by him. His free hand was on her hip pulling her close then pushing her away slowly making his strokes long and hard. He began to whisper harshly in her. “How does it feel Ally, do you like it, do you want me to fuck you harder” He demanded an answer twisting his hand in her hair hard.

“Yes please” She breathed.

“Ask for it, beg for it” He demanded, Slowing his thrusts.

“Please fuck me harder Damien, please.”

With that he pushed her body forward, making her bend even more. He thrust into her deep pulling her hair hard and clutching her hip. She moaned hard feeling him drive into her time and time again. She was moving her hips pushing her backside into him, matching his thrusts in a blinding state of pleasure. He slammed into her feeling her wetness oozing onto his thighs and hers, she felt so good. He was persistent in his thrusts keeping her on the edge of orgasm for what felt to her like an eternity. Both of their legs were shaking and getting weak, their bodies sticking together with sweat and her cum. Damien pulled his hand off her hip and reached his fingers to the front of her, onto her clit. He massaged the area around it while violently driving into her. She let out a loud cry, and began to shake, he felt her coming. He thrust into once again hard almost knocking her off balance, then he too was shaking, clenching her hair in his fist, both blinded by a mutual orgasm. Damien’s body slumped over hers, the back of her shirt covered with their sweat. He pulled out and threw the condom into the basket next to the sink. Her legs were weak and she began to get tipsy, he held her up against the sink and turned her around to look at him. He kissed her lips soundly, and pressed his chest to hers.

“Have you got anything that I can make for us to eat? Im starving, are you hungry” He said with a slight grin.

“Yeah I am hungry, check the fridge, and see what you can find.”

Damien disappeared into the kitchen. Allison went into her bedroom to take off the rest of her outfit. She pulled a robe over her naked form and lay on her bed. She started to drift off to sleep, sometime later she felt Damien crawl into bed next to her, she threw her leg over him and they both fell into a deep sleep. Both of them woke up in the early morning to play once again.

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