A Convenient Reunion

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It was another typical night for Joe Callaway as he counted the change in the register, his routine before he locked up the convenience store for the night. He had just finished when the door rang as it opened.

“I’m sorry we’re cl…,” said Joe, looking up and surprised at who just came in, “closed.”

It was beautiful girl, in her mid twenties, with light brown highlighted hair, deep blue eyes, luscious lips, and a sizable chest hidden by a dark winter jacket.

“Please,” pleaded the girl, giving Joe a smile, “I won’t be more than five minutes, I promise.”

“Alright, but a second longer and I get your phone number,” said Joe.

“You got it,” giggled the girl.

‘It has to be her,’ thought Joe as he watched the girl as she searched the aisles, ‘It’s Chantal Davis.’

Chantal was Joe’s fantasy crush in high school. Although they had been in the same classes a few times, he had never taken the chance to talk to her.

“Find everything ok,” said Joe as Chantal brought a few magazines to the counter.

“Yes,” said Chantal, smiling, “Thank you so much for staying open for me.”

“It was no problem, Chantal,” said Joe, quickly adding as she looked nervous, “It’s me Joey, Joey Callaway from high school.”

“Oh my god,” gasped Chantal in surprise before giggling, “I thought I recognized you.”

“Yep, it’s me,” said Joe, handing her the magazines, “There you go.”

Chantal smiled as Joe locked register.

“You know Joe,” said Chantal, “You did go through the trouble of staying open for me. Perhaps I can thank you somehow.”

“It was bursa escort no prob…,” said Joe.

“Please,” said Chantal, looking at him doe eyed.

“Well I suppose,” said Joe.

“Great,” said Chantal, smiling.

She pulled a small piece of paper out of her purse and quickly scribbled on it before giving it to Joe, “Here’s my address, stop by in half an hour.”

“Ok,” said Joe. “See you soon,” said Chantal as she left the store.

After closing up the store 10 minutes later, Joe quickly rushed down the block to his brownstone where he showered and changed into a dress shirt and pants.

He didn’t usually dress up like this but for a chance to spend some time with a girl like Chantal Davis, he was going all out.

After looking himself over in the mirror, Joe went down to his car and drove off towards Chantal’s, stopping along the way to pick up some wine.

Chantal giggled as Joe finished his story about one of their high school memories.

“You know Joe,” said Chantal, “For being in the same classes together, I don’t think we ever talked at all.”

“Well to be honest,” said Joe, slightly turning red, “I had a bit of a crush on you.”

“Oh really,” said Chantal smiling with interest, “Does this crush still exist.”

“Well…,” said Joe.

“It’s ok if you still like me Joe,” said Chantal, leaning towards him, “I was hoping you did.”

Joe had to struggle to keep eye contact as Chantal’s large breasts were displayed in the scoop neckline of her sweater.

“So tell me Joe,” said Chantal, smiling, “What is it about me that you like?” bursa escort bayan

“Umm…,” said Joe nervously.

“Is it my eyes,” asked Chantal, pushing him.

“Yyess,” stammered Joe.

“How about my hair,” asked Chantal, continuing to push him.

“Yyess,” stammered Joe again.

“But there’s something else isn’t there,” said Chantal, leaning forward, her breasts cradling in her folded arms.

“Yyyesss,” said Joe nervously.

“How about my boobs, Joe,” said Chantal.

“Yyyessss,” said Joe.

“I thought so,” said Chantal, giggling as she stretched, pushing her breasts towards Joe, “They’re big aren’t they.”

“Yes,” said Joe, his eyes locked on Chantal’s cleavage.

“They’re bigger than they were in high school,” said Chantal, adjusting her bra straps, “Thanks to implants. I had these babies enhanced as a graduation gift. Now they’re always the center of attention.”

Joe pulled his eyes away from her chest at that moment, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok,” smiled Chantal, moving closer to Joe, her tits pushed forward, “Would you like to touch them?”

“I don’t kn…,” said Joe.

“C’mon,” said Chantal, winking at him and smiling.

Joe hesitated as he slowly brought his hands up and placed them on Chantal’s boobs.

“Well,” said Chantal, as Joe ran his hands over her chest, “Do you like them. ”

“Yes,” said Joe, hypnotized by the large pair of breasts in his hands.

Chantal giggled, “You know Joe, I am single. And I sure could use someone to help me with my big boobs.”

She then pressed his hands into her escort bursa soft flesh and whispered, “They need constant attention. Just like they do now. Squeeze them for me.”

Joe, as if he were hypnotized, started to massage Chantal’s boobs.

“Ohhhhhh,” gasped Chantal, “Yesssss.”

Joe continued to fondle her tits, cupping and squeezing them.

“Are you big,” said Chantal, stopping Joe’s hands and glancing eagerly at his crotch.

“Uhhh… eigh… eight inches,” stammered Joe.

“Ooohh just the right size,” said Chantal, pulling away and lifting up her top to reveal her breasts bulging in a white bra.

Chantal leaned back against the coach and motioned for Joe to come closer.

Joe did as he was told and as he moved closer, she unzipped his pants, grabbed his cock, pulling it out, and pushed it between her tits.

“Fuck them,” smiled Chantal.

Joe grunted and started thrusting.

After thrusting for a few minutes, Joe moaned as his dick emptied into Chantal’s cleavage.

“Ooooh that’s it Joe,” said Chantal softly.

After cleaning up they continued chatting, mostly Chantal occasionally referring to her breasts.

All the while Joe couldn’t keep his eyes off her cleavage.

“Joe,” whispered Chantal before giggling.

She lifted his chin and started to kiss him.

After a few seconds Joe pulled away, “I, uh, I should go. It’s getting late.”

“Why don’t you stay here with me,” said Chantal placing a hand on one of his.

She then smiled as she pushed her chest forward, “I’m sure we can have loads of fun.”

“Ok,” said Joe, as if he were in a trance.

Chantal then got up from the couch and took Joe by the hand into her bedroom where they spent the night together, with many more nights to come.

The End

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