A Custom Solution

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Ted woke up somewhat groggy. He’d slept in comfortably this Saturday morning, and when he awoke his wife was already up for the day. There was a bit of a distance between them and they hadn’t been having sex anywhere near as much as they had been. There was a note on his bedside table from Rachel indicating that she was out running errands.

Ted got up and contemplated masturbating, but decided he’d eat something first. Out of boredom, he fixed himself a lavish breakfast. Why not go all out – bacon, an omelette, some toast, tea. Slowly, while looking out the window, people-watching, Ted consumed his breakfast. He enjoyed the taste, but when deprived of sex, most other pleasures lose a bit of their appeal.

Ted didn’t bother cleaning up before sitting on the couch and beginning to masturbate. Just as he pulled his penis out, Rachel opened the door and saw him fumbling to put his penis back away. Rachel is that unfortunate kind of wife who doesn’t believe that men should masturbate when in “healthy” relationships, no matter how long they have been deprived.

“I know it has been a while, honey, but this is a totally unacceptable and unproductive way of relieving your frustration.”

Ted felt similarly, but he knew the alternative would be to simply continue feeling deprived. “I agree… perhaps we could…”

“Absolutely not, Ted. Do you know how disgusting I feel thinking of you ogling those slutty women on the internet. You aren’t going to get your penis inside of me for weeks now.”

Ted sulked, and felt hopeless. “Rachel, please…”

“We have to do something about your compulsion, I think. I’m going to arrange an appointment for us to see someone about this.”

“Okay, honey.” Ted didn’t really want to see a professional, but at this point, he couldn’t go on like this.

“Dr. Melinda, clinical hypnosexologist,” Ted read aloud as he and his wife walked up to the office. Not exactly the title he was expecting. Noting the strangeness of a doctor using her first name only on her office door, he wondered if she was even a real doctor.

“I think this woman’s services are exactly what we need.” Rachel did not intend to actually make any compromises. The reviews of Dr. Melinda were all positive and all posted by women which indicated to Rachel a certain likeliness that Dr. Melinda would side with her in any disputes, and perhaps that she would simply cure Ted of his compulsion.

They walked into the waiting room. An attractive, college-age boy served as the receptionist.

“Hello,” he said. “Are you Ted and Rachel?”

Rachel nodded that they were.

“The doctor is expecting you and will be ready for you shortly.”

Ted and Rachel sat down , and Ted glanced through the magazines. Mostly they were academic-seeming journals – The national society for clinical hypnosexology, the institute for sexual compulsive behavior, etc.

Rachel starting reading a book she was carrying around in her purse – it was an erotic novel, targetting middle-aged women by focusing on relatively mainstream things.

Ted picked up one of the journals at random and flipped to a random page. To himself, he read, “leveraging hypnosis to allow women verbal control over their partner’s orgasms.” Ted noted this was in the experimental section, but also noticed himself getting slightly hard at the thought of something so sexually explicit.

The door opening quickly spooking Ted…”Hello, Ted and Rachel I presume, please follow me.”

Ted and Rachel following the doctor who was a tall dark haired women. She wore a turtleneck, but underneath she had large natural breasts that hung slightly appropriate to her age (late 30s, early konak escort bayan 40s). She wore a long skirt that went down to the floor but fit her tightly around her hits accentuating her ass as she led them down the hallway. They reached her proper office where she sat down in a swivel chair and instructed them to sit next to one another on a couch. The sat with a bit of a gap between them.

Dr. Melinda looked into each of their eyes in turn – her unblinking, green eyes seemed to inquire into their souls.

“What seems to be the problem.”

Rachel started, “Ted masturbates too much and I find it disgusting.”

“I see. Elaborate please”

“The other day, I came home from running a few errands and Ted was sitting on the couch in our living room, with his penis out, presumably looking at porn.” Rachel was not a shy woman, divulging all of these details with minimal prodding. Ted felt slightly embarrassed.

“How does hearing this make you feel, Ted.”

Caught off-guard and slightly endeared by her question, Ted replied, “I don’t masturbate very much, but given how infrequently we have sex, I really need to do something to release my frustration.”

“I see…and when was the last time you had sex – how often do you generally…”

Rachel jumped in, “We have sex approximately once a week…the last time was just a few days ago.”

“Ted, what do you think?” Rachel was a bit surprised she was being undermined.

“Well, I’d guess it is more like once every month or so, and I think the last time was 2 weeks ago, on a saturday evening.”

“Rachel, I don’t mean to undermine, you, but I generally trust men on this topic a bit more. When they are deprived, they tend to recall the last time a bit better than the woman doing the depriving.” Dr. Melinda smiled knowingly.

“I don’t see why this has anything to do with Ted’s problem,” Rachel retorted, her frustration beginning to show.

“There isn’t a Ted’s problem, here – this is a relationship problem. My philosophy, my practice is founded on the finding of creative solutions to make couples who want to stay together, be happy and compatible together. In many relationships, Ted’s masturbation habits wouldn’t be a problem. But if they are for you, then we need a solution that helps solve that. I have some ideas, that we can begin to implement this week. You will notice some immediate changes and after a few more sessions, we’ll see how you both feel. Rachel, why don’t you go back into the waiting room. Let me spend a moment alone with Ted.”

Ted felt very much the same upon returning home that evening, and he wondered what had happened. He couldn’t recall anything that occurred after Rachel had left Dr. Melinda’s office.

Rachel indicated that she wanted to go to bed early tonight and Ted obliged. But after Rachel fell asleep, Ted decided he would take the opportunity to masturbate again. Even the thought began to harden Ted’s member. But as soon as Ted grabbed his penis, he didn’t know what to do. The thought of looking at pornography didn’t cross his mind. There was a blank – what had he imagined all of these other times? Attempting to rely on his underused imagination, he began rubbing himself, but he could only visualize his wife.

Seeking more direct inspiration, he pulled back the sheets a bit and pulled down her pajama bottoms, revealing the top half of Rachel’s ass. He stroked himself like a savage, and he came on her ass. Ted quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped her off.

Ted repeated this routine throughout the week, uncovering different of his wife’s body parts, until on the fourth time, Rachel woke up while he was konak escort in the middle of stroking.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

“I’m sorry, I…”

“How many times have you done this?”

Ted conceded to Rachel that he’d been doing it since they saw Dr. Melinda.

“Well it is still disgusting, but better than looking at porn I suppose. But quit it. We’re seeing the doctor tomorrow and you are going to admit what you’ve done.”

Ted agreed and apologized again. He went to bed unsure of how Dr. Melinda would respond.

“Well that is excellent!” exclaimed Dr. Melinda. “Ted, you are an extremely suggestible man. I sensed it from your eyes, but more so than I expected. Usually it takes more than one time for my suggestions to stick. Perhaps it had to do with your extreme deprivation.”

Rachel and Ted glanced at each other, betraying surprise upon realizing that Ted’s new habit was a result of Dr. Melinda.

“Well, Rachel, you said you wanted Ted to cut the porn habit. But he can’t do nothing. It is natural for him to need some release. I hypnotically suggested that he think of your body instead of any other woman’s body.”

Rachel was slightly flattered by this notion. Ted felt happy when he saw Rachel smile.

“But Rachel, we need to find a comfortable way for you to respond. Ted, please go wait in the waiting room. I think Rachel and I need to have a private session.”

Ted, eager for something to change, got up left. Rachel felt suddenly vulnerable. Dr. Melinda’s expression softened to make Rachel feel more at ease.

“Rachel, I need to get a sense of what your temperament is, and I don’t think you will be honest with me right now. I’d like to put you under and then assess your temperament. Is that okay?”

Rachel felt a little unsure, but decided it would be okay. “Okay, let’s try it.”

The hypnotic induction worked quickly and then Dr. Melinda began to undress Rachel. Dr. Melinda gazed into Rachel’s eyes as much as possible to assess her responses, by looking at her expression and pupil dilation.

First she removed Rachel’s top and played with her nipples. Then she pulled down Rachel’s skirt and began stroking her clitoris. Dr. Melinda proceeded to lick Rachel’s lips and play around, but Rachel remained surprisingly dry.

Dr. Melinda suggested to Rachel, that Rachel start playing with her. Dr Melinda lifted her long skirt revealing long leather boots and no panties. She turned around and bent over spreading her beautiful ass and told Rachel to kiss her anus. Rachel complied unhesitatingly.

Dr. Melinda sensed this might be a productive direction and encouraged her, “That’s right, Rachel, make love to my anus, tongue it and feel yourself getting wet.”

Rachel indeed starting getting wet, and was already getting wet even before the suggestion. Rachel’s pussy was dripping so much that her own juices started dripping down her leg.

“Okay, Rachel, now that we have a sense of what naturally gets you going, we will exploit this for your relationship with Ted.”

Rachel ignored Dr. Melinda and kept lapping at her delightful tight anus.

Normally, Dr. Melinda didn’t “assess” her clients for longer than was required to get the information she needed. But Rachel annoyed her and was quite good at licking her anus, so she let her continue – indeed, Dr, Melinda had self-hypnotized herself such that she could come readily from having her anus licked.

“Oh you are a eager one, aren’t you Rachel. I bet licking my anus makes you horny, doesn’t it.”

Rachel was entirely unresponsive verbally, both due to her state and the extent to which escort konak her tongue was otherwise occupied. Rachel’s pussy continued to drip. A wet spot of lubrication was forming between her legs on the carpet.

“Keep licking me, come from licking me Rachel.”

Dr. Melinda moaned as Rachel continued to tongue her. Dr. Melinda’s pussy quivered and her anus repeatedly contracted as Rachel kissed her gently, slowing down, as the orgasm had peaked.

Rachel had not quite come, but her pussy was soaked and she was the horniest she’d ever been in her life.

Over the next few weeks, Rachel and Ted noticed a bit more comfort around one another. They still weren’t having sex but every few days, Rachel would, of her own initiative, permit Ted to masturbate while looking at her. Ted began to appreciate her for doing this.

At their most recent meeting, Dr. Melinda had spoke of a final transference she was working towards. She spent time with each of them individually that day, and neither of them remembered it. She told them that she believed her work was complete and she gave them a present that she told them not to unwrap until Rachel felt ready.

The evening after this final meeting, Rachel was the horniest she’d been that she could recall. Little did she know that Dr. Melinda had teased her and brought her close to orgasm, only before forbidding her to orgasm ever again with anyone other than her husband.

Ted was also quite horny, but for some reason no longer wished to masturbate. Instead, he was eager for Rachel to initiate something with him. He went upstairs and sat on the bed, hoping something would happen.

Rachel decided she would open the present, assuming it would be something that related to her present situation. She untied the large red bow and opened the lid of the box. Inside the box was a harness with a large dildo attached to it. The first glimmer of recognition, sent a jolt of exhilaration down to her pussy. With an unparalleled eagerness, Rachel stripped completely and put on the strapon. By the time it was on, Rachel’s pussy was dripping incredibly.

She bolted up the stairs and opened the door to the bedroom. There Ted was lying naked, holding his flaccid penis, waiting.

“Oh god,” Ted moaned in a manner than indicated anticipation. “Please fuck me.”

Rachel slowly and sexily approached the bed. Seeing her partner there aching for what she also ached for made her pleased and appreciative. Dr. Melinda had done well!

Rachel reached towards her pussy, and wet her hand with the copious juices she was producing. She lubricated the head of the toy with her own fluids and then she grabbed Ted. Ted squirmed, out of pleasure rather than resistance. She grabbed his hips and pulled him towards her.

Rachel re-wet her fingers with her fluids and gently pressed them against Ted’s anus. Ted’s eyes lit up and Rachel felt another jolt of exhilaration. Rachel leaned in and kissed Ted, and just as she did, she thrust the tip into him. Ted gasped and Rachel caught his gasp with her lips. She put her tongue into his mouth and began to properly fuck him.

Ted penis was hard at this point and Rachel felt it against her belly. He was dripping his own pre-cum liberally.

Rachel passionately fucked him and Ted moaned and writhed with pleasure. Ted felt entirely out of control, but this sort of pleasure would satisfy him and he loved knowing he could be with Rachel in a way that they both enjoyed.

The kissed more and Rachel picked up the pace. Ted begged her, needlessly, for her to continue. Rachel noticed a building up in her pussy as she continued to thrust.

Ted felt the tip of his penis ready to explode. Suddenly and together, Ted spurt his orgasm and he kissed his wife. Rachel came hard with liquid flowing from her effusively. Both of them pulsing together, spent.

Indeed, Dr. Melinda had done well. Rachel and Ted had become another satisfied couple of clients.

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