A Day in the Life of a Slave

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Adriana Chechik

I woke up on a cloudy Sunday morning. As I tried to roll over, I noticed that I was restrained. What had I done?? I could not remember. I was on the floor. I looked up to see my Master sleeping soundly on the bed above me. Oh yes, I thought, I displeased you last night and this was the punishment. I closed my eyes and fantasized about the beating that You would give to me when you awoke and were ready. I became wet as I thought about it all. I sighed and tried to go back to sleep but my mind wouldn’t stop thinking of my Master and how much he turned me on. I thought of being his ultimate toy and that made me so very happy. I loved doing everything for him and I loved to serve him so.

About a half an hour later, my Master stirred. He sat up and looked over.

“Good morning, little dove. I trust you slept well,” he asked me.

“I slept uncomfortably,” he reached over and slapped my face.

“Oh, you enjoy it bitch,” he told me. I just blushed a bright red.

“See I knew it,” he got up out of the bed, “you can just wait there until I have dressed and eaten. Then I will bring you some food and decide how much more that you need to be taught.” And with that, he left.

I was tired so I decided to go back to sleep. Awhile later, I was woken up with a jolt.

“Oh I don’t think that I told you that you could sleep now did I?” he looked at me with sternness in his eyes. I shook my head no. He came over and began to untie me. When he was finished, I rubbed my hands and legs where the rope was. They were a little sore. He just looked at me.

“Dove, I think that you have been punished enough, but for me not to punish you more, I need you to suck my dick for me,” he told me. I nodded my head and went over him and waited for him to undo his pants. After he did that, he took out his hard dick and I put it in my mouth. I sucked it for him just how he liked him. I used one hand to hold his shaft and the other to play with his balls. I used my tongue to swirl circles around his head and sucked it all in my mouth. I knew that this would work and fast too. That I was glad for because my mouth became sore after about ten minutes of sucking cock. Five minutes later, my mouth was filled with warm, salty cum. I closed my eyes and swallowed it like he taught me.

“That’s my good little dove,” he looked down at me and smiled. That made my heart sore.

“Now come and eat my dove and then we will see what the day holds for us” I got up and we went to the kitchen to eat. We ate breakfast and my Master told me to go and shower and get dressed. So I did. This was one of the days where He had to work so I was left alone, bored for six hours of the day. He came back at 4pm.

“Dove, I am here,” he called out. I came to greet him.

“Oh baby, you know how I like to be greeted and you didn’t do it. Come with me,” he instructed. I followed him into the bedroom, knowing full well that I was about to be punished. How could I be so stupid as to forget that simple greeting? I was definitely having a really blonde day.

We when got to the bedroom, he instructed me to place my hands behind my back. I did and he put the handcuffs on, really tight. He then told me to lay on my tummy on the floor.

“Do I have to?” I asked.

“Yes, bitch,” he looked at me with that karşıyaka escort bayan look and I just simply nodded my head yes. I lay down, and he tied my feet together and then tied them to the handcuffs.

“You look so pretty all tied up for me,” he sighed, “you love to be humiliated by me, don’t you, my little dove?”

“Yes Master,” I looked up at him and smiled. He then struck me across the face.

“Good,” and he proceeded to put a gag in my mouth. I hate gags (as they always make me drool), so I tried to escape. He grabbed a handful of my hair and ripped my head back.

“Listen bitch, I own you and I say you have to wear this gag. Do you understand?” I only nodded. He leaned over and put the gag in my mouth.

“There now, that isn’t so bad,” I shook my head no, “Now, time for pain and you will not make a sound, because if you do, I will have to beat you harder and longer. Do you understand me, little dove?” I nodded yes.

He went to the closet and took out his favorite belt. It was a black leather studded belt. It stung me so when it kissed my flesh. He came over and told me to get ready. He lifted his arm up and came back down harshly. I struggled not to scream, as the first hit always hurt the most. He hit me three more times and then paused.

“Oh my little dove, you are taking this all so well. You enjoy it so much don’t you?”

All I could do was nod my head yes. He then whipped me ten times and I had to scream out.

“Oh dove…I told you not to scream out. You disappoint me so.” I started to cry.

“Oh don’t cry, little dove,” he untied my legs from my handcuffs and took off my gag.

“I am so sorry,” I whined. He smacked my face.

“Shut up,” he lifted me on to my feet and put a blindfold over my eyes.

“Now what Master?” I asked sheepishly.

“I am going to lock you in the closet for a couple of hours and maybe then you will learn and obey me.” We walked over to our bedroom closet. He guided me inside and undid my handcuffs.

“Now lift your hands up,” and I did. He then locked them up to the bar that he had suspended from the roof of our closet. After he finished that, he tied my legs up. One to each side of the wall in the closet with the little hooks that stuck out of the wall.

“There you are. My beautiful chained dove. Oh how I love the way you look, so helpless. You will not make a sound and I will come and get you when I am ready.” He came over to me and caressed my breasts. His hand moved down to my wet crotch.

“Oh dove, this makes you so wet, doesn’t it?” I nodded. He got down and started to eat me out. I moaned. I began to squirm myself against his face.

“Mmmmmmmm. Keep doing that baby. It feels so good.”

“Beg me, beg me and I will let you cum.”

“I beg you….please do this; let me cum.”

“Show me tears of humiliation and you can,”

“Hurt me then sweet love,” I begged. He reached his left hand up and backhanded me across the face.

“More….” I begged, “Make me cum, Master.” And with that, he probed his tongue into me harder and I came, screaming out his name.

“That’s a good girl,” he told me as he looked up at me and smiled, “Now you can stay in here till I think that you are ready to come out.” I could karşıyaka escort not talk so I only nodded my answer. He left and shut the door behind him. There I was, chained like an animal, unable to see, all because I could not do one thing. Sometimes I felt really blonde. After awhile of being chained like that, my arms became weak and my legs were becoming sore as they were not used to being spread like that. I started to cry softly.

After what had seemed like an eternity, my Master came back. I heard him open the closet doors.

“Oh, you are crying, my little dove, why?” he asked.

“Because I am sore and I displeased you,” I whispered softly. He began to undo the chains and rope. “Oh now, dove. Everything is alright now. You have pleased me by not making noises while you were in here,” he untied me and hugged me, “now come with me, I have something for you.” I followed him out into our living room. He had order dinner for us and had put out candles. On the table was a package that he instructed me to open. It was a beautiful blue dress. “Put it on dove and come back for dinner. We are going to eat and then go out dancing. You have been so good.” I smiled and went to put the dress on and fixed my hair and my makeup. I came back and my Master smiled.

“Dove, you look radiant. So beautiful and delicate.” He pulled out my chair and we sat down to eat. After we were finished, he came over and helped me up.

“Now, it’s time to go out and show the world how beautiful you are,” he said as he looked deeply into my eyes.

“Yes Sir, thank you so much,” I replied and smiled greatly. This was why I loved being his property. I was his most prized possession. Nothing in the world made me feel greater then that.

We left and went to a quaint little nightclub. Its atmosphere was cozy and swank.

“Dance with me, my dove. Let us show these people just how wonderful you are.” I followed him to the dance floor and we were wonderful together. I was lost in the music until a slow song came on. He pulled me to him and told me to rest my head on his shoulder. I did.

“I love you, little dove,” he whispered in my ear. I sighed softly

“I love you too,” I replied. We danced that way until 10pm.

“Come here little dove, there is someone I wish you to meet.” I followed him over to a table in a corner. In it, sat one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She got up to greet us.

“Bow down to her, dove,” my Master instructed me. I bowed down to her.

“My name is Felicia, dove. I am your Master’s friend,” she told me.

“She will be joining us tomorrow. Tonight I wanted you to meet her and get to know her a little before I let her touch you,” he told us.

“Please forgive me, Master, but what will she be doing with us?” I asked, chancing the punishment that might come.

“Oh dove, it isn’t us that she will be using; it’ll be you,” he told me bluntly. I was shocked. This was the first time that my Master had ever let anyone else touch me, let alone think about it. Don’t get me wrong, I have an insatiable hunger for women. I have always fantasized about being dominated by a woman. The mere thought of what was to come tomorrow made me wet.

We sat down and began the process of getting to escort karşıyaka know each other. I learned that Felicia was 26 years old. Only 6 years older then I. She had been dominating people for the past four years. She had mostly been into dominating women. She didn’t much care for male subs. She thought that they weren’t submissive enough, that they couldn’t really give themselves over as much as women could. I hung off her every word. She was growing more beautiful by the minute.

“Dove,” she called to me.

I looked down at my lap and replied to her, “yes?”

“Look me in the eyes when you answer me!!” she answered angrily.

“Yes Ma’am,” I said, as I looked her in the eyes.

“That’s better darling. Did you know that you are beautiful?” I shook my head no.

“You are my little dove,” my Master told me.

“Yes, and I find you so much more beautiful because of your willingness to submit and be a slave. Giving in to every whim of your Master. That’s the best gift you could ever give,” she spoke to me.

I looked into her eyes and thanked her.

“I cannot wait till I can get my hands on you. I will make you beg me and I will punish you more then you could ever imagine,” she looked at me with her stern green eyes. I became more and more turned on. This was complete torture. My Master stuck his hand under my dress and caressed my wet pussy. This was driving me completely nuts. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come.

“Dove, come with me to the bathroom. I will go first and then you follow me in.” This club had those bathrooms where it was a single stall and you could have privacy. I nodded my head yes. He left to the bathroom and Felicia and I were alone.

“You are so pretty, sweet young girl,” she told me with lust in her eyes. I looked at her and thanked her.

“I’m sorry, but you’ll have to excuse me. My Master is waiting for me,” I said apologetically.

She nodded, and mumbled, “so polite too.” And with that, I went to the bathroom.

“It’s about time dove. Now lock the door,” he instructed. I turned around and locked the door. He came over to me and kissed me deeply.

“I need to make love to you now, dove,” he whispered. I nodded and pulled up my dress. He undid his pants and took his dick out. He came up to me and pressed himself against me. I felt him slip into me, so delicious.

“Mmmmmmm, you are so soft and warm dove.”

“Thank you Sir,” I said. He began to thrust in and out of me. He held me tighter and pumped faster. I wrapped my arms around him and we became so close. I loved this so much. We were like that for about fifteen minutes. He pulled me closer and closer as he reached climax.

“Mmmmmmm, you are such a good girl, dove,” he told me as he came deep inside of me, “such a good girl.”

“Oh thank you Sir.” After we composed ourselves, we went back out and walked over to Felicia.

“Felicia, dear, it’s time that my dove and I leave.” Felicia got up and shook hands with my master. She then looked over at me.

“Goodnight, dove. I look forward to our adventures tomorrow.”

“Goodnight Ma’am,” I said as I bowed. My Master led us out and took us home. When we got there, we went straight for the bedroom. I got naked as was required of me. I stood like I was taught, while I waited for him to get into bed.

“You were such a good girl this evening. Climb in and snuggle close to me, my precious little dove.” I did as he told me. He kissed my forehead and told me to go to sleep. My last thoughts of that day were of how much I loved him and what tomorrow would hold…


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