A Day in the Park

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We had been chatting on-line for a few weeks. Totally innocent at first, but gradually, we got more and more flirty until late last week…

stphnEEE: Would you ever meet someone from the Internet in person? 😛

rodsterl: I don’t know. Maybe. The right person. Why?

stphnEEE: Nothing. nvm. 🙁

rodsterl: What?

stphnEEE: I was just thinking is all. no big deal.

rodsterl: thinking about what?

stphnEEE: Its just, I’m really horny and my husband is a real dud lately.

stphnEEE: I know we’re both married and all, but I keep looking at this picture

stphnEEE: you sent of your fat cock

stphnEEE: and I can’t stop daydreaming

rodsterl: you mean you really would?

rodsterl: I mean meet someone?

stphnEEE: would it be so wrong?

rodsterl: I don’t know.

rodsterl: Sometimes I daydream about your mouth sliding down my cock.

stphnEEE: mmmmmm…don’t get me started again

rodsterl: Lets do it. Lets sneak out for lunch one of these days and meet.

rodsterl: see what happens from there.

Thursday couldn’t get there fast enough. It was a breezy fall day. You could smell the chill in the air, and a faint whiff of smoke from burning leaves. I had on jeans and a black t-shirt with a light jacket against the breeze. I parked my car at the gas station lot as we had agreed, and she got out of her car and into mine.

My stomach was tight as I drove out of the gas station. She was much younger than me, 24 to my 36 years, and I was almost shaking with anticipation. There was an awkward silence in the car, and I was wondering if this was a really really bad idea, but my cock was throbbing against the zipper of my jeans, and my heart was pounding with the thrill of it. She smelled faintly like strawberries. I almost didn’t dare look at her while I was driving, and I didn’t really know what to say or how to start. I took a quick sidelong glance at her.

She was wearing slacks and a light green sweater that was cut into plunging ‘V’, exposing a good portion of her shoulders, chest, and ample amounts of cleavage. Her hair was dyed reddish, and contrasted nicely with her pale skin and dark eyes. She had bright red lipstick that was she had obviously freshly applied while she was waiting for me. She sat with her hands in her lap, and I could tell she was nervous, too.

“I love lamp.” I said. It was a running joke from our on-line chats.

She laughed musically, and the tension in the car eased considerably. She must have noticed my hard cock bulging against my jeans, because she actually leaned over for a closer look. It was only about a 5-minute trip from our meeting place to the park by the lake. I knew that there would be very few people around the park this time of year. The fact that it was a semi-public place and we might get caught made it even more exciting. For both of us I think. Which is why I reached down and unzipped my jeans and pulled out my hard cock.

I think she was a little shocked at my boldness, but she recovered quickly. “Those pictures you sent are nothing compared to the real thing.” She reached over and wrapped her hand around the shaft. Her hand was slightly cool on my hot skin, and my cock twitched at her touch.

Without another word, she leaned down in the seat and began teasing the head of my circumcised cock with her tongue. Her breath was quick and hot as she traced slow circles around my swollen member with her tongue. As I struggled to pay attention to my driving, she slowly began working her lips up and down my cock, a little deeper each time.

I bursa escort reached down with my right hand and rested it on the back of her head. I gently wrapped my fingers in her hair and pulled lightly. She moaned around her mouthful of cock, and I felt a shudder go through her body. I puller hair harder, encouraging her to increase her tempo on my rigid shaft. She moaned louder.

As I turned into the park entrance, I pulled her head off of my cock, which was now fully erect and glistening with her saliva in the late fall sunshine. She stroked it with her manicured nails, and strained to get her mouth back around it, but I held her firmly by the hair. She whimpered, “Please…”

“Not yet.” I said a little more firmly than I intended. I pulled into a parking space in the mostly empty parking lot. My cock was aching for a release, but she had bragged to me online that she could take my whole cock in her mouth, and I intended to have her prove it.

“You are a good little cocksucker.” I said, leaning the seat all the way back. “Now take my cock into your throat. All the way to the base.”

She adjusted herself in the seat to get a better angle, so she was up on her knees in the passenger side. She didn’t even look out the windows to see if anyone was watching us, she was completely focused on my cock. She took a deep breath and I could feel her heavy breasts on my right leg as the strained to force the last of my 8 inches into her throat. Her right hand held my balls, and for just a moment, time stood still. No one had ever taken me all the way to the base. I could feel her lips in my close-cropped pubic hair, and her nose pressed against my groin.

Over and over she slid her hungry mouth the full length of my fat cock, tip to base, while her hand gently kneaded my sack. I could only moan in ecstasy and squirm in my seat. Panting, she stopped sucking my dick and began licking my balls to catch her breath. I was getting close to the edge, and I reached down and grabbed her hair again.

With my hand on the back of her head, I fucked her hot mouth, bucking in my seat like an animal. As I felt my balls tighten, I pushed her head down onto my cock and held her there, panting as my cock pumped warm, salty cum into her throat. The world went a little grey as I rode out my orgasm, and her moaning sounded as is it was coming from a distance.

Finally I relaxed my grip on her hair, but she did not let go of my cock. Instead she pumped my cock with her hand, coaxing a few more drops of cum from the tip, and licking them off one by one. Each swipe of her tongue sent shivers through me. Finally, reluctantly, she sat up and released my cock. She was breathing hard she had a wild look in her eyes. Her lipstick was gone, smeared over the length of my softening cock.

After a moment, I gathered my wits and restored my clothes; we got out of the car to find another place to sate our lust.

We walked down the path through the woods near the small lake. I got a good look at her for the first time really. She was tonally hot. We walked slowly because she was wearing 2-or-3-inch heels, but still stood only about 5’6″. I felt very tall next to her at 6’0″. At her short height, no one with eyes could miss her DD-or-bigger breasts testing the limits of her sweater, and the chill autumn wind had gotten the attention of her nipples, and they stood out proudly beneath the light fabric. She knew I was staring at her tits, and threw her shoulders back saucily as we walked. They bounced firmly with each step we took, and I felt my cock begin to stir back to life.

After bursa escort bayan that blowjob I found myself suddenly very talkative. I chatted about mostly nonsense, pointing out colorful trees and small forest creatures as we made our way to the secluded picnic area on the west side of the small lake.

We arrived at the small pavilion, 6 six picnic tables on a concrete slab, designed to keep the rain off in case of bad weather. There was a small drinking fountain, and she stopped to get a drink. She stepped up to the fountain, stood with feet together, and bent over at the waist to drink, displaying her firm ass to me as she did so.

I kissed her without warning. I surprised her again I think; I could still taste a little of my saltiness on her lips as my tongue found its way into her mouth. I held her head gently in my hands and pressed her against me. We kissed for a long time.

My hands slowly slid down from her head to her firm breasts. She moaned into my mouth when my fingers traced slow circles around her rock-hard nipples. Without breaking the kiss, I lifter her sweater and unhooked her bra, releasing those young, firm mounds from their captivity. Finally I broke the kiss as I quickly pulled her sweater over her head, and stood back, admiring her large breasts in the afternoon sun.

“Stunning.” I said thickly. She smiled shyly, but turned a little sideways to pose for me. Her pink nipples looked small on her large breasts, about the size of a quarter.

“I’m glad you like them.” She said.

Without looking up, I said, “Take off your pants, too.” I’m not sure where this dominant side of me was coming from, but she obeyed me immediately, sliding her pants off one leg at a time. She wore white boy-shorts and nothing else as she stood in front of me then. The breeze had stopped for the most part, and the sun was doing its best to warm up the fall day. It was very very quiet.

I didn’t say anything as I guided her to the nearest table and had her sit up on it. I gently pulled her panties off, revealing a pink pussy with just a strip of closely trimmed hair above it, otherwise clean and glistening wet. Again I smelled strawberries. With her sitting on the table, I sat on the bench in front of her between her legs and began licking her pussy lips as if I were at a picnic and she were the meal.

She leaned back and moaned as I swirled my tongue around her clit, tasting her fresh juices and making her squirm. I wet my index finger and slowly slid it between her fresh young lips. Her muscles squeezed my finger tightly as it slid inside her, and I gently rubbed her g-spot in time with the rhythm of my tongue on her clit.

I have no idea how long we were there like that, she moaned and squirmed against my face as I sucked and licked at her slit. Finally, she leaned forward and pulled my head into her as her whole body shook with passion, and she gasped for breath. My head was filled with the scent of strawberries as I forced my tongue deeper into her, and tasted her juices as she came.

She released me finally and I stood up. I looked down at her quivering body and once again I unzipped my jeans. This time I stepped out of them and pulled off my shirt. Her eyes were wide as she panted, and I stepped out of my boxers. I helped her down from the table on shaky legs, and guided her to bend over the table. She still had her heels on, so her ass presented itself to me perfectly, begging to be mounted, and I was happy to oblige. My dick was already slick with its own juices, and her pussy was still sopping wet as I guided the head of my escort bursa cock between her lips.

She took a deep breath and relaxed herself as I pushed inside her, my girth stretching her in a way her husband could not. She gasped and groaned at my size, but I did not stop until I was all the way inside of her tight pussy. I stayed there still for a moment, and then withdrew almost completely. I heard her whimper softly before I slowly again pushed inside her. I slowly started pumping her, bent over the table and begging me for more.

I was in a zone, my stiff cock working in and out of her tight young pussy. I lost track of how many times she came. My legs were wet and slippery with our juices. The wind had died completely, and the only sounds were the wet sucking sounds of our sex and our passionate groans. My head was filled with the scent of strawberries, mixed with the sweet, tangy smell of pussy.

A dog barking startled us from our rhythm. She gasped sharply and said, “Someone’s coming!” We separated and scooped up our clothes, and ran into the relative cover of the woods. We ducked behind a big oak tree and tried to keep from laughing as the old man smoking his pipe and his beagle walked by. Before they were out of sight, though, she was already on her knees in front of me licking my cock and rubbing it between those beautiful tits.

As soon as the dog and his owner were out of sight, we snuck back to the pavilion. This time, I lay down on the table on my back, and she climbed up and mounted me. She stood over me, one high-heeled foot on each side of my hips, and squatted down like a baseball catcher. I cock slid inside her soaking wet honeypot easily now. She put her hands on my chest for balance, but did not move. Her pussy squeezed around the base of my penis, and then I felt the muscles sliding up the shaft. It was like an elevator sliding up my cock, and when it got to the top, it went back to the bottom and started again. I must have looked shocked at the sensation, because she said, “I told you: Kegel exercises.”

What an incredible feeling! She was fucking me without moving, her young pussy milking my cock in ways my wife never could. She shifted forward so she was on her knees, and leaned down, smothering my face with her huge boobs. I was licking and sucking her tight nipples while she rode my cock. I could feel her body start to quiver again, and I pinched her nipples hard as she came, nearly screaming in her powerful orgasm. I could feel my climax building in my toes, and its warmth quickly spread up the backs of my legs and into my balls until I could not longer hold it in. I buried my face between her breasts and groaned loudly as my cock spurted loads of hot cum deep into her pussy.

She lay on me for a moment, our bodies damp with sweat, and then she was gone. We got dressed again, and walked back to the car holding hands.

When I got back to my desk, my instant-messenger was already flashing.

stphnEEE: I want more.

stphnEEE: I can still feel your cock in my pussy.

stphnEEE: I’m going to be sore tomorrow for sure.

stphnEEE: mmmm I can still taste you on my lips.

rodsterl: OMG

rodsterl: I’ve never felt anything like that

stphnEEE: Like what?

rodsterl: that thing you did. Kegel.

stphnEEE: Your cum is still dripping out of me.

stphnEEE: my panties are soaking wet

rodsterl: can I have you for lunch again tomorrow?

stphnEEE: I think so. I need more cock.

rodsterl: lol I think i have some

stphnEEE: so big around…stretched me

rodsterl: I smell strawberries


Author’s note: I wrote this for a friend of mine, as it is her fantasy. She gave me the place and the season, and a few other details, and I did the rest. I would love to know what you think.

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