A Fortnight In Paradise Ch. 04

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Bahamas, Day Three – Monday

What felt like a blink of the eye turned out to be 10 hours. I awoke to the sun baring though the curtains, the cool ocean breeze blowing through the windows. I woke up before Jessica, and as I rose from the bed, I noticed a dark-haired woman was cuddled up to my girlfriend. I then started to actually wake up and remember what had gone down the previous night. I took the covers off me, slipped out from under Jessica’s head, threw on some board shorts, and headed to the kitchenette to make a pot of coffee. Realizing we didn’t have any coffee filters, I then tossed on a shirt, grabbed my wallet and headed out of the room to grab a fresh brew from the local coffee shop.

I headed out of the room, down the pathway, and up to the front desk, asking where a local coffee shop was. They told me just two blocks from the hotel, so I walked down and ordered 3 coffees, mine being a medium roast drip coffee, Jessica’s being a Mocha Frappuccino, and the same for Rey (I had to guess on this one). I paid for the coffee and walked back to the hotel room. Once inside, I noticed both women were still asleep with Jessica having moved to resting her head on Rey’s chest. I paused for a second to take in the sight, then went out to the deck to enjoy the tropical air and the beautiful view.

After about 30 minutes of relaxing, I heard some rustling from inside the room. A minute later, both Jessica and Rey stepped out onto the deck, both wearing one of my button-down shirts. I moved the third deck chair so all three were facing the ocean, and the women sat down and joined me in relaxing the morning away.

“what a night, huh?” Jessica said, immediately taking a drink of her coffee. She was looking directly in my eyes.

“Yeah, what a night,” I told her.

“You two truly have something special going on. What I saw last night between you two was magical.” Rey said, taking a sip of her frap. “Thank you for the coffee. It’s delicious.”

“You are welcome.” I said.

“So, Rey, what are your plans for the day?” Jessica asked.

“I have to be going soon. I have work tonight, and I have to shower and get ready.”

“Oh ok,” Jessica said, a slight tone of disappointment in her voice.

“How much longer will you two be here?” Asked Rey.

“Today is day 3 of our two-week vacation,” Jessica told her, “when is your next day off?”

“I work the next three evenings, then have two off.”

“Would you like to meet us for lunch or dinner one of those days?” asked Jessica.

“That sounds lovely. How about Lunch on Thursday?”

“Is that okay with you honey?” Jessica asked me.

“Sounds good to me.”

“Okay great. It’s a date.” Said Rey as she got up, put on her dress, and left the room.

Jessica and I sat in our chairs for a while longer, enjoying the view, the weather, the coffee, and each other’s company. Once both of us realized we had not eaten anything since the previous evening, we took a shower together, got dressed, and headed out for a meal.

Jessica put on a bikini, this one pink with green swirls, with a white and pink sundress over it. I slipped into a pair of board shorts and a turquoise green tee. We slipped on some flip-flops and headed out of the hotel room.

Instead of heading into town, we wandered down to the beach, picked a direction, and walked down, walking side by side holding hands. We were both enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and each other’s company, but we then strolled past a beach-side restaurant and decided to head in and grab a bite to eat.

We sat down on the patio at a picnic-style bench with a large umbrella, providing shade for us. We ordered some drinks and an appetizer, and snacked away for a bit, chatting about last night.

“Did she really lick your asshole?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah. She really did. I couldn’t believe pendik escort it at first. I had never felt that before. It was very different.”

“Did you like it? Did it feel good?”

“I did. I was at the tipping point, and that sent me over the edge. It was very powerful.”

Jessica giggled a bit, then kissed me on the cheek. “I will keep that in mind.”

“How about you? When we were in the shower, I noticed she put a whole finger…”

“Yeah. That was amazing. I never thought anything up there could possibly feel so good. I was sure wrong about it, though. I probably could have come from just that alone.”

“Really? Wow. I never would have expected that.”

“Me either. But I had never tried.”

“So, what sparked last night? I thought we were just going to head to the club, drink and dance for a while, then head back. What caused you to start plotting with Rey?” I asked, curiosity overcoming me.

“Well, while we were standing at the table, I kept noticing her looking at me. I would look at her, smile, and then look away, but every time I glanced back, she was looking at me. So I went over to her to see what she was doing, and saw her checking me out as I approached. I then realized she wasn’t being threatening, but rather flirty. So, we started dancing together and getting to know one another, and I felt comfortable with her. And, since I wasn’t wearing any panties, her thigh kept rubbing my bare pussy, which was turning me on a lot. The combination of the dancing/grinding, plus the alcohol, caused an idea to form in my head.”

“Go on.” I said.

“Well, I hoped you wouldn’t be mad if I invited a girl back to our place for some fun, which is why I looked at you the way I did when I brought her back to the table and introduced her. You didn’t show any sign of rejection or anger, and the rest is history.”

“Baby, if you ever want to be with another woman, I wouldn’t say no. I only have one request: That I get to be there when you do. I don’t even have to participate. I could just sit in the corner and watch. But I have no problem with you sleeping with other women.”

“That one comment is turning me on so much.” Jessica stated while looking me in the eyes. She moved her hand under the table to grab my crotch, getting a full handful, giving it a tight squeeze, and letting go.

After our conversation, the rest of our food arrived, so we ate up, finished our drinks, paid for the meal, and walked further down the beach. We played in the water, looked for pretty seashells and rocks, and otherwise enjoyed the beautiful day. At one point, we stopped in a surf shop to have a look around. We spoke to a couple local surfers, who were bragging a lot about the beaches and the surf. They seemed like cool dudes, with their long blond hair and total beach bods. The conversation concluded with them inviting us both to a local surfing competition taking place the next Monday. Jessica and I agreed we would try to attend, but made no promises, and we parted ways with the surfers.

We left the surf shop and walked back down the beach toward the hotel. We grabbed some snacks from the resort’s shop and headed back to the room. By this time, it was already evening.

“What would you like to do tonight, babe?” I asked.

“A quiet night in sounds pretty good to me. How about you?”

“Sounds wonderful. Let’s do that.”

We grabbed a couple beers out of the fridge, grabbed some snack foods, and sat down on the deck chairs. We chatted about our time on the island, the time we spent in town, on the beach, and with Rey. This was a recurring topic of our discussions, as what had happened less than 24 hours ago was something neither of us had considered.

“So, you want to do it again?” I asked Jessica.

“Kind of. I enjoyed touching another woman.” And really enjoyed her licking and biting my nipples escort pendik while I rode you. God, that was so hot.”

I pictured this image in my head and felt a twitch in my cock. That was a really exciting experience.

“Well I enjoyed it too. And I am very happy you trust me with this. I love you, baby. So much.”

“I love you, too. So much,” A smile grew on Jessica’s face. “And I really enjoyed her fingering me in the shower. I can’t believe I enjoyed her finger in my ass as much as I did.”

“Well, if you like it, you like it. Its pretty kinky, and I think it was really hot.”

“Really baby?”

“Yeah. Seeing that is what made me come when both of you did. It really pushed me over the edge.”

Jessica looked at me with lust in her eyes. “Now I’m turned on again.”

“Well, let me help you with that. Stand up.”

Jessica and I rose from our chairs, and I guided her to the railing on the deck. I positioned myself behind her, placing my hand on her hips, and caressing her up and down. I reached down and grabbed the bottom of her sundress, and pulled it up and over her head, revealing the bikini she had put on that morning.

“Jason, what are you doing?” Jessica inquired.

“Just go along. Trust me.”

Jessica stayed quiet but was obviously a bit nervous about what I had planned. After the dress was removed and set down on a chair, I placed my hands on her exposed skin. I caressed her all over, from her sides to her stomach, then up to her breasts, and started moving my hands down. I had my thumbs hooked into her bikini bottoms when she grabbed my wrists and stopped me.

“What are you doing? Someone might see us.” She said.

“I don’t think so. We have bushes on both sides, and no one has walked down the beach in a while. And, if someone does see us, so what. They just might enjoy the show.”

“Oh, you are naughty. Who are you and what have you done to my boyfriend?”

“He’s right here. Last night opened my eyes to a whole new world we haven’t experienced together. For instance, we have never had sex outside.”

I could tell Jessica was getting turned on by this thought. Her grasp on my wrists eased, and she actually assisted me in removing her bikini bottoms. We both slid her bottoms down past her ass and let them drop to the patio floor. I placed one hand on her ass cheek, and the other slid across her hip and up to her breasts. This is when Jessica slipped one hand behind her, reaching back and sliding down my board shorts until my cock sprung from them.

We both stood there, Jessica leaning against the railing, and I leaning against Jessica, very horny for each other. I moved my hand from her ass cheek and reached around to her pussy, feeling warmth and wetness. I rubbed her clit with my finger, then parted her lips. I bent my knees to allow my cock to slide between her legs and pressed up against her pussy lips. Jessica took a deep breath, relaxed herself, and reached behind and pulled my hips into her. This pushed my cock inside her, sliding into her pussy with ease. She had a very tight pussy, but she was so wet that I slid in with little effort.

We worked together at a slow pace for a few minutes, making love to each other on the patio. Jessica would push back against me, pressing my cock deeper inside her. I would pull apart from her, allowing my cock to almost slip out. I used one hand to rub her clit, and the other to play with her nipple, pinching and flicking her nub just the way she liked.

Jessica stood up straight and pulled my ear to her lips. “Pull my hair, baby,” she whispered.

I obliged, grabbing a handful of her beautiful blond hair, and pulled backwards lightly. Jessica leaned her hips forward and arched her back, pushing her head backwards. She let out a moan of pleasure and excitement, and I moved my hand to her mouth, making sure she pendik escort bayan wasn’t too loud to draw attention.

Jessica whispered, “Fuck baby, that feels so good. Keep going.”

I kept the pace slow, but I increased the pressure. I pulled her hair a little harder than before and pushed my cock as deep as I could go.

“Oh yeah. Faster now. A little faster.”

I sped up a bit, and Jessica started breathing very deeply. She then started to quiver, her legs shaking back and forth. She leaned forward, starting to cum with my movements. She arched her neck back as I pulled on her hair a little harder, and I used my other hand to grab her hip and press into her deeper. This was enough, and I could feel her pussy tightening on my cock. It began to pulse, getting very tight, then loosening, a feeling I have become familiar with. I knew she was

cumming, so I continued the same pace to allow the orgasm to continue. Eventually, Jessica indicated for me to stop, as she needed a break and a breath.

“I have never had this much pleasure in my life. I am one lucky girl.”

“Not as lucky as I am,” I followed up.

She looked back at me, slipped my cock out of her pussy, turned around, and grabbed my cock with her hand and began stroking. She gripped it tight and, using her pussy juices, began to stroke my cock. She kept it slow at first, matching the pace at which I brought her pleasure. The feeling was incredible. I moved my hands to her tits, then behind her back, untying her bikini top and slipping it off over her head. I felt her up again, this time massaging her tits.

She pulled me in a little closer, pressing the head of my cock to her mound. She kept stroking my dick, and my pre-cum was starting to cover her pubic area, removing the friction.

We both leaned in to kiss each other, enjoying the experience and each other’s bodies. I was getting very close to cumming when Jessica increased the pace, pressing my cock against her pussy lips. I lost control at that point, peaking my orgasm and spewing my load all over her pussy. My stream pulsed between her legs, with some dripping down her legs and onto the deck.

We locked eyes in that moment. We both smiled at each other. We both took a deep breath and leaned in to kiss each other at the same time. It was a beautiful moment.

Jessica moved a finger between her legs and collected some of my cum. She moved it to her mouth, where she licked her finger clean and swallowed. “Mmm… Tasty.” She said. That always drove me nuts.

“That was fucking hot, baby,” I said to her, “That was amazing. I felt truly connected to you like I never have before.”

“I know what you mean. When you were fucking me from behind, pulling my hair, using your other hand on my body, I felt so in the moment, I forgot about everything else but the feeling you were giving me. That orgasm was unstoppable. And I didn’t want it to stop.”

“You came for a couple minutes there. I think that was the longest I have ever seen you cum.”

“I think it was the longest orgasm I have ever had. I wasn’t timing it, but it felt like an eternity.”

“I love you,” I said as I kissed her again. She reciprocated the kiss and moved to the deck chair to have a seat.

“Can you get me drink, baby?” She asked.

“Of course. What would you like?”

“A beer sounds good. Cold. Refreshing.”

“On its’ way.”

I grabbed two beers from the fridge and went back out on the deck, still not wearing any bottoms. Jessica was sitting back on the chair, legs spread open a little, feeling the cool sea breeze blowing over her body. I handed her the beer and sat down in the chair with her, and Jessica Cuddled up to my side with her head resting on my shoulder.

“I could stay like this forever. Juts you and me.” She whispered.

We cuddled each other for a few minutes, taking in the experience of the evening, then moved to the bed where we drifted off to sleep, allowing or dreams to flood in.

Up next: Jason and Jessica meet Keira, go on a boat tour, and skinny dip on a secluded island.

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