A Friend from My Wife’s Past

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It was a Wednesday evening, and as was my routine three times a week, I was exercising at the gym. I don’t consider myself a body builder, but my wife, Jenna, and I both believe that being physically fit will keep us healthy and it enhances our sex life. She shows her appreciation for how I keep myself strong and handsome for her. And I likewise show how much I love her and appreciate her hot sexy body.

I work construction. When I was younger, I got plenty of exercise on the job. Now I’m 31 years old, the project foreman, and my work day is filled with meetings, phone calls, directing others, and paperwork. To keep my body in shape, I visit the gym.

As I was doing bench presses, Luke, one of the trainers, was spotting me. We have known each other a year or so. He is fitness junkie and could be the poster boy for the gym. He is big with a chiseled body, not quite a Mr. Universe, but he catches the attention of all the ladies, and is the envy of many of the men.

Some amount of what motivates Luke is having sex with the ladies. His body is a magnet for hot women. Every time I work out with Luke, he is telling me about his latest sexual conquest, what a sexy body she has, and how many ways he fucked her. It was guys’ locker-room type talk, and he always had a story to share.

That evening, Luke was telling me about the yoga class he takes twice a week at a nearby studio. Yoga helps him stay flexible, and there are many hot young women there.

“You should have seen the brunette I had yesterday.” Luke was telling me. “When I saw her in the yoga class with those big tits, I knew I had to meet her. After class I was chatting her up, looking her over. I could tell she was interested in me. I asked, if she might be free later and she said she was free right then, she lived nearby and we could go over to her place. Damn! She wanted me bad. We went over to her place, barely got inside the door and we were making out, hands everywhere, clothes flying off. Next thing I know we are in bed, and I’m on top fucking her. Then she was on top, riding my cock. She had a massive, screaming orgasm. Then she told me to fuck her doggy. I plowed her good and long. She had many orgasms and her pussy could really squeeze my cock. She told me she was on the Pill and wanted to feel me cum inside her. Who was I to deny her? I came like a fire hose and flooded her with my cum. Damn! She was hot!”

I had heard similar stories often from Luke. I suspected they were true, but I never met any of these women, or even saw a photo.

“You know,” I replied. “I’d believe more of your stories if you had proof. Maybe a picture or two.”

“Yeah, buddy.” Luke replied. “I’ll do that.”

– – – – –

Two days later I was back at the gym. Luke saw me enter with my gym bag and he followed me back to the locker room.

“Hey, Blake. I got something to show you. This was yesterday.” Luke said as he held out his cell phone.

Luke had cued up a video. It was a side view of him having sex with the brunette on a bed. She was kneeling on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed, and he was standing behind her, holding her hips as he fucked her doggy style.

I hit play and watched the video. Luke was slamming into her, hard and fast. Her big tits swayed back and forth with every thrust. She was tossing her head and screaming “Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!” Then she let out a howl, froze as she appeared to have an orgasm, and then she collapsed forward onto the bed. Luke, his cock still inside her, collapsed on top of her. He shoved his cock into her a couple more times and then appeared to have his own release.

I looked at Luke and he was looking back at me like a proud father showing off his newborn son.

“What you think?” Luke asked.

“That is fucking hot.” I had to admit. “How?” I asked as I handed the phone back to him.

“I asked her if it was okay to record and she was all in for that. She wanted a copy of the video.” Luke replied.

“But, how did you record it?” I asked again.

“Just put my phone on the dresser and pointed it at the bed.” Luke replied. “Easy.”

“Jenna and I have really good sex.” I said. “But there is no way she will let me take a video, especially if she thought someone else might ever see it.”

Luke was keying something on his phone. Within moments my phone buzzed with an incoming message.

“Just sent you the video. Show that to Jenna, and maybe she’ll change her mind.” Luke implored.

– – – – –

Later that evening I was home with Jenna watching TV. We were cuddling on the sofa, kissing and enjoying each other’s company.

“Let’s watch some porn before going to bed.” Jenna whispered in my ear.

Viewing porn was always a quick way to kick-start our nightly sexual activities. Jenna grabbed the remote and was searching for what she wanted to watch.

Then I remembered the video Luke shared with me.

“Honey, before we watch that, I have something to show you.” I said. “You remember Luke, from the gym, don’t you? ataşehir escort He shared with me a video of his most recent sex conquest.”

“Really? A video?” Jenna was surprised. “I wonder what the girl thought about that.”

“You know I’ve told you about Luke’s boasts. He always has stories about the sex he gets.” I replied as I pulled my phone out of my pocket. “I challenged him the other day for proof, and he recorded this. He said that she not only agreed to the video, but that she wanted a copy as well.”

I held up the phone so both of us could see the screen. I pressed the play button just as Jenna slipped her hand into my lap and began to play with my cock.

“Oh! Wow!” Jenna exclaimed as she watched the video. “She’s getting a pounding, isn’t she?”

“Hard to tell if those are screams of pain or pleasure.” I commented.

“Oh, I’m sure she’s loving that. I know I would.” Jenna replied. It sounded like Jenna was getting excited, maybe even aroused by the action.

“You would like hard sex like that?” I asked. “I didn’t know that.”

“You’ve never tried, and I’ve never asked.” Jenna said with a sultry twinkle in her eye. “You’re as much a hunk as Luke is. I bet you could give me as good a pounding as he gave that girl.”

My cock was quickly getting hard, something that Jenna obviously knew. We had watched the video twice. So I turned it off, stood and scooped her up in my arms. She was squealing in pleasure as I carried her to our bedroom. We quickly stripped completely naked.

“Shall we make our own private porn movie?” I asked, holding up my phone.

“Only if you promise that no one else, and I mean NO ONE will ever see it.” Jenna replied to my surprise.

I set up my cell phone on the dresser near our bed, the camera lens facing the bed. I pushed the Record button and turned back towards the bed. Jenna was on her knees and quickly took my mostly hard cock into her mouth while she cupped my balls with her hand.

She backed off for a moment. “I want your cock to be really hard.” She explained and engulfed my cock back into her mouth.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned just as she gently squeezed my nuts while bobbing her head up and down my shaft.

Soon my cock was aching, I knew I was ready. I pulled Jenna’s head away from my hard rod.

“My turn.” I said as she backed up and onto the bed. I thought I would lick her pussy, to get her wet.

“I’m ready. Fuck me, and fuck me hard. I won’t break.” Jenna implored. Her tone was different, something I had never heard from her.

Jenna had moved to the center of the bed, laying on her back, legs spread wide and knees up. I could see her pussy was wet, swollen, and open. Her body told me that indeed she wanted this.

“This way, or doggie?” I asked, remembering that Luke was doing doggie in his video.

“No! I want it this way.” Jenna replied. “I want to see your face, and I want you to see my face.”

I ran my left hand underneath her and lifted her ass off the bed. With my right hand I positioned my cock at her entrance and shoved inside her in two quick strokes. Damn, she was wet, hot and ready. My hands moved to her hips and I started plunging into her vagina.

Normally we take time with our love making. We vary the position and the speed, sometimes slow and easy, and sometimes faster with more gusto. But we had never been the types for just hard fast fucking. Having her request this showed me a new side of my wife.

“Give me all you got, big boy! Make me scream!. Put tears in my eyes!” Jenna demanded in a way I had never seen her before. If that is what she wanted, I was more than willing to give her my best.

I tightened my grip on her, showing her I was taking control. Then I started pounding into her. As we both were in great shape, we went on, and on, and on. Our bodies were sweaty, our breathing became heavier. The intensity on our faces was incredible. But our stamina was great and neither of us appeared to be close to an orgasm. I was having a great time, and from Jenna’s expressions, moans and groans, she too was having a great time.

Jenna had her hands on her tits and was pinching and twisting her nipples, more than I ever had done to her. I took note of that.

“Come on Blake! Harder! Harder! Do me harder!” her voice was rising, almost a pleading scream.

I picked up the pace and slammed into her with a force I had never approached before with her. And she was loving it. I was loving it. Our physical activity was so incredibly intense, that I could feel my endorphins releasing, making the activity even more pleasurable.

Suddenly Jenna was pushing me back, my cock left her body, and she was turning over onto her hands and knees. I was stunned by her strength in taking control.

“Do me this way. Fuck me from behind.” Jenna insisted.

I wondered what brought on this change of position, but I wasn’t going to argue. I grabbed her hips and slammed my rigid cock back into her.

“Fuck me! Fuck Me! FUCK ME!” her voice kadıköy escort rose louder as she pleaded with me.

I felt like an animal, no longer thinking that I was making love to my wife. This was raw, animal sex. No holds barred. I was slamming into her as fast and as hard as I could. She was pushing back onto my every thrust. Then I realized that she had her hand underneath and was furiously rubbing her clit. She knew an incredible orgasm was coming, and she wanted it so badly.

Our bodies were covered in sweat. The smell of sex was intense. We were noisy and moving so fast, slamming into one another. The whole bed was moving. My cock was aching, but I was still able to hold back until she had her orgasms.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Jenna screamed as her cunt clenched my cock. Her orgasm hit her suddenly. I could feel her vaginal muscles tighten around my hard cock.

I stopped, frozen inside her.

“Oh God! Don’t stop now! Keep FUCKING ME!” She cried out, and I eagerly fulfilled her demands.

We kept fucking fast for another five minutes. Jenna had a tight, white knuckle grip on the sheets. Her body was tense. And she had one powerful orgasm after another, screaming in pleasure with each. I had never seen her this way.

“Cum for me Blake! I want to feel your fire hose explode inside me.” Jenna implored.

I kept fucking her and she kept up the verbal demands.

“I want to feel your hot cum inside me. Give it to me. Give it to me!” she demanded.

Jenna was even more active, pushing back against me, attempting to push me over the edge, to force my orgasm.

And my cock did explode, suddenly, deep inside her, filling her with my hot sticky cum. I stopped thrusting into her and stayed locked in place. I could feel my cock throbbing, each pulse jetting more of my cum into her. Again and again. We both groaned out loud.

And then I collapse on top of her, our hot sweaty bodies pressed together. Our hearts pounding while we gasped for air. ‘Fuck! That was intense.’ I thought to myself.

After a few moments rest, I pulled out of her and rolled over onto the bed next to her. She threw an arm over my body and pulled herself part way on top of me.

“That was fucking insane.” she said and then we kissed.

We lay there and rested, slowly regaining our composure. We talked about the experience and how it made each of us feel, and how we each loved the hard, physical sex.

“That was incredible, just incredible.” I said.

“Indeed. Better than I expected. You were fantastic.” Jenna replied before kissing me again.

“I had no idea that you would like such hard physical sex.” I said. “Any other fantasies you have?”

“Maybe.” Jenna said coyly. “But I think it’s your turn to spill your fantasies.”

I thought about this a moment, then decided to share my most secret fantasy. I hoped she wouldn’t be angry, and even hoped she might be supportive.

“I’ve had dreams about having a threesome with you and another woman.” I said in a soft voice.

“Mmmmmm.” Jenna purred as she cuddled in closer to me. “With anyone I know?”

Her response appeared positive, based upon the body language and her question.

“Not really.” I replied. “Just someone who is at least half as sexy as you are.”

“I may be open to discussing this more.” Jenna replied in a teasing voice. My hopes were rising.

“Now your turn. Any other fantasies I should know about?” I inquired.

“Some years ago, before we were married,” Jenna began. “I had drunken kiss with another girl. It was actually quite hot. But it was only a kiss. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to make love to another woman.”

“Anyone I know?” I asked, turning her question back to her.

Jenna looked at me, contemplating her response. “Rather not say right now. But maybe…” and her voice trailed off.

“So we will discuss our fantasies in more detail some other time?” I asked, not really expecting a reply.

We were still quite exhausted from our physical sex. Soon we both fell asleep.

– – – – –

The next morning, Saturday, we awoke about the same time. Each of us had been to the bathroom, and now we cuddled in bed, completely naked, and in no rush to be anywhere else.

“We could watch the video we made last night.” I suggested. “I can project it onto the TV.”

While the video was on my phone, we had the ability to use the 50 inch TV on the wall facing the foot of our bed, as a second monitor to play the video. I turned on the TV and made the connection to my phone, and then pressed play.

Jenna was laying next to me, we both were facing the TV, and she was stroking my cock. I think we both were surprised at the video quality, and how hot the sex had been. As we watched, things between us were getting hot. I was soon fingering her wet pussy while she was sucking my cock.

“I want to watch it again, but this time, I want you inside me.” Jenna suggested.

We moved into a doggy position, both facing the TV. I bostancı escort bayan slipped my cock inside her wet pussy and re-started the video. Soon I was banging her from behind as we watched our sex from last night. We had a running commentary about what we had been feeling and thinking each moment.

“Oh, I remember that. I almost came right there.” Jenna said, referring to the point we resumed fucking after switching to doggy.

Watching us have sex, while we were again having sex, was a real trip. I built up the speed and force of the plunges of my hard cock into my wife’s hot box.

“Fuck me Blake. Fuck me harder!” Jenna was saying, almost in sync with her same words on the video. Hearing her double, made me redouble my efforts.

While the sex was not as totally consuming as the previous night, it was still one of our best sex sessions ever. We both had a tremendous orgasm, almost simultaneously, her orgasm triggering my orgasm. Again, I collapsed on top of her.

Watching our own, homemade porn while having sex became our new favorite activity. Sometimes we would have slow, gently, loving sex. Other times we had hard, fast physical sex. Being in great physical condition allowed us to fuck each other for long periods of time. We were loving it, and each other.

– – – – –

I continued my three-times-a-week visits to the gym. Now, more than ever, I needed to build muscle and stamina. I was very focused on the incredible sex that Jenna and I enjoyed. Jenna also had her own workout routines.

With each visit to the gym, Luke would tell me another story about another girl he had sex with. It appeared he was trying to bang every female in the yoga classes. Some women he had sex with multiple times, and others only once. I wasn’t sure if he tired of them and moved on, or if they weren’t interested in Luke’s type of relationship. He was obviously only interested in having sex.

Some of the women Luke had sex with allowed him to video record their encounters. He freely shared these with me. When I asked if the women had agreed to being recorded, he assured me that each one had. Some of these videos I shared with Jenna. But Jenna was more interested in our making our own videos, and then watching ourselves as we again had sex. We had a lot of fun. And I was still amazed by how much Jenna enjoyed hard, physical sex. It was quite a workout for both of us, and we loved it.

One day I noticed that Luke’s pattern of a new girl every week or so, had changed. It appeared he kept talking about the same girl. Apparently the zumba instructor at the studio had caught his attention. He described her a very athletically fit, blonde hair, blue eyes, lean body with a firm B-cup. I knew he preferred large breasts, so this girl had some special attraction for him.

“After my yoga class, I was talking to a girl I once had sex with. She was pleasant and polite, but make it clear that she had a boyfriend and wouldn’t be seeing me again.” Luke began his story. “As we talked, a zumba class started. The instructor was stunning, so energetic and so sexy looking. I stayed and joined the class. She noticed me, and after class we met up. She was really hot looking, and obviously she was also interested in me. I asked her out for lunch. As it was still early in the morning, I planned to come back and pick her up. So later I picked her up for lunch. When I asked where she wanted to go, she told me to take her to my place. We hardly knew each other and she wanted to fuck! I wasn’t going to refuse that offer.”

Luke went on to describe the torrid sex they had. Both loved physical sex and both were in great physical condition. Their stamina allowed them to fuck very hard for the entire lunch hour. And they were now doing this three to four times a week.

I again challenged him for proof, and he showed me a video of the two of them. Incredibly hard sex! He would plow her doggie style. And then she would ride him cowgirl. And the energy she expended riding his cock made her look like a rodeo pro. She really rode him hard.

But there was something familiar with her. I couldn’t see her face very well in any of the video, so I asked.

“Have any pictures of her?” I asked Luke.

“Yeah, here’s one.” He replied as he pulled up a photo on his cell phone.

I was silently studying the photo, trying to not let on that I knew the girl.

‘Oh my God!’ I thought to myself. ‘That is my wife’s friend, Ellie! And she’s married!’

“Know her?” Luke asked.

“No, I don’t think so.” I lied as I replied. “I thought she looked like someone I know, but it’s not her.”

Luke went on to tell me what a wild, sex crazed woman Ellie was. She loved sex in so many ways. They often fucked in five or six different positions each lunch hour. Luke showed me a video of Ellie deep-throating Luke’s larger than average cock. After having him fuck her throat, she backed off and he unloaded his cum into her mouth. She turned to the camera and opened her mouth to show it full of his cum. Then she slowly swallowed it all, in a sexy way. I couldn’t believe this was Ellie, my wife’s friend that I had met a few times. Ellie appeared to be a better cock sucker than my wife. I tried to imagine how good it would feel to have Ellie suck my cock like that.

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