A Helping Hand

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“Ok, I have plans for today,” my wife announced out of nowhere, “today you’re going to dress up for me and I’m going to show you the new toys I’ve bought.”

“Erm…ok.” I answered carefully.

We had been having a leisurely Saturday morning breakfast and, as far as I knew, had made no plans for the day.

“What toys have you bought honey?” I asked curiously.

“Well, I guess you’ll see soon enough, won’t you?” she replied and winked suggestively.

Twenty minutes later I had showered and stood nervously in front of my wife in our bedroom. I was wearing a black lacy bra and panties set, with matching suspenders and stockings. My manicured toes were just visible through the peep-hole toes of my favourite black patent heels. I was aware that my breathing was racing in anticipation although I had no real idea what my wife had in mind. My wife had also showered but had elected to remain naked and both the situation and her stunning body was causing my dick to stand up proud, poking up out of the top of the panties I was wearing.

“Lay back on the bed sissy ‘gurl’,” she instructed.

As I climbed on the bed, my wife withdrew the arm and leg restraints that we have attached on each side of the bed. Neither of us are very big into bondage but from time to time my wife likes my arms held so that she can tease and edge me. We have almost never used the leg restraints though. She securely locked my arms to the corners of the bed and as I lay there expectantly, she stood up and surveyed her captive.

“Oh my god! You are such a submissive slut aren’t you?” She laughed as I blushed.

“Look at you! Dressed up in your best lingerie, imagining you’re a pretty girl. I really need to bring home a man and have him show you just how a girl feels.” She said mockingly.

Although I’m very secure in my heterosexuality, my wife loves to tease and humiliate me, knowing she’ll get a reaction from me.

“I’m only interested in you, my love’ I said meekly.

“I sometimes wonder if you’d prefer a nice fat cock up your ass?”

She was really determined to make me uncomfortable today. I was physically squirming now and my recent proud erection had subsided totally. I said nothing however and she continued taunting me.

“It’s a shame, but I really don’t know where I could find a hung guy interested in fucking you, but…” She hesitated, “I do have the next best thing,” as she said this she reached under the bed and produced a large penis shaped butt plug.

It was much larger than any we had played with before and my eyes went wide.

“What do you think baby? Wanna get fucked by a nice thick veiny cock?”

My wife had climbed onto the bed as she said this and was positioning herself between my legs.

“Oh aliağa escort my god baby, that looks really big.” I stuttered nervously.

She didn’t reply at first but using a bottle of lube she began coating the monster phallus liberally.

“It does look quite realistic doesn’t it?” She asked “I wonder if it will feel like the real thing too?”

She had reached under me now and pulled my panties down a little, slowly she slipped one lubricated finger inside me and began to fuck me.

“Please go slow baby” I begged as she swapped one finger for two and took my rapidly stiffening cock in her other hand.

“Oh my fucking god, the thought of a juicy cock inside you has certainly got you going,” she said laughing.

I had laid my head back, concentrating on my wife’s invasive fingers and her assault on my cock. She was pumping her fingers now and my breathing was getting erratic when she suddenly withdrew her fingers and stopped stroking. I bucked unconsciously but was not close to orgasm.

“We don’t want you too excited before the main event do we?” She was laughing again, clearly enjoying herself.

I felt her reach beneath me now and lift my legs up onto her shoulders. She pulled my panties to my knees and I felt very vulnerable and exposed, even more so when I felt her present the tip of the plug against the opening to my asshole. With steady pressure she pushed as I tried hard to control my breathing and relax.

“I’m not sure anyone I bring back here will be this patient with you,” she mocked.

“Baby, I’m not sure it’s going to fit…it’s really too big!” I gasped.

She continued to exert constant pressure and slowly, it made its way inside me. It was really painful and I was close to screaming when it finally passed its widest point and ‘popped’ inside. The relief was enormous but I felt incredibly stuffed and full. My wife laid my legs back down and readjusted my panties back up. I laid there stunned as she fastened my legs with the other restraints.

“Aren’t you a happy bunny with a big fat cock inside you?” She gloated.

I stayed quiet not sure what to say.

“You know what? I bet a big sissy slut like you wouldn’t be happy unless you have cock in all your holes?” she said unexpectedly. I didn’t know where she was going with this but watched with horror as she reached under the bed again. Whatever she had taken from below was concealed behind her back as she padded around the bed to sit beside me.

“Honey, this plug is really uncomfortable and I really think…” I began.

“Shhhh!” One finger to my lips now silencing me.

“No, listen Sweetheart.” I mumbled around her finger.

“See, this is why we need days aliağa escort bayan like this, to remind you of your place in this relationship.” She said ominously.

“‘I have the perfect gift for you here.”

From behind her back she withdrew a strange looking gag and it took me a moment to realise that the mouthpiece was a small penis head.

“This way you get to suck on a nice juicy cock like I know you’d love to, and I get a little silence to work in.”

She had rapidly slipped the gag into my mouth and was fastening the straps behind my head. Unconsciously I was actually sucking the head of the dick in my mouth, needing it wet to prevent myself gagging.

“That’s better,” my Wife said standing “and I only have one more surprise left for you.” She giggled, “well technically I suppose I still have two surprises.”

Bound and gagged I could do nothing but watch warily as my wife returned to the bottom of the bed again.

“One last purchase honey,” she said as she held up what appeared to be a scarf.

“I’ve gotten a little carried away honey, and now I realise I’m running out of time,” she explained cryptically “so maybe it’s time to explain what’s going on today.”

She had returned to my side and I realised the scarf was actually a blindfold. As she slipped it over my eyes she continued,

“I’ve got a few friends coming over for a coffee morning soon, so I really need to get dressed and prepare a few things. I’d like you to stay here and contemplate how you might serve me better in the future.”

She finished speaking to me and then left immediately. I was in complete darkness, the blindfold was excellent and allowed no peeking whatsoever.

I’ve no idea how long it was until I heard the doorbell ring but it was at that point I started to fret over the dynamics of our small apartment. We have one bathroom that everyone is free to use and another en-suite in our bedroom, but anyone using that would see a bound man dressed in lingerie with a huge butt plug shoved up his ass. I obviously didn’t know who my wife had invited over but many of our friends knew of and occasionally used our en-suite bathroom. The doorbell rang several times but I only heard female voices chatting. I still couldn’t identify any of the visitors but guessed that there was at least ten women in our apartment.

It had been quite a while and I was starting to relax when I heard our bedroom door creak open and then close. I stiffened and wanted to call out, to make sure it was my wife in the room with me but obviously because of the gag I was forced to remain mute. My hearing was particularly acute and I was aware of someone approaching the bottom of the bed and stopping. Whoever was escort aliağa watching me stayed silent and I lay there nervously. I caught my breath as I felt a cool hand touch the inside of my thigh. It skimmed the tops of my stockings and I felt myself blush uncontrollably. The penis gag had gone dry in my mouth and I started sucking it gently like a baby with a pacifier.

The unknown hand reached inside my panties and started gently grazing my cock nestled there. I felt my dick begin to harden and now the strangers hand took it firmly. My breath was ragged as the person with me in the room slid my foreskin back fully and then, slowly slid it back up again, again and again, she began to pump my cock with slow deliberate strokes.

I couldn’t help myself squeezing down hard on the butt plug embedded in me and although I was certain it was my wife with me, I was starting not to care. The disembodied hand masturbating me was quite detached and functional, but extremely effective. It was surreal approaching orgasm in this helpless state but I could feel myself reaching the point of no return and knew I would cum soon.

I swallowed the saliva that had built up in my mouth around the gag and struggled to breathe. My wife rarely allows me to cum fully and ruins roughly nine out of every ten orgasms she allows me so I was mentally preparing for the hand to release me as I reached tipping point. If anything however, the stranger’s milking of my cock became faster and I suddenly came hard, screaming against the gag, spurting cum across my chest. The hand slowly relaxed and squeezed out the last few dribbles of semen as my cock softened.

I was breathing frantically and felt the hand slide down my thigh once more, casually wiping my cum off on my stockings. With my enhanced senses I heard the unmistakeable clicks of a camera phone taking several photos. Then incredulously I heard the door open and re-close and I realised I was left alone, spent and dripping sweat.

An eternity later, after I had heard all the guests leave and my splatters of cum had turned cold and unpleasant on my skin, my wife came into the bedroom and removed the blindfold first. I blinked, trying to adjust to the light and saw her smiling down at me. She leant forward again to remove the gag and said,

“Well, it looks like you’ve had a fun time in here, how the hell did you manage that?” She nodded indicating the cum stains.

“I think you know exactly how, so don’t even try to pretend.” I said accusingly, but I was actually quite relieved when she burst out laughing.

‘Oh shit, I’m useless at keeping a straight face’ she admitted still laughing.

I tried to look smug but the smile stalled on my face when she added,

“She told me what she’d done before she left, naughty girl.”

My mouth full open.

“Who did?” I asked nervously.

“Shh, it’s done now. Let’s get you untied, I need help tidying the kitchen.” She answered, still smiling.

“They’re great photos though, I hope she’s careful with them.” She added ominously.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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