A Marriage Redefined Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: From Realization to Contentment

I tried to be quiet as I opened the door to our room but really it made no difference. I knew immediately from the sounds that there were others in the suite already. Maybe I should have been ready for what I saw but I wasn’t. I was stunned. Standing by the bed with his back to me was Seth the waiter. He was naked and very busy fucking my wife. Diana was also naked and she had her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands gripped his shoulders. She was riding him hard. It was obvious they had been at it for a while. I could see the beads of sweat on their bodies. I smelled the odors of love, musk, and sweat. Diana saw me but made no acknowledgement of my presence, she was focused on another man. Her moans and his grunts made it clear that they were both close to climax. She held his head and kissed him deeply and passionately. I stood frozen and fascinated. As I looked closely I could see that Diana held a string in her hand, later I realized it was looped around the base of Seth’s penis and served as a cock ring. Holding the string tightly she could control the timing of his orgasm. She was definitely on top.

Her moans grew louder, she didn’t care who might hear, and she rode him rougher and rougher. I admired his strength and staying power. Sliding up and down his shaft, she pleasured herself. His hands held her hips and buttocks; his erection plunged deep and then pulled out almost completely. I had never been able to perform like that with my member. (Of course my forte is cunnilingus.)

I gazed at their bodies working in unison. Five, six, seven thrusts, I wasn’t counting, Diana suddenly clenched her muscles. A loud oooooh came from deep inside her, she thrust again and let out another oooooh of pleasure, and then repeated the motion. She was experiencing multiple orgasms. She released the string and spoke bursa escort to Seth in his ear. He thrust harder. “Yes” she said out loud. “Come now.” With that Seth let out his own moan of pleasure and ejaculated into her. Slowly they relaxed and untangled themselves on the bed. I didn’t know what to do; my own penis was throbbing for release.

After just a minute, Diana called me by name “E. get two towels and a warm washcloth and come clean us up.” Seth glanced my way and a slow languorous smile crossed his face. With anticipation and trepidation I grabbed two fresh towels and put a washcloth under warm water. As I walked over to the couple in their post-coital glow L. said “wipe his genitals with the cloth.” To Seth she said “When he’s done you may go but be sure to leave a number where I can reach you. I haven’t had sex like that in years.” My ears were red from her stinging comments but I did as I was instructed and carefully washed the sperm from his limp penis and testicles. I admit that I enjoyed it too. Seth got up and pulled on his cloths without saying a word. He wrote a number on the pad by the phone and gave Diana one last French kiss before leaving.

As the door closed, Diana said, “Now clean me.” I picked up the cloth again but Diana stopped me. “Not with that, with your tongue.” This was a new level of humiliation, licking another man’s cum from my wife’s vagina. Yet I proceeded without hesitation, in fact I was aroused. I knelt by the side of the bed. I could see the white liquid oozing slowly from her gash, her pink lips still engorged. I moved closer and began to lap it up.

Diana spoke to me as I cleaned her privates. “I know what you did with the cook you little slut.” I concentrated on my task. “Next time I’ll make you lick my stud clean too, you whore. Or better yet I’ll have him fuck you. How would you like that?” My little whimper of acquiescence bursa escort bayan placated her. “You are lucky I am the forgiving type.” I had been set up, I knew, but I didn’t care. Just her words were bringing me close to orgasm. I tried to touch myself. “Don’t even think about that you slut. Finish up down there and run me a bath.” A wet spot seeped through my underwear as I got up to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t stop myself from saying “I love you Mistress Diana.” “I know you do.” She responded with a softened even kindly tone. A rush of happiness filled me.

“But of course I will still have to punish you for your infidelity.”

“I understand.”

I was kneeling over the tub when Diana came in. I wanted the temperature to be just right. She ran her fingers through my hair affectionately. “You are taking to this better than I thought possible. We may have a future after all.” She stepped into the warm bath. I was delirious. I tried to explain the swelling emotions. “I mean it when I say I love you. I have always admired your strength and creativity. Even if I couldn’t admit it I have wanted to serve you. I am happy when you are in charge and make the decisions. This weekend has been a revelation. It’s like the layers have been peeled back to uncover the truth. We are meant to be together, each with our own role to play. I pledge my servitude to you my queen.”

“Well said, my dear husband. You have always been so romantic. Come closer.”

I wasn’t ready when she reached around and pulled me to her. She planted a vigorous kiss to my lips. Then she handed me a bath sponge. “Wash my back.”

I set about scrubbing every inch of that lovely body. Diana just lay back with eyes closed. She sighed as I lathered and rinsed her arms and torso. Her nipples responded to the gentle caresses over her breasts. But I did not linger, instead escort bursa I poured some shampoo into my hand and massaged it into Diana’s dark hair. All the while she paid no attention to me. I was merely her servant. Hips, derriere, vagina, thighs, I bathed each part attentively. As I moved to her legs Diana handed me a razor and without a word I grabbed the can of shaving cream. Diana lifted her right leg out of the water and put her foot on my shoulder. In a silent ritual of servitude, I spread the white foam up and down her leg and shaved her very very carefully. She placed her left foot on my shoulder as I rinsed her right leg with the hand held shower.

I was not prepared for what happened next. As I continued with her left leg, Diana pushed her right foot between my legs and began to rub my balls. My shaft began to rise inside my undershorts. I tried to concentrate on my task and managed to shave her left leg without a nick. After rinsing that leg I felt two feet pushing against my hardened cock. Almost involuntarily I tightened my ass and pushed back with my hips.

“Yes, that’s my good boy, fuck my feet. Pleasure yourself.”

I grabbed the side of the tub and thrust harder. Diana had braced herself against the back of the bath. I could feel her heels, arches and toes.

“Take off that underwear and put some cream on my feet.”

In one minute I was back at it.

“You will orgasm when and how I say.”

“Yes, my Queen” was all I could manage to utter.

“Now finish up.”

With two more thrusts I exploded. Diana rubbed the cream and sperm over my belly as all my muscles relaxed.

I gathered my energy to towel Diana dry and wipe her feet as she stepped out of the bathtub. I was woozy but content.

Diana stood by the sink and gave another command. “Kiss my anus.”

Without hesitating I buried my face between her buttocks and sought out her dark rose. I pressed my tongue into the hole.

“Good job, that will be enough. I think you have understood your true position in our marriage.”

I nodded in a happy agreement.

The End

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