A New Adventure Ch. 01

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As he sipped his beer, Jason took stock of his situation. He was 57, newly divorced after twenty years of marriage, and without any firm plans for his future. The divorce had come so suddenly and unexpectedly that he had had little time to adjust. Coming home early from the conference and finding Julie in bed with his colleague, Tom, had been bad enough, but the separation and divorce that led to the disruption of his daily routine, and indeed his entire life, had been even worse. Over the past few months it had been difficult to maintain his schedule of classes, lectures, and writing, but he had somehow managed. Now it was Spring Break and he finally had a few days to clear his head and begin planning for the future.

That is how he came to be sitting at the bar, alone, drinking this, his second beer of the evening. For the moment his mind was clear and he was relaxed. He paid only slight attention to the din that surrounded him, though he was aware that nearly ever stool and table was occupied. He had wandered into this bar because it was the closest one to his office. He found it suitably small and dark enough to fit his needs, but, because it was close to the university, its clientele was young and fairly loud. He would have preferred a quieter place in which to mull over his situation, but for now this would have to do.

After 20 years of marriage, he now felt fairly lost. Through the years of his life with Julie, he had thought that he would always be married. Now he was not. He had never given thought to contingency plans or to a future alone; there had simply been no need. And yet, now here he was, alone in a bar with only uncertainty before him.

He swiveled on his stool to look behind him at his fellow patrons. Some were town folk out for a drink after dinner before heading home. Most were students–young, vibrant, intelligent, with their whole lives before them. His scan of the room confirmed what he already knew. He was not like them. Actually he had never been like them.

Jason was a geologist, and he dressed the part. He wore jeans and a cotton work shirt, the same outfit that he wore every day except on those occasions when he had an important meeting, and even then he just put on a tweed jacket over his work shirt. As he scanned the faces in the room, he realized that he possessed the only facial hair to be seen. His full, gray beard set him apart from the younger men in a striking and unsettling way. HE had never made friends easily, always focused on his work, preferred to listen when in groups rather than participating, though he was an active conversationalist one-on-one. A frown crossed his face as he thought for a moment about these qualities and how they might impact his ability to find companionship in the future. With a shrug, illegal bahis he turned back to his beer and, for the moment, pushed aside any fears and doubts that tried to wedge their way into his thoughts.

As he ordered his third beer, he noticed that the stool beside him was now occupied. The woman sitting there was in her early 40s, attractive but not beautiful, with carefully coifed red hair and wearing a long, dark skirt and a fitted blouse that highlighted herfull breasts. He noted that she was not wearing any rings, and the thought flashed through his mind that she was probably meeting someone who would arrive at any moment. She turned toward him and smiled and they exchanged pleasantries, and then they returned to their respective drinks.

Jason thought about this woman, wondered if it was even worth attempting to start a conversation with her. It had been so long since he had been in this situation, and he had never been very good at it, but he decided to press forward for the practice if nothing else.

“So, do you come here often?” he asked lamely.

“No, first time. And you?”

“Mine too.”

“I’m Jason.”

“Susan. Nice to meet you.”

That was enough to break the ice, and in the following minutes it seemed that she was as much in need of companionship as he was. They spoke in hushed tones of their past, their present, and their hopes for the future. She had been divorced for a year, was now back in school to get a graduate degree, lived alone, never had any children. As the noise level rose in the bar, it became apparent that this was not the place for such a conversation. He asked if when was waiting for someone, and when she said she was not, he invited her to leave with him. It surprised him when she agreed.

They drove to the park by the river, and he parked in the empty lot where they could see the moonlight sparkling on the ripples of the rapids. As they talked he could see the reflected light dancing across her features, and her voice blended easily with the murmuring of the river’s song.

She leaned over and kissed him as he spoke of his recent fieldwork in the nearby mountains. The kiss was a real surprise to Jason. So far as he could remember, he had never kissed—or been kissed—on a first date, and now here was this woman he had only known for an hour kissing him.

The feel of Susan’s lips on his surprised him. He was used to Julie’s kiss, but Susan’s kiss was different, or perhaps he was simply more focused on her than he had been on Julie these past several years. He felt the warmth of Susan’s lips on his, a pleasant warmth that suffused itself through his body, drawing him closer to her. He placed his hand behind her head and drew her toward him, causing her lips to part and allowing their tongues illegal bahis siteleri to intertwine in passionate exploration. He could feel her breathing change as they kissed, and her body began to move in the seat as his fingers stroked her back. She pulled away, attempting to catch her breath, straightening her clothes, looking into his eyes with desire.

“Let’s go for a walk,” she said. Jason was glad to agree, because the bucket seats in the car did not lend themselves to further intimacy.

They had walked only a little ways when she stopped before a bench. “Sit down,” she said.

He sat, and she knelt on the ground in front of him. She ran her hands up and down his legs, kissed his thighs, caressed his chest through his clothes. Eventually her hands moved to the hardness between his legs and she leaned forward to kiss him there. As her lips stroked along his covered shaft, she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants so she could reach inside and grasp his cock with her warm fingers. He shivered at her touch, his first touch by a woman in more than a year.

She stroked her hand along his shaft, toying with the head, caressing him in ways he had never been caressed. When his cock was fully erect and throbbing with need, she lowered her head and took it inside her mouth. She sucked and kneaded and caressed his cock with her tongue and lips and teeth. She was a master at sucking cock, and he marveled at her abilities. The sensations that swirled through his head made him feel faint, and now he needed her as he had never needed any woman before.

He reached down and pulled her up to her feet. She glanced around before reaching beneath her skirt and tugging off her panties. She handed them to Jason, and he tucked them in his pocket. She straddled him on the bench, and he could feel her warmness beneath her skirt as she moved over him. She reached between them and guided his cock to her wet slit. She had obviously been aroused by sucking on him, because his full cock slid easily inside her as she lowered her body. As his erection slid deep inside her, she held onto his neck and leaned her head back, savoring the hardness that filled her.

They remained immobile for a moment, enjoying the intimacy of that first penetration. He loved the feel of his cock deep inside this woman, a woman he had known for only an hour or so. Her pussy was tight and wet, and he could feel her squeezing his shaft as she caressed it with her muscle contractions.

She began moving, rocking her hips in a way that caused him to move within her, filling her engorged pussy with his erect shaft, caressing it with her slickness. She started slowly, but soon her movements became fast and fluid. Jason felt himself sliding down on the bench as her actions canlı bahis siteleri became more heated and she pounded her pussy down onto his cock. Her pelvis ground against his as they moved together, coordinating their movements to maximize the powerful sensations they were generating as they built toward climax.

As she moved toward orgasm, she began to make low, animalistic sounds—yelps and mews and whines. At first these sounds were whispered in his ear, but as her climax approached, they she became more vocal and more demanding. Jason held on to her waist to keep her from bouncing off of his lap, at the same time making she that he did not slide off of the bench. In the end, he focused all of his attention on his cock buried deep inside her slick pussy and the sensations that were being generated by their fucking. It had been too long since he had felt those luscious sensations, had heard the sound of a woman in heat, had felt the warm slickness of a passionate fuck, had heard the slurping sounds made by a pussy trying to hold on to a hard cock.

They came together and they came hard. Susan cried out, screeching into the night as her body convulsed and his cock shot its load of cum far up inside her. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as she bounced on top of him. Her pussy convulsed around his cock, milking every morsel of cum from him, unwilling to let him retain a single droplet. He came hard, enjoying the weight of her, her animation, her sounds, her passion, her need.

Once it was over, they did not move. She leaned into him and rested her head on his shoulder. Their chests heaved together as they worked to catch their breaths. He kissed her neck and side of her face. She moved her body slowly, allowing him to stir the pool of cum within her. He felt the pool of wetness spread between his legs, but still they did not move apart.

They heard voices of an approaching couple, and he was sure that she would move off of him, but she made no such move. She remained with her head on his shoulder, his cock in her pussy, as the couple strolled by only a few feet away in the semi-darkness. There was no way that they could not have known what was going on—perhaps they even imagined his cock buried in her seeping pussy—but they neither spoke nor slowed as they passed.

Later, as they walked back to the car on unsteady legs, Jason had his arm around Susan’s shoulder. She leaned into him, her body still alight with their lovemaking, small tremors still coursing through her body. They both knew that somehow, in this great big world, they had found each other and that what they would share would be something special. Neither knew exactly what that was or where it would take them, but both were ready for the adventure. The kiss they shared as they leaned against the car was filled with passion, with need, and with promise.


If you have comments on this story or suggestions for what Jason and Susan might do together, feel free to send me email or a message here at Lit.

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