A Night at the Manor Hotel

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Big Tits

It had been a long hard day and Jon was glad to see the sign at the entrance to the hotel he was booked into for the night, appear in the beam of his headlights. The day of meetings had been tiring but with the signed contracts in his case for the large project that would keep the company afloat for a good few months to come gave him a great sense of relief. He needed a shower, a drink and to just crash out for a few hours.

Swinging to a holt in a parking space, he looked at the hotel façade. Not too shabby for once he thought and made a mental note to thank his secretary for her choice in his accommodation. The building was not too large & with an interesting style. Not a sterile block of the motorway services motels he usually was allocated. Climbing out of the warm car into the cold evening air he grabbed his overnight bag and headed for the entrance door. The lobby looked to promise good things for the rest of the hotel with a nice style of décor, modern but in keeping with the architecture.

A couple of lift doors were directly in front guarded by a large potted plant each side. To the right was the entrance to the hotel bar, restaurant & function room. On the right was the reception desk which appeared to be unmanned. Jon approached the counter, setting his bag on the floor by his feet. Looking around for someone to help him he notices the small brass bell and he reached forward to drop his hand on the plunger, but froze just before he made contact. His move forward had increased his view over the counter just enough to see it was being attended after all.

Leaving forward for a better look, Jon held his breath. Kneeling on the floor facing away from him rummaging in the bottom of a cupboard was the Receptionist. At least that’s who he assumed it was. All he could see for now was the most perfect backside he had ever seen. The black skirt stretched tight across the curves just enhanced the appeal. There was no VPL and Jon mused for a second that she must be wearing a thong or even less. A pair of feet in patent black heels protruded back in his direction. Jon glanced around but the reception area was deserted, so he continued to enjoy the view for a few more seconds. He suddenly remembered to breath and as air entered his lungs he gave out a little cough.

The cute bottom jerked, followed by a bump as the Receptionist bumped her head on the cupboard shelf in surprise. Flustered she rose to her feet tugging at her skirt with one hand and rubbing the back of her head with the other as she turned around.

“I’m sorry I did not mean to startle you.” Jon began to apologise but his words quickly dried in his throat.

Before him was what could only be described as his perfect dream woman. She stood a little shorter than him, maybe 5′ 7″ in her heel. The curve of her hips was testament to her slim figure which from the front was just as amazing as the rear that he had already studied in detail. The crisp blouse had the top two buttons undone, still professional but giving a hint of the lightly tanned skin below. The white material was just thin enough to show a trace of a lace bra underneath. Her face was very pretty, a sweet mouth with pink lipstick, cute nose & the most amazing eyes. All this framed in gorgeous blond hair which fell in soft waves to her shoulders.

“Oh, I did know know you were there, you made me jump!” she replied still rubbing her head,

“Erm Oh sorry please excuse me Sir, Welcome to the Manor Hotel, How can I help you?” she asked recovering her professional stance & a wide smile.

“Hi My name is Jon Peters; I believe you should have a reservation for me.”

“Thank you Sir, let me just check that for you.” And she taped away briefly with her manicured fingertips on a keyboard under the counter.

“Are you here for the conference?” She asked.

“No just passing through for one night.”

“Ok, well it’s a good job you booked as the hotel is very full with an Agricultural Machinery Conference”

As if on cue two guys talking loudly bust through the door and headed for the lifts staggering a little with the effects of too many beers.

Jon raised an eye brow and the receptionist gave a sheepish grin.

“Well due to all the conference delegates, I’m sorry but we won’t be able to give you the room you booked for tonight. However we do have a room available that you can have on the top floor. We won’t charge you any more as its empty but it is larger than our standard rooms so I hope that won’t be a problem. It’s called the Britannia Suite.”

“Well as long is I have a bed & a shower Id be happy with a broom cupboard, so I’m sure I can slum it in a Suite for one night”

A few more taps on the hidden keyboard & a printer stuttered into life spitting out a sheet of paper with his details which she handed over for him to sign along with a key card.

“My name is Emily by the way.” As she pointed to the little gold badge pinned just over her left breast. “I will be here most of the evening if you need illegal bahis anything.”

“Thank you Emily that’s most kind. If I think of anything you will be the first to know.”

She directed Jon over to the lifts with instructions to turn left at the top floor.

He turned round in the lift car and reach for the top button. Looking back to the desk Jon caught her watching him, biting her lower lip. He gave her a smile and a little wave which made her blush slightly as the doors closed.

With a clunk the key card released the door and Jon stepped into the Britannia Suite & turn on the light. Yes it was suite, just, reminding himself that this was a country hotel in rural Essex & not the Dorchester. Like the reception area the room was clean and tastefully decorated with cream fabrics & light wood furniture. The bed, still modern in style added a touch of luxury with its four poster frame and simple canopy.

A sitting area off to the side included a pair of cream leather sofas & a low coffee table. Opening a door Jon found the bathroom and as expected contained luxury fittings including a Jacuzzi bath and a large walk in shower behind a full height glazed screen.

Jon dropped his overnight bag at the end of the bed and rubbed the back of his neck, he felt a little weary but not too tired and decided on a quick shower to freshen up before going hunting for a bite to eat.

Slipping off his suit jacket he rummaged in the case for his wash kit. He undid the belt buckle at his waist, undid the button & zip to let the trousers pool around his ankles. Bending down in just his unbuttoned shirt & black tight trunks he caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror. With a cringe he whipped off his socks, not a good look for a guy, semi naked but still in socks! He chuckled to himself as he headed to the bathroom. Not as though anyone else can see he thought to himself.

The powerful shower soon drenched his body, & the rich creamy shower gel massaged into his skin soon relieved some of the tiredness of the day. He did not claim to be a muscle man by any stretch of the imagination but at 46 he was still in reasonable shape. 5′ 11″ and weighing around 160lbs he was athletic in build with still the remains of a fading tan. No six pack abs, but not too much middle age spread either. The soap bubbles drifted down his chest & legs to be rinsed away by the warm water. His average size cock hung down between his legs with a small crown of trimmed hairs surrounding its base. An extra squirt of shower gel and it felt slick in his grasp. Jon was tempted to lean back and have a little stroke but before the blood filled his rod too much decided the emptiness in his belly needed to be satisfied first. Finishing soaping his crotch and smoothing soap over his shaved scrotum Jon turned in the shower for a final drenching before turning off the taps & reaching for a large fluffy towel.

Ten minutes later, shaved and feeling fresh wearing a clean blue shirt & simple black jeans Jon desended in the lift to the lobby. Turning to the reception desk ready to give the lovely Emily the receptionist a smile he was disappointed to see a large guy in his late 50s manning the desk. With an inward sigh Jon headed into the bar wincing at the wall of sound that assaulted his ears from the crowd of semi intoxicated delegates from the conference.

Fighting his way to the bar Jon waited to be served by the harassed barman who was facing a barrage of orders from too many people. He was about to give up when he scented movement beside him, but before he turned his head he inhaled subtle exotic fresh perfume of which he had to take a second breath.

“Oh Hello again” It was Emily smiling back at him with a cheeky grin on her face. “I’m so sorry it’s so busy in here tonight, can I help you at all?”

“Well I was just looking for a couple of beers & maybe a chicken sandwich but it looks like I will be out of luck at this rate.”

At that moment Emily was nudged by the rowdy crowd behind her and had to take half a step forward to avoid falling. She stopped mere inches from Jon and put her hand out onto his firm chest to steady herself.

“Oh, sorry again!” she exclaimed blushing deeply.

“Please don’t apologise on my account.” He replied giving her another wide smile causing her to blush even deeper.

“Listen it’s crazy in here, but if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes I will make you a sandwich myself & if bottled beers are ok I can bring them up to you as room service?”

“I don’t want to cause you any trouble but if you don’t mind that would be perfect.”

“I’m due a break soon anyway so I can take that after I deliver to your room.”

“Well in that case can you change the bottle to white wine, if that suits you and bring two glasses?”

“Err um well I’m not supposed to do that sort of thing with guests Sir” she stammered looking around nervously.

“Ok It’s your choice but the offer is there. If you would like a glass of wine with me Id be honoured to share illegal bahis siteleri your company, but of course I don’t want you to get into any trouble. And please call me Jon”

“Give me fifteen minutes and I will deliver your order Sir, I mean Jon. I will have to think about the wine & who says I don’t like trouble!”

With a sparkle in her eye she ducked behind the bar & vanished into the kitchen leaving Jon with a passing view of her sexy bum wiggling in her tight skirt. Back In his room Jon quickly stuffed his dirty shirt from earlier into his case & checked everything was tidy. Turning on the headboard radio, intending to find the current news, all that he found was hotel wall paper music so he turned the volume down to a low background level. Turning off the main overhead light but leaving the bedside lamps & desk lamp on the atmosphere became gently relaxed.

With a sudden thought Jon realised that he had sub consciously set the room to seduction mode. What was he thinking! Emily would not really be interested in him, he had to be almost 15 years older than her, & he had no idea if she was married or had a boyfriend or, or or…His mind was spinning. She was only bringing his supper after all but that passing comment about possibly liking trouble stuck in his mind. He settled onto one of the sofas & tried to read a complimentry magazine but all he could hear was his watch ticking away the seconds and his heart pounding in his chest.

Just as he began to relax there was a gentle knock, followed but a little voice announcing room service. Opening the door he was greeted by the lovely Emily holding a cloth covered tray with a delicious looking sandwich, bottle of a reasonable looking wine and, one glass.

Jon hid his disappointment as best he could & stepped aside to allow her to enter the suite. As she passed by he could not help wondering if she had undone an extra button on her crisp white blouse as there was defiantly an extra inch or two of creamy cleavage on view.

“Thank you for delivering the food and wine. Just put it on the coffee table by the sofas. Do I assume the one glass means you decided not to join me?” he enquired again trying to hide his disappointment.

“Well as you asked so nicely, it would be rude not to accept” With a wink she revealed a second glass hidden by the cloth and under the tray!

“In that case you had better take a seat and make yourself comfortable” he smiled indicating the nearest sofa.

Putting the tray down, she sat down elegantly on the sofa, but then shrugged and flopped back comfortably into the soft leather upholstery.

“Sorry, not very professional, but it’s been a long hard day. Do you mind?” she enquired kicking off her killer high heels and resting her ankles on the coffee table.

“Please make your self at home” said Jon pouring the wine into two glasses, passing her one before sitting on the opposite sofa. They chatted while they drank some of the wine & Jon ate his sandwich which was delicious & he had not realised just how hungry he was.

As Jon reached forward to put the plate on the low table Emily pulled her stocking clad leg up close to her and began to rub her foot.

“I love high heels but they do make my feet ache at the end of a long shift”

The movement of her lower limbs had caused her tight pencil skirt to rise gently up her stunning thigh till the black lace at the top of her stocking peeked out from under the hem. Being a gentleman Jon tried not to stare too much but being a red blooded male, the more of this gorgeous woman he could see could only be a good thing! He shifted slightly in his seat and noticed that as she rubbed her toes, her knee had fallen to a lower angle, exposing more of her upper inner thighs to his gaze. A few inches of soft white skin was visible above the delicate hosiery before hidden in the shadows at the join of her thighs he caught a glimpse of a triangle of shear white fabric trimmed with fine black lace!

“Is that better?”

Jon snapped his eyes back to Emily’s cute smiling face, and a flush of heat spread up the back of his neck.


“The sandwich, was it ok?”

“Oh yes thanks that just hit the spot, very tasty.” He quickly recovered, but had licked his lips for a totally different reason.

Their eyes locked deeply for a few seconds & he knew that he had been caught. Jon waited for the next few seconds to see how she would react, but she carried on squeezing her foot to try to relief the aches & pains.

“I know it’s probably not the right thing to say, but if you have some time still on your break, I’ve been told I give a reasonable foot rub if you are interested?”

“Well as long as you don’t tickle I’m sure that would help no end, but only if you are sure?”

“I would not have offered if I did not want to” he said standing up and moving to sit on the same sofa. “Swing your feet up onto my lap and relax.”

Jon began to massage each foot in turn using a firm grip canlı bahis siteleri to work on her instep, pulling her toes and rubbing at the back of her heels.

“MMM that feels good” she sighed wiggling lower on the settee. Her feet now rested on his lap against the top of his thighs. Her skirt had risen another inch higher answering another question. Defiantly very sexy hold up stockings with no sign of suspender straps. Jon’s hands began to drift up onto her calf muscles alternating between firm massages to stimulate the firm toned muscles, and soft caresses which were light against the sheer silk.

“I’m glad you find it relaxing, it’s just a shame I can’t do the full job properly.”

“Oh and do tell me what the full proper job would entail?”

“Are well for that I would need some lotion or massage oils, at least a couple of hours of your time and…” he broke off.

“And what?”

“Well to be honest you are a little overdressed!”

It was Emily’s turn to feel warmth as a flush of colour spread from her cheeks, down her neck and onto her cleavage. She moved her foot and Jon felt the pressure as her toes pressed against his groin as she stretched out even more, raising her arms to pull her blouse tight across her pert breasts. Was that an accident or deliberate her surreptitious touch had an effect on his blood flow and his heart rate was busy pumping blood towards his manhood.

Suddenly Emily swung her legs onto the floor and skipped to the bathroom. “Be right back” she chimed as the door closed.

Unsure of what would happen next, Jon took the opportunity to adjust the growing lump at his groin. Don’t get carried away he thought to himself, she will probably go back to work when she has freshened up in the bathroom. He topped up the wine glasses & thought he could hear Emily talking but it was too muffled to make out any words.

He stood and smiled as she emerged from the bathroom a couple of minutes later.

“Well two out of three is not too bad” she smiled & winked.

Being a dumb male and like most of his gender was a little slow on the uptake. Before he could ask what she meant she continued.

“My relief Receptionist has arrived and as I was on an extended shift already that’s my work finished for the evening.”

The penny began to drop that maybe he could enjoy her company now for a little bit longer.

She continued, “And as you are in this suite you benefit from the extended range of complimentary toiletries, and with that she threw a bottle of Jasmine scented body lotion across the room which thankfully he caught.

“As you say, two out of three is not too bad but that still leaves No 3?”

“Indeed, and I know I should not do this but I could really use a nice relaxing massage right now & Id love to see if you are as good as you say you are.”

With that she moved a hand to her hip & lowered the side zip on her skirt. With a cute wiggle & a couple of tugs the tailored skirt pooled around her feet!

Jon held his breath as he took in the vision of beauty before him. The tails of her white blouse fluttered at the top of her legs, just hiding the tiny knickers he had glimpsed earlier. She then began to undo the blouse exposing a widening V of perfect cleavage.

“You can watch if you like but a gentleman should avert his eyes when a lady is undressing.” she chuckled.

“Of course my lady” and with a gallant bow Jon tuned around, only to now find a mirror in his eye line perfectly positioned for him to continue with his viewing pleasure!

Emily shrugged her blouse from her shoulders and it joined her skirt on the floor leaving her beautiful figure hidden only by the shear black hold ups and matching white lingerie, highlighted with the delicate black ribbon trim. Jon’s manhood began its unstoppable rise and would soon become uncomfortable within the confines if his clothes.

He gave a silent groan of appreciation as the Goddess in his room tuned and rolled first one then the other stocking down her shapely legs. If she could tell he was still watching she gave no indication as she stood upright and reaching between her shoulder blades unclasped the pretty bra and slid it down her slender arms. Jon held his breath again and feasted on the reflected image of her body. He was not an expert but estimated she was a size 32 B or maybe a C with firm upturned nipples. Tossing the bra onto a chair she glanced in his direction, turned with her back to him and then in one fluid movement bent at the waist to drop her tiny thong panties down to her ankles. She then quickly grabbed a white fluffy towel she had bought from the bathroom & wrapped it around herself. It was just long enough to cover her nipples and drop to skim the bottom of her firm bum cheeks.

“One more second, I will just lie down on the bed. I assume that’s where you want me?”

The question hung in the air for a moment as Jon thought, Oh God yes that’s just where I want you!

Emily pulled the bed covers away just leaving the snow white bottom sheet. Sitting elegantly on the side of the bed, she unwrapped the towel and rolled onto her front, spreading the towel over her lower back, buttocks & thighs. Resting her head on her folded arms she confirmed she was ready.

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