a night to remember_(12)

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I was hanging out with my friend Kayla. She was cool as a girl can get. We talked lot about sex, but we never messed around. We both had our F.W.B. We talk about fucking all the time but we never fucked or really brought that up. Little did I know she just got wet from just thinking about me. Im 5 foot 7 about 145 pounds not real big, black hair and brown eyes. Not much special about me.
So me and Kayla go out to eat and go to the movies just like any other date in America. We had good time nothing out ordinary. As we were heading to the car after the movie, she told me she had house to herself. I said that must be nice! She offered me come over and hang for little bit and maybe spend night. Little did i know what she had in store for me. She liked to be in control and get kinky. I was more traditional and never really did any of that stuff. So anyway i said sure why not. I didnt plan to have sex that night but i sure had plenty of it!
So we get to her place and she had everything prepared in her basement. I was saying how nice place her dad had as she offered me glass of kool aid. I had no clue she druged me. I remember taking a drink then having lay on the couch. I woke up on a single matress bed with the four poles on each end of bed tied with ropes. My mouth was ducked illegal bahis taped with her thong in my mouth. It was rather freezing in the basement with light being dim. Out no where she on top me asking how I was doing. This is when ahe was telling me she was wet and horny all time just looking at me. She dreamed of kidnaping me after i told her i wasn’t into that.
At this point im little mad but i always thought Kayla was hot and wouldnt mind to bang her. Just not with me tied to bed and druged. She goes on and shows me me her toys ( Strapon, cock ring, whips, paddle,) i really didnt want get fucked in ass. She just had that smile and i knew it be long night. She first got duck tape and her thong out my mouth and before i could speak, her ass was on my face. She said for me lick her asshole and i refused. She smacked my dick good and i was in a lose lose situation.
I had no choice, i started licking her asshole and she and i thought it never end. Then it was time for her pussy. Im not crazy about that ether but by looks of things thats going to change. So now her pussy is right on my face and she was more wet, she was dripping. She orgasmed by me my tounge just touching her. She squirted all over my face. Looks like I took my shower after that.
Now its time tease me. Ive illegal bahis siteleri been trying break free so far unpromising. I kept telling her let me go but I believe now thar was just fuel on the fire. She just had that look and this was just the begining. She found a ball gag put it in her pussy then shoved it in my mouth. She started kissing me all over and and then started teasing my dick. She kissed softly and slowly suck on it. Little more everytime. I was going crazy! She kept this up and then finally got on top my dick. Very slowly entering me in. I took forever! Finally all way in she rode me slow all way out and all way back in. I had no condom on and it was beat feeling in my life. She was just dripping all over my dick so wet! When she seen i was enjoying so she stoped and started whiping me. This was painful especially when it hit my hard dick. When i was red all over she finally quit. Then she whispered in my ear and said im her bitch. I started to obey her and she started to trust me enough to untie me. She wanted to bend me over to fuck me in ass. She untied me, my arms were in pain from the position. I say i was like for 2 hours at least. She untied me and i had figure way to escape. I
Seen the stairs and when she turned around, i made run for it. She seen me little to quick canlı bahis siteleri and got me on stairs and let me tell ya, she was pissed. She dragged my ass back on bed. I was out energy and in pain. I was face down on this bed her on my back agressively tieing me back on bed i was yelling for help ( never came ) she kept saying shut fuck up and she owned me. Now i was tied facedown tight and couldn’t hardly move. She put ball gag back on me. And From the corner of my eye i see her putting on strapon. I was started to scream learn that would help. She just laughted and stood right in front of me. Smacking her approx 7 inch dildo on my face. See this, this is going in ur ass and since i ran she was going ram in all night. I startec crying and started to imagine the pain. Next i felt her pouring the lube on my asshole. I tried move but didnt effect much. She but large pillow under me to raise my ass to her. This was it my virgin ass gone. She didnt just slowly entered. She rammed it right in and the pain just hit me. Back and fourth for hours she was fucking me in the ass. She was moaning the whole time and have orgasims while im in pain getting fucked. I thought i was the one to fuck her in ass and cum in her asshole. Not tonight. She literally fucked me all night. I remember waking up still tied and my ass was on fire. My arms were killing me. About half hour, she came down and said what a night. As she untied me. I could hardley walk. I ended up having a night i wouldn’t forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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