A Pipe Smoking Santa

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I just had to do it. See, Sarah has 3 young children, no job, no husband and not a lot of money. Yep, I will put on a Santa suit to give presents at her house. It’s not like I mind. I always loved Christmas; Santa’s character, shopping for presents, snow gently covering the city, everything. I got inside my car and was on my way to her house.

I parked 4 houses away, and walked up to the back door, as instructed. There she was, like we had said, waiting for me at 10’o clock. She was only wearing a white night gown, and seemed to be lost in her thoughts while watching the snow fall. She looked pretty nice for a woman of that age. Short brown hair, with a delicate face, deep brown eyes, medium-sized but firm-looking breast and a butt I’d like to grab and stab! As I began drifting in my own thought (probably dirtier than her’s) too, I startled her. She laughed, silently, and opened me the door.

She greeted me with a warm hug, kissed my cheeks and thanked me a dozen times. I told her it was my pleasure. She was one of my mom’s best friends, I couldn’t let her down. She asked me how it was going to cost. Of course, I answered it wasn’t going to cost anything. She insisted, but I insisted too. It’s Christmas time! Anyways, it was almost time. I proceeded in the basement, where the Santa outfit was hidden.

I grabbed the boots, the pants, the false tummy, the jacket, the beard, the glasses and the hat. I looked at her, and she seemed lost in her thoughts once again. Anyways, I thought she had already seen a guy in boxers before, so I started to put the suit. I undressed, and then she realized she was looking at me. She gasped, said she was sorry. I said I didn’t mind. “I guess it’s not your dream to be seen naked by a women my age,” she said. I answered that honestly, I like mature women. She blushed and smile. She probably could have guessed with the bulge in my boxers. By that time now, I was done putting on the suit. Then she asked something that really surprised me…

“Feel free to say no to this, but see, my father always played Santa those last years, and he always smoked a pipe. So the children are used to see Santa with a pipe. But you’re a non-smoker, so I understand you don’t want to.” Wow… needless to say, I was in complete shock. Yes I was a non-smoker, but I really enjoyed a cigar now and then. Nobody knew about this. It was my secret fantasy smoking a pipe. So I acted like I was thinking about it, even though I already had the answer. She then said, “I understand… But maybe you could at least enter with the empty, unlit pipe in your mouth…”

“No, no! Of course I want to do it! It will be my pleasure!” I replied. She seemed really surprised by my answer. She told me to look inside the jacket’s pocket. There, I found a nice looking bent briar. In the other pocket, I found a pouch of tobacco. Great! I packed the pipe layers by layers, tested the draw and searched for the matches in the pocket. I found an old lighter. She was looking at me intensely. I lit the surface of the tobacco while taking small puffs. The taste was a bit dull. I proceeded again. This time, I produced a lot more smoke. I then tamped the burned tobacco, and proceeded for the real lighting. The room quickly filled with thick smoke as I was puffing on the briar.

I took a few more puffs, and looked at her. She was amazed. Even more, I was sure she was completely aroused. I could see one of her hand playing with her crotch under her gown. “Shall we proceed?” I carefully asked, the smoking pipe clenched in my jaw.

“Oh! Why yes of course,” she said. She really did look odd…

“Ok,” I said with the pipe nested in the corner of my mouth, “you can go in the living room; I’ll be there in 2 minutes.” Without any more words, she went upstairs. Wow… Talk about a reaction. I didn’t know a Santa suit and a pipe could have such a powerful effect on women… With a grin, I took the lighter from the jacket’s pocket to the pants. The pocket were pretty deep, I had a little naughty plan in mind. I was somewhat of a good looking young guy, but I didn’t have any girlfriends at that moment. I was in need of some sex, and a mature woman was just what I was fantasizing about for several years. If this plan was to work, I would definitely score bursa escort tonight. I got outside by the backdoor, and heard her kids yelling. I pulled my best Santa laugh and proceeded with the plan.

I entered the house by the front door, pipe in mouth, carrying a bag of presents. Sarah showed me the old armchairs I was supposed to sit in. I took place, and told the kids that I was coming from the North Pole, and that I needed to go around the world tonight; the usual story. When I started to give presents, Sarah was giving them to me in order so each kid would get one after the other. Each time she bent down to take a present, she had a hard time keeping her gown from showing her ass. She wasn’t wearing panties. My cock grew harder and harder. At last, all the children’s gifts were given. I then called the grandma and the grandpa, who were half asleep, to come and get their presents. By that time, my pipe has gone out.

The timing was perfect. The grandparents were sleeping and the kids were busy with their shiny new toys. The last present was Sarah’s, and my pipe needed a light. I called her name, and she sat on my lap. She noticed the bulge in my pants. She applied even more pressure with her butt. Yep, it was coming pretty clear. She wanted to get some. I only needed the final proof.

I then asked if she had been a good girl. She said yes, and I said that she needed to do one more thing for old Santa. “Old Santa’s pipe has gone out, would you mind lighting it for me again?” She nodded, and searched for the lighter in the jacket. “Santa’s lighter is in his pants, right pocket!” I told her. She put her hand down the pocket, and began searching for it. My dick was rock hard now, along my thigh. In no time, she found the lighter, but still reached for my cock, through the pocket. “Keep looking, you’ll find it!” I told her, laughing. She began stroking it through the fabric. After a minute, she did what would have normally taken 5 seconds: she got the lighter out. “Now, light Santa’s pipe. Apply the flame on the tobacco, and make small circles, I’ll tell you when to stop,” I carefully instructed her. She sat onto my crotch, with her legs around my waist. She carefully followed my instruction, as I puffed clouds of smoke around her face. She started to rub her butt against my hard cock. Before the situation got out of control, I thanked her and took a few more puffs. She got up, and walked away, realizing that we were not alone, even though nobody was watching. I thanked everyone, told the kids I had to go around the world, and got outside. Some of them were watching me, so I took a few steps away from the house until they could no longer see me.

I waited a bit outside, still puffing on my pipe. It tasted pretty good; I really had to get one. An old couple walked past me, wishing me a merry Christmas. As they walked, I heard the lady say to her husband, “Pipe smoke smells so good! Why don’t you smoke a pipe too? ” I let out a hearty Santa laugh, and peeked at the house. The lights were dimmed, and the kids were no longer watching. I ran back to the backdoor.

Sarah was waiting for me. I entered the house. “Hey Santa, still as Horny?” she asked. She took the pipe right out of my mouth and kissed me. After kissing and stroking for about 5 minutes in the doorway, I took her in my arms, and walked her downstairs.

She put the pipe back in my mouth, and began to search for the lighter again. This time, both of her hands were in my pockets. She was stroking my cock through my pocket again. She gave me the lighter, and started to drop my pants. As I was lighting my pipe again, she dropped my boxers. My solid 6” cock sprang in front of her face. It was already rock-hard. As I finished lighting my briar, putting the lighter on the table beside us, she started to stroke my dick and to lick my balls. Boy, it was great. I was in heaven. Smoking the rest of my pipe, exhaling clouds of smoke from time to time, she was hard at work, sucking my cock and my balls. The slurping noises made me even hornier. She was looking at me in the eyes through the smoke, her mouth dripping with saliva and pre-cum. She spit on my dick, licking all the length and getting it all the way inside her throat. At last, I finished my pipe. I emptied the remaining ashes bursa escort bayan in the ashtray on the table, near the lighter, and put the pipe on the table.

I pulled her up on her feet, and undid her night gown. I immediately started to kiss and play with her erected nipples, while taking her on the table. I licked her boobs and tickled her with my Santa beard. I started to slide my dick between her breasts. That felt so great. I started to thrust more and more, until I hit the bottom of her chin with the head of my cock. She looked down, and opened her mouth. Each thrust was now fucking her mouth. I then pushed her back; she opened her knees, exposing her already soaking wet cunt. I started to lick her pussy lips, and then inserted 2 fingers in her tight vagina. The Santa beard was still tickling her too. I clicked my tongue on her clit several times, exciting her even more. Then, with my middle finger, I reached for her G-spot. I started massaging it with little circles. After 2 minutes, she started to breathe even more heavily and to let out tiny screams. I accelerated. As soon as she was about to cum, I stopped, getting my cock in her mouth again. She was breathing hard on my dick, which felt great. I returned to her pussy. Again, when she was close to orgasm, I stopped and fucked her mouth again. I repeated the process until after fucking her mouth, I attacked the clit directly. The effect was instantaneous; she squirted in my mouth. I spit the pussy juice to make her even wetter, and resumed massaging her G-Spot. She squirted twice more.

I then raised my hips, thrusting my cock forward and slamming her pubic area with it. I took her under her knees, grabbed her butt and approached her hot, wet cunt. With my right hand, I took my cock and started to slowly rub the head against her pussy. She was motioning for my cock to slide in, but I held back. I was rubbing it against her pussy lips, slowly, spreading all my pre-cum onto her lips. Then, without notice, I tried to shove the entire 6 inches in her. She let out a scream of pleasure, but it was not even halfway there. Six inches is pretty common, but my dick is a lot larger than normal. I got out, tried to spit on her pussy and on my cock, but the Santa beard made it nearly impossible. I tried again. It was going further, but still not quite doing it. “Santa’s cock is a bit too chubby for your pleasure-hole, dear! You have anything we could use?” I asked. She got up, took my cock in her mouth again but this time, she really let the saliva flow. I pushed her back again and tried one more time. Boy was it tight! I slid in and out, each time going further. She was moaning with pleasure, and began moving hectically. I grabbed her even harder, and really gave it to her. Rocking her back and forth, I plunged my dick with all my might in her pussy. The table was banging on the wall.

After 5 minutes, I turned her on her stomach. Sometimes, I’d rub her asscheeks with my dripping wet cock only to plunge back into her cunt. The table was still banging against the wall. That’s when I realized the lighter had fell on the floor, beside the couch, and the pipe was going to fall too. Without ever stopping fucking Sarah, I slid her toward the pipe, and secured it in the jacket’s pocket. I started to get a little weak from all the hip thrusting, so I stopped fucking her and laid on the back on the couch, beside the table.

She looked at me, taking her breath. “Now, won’t you come and sit on Santa’s cock, dear?” I asked, with a gigantic smile. I didn’t need to ask twice. She almost jumped on me. Bouncing on my cock, with her boobies slapping me in the face, I was massaging her beautiful butt with both hands, helping her, handling her up and down. Then, she suddenly stopped, raised her hips and fingered her clit. A warm flow of pussy juice flowed on my cock. She was a real squirter! It felt so great. She managed to cum on my cock 3 more times. My cock was glistening with pussy juice, and she was dripping wet too.

“Now, kneel for good old Santa, wont you dear? He wants to get a taste of your beautiful butt,” I carefully said. She got on her knees, and raised her butt. Her asshole was wet too from all the orgasms she had, and my cock was already slippery from her orgasms too. I put the head escort bursa of my cock against her asshole, and slowly pressed. Very carefully, inch by inch, I inserted my dick. She really seemed to enjoy it. When I was about halfway inside, I started to fuck her asshole. It was even tighter than her small pussy. Each hip movement seemed to send an electric shock through her body. I moved around a lot, forcing her to move too. I could control her body position with only my cock; this was so arousing. I started to move my hips left and right, moving her along. A minute later, my balls were slamming her butt too with each thrust. She fingered her pussy, and came another time.

Minutes later, I couldn’t help it any longer; I couldn’t resist the urge of ejaculating all over her butt, and couldn’t resist this easy joke too. “Santa Clause is cumming tonight!” I took my cock and stroke it furiously, holding her in place with my left hand. I unloaded several spray of sperm right on her butt, covering her asshole with cum. Then, as I was still ejaculating, I entered her asshole again. The sperm made it very easy and slippery. The sensation was incredible! I slowly fucked her ass again, while getting limp. I took my cock out of her cum-filled ass, and she licked it clean.

We rolled on our backs, on the couch. I finally got fully naked, and we kissed. I was dripping with sweat. That Santa suit was getting so hot. It was great getting rid of the beard too. “I was hoping you wouldn’t mind the lighter in the pocket part. I’m happy I tried it” I told her, smiling. She grinned, and started to get clean with a little towel she fetched from the laundry room.

I searched the Santa outfit and found the pipe. I packed a little tobacco in it again, and started to smoke it. It was a great feeling smoking a pipe without the Santa accessories. She watched me and came to sit beside me again. “Oh, you’re so sexy with that pipe in your mouth! You’re already making me hot again!” she gasped. I was already rock-hard again. Smoking this pipe made me feel so powerful, so manly! I started to tease her by gently brushing the hot bowl of the pipe against her nipples. She enjoyed it a lot. I applied the bowl on her clit and started to puff very quickly on it. Not a good smoking method; the smoke was becoming pretty hot. But it was an effective turn-on. The bowl was becoming hotter, and the sensation on her clit seemed to be surreal. With the right timing, I got on my knees, and positioned to fuck her again. But this time, without removing the pipe from my mouth. I simply took her doggy-style, slamming her hard.

She was gasping for air and asking for more, as the only sound that filled the basement was the sound of my balls slapping against her cunt, her soft moans and the puffing sound I made from time to time. I grabbed her by the shoulders, and raised her body so my head was beside her. I used one of my hands to play with her clit, while my other hand was holding her close to me, stroking her boobs at the same time. I was breathing heavily, and a lot of smoke was coming out of my mouth and my pipe. Time was running out, she would have to return upstairs soon. It would have to be a quickie. I told her that I was about to cum again. We came at the same time. I held back as much as I could, so I could give her another go.

We switched position, my semi-erected cock dangling between my legs. I positioned her on the floor, her legs wide spread, and I bent myself over her. I penetrated her, and the heat and the wetness made me hard in no time again. I was releasing clouds of smoke each thrust I gave. Quickly, I brought her chest close to mine, and we hugged really hard as I was releasing my cum inside her pussy. I took my dick out of her cunt and then got on my feet. She sat on the couch and looked at me. Seeing her with a smile on her face made me warm inside. At this moment, I knew I had done more than just fuck her. She knew she was a desirable woman, and felt self-confidence again. But of course, she also just got the greatest fuck of her life. We finally dressed, as I had to leave.

We agreed it was the best night of our lives, and that we were going to meet more often to get some. We would have loved to take our shower together, but we thought it would be more prudent of her to get back upstairs as soon as possible. I put back the pipe in the Santa jacket, kissed her goodnight and went home, waiting for the next week-end. I would have another pipe, and another great fuck.

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