A Rosa in Bloom Ch. 04

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“1… 2… 3… Pull!” Sara called and heaved with all the force she could produce. In accord with Amy, they managed to pry the blonde cum balloon off of Rosa’s giant cock. A massive gush of cum escaped the once tight pussy and sprayed back at its creator. Rosa didn’t flinch as gallons sprayed against her cock, abdomen and breasts. The past year taught her a little jet of cum was nothing to be scared of, even if it’s bigger than what a man can make in a lifetime.

Amy pushed what looked like a giant plug into the new human cum balloon, stopping her flooded body from emptying. “Great job Jess, you did great…” Amy encouraged the blonde as she slowly came too.

“Did I do it? Is she empty?” Her soft voice shattered with strain.

Amy and Sara started to laugh. “Sweety, you’re so cute,” Diana’s voice came as she entered the room, “What you have in you is a drop from the ocean we call Rosa.” Diana inspected the girl resting on her inflated belly.

“I’m not sure I can stand up right now, I feel so full…” Jess wobbled around, trying to understand how the new addition affected her body.

“You can’t sweety, not right now…” Diana got up and walked over to Rosa, “but give it time, I’m sure that by the time Rosa is done with me you’ll be able to wobble out of the room by yourself.” And with those words, Diana walked over to Rosa. She rested in a strange position, her back resting against the headboard with her legs spread wide open across the giant bed. Between her cum sleek legs rested a pair of massive balls contained in a sack. Each orb was as big as a football and felt like it weighed a ton. Towering over them was Rosa’s pride and joy, her massive cock. The pulsating poll that started between her stunning lags climbed higher and higher, as thick around as both her wrists. The only reason Rosa was able to say it didn’t surpass her height was that her hairdo gave her the few inches she needed.

Diana reached the beast and grabbed it with both hands. She shifted it around a little and felt its solidity, a strange mixture of stone-hard and fluff. “Well Rosa, it seems you are a true wonder. To think that a year ago I thought the biggest cock was only 2 feet long…”

“Well, you can say she surprised us all,” Sara agreed, “and to think this strange family of ours would hold for more than a month.”

“But we are holding, and holding well,” came Evelin’s voice as she entered the room.

“Evelin,” Amy called with glee, “we missed you here.”

“Well, Amber took over with the babies so I can take care of our Rosa.” Evelin came to the bed and sat at Rosa’s side. “So how was your day Rosa? Are the girls taking good care of you?”

While Evelin and Rosa shot the breeze Diana turned her back to the futa, took a step away from her and aimed the behemoth cock at her tiny slit. Rosa’s marvelous cock was doing its part to help, the moment it touched Diana’s soft skin it burped out a huge serving of whitish translucent precum, covering every inch of Diana’s ass and legs in its path. After a year with Rosa, Diana was getting used to the process, at first she had a hard time even getting the beast in her, but now, it was as easy as taking a really big cock is for most girls.

Her lower lips parted just as another load of precum surged out of Rosa, it alone flooded every nook and cranny Diana had in her, it alone was fertile enough to get her pregnant again. Diana moaned as the shaft slid in and rearranged her organs, she loved the feeling she got when the rod entered her. Feeling Rosa’s cock pushing out the skin on her belly, knowing that in a few moments she would look just like Jess, probably bigger if Rosa would let her go another round.

“I want us to talk about the future Rosa,” Evelin kept talking with Rosa as if everything behind her was the most mundane sight, “I mean, we’re already 15 people and you’re making sure we keep growing…”

With Diana firmly mounted on her cock, Rosa felt she could address the point Evelin brought up, “what did you have in mind?” She asked.

“Well, I have two options, one is we buy some land and build. We can have our own lot, that way we can make sure we have the facilities to make life more manageable.”

Rosa looked around, her apartment was getting crowded, all her toys pushed aside so they could live there, “I don’t want to move out, not yet… I love my apartment.”

“Well, option b then. We have money from your show, we can buy the rest of the building…” Evelin hoped Rosa won’t think her idea is a waste of money.

She waited forever for an answer, but nothing came. Diana’s voice came instead of Rosa’s, a deep, pleasurable moan that left no doubt in Evelin’s mind, Rosa wasn’t answering because she was filling the good doctor. After a year with Rosa in her life, Eveline got used to Rosa orgasming a lot. What she wasn’t used to yet was the power of those orgasms. She turned her head to look and caught a glimpse of the miracle that was Rosa. Even though Diana was stuffed with what Rosa has to give, a foot of glorious cock meat still remained bursa escort outside. It was sleek with the doctor’s girlcum, demanding full entrance into the toy embracing it.

Evelin couldn’t help but gasp as she saw Rosa’s sack, it looked like it was about to explode. The whole sack abruptly shrunk down in size, losing about a quarter of its size as it retracted closer to Rosa’s pelvis. for a moment, Evelin thought Rosa was actually shrinking, but soon learned how far from the truth she was.

The base of the cock exploded in size, adjusting to what looked like a fist-sized bulge that lazily traveled along the cum vein. It continued its journey along the pole, and when it disappeared into Diana another bulge started its journey from the base. The whole show repeated itself another two times before Diana started to scream and moan violently. The outline of Rosa’s cock vanished from her abdomen as it started to slowly distend. It was a sign the girls knew all too well, when Rosa started slow it meant she was going to go big, and it was no wonder she decided to go big with the doctor of all people. Over the past year, Diana was her biggest fan, her most devoted girl.

As Rosa kept pumping her load into the black-haired woman, she couldn’t help but feel grateful for the woman’s willingness to assist. When they learned Rosa impregnate the girls, Diana worked her magic and took care of everything. All Evelin, Diana and Amy had to do was get to the hospital to give birth, after that they were asked no questions or handed forms to fill. Over the course of a month, Rosa’s strange family went from 5 to 13. Amy and Evelin each gave her twins and Diana, faithful to her image as the most loyal of the girl, gave birth to no less than quadruplets, all girls.

Amy looked at Sara, “We’re going to go through another round of babies aren’t we, Sara?”

“Seems like it,” Sara said as she watched Diana’s belly taking her weight and lifting her off the bed. It was clear Rosa was not done yet, even though Diana was already as big as Jess and the bed groaned under her weight.

“Are you going to take part this time?” Amy wondered, unconsciously placing her hand on her flat stomach.

“I don’t know… Someone has to take care of all the ordinary stuff, you know…”

“Well, you have a point there,” Amy agreed. Both girls noticed Diana’s growth seemed to slow down.

“Okay, time to take her off, who’s next?” Sara wondered as she got on her feet to peel another used cum balloon off of Rosa.

“Wait!” Diana horridly shrilled when she heard Sara’s voice.

The whole room turned to her, fearing something terrible happened. She was usually the quietest of the bunch, even when she gave birth to twice as much as the other girls she didn’t flinch, staying as calm as her doctors. Even Rosa, who was almost apathetic most of the time, had a spark of worry in her eyes.

“Are you hurt?” Rosa wondered.

“Wait, don’t touch me!” Diana spoke once more, “Rosa, you have to give me another load, please…”

“Don’t be silly, Diana,” Amy said as she kneeled by her side, “She gave you more than Jess, you’re already bigger, you’ll hurt yourself taking another load.”

“Rosa!” Diana ignored her assistant, “You know I’ll do anything for you, please, just once, do as I ask…” The brave woman started weeping, “Please, Rosa, I’m begging…”

All the eyes in the room turned to Rosa, the marvelous idol on the bed.

“Whatever you say, Rosa, do you want another round with the doctor?” Sara gave Rosa the final word.

“I say she can have it, I think Diana worked hard enough to earn a little reward, wouldn’t you say?” The girl all nodded in agreement. Diana, overjoyed with Rosa’s decision, started to cry in earnest.

“I can hardly feel you around my cock, Diana,” Rosa said, “I only feel about a foot of your vagina, I want to try something…”

Rosa used her arms to try and lift her body to its feet, she needed some maneuverability to execute her plan. It was clear she was having a hard time moving, squatting her legs below to better balance herself. She paused to take a breath, and calm her heart.

On the other end of Rosa’s cock was the cum balloon formerly known as Diana. She felt the cock in her move around. Her body reacted the only way it could in such a situation, electricity fired across her back and made her shiver with another orgasmic chain as her lungs struggled to scream her joy.

“I wonder…” Rosa said to herself as she started to lean forward, pressing her loins towards Diana’s overstretched pink ring. Before a crowd of shocked girls, the foot of cock that rested out of Diana did the unimaginable, it started to sink into Diana’s abused pussy. The room filled with gasps and whispers. Ever since Rosa grew past two feet no girl took her whole cock, there was always a chubby bit left outside of the warm, dripping cave.

“God, Rosa, are you seeing this, girls?” Sara said, rubbing her eyes and pinching her wrist to see if she’s dreaming.

“I sure see it,” Evelin confirmed. bursa escort bayan From her place near Rosa, she could clearly see the magic happen, Rosa’s cock vanished into the doctor’s swollen depths. “She’s almost there, I think she’s going to make it girls!”

Diana lost to the orgasm a long time ago, oblivious to everything that transpired in the room. Behind her, Rosa struggled against her balls. The massive sack rested on the bed, full to the brim with gallons of baby butter, the skin almost bursting with the pressure. It refused to move even an inch forward. Rosa screamed in frustration as a few inches of her rod still remained locked out of heaven.

It was clear to everyone Rosa was stuck, unable to move under the added weight of her magnificent genitals. “Fuck, shit,” Rosa moaned, “I can do more, I can!” She strained her body again, but it was no use. Her sack rested on the bed, making more and more cum, holding Rosa in place like a dog on a leash.

Sara saw Rosa’s frustration, she got up and walked past Evelin, onto the bed and behind Rosa’s back. “Let me help you,” she whispered in Rosa’s ear and got on her knees on the soft mattress. The sack was as big as a beanbag chair and as Sara placed both hands on it she could feel its erratic nature. The skin was both soft and flexible but at the same time pushed back on her hand with immense pressure. Inside, Sara didn’t feel the balls themselves, the orb’s contents felt like oobleck, at times solid and at times liquid.

Sara leaned into it, putting her weight against the gargantuan sack, “pull Rosa, pull!” Both girls groaned and heaved, but nothing budged. “Again, Rosa, push!” Sara coordinated but the monster orb refused to move.

Tears started to fill Rosa’s eyes, and Evelin saw it. Her heart went out to her, she got off the side of the bed and kneeled by Sara’s side, Rosa’s balls so big they had no problem finding a place for all 4 hands. “Push!” Sara ordered again, both girls pushed with all they had. With a great groan of cracking wood, the monolith started to move. Even though the pace was slow, it was undeniable, Rosa was closing in on Diana.

Diana, on her end, only faintly heard what happened outside her bliss washed mind. All she knew was that Rosa was doing something with her no women ever did before. Out of the blue, Diana suddenly felt something that snapped her out of her orgasmic joyride and with a gasp she was back in Rosa’s bed. Against her buttcheeks was the warm, soft skin of Rosa’s loins. She felt the weight of her lover press against her back, her soft boobs squishing against her shoulder blades, her hands embracing her and pressing against her swollen abdomen.

Rosa’s lustrous red lips whispered in her ear, “I’m in you, Diana, I’m all the way inside you.”

“Do it, Rosa, I want to have your babies,” Diana whispered back, knowing full well what those words mean.

Jess finally managed to sit on her own and turned around to see what everybody else was looking at. Diana was already bigger than she was, and she was on the precipice of taking another load. “Amy, how is she doing this?” Jess tried to bring some sense into the madness before her.

“I… I.. I have no idea…” Amy answered, just as awestruck as Jess.

All the while Rosa and Diana moaned softly as their bodies worked overtime. Their moans filled the room and for a moment they were the only two girls in the world. The show stopped when Sara and Evelin gasped in unison, “We can feel it moving, Rosa’s moving another load into Diana…” they scream.

A loud rumble echoed off the walls as Rosa and Diana started to scream. Diana’s voice gave first as the air in her lungs ran out and an orgasmic shiver ran through her spine and exploded her brain. Rosa kept on screaming a little bit longer as her body locked in place and relinquished control.

What sounded like a water jet on steroids filled the girls’ ears as Diana set a precedent for all the girls. Diana felt the pressure building up quickly against the walls of her abused womb. Even though she had a sea of cum inside her she could still feel the jet of cum hitting her walls, It just went on and on, showing no sign of stopping.

“Jess look,” Amy called, “look at Diana’s belly.”

Jess needed a moment to understand what she was seeing, it appeared as though the spherical belly was becoming an ellipsoid.

“It’s Rosa’s cum blast, Jess,” Amy screamed with excitement, “it’s wonderful…”

Rosa gave a sharp moan and Diana’s belly suddenly became a sphere again, only she was about two times as big as Jess now. Another long moan and Diana’s womb changed shape to tell the girls another jet was filling Diana.

After a dazen shapeshifts that lasted about 5 minutes, Rosa felt her body starting to calm down as reality settled in. She was still hugging the doctor, but the once slim woman was now titanic. Diana’s huge breasts looked like tiny orbs in light of her distended midsection, she was big enough to fit one of the girls inside her, and then some.

“Evelin, get the massive escort bursa one,” Sara called, her hand on Rosa’s firm ass, “stay there Rosa, don’t pull out before we get a plug.”

Amy was standing before Diana, holding the woman’s hands as they shared a smile. Diana was exhausted, barely fighting to stay awake. “You’re amazing Diana, I never imagined we could do that…” Amy’s eyes sparkled, “I wish I could be like you.”

“You’ll… You’ll get there,” Diana whispered, “Just keep going, don’t give up,” and with those words Diana fell into a deep slumber, a smile on her face.

Evelin came back with the biggest plug the girls had. They joked about using it before, but now it was time to use the giant thing. Sara went to Rosa’s side, helping her move from Diana’s belly to the bed itself. Then, with slow steps, they walked back and pulled the massive rod out of the abused pussy. Cum started to leak down Diana’s belly as Rosa got to the head of her cock.

“Get ready, Evelin,” Rosa directed. Then, with one forceful move, she pulled out. The jet that left Diana launched against Rosa’s flat belly. She almost lost her balance but Sara was there to support her. Both girls were splattered heavily as Evelin struggled to fit the plug in.

Rosa considered sitting against the headboard again but realized Diana was going nowhere in her current state. She was pretty sure the bed under Diana already gave out and figured she might as well give it her all.

“Well girls, who’s next?” Rosa wondered out loud.

“That would be me,” Evelin stood proudly, her body already covered with cum Diana sprayed moments ago.

Rosa smiled, “You know what I like about you Evelin?”

“The fact that I’m soaking wet and ready to take you?” She teased and laid back on her back, opening her legs to expose her moist flower.

Rosa walked over and stood on the floor by the bed, her balls more manageable after pouring a fraction of what she had in Diana. She wasted no time, pushing her tip against the lips and bludgeoning her way in, she knew Evelin liked it rough. In moments, she crushed her cervix and pounded her womb violently.

Rosa towered over the quivering woman, she wondered how she managed to not orgasm at the display of sexuality she just experienced. She wasn’t suffering in any way, of that Rosa was sure, the girl moaned vocally as she did enjoy Rosa’s gift.

“Rosa…” She stumbled in her speech but managed to string something toghether, “We’re going to need a lot of money to buy the whole building…”

Rosa started to laugh and couldn’t help but smile, it seemed the thing really bothered her current toy. “I’m sure we’ll figure something out,” She said with a smile and jammed herself as deep as Evelin’s body managed. More than a foot was still out of her but that was to be expected of Evelin, she wasn’t far behind Diana, but she still had a little way to go.

“What I love about you most is those gorgeous boobs,” Rosa reached and grabbed a breast in each hand. The effect was immediate, Evelin relinquished her body to the orgasm that knocked at her gates the moment Rosa’s cock touched her flower. ‘That is definitely Evelin’s gift,’ she thought to herself as she started to pump what she had in her tunnel in and out quickly. She never lost an erection after cumming, even before she got this big. Now, after 3 rounds and speeding towards the fourth, her cock was just as ready.

Sara’s phone rang, it rested on the bedside table, “sorry, I have to take this,” she apologized and walked out of the room.

Rosa didn’t really pay attention, she was focused on the sight below her. She loved seeing the pussy she was tearing apart while she was giving it her all. She loved watching the pink ring of overstretched pussy struggle against her in a hopeless attempt to close on her. Evelin was no exception, her pussy pulsed with the beat of her heart in a miserable attempt to crush Rosa’s colossal. She squished her giant boobs once more, each much bigger than a handful.

It was not a question of if Rosa will cum, but a question of when. A primal groan was the harbinger of Rosa’s gift to Evelin. She felt her balls pull closer, ready to unload, when Evelin pulled her ace in the sleeve. Knowing she had no chance of taking two loads like Diana, she aimed to get the next best thing.

Her legs wrapped around Rosa’s waist. At first, Rosa thought she was trying to keep her from moving, but when her balls and cock started to pump their load along the shaft she realized Evelin’s plan. With her legs behind Rosa, the girl’s feet were free to work on her sack, and work they did. Each leg positioned above a testicle, she pushed down hard. The effect was clear, Rosa’s cock heaved like a giant beast, so hard it lifted Evelin off the bed for a moment. The load launched out of the cum-slit thundered directly into the back wall of the womb accommodating it.

Evelin exploded in size, her belly pinning her to the bed as Rosa kept inflating her. The girl’s feet didn’t relent on Rosa’s sack, and in return, she got her prize, her belly grew and grew to the point where it started to push against Rosa and lift her. Soon she had to let go of the magnificent boobs she loved so much. Instead, she started to accept this orgasm, like all good things, will come to an end.

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