A Shared Wet Fetish Ch. 08

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The years passed, surprisingly slowly. Grandma did slow down a bit and was really beginning to look and feel her age, now in her mid 80’s., however, when we were together, sex was just as interesting as it had always been.

She was still quite agile, no arthritis or rheumatism, or any of the other usual older people’s ailments.

She still had her weak bladder but that had never bothered her or me, using it towards our mutual sexual fetish.

She started to be a bit more of a tease than normal, doing things in company, just to get me excited.

For instance, we would be at my house, chatting with mom and dad and she’d sit opposite me. Every now and then, she would open her legs slightly, enough for me to see her stocking tops and occasionally I’d get a flash of her panties as well.

She’d wait until I was looking in her direction and flash at me but I used to get her back.

Normally, I would sit with my legs crossed but then I’d uncross them, so she could see the bulge in my trousers.

Of course, anything could happen when I took her back home and usually did.

She continued to enjoy talking dirty and usually did as I walked her to her house.

Something like…

“Are you going to put your cock in me when we get back home and give me a good fuck.” she’d say.

I would assure her I would love to and call her a dirty fucking old whore.

Then she’d say something like, “I’ve had an accident in my panties.”

Meaning that she’d probably wet herself.

I’d tell her that her cunt would taste nice and she’d smile.

Back at her house, she’d lift her skirt up to show me her wet panties. Pee had seeped down her inner thighs, and wet the tops of her stockings.

I’d help her take her clothes off and we’d go to the kitchen. I’d undress myself and get naked. We’d then have two or three large cups of tea.

When her last cup was half empty, just for fun, I held my cock over it and peed in it, topping it it bursa escort up. She raised it too her lips and drank it.

She returned the favour and held my half empty cup under her and spurted, filling it up for me to drink.

“Let’s go upstairs.” She’d say, so eager to have sex.

Our pee fetish had lasted for years, and wasn’t about to end, just yet.

We went upstairs and got on the bed and spent a long time just cuddling.

She’d removed her dentures. I loved kissing her like that, always producing loads of saliva.

We both found it sexy, to just cuddle, naked. It always gave me an erection. As for grandma, she told me she found it arousing as well and made her throb inside.

She’d rub my stiff cock. “I know I’ve said it many times, but I love your cock, especially when you fuck my cunt.” Sh’d say.

“Well, I can say the same. I’ve always loved your body, tits, nipples, cunt, ass, all of you.”

“Even all my wrinkles and no teeth?” She replied.

“Yes, for me, all the better, you old whore.” I replied.

We continued stroking, occasionally touching, intimately, sort of teasing each other to arousal, not that we’d ever needed much arousing.

I played with her long nipples for quite a while, sucking on them. Despite her breasts being so saggy now, her nipples still got erect and sucking them really got her going.

I ended up with two fingers in her pussy and I felt her vaginal muscles push down onto them and begin to throb. Of course, as she pushed down, she peed all over my hand.

Our mouths were locked together, and we shared much saliva.

Eventually, the extra tea we’d drunk earlier had done it’s work and as she pushed back on my foreskin, I released the largest amount of pee. It spurted all over her, until she surrounded my cock with her mouth, and began to swallow.

Afterwards, her mouth, wet and dribbling, lips parted, pressed against my mouth in a sticky kiss.

After quite a long while, bursa escort bayan I went down between her open thighs, taking in the hot, sexual aroma of pee and vaginal juices rising from her sweaty cunt. She tasted amazing.

I pushed my tongue in as far as I could, wishing as I always did, that I had a longer tongue.

As usual, I was on top of grandma, her legs wrapped around me and we were at it like a couple of teenagers.

She was at the point nowadays of being unable to hold on very much and with every I thrust into her sticky cunt, she spurted urine everywhere.

I shot my load fairly quickly and she responded, having the most amazing orgasm, spitting saliva into my mouth.

She was shouting between kisses, “Fuck me, fuck me! Oh! Yes, shove your cock up my cunt…Oh! Oh!Yes…m’mmm.” Her voice descended into a series of gasps and she was dribbling saliva from her open mouth.

At the peak of my own orgasm, I thrust into her as hard as I could.” You fucking slut, you dirty old whore.”

Or words to that effect.

This was our way of life at least once a week. Everyone was pleased that I was still looking after her.

Well I was, wasn’t I?

By her 90th, birthday, which incidentally was one heck of a bash, things had slowed down to sex, maybe once every couple of weeks, but it was always as hot as ever.

As I always had done on similar occasions, weddings etc., I walked her to her house. She’d had a few drinks and although she’d worn a pad, she’d been unable to wait till she got home and it had flooded and pee was running down her legs.

She muttered, “Oh dear, I’ve wet myself again. Once it started, I couldn’t stop it.” I could care less any more. Let’s do something really naughty.”

“What had you got in mind?” I asked

“Fuck me now, here in the street, nobody’s about.” She said.

It was a warm night and it was late, and it was very quiet.

She leant against a fence to a field, facing escort bursa away from me. I lifted her skirt and pulled her soaking panties down and released my stiff cock.

“It’s been a very long time since we’ve done it, so long. Fuck me in the ass.”

I was a bit surprised, as it was a very, very long time since we’d done that.

I slowly eased it into her pouting, loose anus and pushed upwards. It was so warm and inviting.

“Oh, push it all the way in, right up, come in me.”

And I did. it was so sensual. I came very quickly.

“Leave it in me,” She whimpered.

I told her I’d have to pee.

“Do it in me, I can’t get any wetter.” She said.

That was it, I suddenly let go, peeing into her rectum.

When I finally started to slip out, she told me to lift her panties up quickly.

I pulled them up and I heard her fart, several times, as she filled her pad yet again.

By the time we reached the house, she was soaking.

She went straight to the bathroom and undressed in the shower. Her clothes falling in a heap, the pad a mess of urine and small bits of poop.

I undressed as well and we had a shower, cleaning each other. Everyone knew I’d stop over and we went to bed.

“Did you enjoy fucking grandma’s ass?” She asked.

“Anything with you grandma.” I said.

We fell asleep, kissing, the usual wet sticky kisses, cuddling each other.

I still visited her regularly, but the sex diminished quite a bit.

After all, she was now getting frailer and while still fairly agile, had slowed down a lot.

Into her early 90’s, she still wanted sex and often wanted to please me more and often sucked my cock, swallowing my semen.

When I did fuck her, she liked me to lick her cunt afterwards, collect my semen in my mouth and pass it into her mouth.

There was never any more anal sex.

She did like me to pee in her mouth and she still let me drink hers.

Throughout our relationship, I think we’d done almost everything possible.

She was taken ill in her 93rd year and in a hospital. She passed away, smiling at me.

Nobody ever knew about us, until now and I am able to relate our story, many years later.

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