A Spanking Good Time

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I am a 36yr old housewife married for ten years and live in a quiet suburban area. This letter is about what happened just after I wed. I was very naïve about sex and had never done anything exciting although I seem to attract the attention of many men. I had then shoulder length blonde hair and a good figure with 36c bust which looked bigger because of my slim waist.

Anyway after six months of marriage I lost my job and my husband suggested I stay home awhile before looking for another. I tended to get a bit bored and one of the things I looked forward to was the company of two men, one almost 60, the other 55. They were retired and did peoples gardens for a bit of extra cash and to keep busy.

Sometimes I let them into the house for a drink or chatted to them in the garden. Nothing sexual ever crossed my mind, or I think theirs until one afternoon when they were leaving one of them dropped a magazine. I picked it up and was about to call them back when I realised it was a sex magazine. Instead of giving it back I began to thumb through it. I had never seen anything like it before; it featured mainly women being spanked. I was amazed; I had never associated sexual pleasure with that sort of thing and was shocked to find these elderly gentlemen reading such things. One picture showed a woman bent over a man’s knee and her skirt pulled up being smacked with his hand. Another showed a series of pictures that started with a woman in a room with three men. As the pictures progressed she was touched up and then they bent her over a chair and pulled down her panties taking turns to spank her.

The ones that really caused me to have a funny feeling were at the back of the book. They showed men with their penises out and masturbating while women were spanked. Some showed the woman holding a cock. It made me feel turned on and so I settled down to have a really good look. I was very excited at seeing pictures of men’s cocks and fascinated on how these women let themselves be treated like that. Something about the whole idea of being spanked intrigued me – it was very kinky and unusual.

When the men were about to finish for the day I called the elder one in and gathering up courage I handed him the magazine saying, “You dropped this earlier.”

He was shocked and spent the next five minutes apologising to me. As he seemed more embarrassed than me I felt brave enough to say that it was OK and I had looked at it and found it interesting.

“At my age it’s just for a bit of excitement,” he said.

Then he asked me not to tell his wife. I said I wouldn’t and somehow it made me feel a little naughty sharing a sex secret with another man. Before he left he said he was glad that I had found it worth looking at and that I wasn’t annoyed. When they had gone it wasn’t long before I was laid on the bed with my hand inside my knickers. For the next few days my mind kept thinking about the unusual sex magazine. It had excited me more than just pictures of couples making love would have done. I had never had any desire to look at porn magazines but these had had a strange effect on me.

Next time the men came to do the garden I found I was very excited. I wondered if the subject would get mentioned again though I wouldn’t dare ask if he had any more books. When I heard a knock at the door and saw the elder man I invited him in. He apologised again and said that he hoped I wasn’t disgusted with what I had seen. I reassured him that it was fine and that I found it interesting and said that it was the first time I had seen such a thing.

He asked if I had looked at all the way through and when I nodded he seemed a little stirred up. He then asked which parts I had found most interesting. Now I was becoming a little embarrassed and told him that I didn’t know spanking caused people sexual pleasure and they actually had books on it. I added that I was surprised the women being spanked liked it so much. I had read the section with reader’s letters and found them also interesting.

He told me that lots of people indulged in spanking, and he added pointedly, also in other unusual pastimes to do with sex. Without thinking I blurted out, “Have you ever actually done it – spanked someone?” It was really only a thought and I knew I shouldn’t have said it.

“Yes,” he answered calmly, “Many times when I was younger, though not so much now – less opportunities.”

His answer made me blush and as I looked down he asked if I would like to see another book, while they worked on the garden. Not daring to speak I couldn’t resist nodding my head. He put down on the table a magazine showing a woman on the front page being smacked on her bare bottom with a riding crop while a man stood at her front with a very big hard penis – about to insert it in her open mouth. I went fiery red and gasped with shock letting out a little yell.

The man laughed softly and said, “This one’s a bit stronger than the other one. If you don’t want to look give it back when I leave.”

Then he went out and left me stood there stunned.

So this nice old man bursa escort that did our garden was turned on by punishing women by spanking and caning them. He said he used to actually do it so did he do what the men in the pictures did? I imagined him in the pictures, naked, or with his penis in his hand. Did he I wonder get women to put his cock in their mouths or did he fuck them from behind? Did he know women that liked having several men together use her and get her to do dirty things? I was becoming aroused thinking about it – especially the question – did he have fantasies about spanking me?

The book was disgusting, even showing something I thought no-one would be allowed to photograph and publish. A man with his cock up a woman’s bottom smacking her while she sucked on another. Whips featured too, and I had never seen cocks so big! On one a woman knelt on all fours with sperm from three men running down her face. And this old man who did our garden had given me this to look at?

Over the next three weeks I was given similar magazines and fantasised a great deal. I began to bend over differently as though sticking my bum out for a spanking. I let men have a good look and a couple of times wore skirts shorter than I normally would. The books were having a strange effect on me. I thought of the men spanking me and thinking I was being discrete I found it arousing to bend over while they were in the house and just for a second pretend they were about to spank me.

Then one day the old man came in from the garden as he usually did. It was the pattern that he would pop in and leave me the book and they would both come in later for a coffee and then I would return the book as they were leaving. I didn’t know at that stage whether the other man knew or not. This time the man handed me the book and as I was sat at the table he pulled a chair out and joined me. I was a little surprised but said nothing. He told me have a look inside the book and I was nervous reading it in front of him. It was one of the stronger ones and featured more than spanking and whipping. It had lots of anal sex and nearly died when I turned over one page – it showed men peeing.

The man smiled at my embarrassment and he asked me if I had seen that before. My voice shook as I answered no. Then he asked me if the books had made me wonder what it would feel like to try some of the things I read about. Reluctantly I said some of them get me thinking. He asked if I would like to give it a go – see what it felt like to be spanked. I said yes – thinking he was asking me the same question – do I wonder about it. Then I realised – he meant do it for real – let him spank me!

“Stand up,” he said quietly but firmly.

“No – I didn’t know what you meant!” I said but found myself obeying.

“It’s OK – No one will know – just try it to see if you like it. Lots of wives do.”

Now he came closer and putting his arm around my waist he gently started to rub my breasts.

“Do you like the pictures of men – showing how big and hard their cocks are?”

I froze and didn’t know what to do. He asked me again and I thought it best to answer him, “Yes.”

He asked me if I liked to suck cock and being honest I said I had never done it. He pressed me for more and got me to admit the idea excited me.

“Come on,” he said, “Bend over the table and let me give you a little spanking.”

I protested but let him bend me over, and then standing behind me he tried to lift my skirt.

“No!” I shouted, “Show me without doing that – just over my clothes.”

I couldn’t believe I had said that but I stayed bent over the table. His hand squeezed my bottom a little then I felt a slap. It was followed by others, each one harder than the last. He kept telling me I was a naughty girl and then suddenly he gripped me round the waist while standing side on to me and told me to repeat after him that I was naughty. Feeling silly I refused and was about to tell him to stop when he yanked up my dress. I shouted at him and then I felt a really hard slap across my rump which was now only protected by my flimsy panties. He held me in a vice like grip and delivered each slap with precision, first on one cheek then the other. My bottom began to throb and burn as each stinging blow found its mark. I started to sob and cry out but my pleadings were ignored.

Then the pain started to be replaced by a warm glow as though an electric fire was pointing straight at my bum. The slaps came regular and stung then the burn would start. I found my yelling had turned into a moan and realised I was becoming quite aroused.

I was startled when I heard the man say, “I think you’re ready for my belt across your buttocks!”

The tone of his voice wasn’t really threatening and for a minute he did nothing, just stayed still. It dawned on me that he was giving me the chance to call a halt – it was a safety valve. I hadn’t moved though – I remained still with bum pointing in the air. Now we were both still I was more aware of what a sight my panty clad posterior presented to bursa escort bayan the man. I wondered, was his cock hard and did he want to fuck me? I felt myself starting to get a little damp between the legs at the thought of this elderly man fucking me. Here I was – I hardly knew him and was bent over with my skirt up letting him spank me!

When I heard the sound of his belt being removed I shook a little and braced my self – why – I asked silently – did I not stop him? The first blow was straight across both buttocks and made my arse muscles tense. The second came harder then was followed by others, alternating each cheek. Between blows my arse rotated as muscles tensed then relaxed causing my panties to disappear into my bum crack. It must have looked quite lewd and I thought that if it was my husband doing this I would want him to fuck me now. The blows still caused pain, a stinging, but overriding that was a now hot glow that seemed to induce sexual arousal. It grew in intensity and I wanted to scream for the man to touch me! Anywhere would have done – stroke my arse – feel my tits. If he had put his hand inside my panties and tried to get into my vagina I would have let him. I found that the noises coming from my mouth were now sighs and moans of someone sexually aroused. It bothered me not that the man knew – I wanted him to know!

It came to an end when the man pulled me up and said, “That’s enough for a first time.”

He smiled and pecked me on the cheek making me blush.

“That’s both sets of cheeks flushed red,” he joked.

I made an effort to resume normality and when the other man appeared and they prepared to leave I found myself saying, “Thank you”.

The man smiled and said with a glint in his eye, “Anytime” – the implication wasn’t lost on me.

Sex with my husband was great after that and he wondered why. I told him I just felt it time we were a little more adventurous as some marriages go stale. I thought about my little secret a lot and looked forward to the next visit of the men telling myself it was wrong. I was fascinated how pain had turned to pleasure and was beginning to understand what motivated the people in the books. Maybe I’ll just indulge once more then behave myself, I reasoned. I was still a little shocked knowing I had allowed a strange man to lift my skirt and see my knickers – and how I had pushed my bum into the air.

When the day came for the garden to be done I was nervous and jittery. Perhaps the man would have forgotten about now and not be interested. I found myself dressing a little more sexy than usual with a tight low cut top and short flared skirt. One that easily could be pulled up, I admitted reluctantly. I told myself it was just by chance I had picked the garments and was still in a sort of self denial until I had to pick out a pair of panties. I was actually choosing on the way they would look if I was bent with my skirt pulled up. Would these be too see through – will these cover my bum? With one pair I shocked myself by thinking – I bet these would get him hard!

I admitted I was dressing for a purpose and debated with my conscience should I desist. Giving in to the feelings I told myself to “Cut the crap!” and be honest – I wanted to be spanked again. Why shouldn’t I let the man have a nice view? I chose a pair of tight lace panties that had more holes than cloth and when I pulled them up found they got lost in my creases and cracks. Bending in front of the mirror I thought the view was outrageous and I may as well have been naked. Would I dare let the old man see me like this?

I became more and more nervous and jittery as the day went on then just after eleven they arrived. I still felt some embarrassment when I saw the man but his easy nature relaxed me. I looked for a sign he wanted to spank me but only noticed the way he eyed my outfit – the other man seemed uninterested doleful.

“Better get on – lots to do,” he said.

I wondered if he had lost interest and passed a hint, “I hope you still have time for a coffee and chat?”

He said thanks yes but gave nothing away – I was beginning to feel silly and mad deciding I had read too much into it. Just before I intended to see if coffee was wanted it began to rain.

“Oh well, he won’t be able to come indoors on his own now. No sexy magazine and no spanking my bum today!”

We did the usual, talked, drank coffee – and watched the rain. I caught him admiring my figure and wished I had chosen something even sexier – it was nice to have the attention, even from men of this age.

“The rain isn’t going to stop is it?” said the man.

I thought he was going to decide to leave and felt disappointed then he placed a magazine on the table. I coloured up when I saw a picture of a big hard penis pressing between the cheeks of a woman’s bottom.

“What’s your first name?” asked the man.

I realised just how little we knew about each other giving that we shared two naughty secrets.

“Jane,” I answered coyly trying to avoid looking at the book.

“Well I’m Stan escort bursa and this is Bill,” he pointed out.

I smiled then it turned to horror as he said, “Jane here is interested in some of the things in our magazines – she likes to read them when we come round.”

I could have either died of shame or murdered him – it was between us only I thought. He reached out and turned the page. It depicted a filthy scene of a woman knelt on the floor opening her mouth to the streams of pee coming from the men stood over her. The next showed a woman with bum in the air being caned – red weals could be seen across her buttocks.

“Jane had a little spanking last time I came, didn’t you?”

I gave him a look to kill and he laughed.

“It’s OK – don’t be shy – Bill’s alright. It’s going to be a rainy afternoon so we can’t do the garden – do you want to have another go?”

I was tongue tied at his question and held my head down.

“There’s just us here – if you enjoyed it last time we can have a little fun – I could tell it gave you pleasure.”

I was red and embarrassed and when I finally spoke I said nervously, “I’m not sure it’s a good idea – it’s different with two of you here – perhaps not.”

They both laughed, “But that makes it better – being chastised in front of others. You did enjoy it last time because I saw how damp you got.”

I nearly died at his audacity and covered my face with my hands.

“And you can’t deny you expected more today – isn’t that true?” I didn’t answer and he pressed for an answer, “Isn’t it – your dressed differently and I could tell by your manner.”

I shyly nodded my head and admitted it – what would they think of me? I looked up at them now but instead of feeling threatened they looked calm.

“Anyway, we won’t pressure you – but if you was looking forward to bending over the table and raising your bum while I spank you – well, why what’s a better way to pass on a rainy afternoon.”

His words cut through me – that’s what I had just admitted to wanting – letting him lift my skirt and expose my bottom while he spanked it. That, unbelievably, was what I had admitted looking forward to happening – my almost bare arse over the kitchen table. Why was I being dishonest about it – thinking about it was making me slightly aroused and I was peeved that it wasn’t working out. We dropped the subject and talked about something else but it kept popping up again. It was up to me – did it really matter that this other man was here to watch – or would he want to join in? I felt a little thrill and Stan noticed my unease.

“Well – I suppose we had better leave soon – unless? His voice tailed off and he reached for the magazine, “I can leave this if you like – there’s some good reading in it. Do you ever wish you could have played with more of those before you married?”

His question and holding up of a picture showing a very big cock took me by surprise and I said very loudly,”Oh yes!”

The tone of my voice and honesty made us all laugh and as he winked at me Stan said, “Why don’t you be as honest about other things you want?”

I looked bashful and nervous when he said, “Come on, Jane – bend over the table.”

You could hear a pin drop as I fought with my better judgment and feeling slightly scared and silly – but very excited – I stood and cleared the cups from the table, then, moving chairs out of the way, I stood against the edge and bent forward. The men watched me and stood waiting then when I was bent they moved behind me. My legs felt like jelly and butterflies filled my stomach – they stayed silent and it seemed ages before someone moved. I felt a hand start to lift my skirt and gasped – last time I had forbid it and just had it yanked up without my permission – this time there was no preliminaries. I remembered my choice of panties and was ashamed when I thought they were just intended for Stan’s delight, not for the gaze of both men. I had made it obvious I was not the innocent wife I pretended to be.

I felt really exposed as my skirt was raised above my hips and folded over my lower back.

“It’s nice of you to dress sexily for us,” said Stan.

They could see through me – never mind my knickers. A hand stroked my cheeks then as I breathed in I felt the first slap. My arse jumped and I let out a yell. A pause, then another slap – they came intermittently which raised the tension. When I tensed my bum expecting the slap it didn’t come – then when I relaxed it did. The hand slapping me occasionally stayed in contact with my skin and caressed my bottom. As I involuntarily began to wriggle my arse I found I was assisting the fingers of the hand to touch me in more intimate places. My knickers were again folding into my cracks and I was shocked when the hand touched my vaginal lips. Just how much could they see?

As before the slaps became harder, shared between cheeks – then I heard the familiar sound of a belt being taken off. My heart pounded and mouth felt dry and I shook from head to foot. The first stinging blow made me scream and writhe about then blow followed blow, some soft, some hard. My bottom wriggled and squirmed and rose and fell. When my muscles tensed and relaxed of there own accord it felt as if my anus was opening up wider than was possible.

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