A Worship of Female Cum

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Ive been a member here for a lil while but just havn’t gotten around to submitting anything. Why? Honestly I’m not rilly sure, but I think much of it lay in the fact that I didn’t feel my stuff was sexy enough, not erotic enough, and I certainly dont have anywhere close to a cult following yet so I can’t even hope for blind adoration : smirk :

But… One has to start somewhere, no? So I guess short of specific experiences, or hopes or dreams or fantasies or anything of that sort I should lay down a bit of myself.

“one cannot feel the warmth of the embrace of love lest they are naked”

that said,I will get naked and commence the exposing…:

In my profile it mentions my love of cum, specifically “girl cum” the best kind…

Now, I’m sure youre thinking “well, what straight, sane man doesn’t love it?” Point taken I assure you.. but for me its a totally different thing. Not just enjoying it, but craving it, appreciating it and finding a certain ecstasy in it.

I’m an art major so I guess that reflects quite a bit on my sensual nature. Please don’t be mistaken, “sensual” DOES NOT MEAN SEXUAL. They are not interchangeable! However, that doesn’t mean that one cannot strongly affect the other. Case in point, I feel that the best orgasms, the most pleasure and the greatest joy can only be found when every single sense is pleased, and not just satiated, but overcome.

And this is exactly why I love yer cum…

I guess the tantalizing of the senses comes long before the actual cum, even long before I’ve delved my tongue into its second home.. It starts after long hours of kissing, nibbling, caressing and embracing. It starts when my lover speaks and I hear “god joey.. im so wet right now” and my immediate reply is always “prove it..” why a certain sly grin. It seems that she is only too happy to do so, clutching my hand and pressing it firmly against the center of her panties. Forcing my hand hard against the hot, silken, moist fabric that leaves me so close to my final craving and ultimate prize.

Im honestly trembling just slightly as I sit here alone writing this. I guess its a certain aspect of the joy of being teased, knowing that everything I want and need is so close. My senses are already beginning their assent to peak. The feeling of the warm moist fabric is one that few others can parallel. Lifting her skirt to reveal those gorgeous purple panties with a slowly growing wet spot leaves me no choice but to moan out. Trembling… and suddenly quivering as the faint smell of her gorgeous, sopping wet, and very tight little hole reaches my nose. Mmm.. I absolutely love the smell of a wet pussy, but this little waft of fragrance only increases the fervor I need to have the room wrought when the overwhelming aroma of wetness pendik escort and cum.

Three of my senses have already had a taste of things to cum (pun definatly intended) as with all things.. the other two get jealous. I sit there drooling watching her, rubbing her through that thin layer of royal fabric as she spreads her legs so I can see her drool for me… And my ears long to hear the sopping, slurping, squishing sound of my fingers and tongue making love to her little hole and perfect slit.

I’ve always considered myself to be a man of patience, but that’s it.. that’s the final straw a man can only take so much before his desires get the best of him…

Its time to let my every sense feast and revel and blaze. Its time to grab yer perfect hips, pressing the tips of my thumbs deeply into the front of those hips and giving my lover a long.. slow.. firm lap from the base of that perfect slit all the way over that gorgeous deep pink clit. At first through her panties, teasing even myself now, letting me feel just a little more and finally.. finally taste what I’ve needed for so long. But only enough to whet my appetite and further wet her slit..

Finger tips seem to find themselves locked under the waistband of her panties. First tugging down slowly so I can see, taste, every inch of revealed skin. Whimpering between her legs as I watch her perfect fair skin exposed just inches from my face. Until suddenly a bit of that gorgeous red tuft peeks out. ohh..! With a groan and a swift tug those panties are no longer a barrier to my ultimate treat. Those perfect, moist, purple panties are now pulled down to her knees, no more because I simply couldn’t’ waste the time away from that gorgeous pussy to remove them fully.

I lean in…. and lap greedily at that inch long tuft. Still teasing myself, so close to what I need, so close… But as I tease one sense, the others only grow in ecstasy. The more I tease myself, the more I tease her, as badly as I need to drive my tongue so deep inside of her, she needs me to even more. And so my nostrils flex and flare, taking in every iota of her increasing fragrance. Whimpering constantly as my lover bucks her hips almost begging me with her body to lap that gorgeous slit. So what option to I have?

But at this point I still have a small grain of self control left, just enough to grasp her hips and press her body hard against the bed, keeping her still, long enough to complete teasing us… Every time I force her against the bed like that I always get the most amazing squeal of sheer passion from her…

Finally when I can smell and see copious amounts of that precious moisture flowing from her soft pink folds… I break. I have to have it, no longer enough will power to stave my hunger even a moment longer, escort pendik only enough to be gentle, but not for very long…

The tip of my tongue wiggles itself between those precious, smooth lips. And I groan loudly, press my thumbs deeper into the front of her hips, and gasp as I feel how warm and wet her lips are around my tongue. Slowly, almost agonizingly (for the both of us) I lick up that slit of hers. But as much as it is slow, it is firm and deep. My entire tongue lapping up her slit. My rough, wet tongue flattening between her lips and licking all the way up. From the edge of that tight little hole to just underneath that sensitive clit. Once again… slowly lapping, and once more, and again, and again. Both of us trembling, both of us needing more, both of us begging one another to go on

With the only bit of power she can muster she reaches down and spreads open those soft lips, as wide and as hard as she can. Knowing that this action is what drives both of us past any sense of anything, and only into a realm of passion. I pull my tongue away only long enough to watch her spread herself in front of me, we both know how much it turns us on to know that she is exposing herself. Exposing every crevice of her deep pink folds, exposing that erect little clit, and exposing that hot, tight little hole of hers.

I wait only a split second longer, only so she can feel the cool air rush into her quivering depths. But no longer… my tongue immediately finds its home inside of her. No possible way I can be slow, gentle, or teasing any more. The both of us are too far turned on for such frivolity. But instead slipping…driving…thrusting… my tongue into her. No matter how hard I hold her hips against the bed she still manages to buck them up against my tongue, forcing the last millimeter deep into her hungry pussy. Somehow I’m more than happy to give the last bit of my tongue to her.

Moaning… Whimpering… nearly growling inside of her..

sight? nothing before my eyes but my lover, her deep ocean blue eyes, half open, but needingly watching me. Her perfect breasts topped of with hard nipples that she is pinching and tugging while she watches. Her perfect tummy, quivering and heaving as she breaths shallowly. All of her caught behind the almost phantom image of that hot little clit standing strait up inches from my face.

sound? after the immediate slurping sound of her little hole devouring my tongue there is a constant sopping sound as she continues to get wetter, and as I lap deeply inside of her, twisting, twirling and thrusting my tongue so as to touch every inch of her depths, pushing her precious clit upward from inside, so I can watch it buck and quiver as the tip of my tongue teases her G-spot

smell? mmm… her clean, pendik escort bayan fresh pussy up against my nose, sometimes surrounding it, her wetness everywhere, and only more, only thicker, and only more and more fragrant. The wetter she becomes the stronger the room smells of her wonderful pussy, I know that she can smell it too, and I know that, that only gets her even wetter..

touch? oh.. entire mouth and face drenched in her wetness, pressing and rubbing and caressing against her soft, hot skin, and her smooth folds. But the best part, even more than the moisture, even more than the stickiness, even more than the warmth… is the feeling of her juices and soon to be cum coating my tongue, feeling how thick it is around it, only driving it into her harder, faster and deeper so I can gather more…

and finally taste? oh glory… it is this that is by far the most amazing aspect of feasting on my lover. There is nothing in this world I would rather drink or eat than my beloved’s cum… nothing. While I’m sure much of it has to do with the knowledge that she is giving me her most intimate prize. It is impossible to deny the sheer perfection of its taste and texture. So sweet… so thick, so cream like… My tongue wiggling constantly deeper, so hungry and needy for that precious flavor. Twirling over and over, back and forth so deep inside. Driving so deep, somehow deeper with every buck of her hips and bob of my head. thrusting……
thrusting, thrusting, thrustingthrustingthrusting

yes! with a scream and a clench around my tongue her cum begins to flow. Oh.. don’t stop, please… feed me… my tongue lapping quicker, scooping it all out of her, letting her bathe and squeeze my tongue. Oh yes! more, more.. always more, im always so hungry and greedy for your perfect cum! Pulling my tongue out of you only so I can close my lips around your pulsing hole, and suck deeply. Drawing every last drop of cum from inside of you, letting even your innermost depths feel the suction of my hungry mouth. Ohh… you’re such a good girl, please! feed me, feed your love. Gush it all over my face, and spill it into my mouth,fill it.. fill it so I have no choice but to swallow it all. Gulp mouthful after mouthful of sweet thick cum. Feeling it trickle down my throat. Baby, god youre a good girl!!! please fill my tummy!

……….I only stop when her body collapses from the amazing orgasm. Then I spend severy minutes slowly cleaning her. every fold, every inch of her body, and the huge wet spot under her bum on the sheets. Never wasting a single drop of her precious cum. Then taking her wracked body into my arms… cradling her as she continues to tremble and whimper from the aftershocks. Rocking her slowly in my arms, brushing the hair from her face, and whispering over and over again what a good girl she is, how gorgeous she looks bathed in afterglow, and how much I love her…

to make a long story about sweet girl cum short…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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