Adam Finds New Friends

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They were an adoring couple. Both attentive to each other’s needs and desires, both willing to enjoy what the other had to offer. They were an attractive couple as well, seemingly hitting the life jackpot. He was a bit taller than l, with a slim stature- not overly-muscular, but clearly fit. Clean-shaven face with light brown hair. She was only a bit shorter, with a thin but curvy physique. Her waves of dark red hair framed her sweet face and bright blue eyes against the backdrop of a light natural tan. Again- DNA jackpot.

I’m not sure how fate brought me to meet them, but meet them I did. I met her first, though I had seen them both many times before in the gym. I tend to work out alone; they were usually not far from each other. I’m not ashamed to say that I always thought they were both very attractive people and in general attractive as a couple.

On a late Sunday afternoon, I had finished up a workout and needed to stop by the grocery store before heading home- not unusual by any means. I only needed a few things, but they were necessary for my workweek ahead. As I gathered all of my grocery needs, I happened to see the woman a few times in the aisles. She was in more normal street clothes, very different from her workout gear, obviously. She wore a casual dress, just tight enough to show off her curves, but thick enough to not reveal the contents. I definitely took notice as her legs were partly on display. They were shown off well- toned, shapely; accentuated by mild heels. I went about my business, not wanting to leer at her in this public setting (partly because it’s rude, but partly because it was busy- I didn’t want anyone else to think I’m eye-banging fellow customers). I could think about her later if I so desired (and I would). As I finished up my route through the aisles, I headed for the checkout. It was busy and only a couple registers were open. This was an older store and they did not have self-checkouts yet (not that I like those anyway; I’d rather people have a job than save a minute and 20 cents). As it happened, she was in the shortest line at the end, so I headed toward her.

“Why don’t you go ahead of me? You only have a few things and I’ve got a full cart” she suggested.

I looked at the 5 items I had in my hands; “That’s very kind of you, Thank you.”

She pulled her cart back a bit, and I slid in between.

The line started to move and soon enough, my items were being scanned. As the prices added up, I reached into my pocket and realized in horror: I did not have my wallet! I must have left it in the car, hopefully?

“Crap” I said, clearly a mix of perturbation, embarrassment and distress. “I must have mis-placed my wallet. Can you set these aside and I can run out to my car?” I looked back and realized that wasn’t the best option as the line was growing longer.

The teller looked back and saw the line, too. “I can see what I can do…” She trailed off, clearly not too interested in going the extra mile at this point in her shift.

“How much is it?” came a voice that I’d heard just a few minutes ago.

“What?” I countered, “Oh. Uh, fifteen dollars…” probably starting to blush in embarrassment.

“Why don’t you just add it to mine? You can pay me back the next time we’re at the gym,” she said.

“Oh… Geez, I don’t know about that. I mean…” I stammered.

“I can trust you can’t I? I mean, it’s only fifteen dollars, but I can trust you to pay me back?”

“I… well… yeah, of course. It’s just…”

“Then it’s a done deal” she interrupted. “But you’ll need to help me bag my things too.”

“Oh. Of course. Yes.” I said, finally accepting my luck.

As I bagged our groceries separately, I realized that the exchange revealed she had recognized me from the gym. Flattered though I was, I reminded myself that she worked out with who I assume was her husband/partner. I let go of the thought, finished packing groceries, and helped her to her car.

“So I can trust you, right?” she asked again, while looking through her purse.

“Of course. Next time I see you I will have cash for you.”

“I may not be at the gym for a few weeks, so I’m going to give you this,” She said, handing me a business card. “Email me later and we can figure out the details.”

“Certainly,” I said, taking the card, looking at it, “Sarah.”

“That’s me.”

“I promise I’ll email you as soon as I get home” (a smartphone was not in my possessions at that point- I’ve generally resisted too much connectivity), “Let me give you my info.”

“That’s okay, you said I can trust you. And so I will. Enjoy your groceries.” And with that she closed the trunk of her car and turned to go.

“I’m Adam.. By the way.” I started, feeling foolish that my name wasn’t one of the first things I’d offered.

“Nice to meet you. Adam.” She said with a smile, then got in her car, and started off. I was left in a bewildered state at this act of kindness.

Soon I recovered again, made my way to my car and headed to find my wallet. I had erotik film izle foolishly left it at home. Once I recovered my billfold, I took out a $20 bill and stuffed it in my gym bag so it would be set and ready for repayment.

I pulled her business card; she worked for a small design company, and dutifully sent her an email to assure her that I would have cash in my gym bag ready to repay her as soon as I saw her.

At the end of the evening, I settled into bed and thought about my day. The thing that kept coming back was how Sarah remembered me from the gym. I mean, I remembered her. I also remembered the man she worked out with who I assumed was her partner. I know I recall a number of members of my gym who I see there often, but I wouldn’t think that an attached woman would remember me. Heck, I didn’t think a single woman would remember me from the gym. I mean; I’m not a slob or out of shape (actually, I was feeling pretty good about my current physique lately- 160lbs, low fat percentage, squat a lot and quite honestly, had- and still have- a pretty magnificent ass if you’re into such things), but there are plenty of in-shape guys at the gym- bigger, stronger, leaner, fitter- and plenty I would consider more handsome than I.

But she specifically remembered me, and that was all the encouragement that I needed for my late-night fantasy. I imagined Sarah finishing up a workout, still wearing her yoga/sweat pants and a sports bra, and walking to me to ask for a ride. Once at her home, I imagined her leading me up to her door by pulling the waistband of my own work-out pants. Once at her door, she felt it close enough and yanked my pants down, grabbed my dick and latched her lips around the tip, immediately sucking with a fervor. This quickly aroused my actual penis to a strong erection. She continued to suck my cock in the afternoon sun on her porch in my mind until my actual climax reached its satisfying conclusion, bursting in a few thick spurts of heavy white cum. Thus ended my evening fantasy.

But that was just a fantasy. Nothing like that would take place in reality.

The Setup:

It took 2 weeks, but the day came that I finally saw the pair again at the gym. I had just started preparing for leg day- every day is kind of leg day, but it was specifically leg day. I saw them walking from the locker rooms, but Sarah did give a quick point and wave, so I knew she saw me when I waved.

They both walked toward me.

“Hi Sarah. I have some cash for you. I really appreciate it.”

“I knew I could trust you Adam,” she smiled back. “How long have you been here? Can we take care of that after our workout? This is Will, by the way.”

“Hi Adam,” he said with a pleasant baritone.

“Nice to meet you Will. I actually just got started and usually take about an hour on leg day.”

“Leg day huh?” Sarah mused. “I’ve got legs… We usually just look for an open machine.”

“Yeah, I told you he does a nasty hard workout.” Will interjected. “Would it throw you off if we shadowed you a bit? We’ve been thinking of adjusting our workout.”

“Sure, that’s no problem. Heck if you want to join- I can go harder with three of us,” I offered.

“Ooh, we’ll have to hold you to that,” Sarah quipped. “I want to do a quick warmup and then we’d love to join you” she continued with a bit of enthusiasm I would not have expected. “Leg day; I love it. That’s one of my best features!”

“Sure,” I answered not able to help having my eyes drawn to her legs. She did indeed have shapely legs covered by the seemingly mandatory tight workout pants that just about everyone woman under 40 wears when working out (I do not mind in the least- I try not to stare, but I definitely notice the backside of most people at the gym: women and men: I appreciate a nice derrière). “I actually just got warmed up myself so I’m not too far into it.”

“Great. We’ll be back in just a few minutes,” Will offered.

And they went off toward the mats to stretch out a bit. Again, I noticed her ass, which was wonderfully shaped, with a roundness that looked soft but strong. His, as I saw it, looked strong, but not as full as my own, I estimated. What can I say? I notice butts, compare butts, wish I could touch butts. I shook myself out of it and turned back to the squat rack I had been waiting for, which looked to be opening up.

I loaded a pair of plates onto the bar and set myself up for a heavy leg day. After a few minutes, Sarah and Will returned and joined me. They were both eager to learn my method of workouts (which is just a mash up of various YouTube videos that make sense to me). We took turns, and with 3 of us, changing weights was not a problem. Will was fairly strong, with decent form in his workout, but he needed some encouragement to lift heavier. Sarah was fit, but her form was not the greatest. We used up a lot more than an hour as the workout was a rotation with pointers thrown in.

“Make sure not to let your back curve down,” I would offer as a form correction.

“How do you mean?” Sarah film izle asked. “Can you show me? I’ve never used the free weights before.”

“Sure,” I answered with a bit of hesitation. “If you keep the lower back solid with its natural arch,” I continued while demonstrating, pulling my shirt forward to give the best view of my lower back, “You may not go as low, but you’ll take more weight in the legs. I’ve got some other exercises to work the lower back and glutes.”

“Yeah, you like the glutes, don’t you hon?” Will laughed lightly.

“Don’t give it away!” Sarah giggled.

I chuckled a bit; possibly even blushed.

“You do have quite the behind,” Sarah offered. “I appreciate the attention to form.” Then she blurted out “So how did you get that luscious ass?”

“Oh… well… uh” I bobbled trying to gather my wits. “I suppose it started in college with my dance minor.”

“You’re a dancer?!”

“Well, not really. Not anymore anyway. But I enjoyed it in college. So yeah, I guess I have a bit of dancer booty.”

“Mmm, I’ll say you do” She said, not even hiding her gaze toward my hips.

“She’s incorrigible sometimes,” Will spoke up. “Don’t worry, she’s generally harmless.”

He had a certain charm to him that was comforting. She definitely was bold, but I liked that. They were quite the pair and I couldn’t help but smile.

“I’ll take your word on that one,” I grinned.

“You can trust us,” Sarah reassured me with a returning smile

“Okay, well, um. You’re still up,” I said stumbling over my words.

We continued the exercise.

“Like this?” Sarah queried with her ass stuck out way too far.

“That’s a bit much for the exercise, but I appreciate the effort” I quipped. I wanted to make sure they knew I was okay with this playful banter they started.

“Well how much then?” She continued, switching to a more serious tone.

“I’m a bit curious how you know too,” Will offered.

“I mean we saw you do it, but I’m not sure I’m getting it.”

“Sure Sarah. Um, do you mind if I place my hand on your lower back?” I asked.

She answered, “Please.”

So I placed the palms of my hands on her lower and mid back. I had a much closer look at her behind than I ever thought I would- so round with a bubble; pretty ideal female butt. If it weren’t for the massive air conditioners running, I’m sure I’d have been overheating. But I re-focused, “Now lift your chest and squeeze your glutes and try to keep the curve of your spine to where my palm is- your natural posture is right… there… Good. Now lower down using just the legs; keep your back matched to my hands.” I am by no means a personal trainer, but I think she did start to keep better form after matching my hand. “You’ll need to keep focusing on that, it’ll save you a lot of pain later on.”

“What if the back is starting to hurt?” Will asked. “We’ve both come home before with sore backs.”

“Well, we can decompress after each set. If you hang from the high bar, you can let your body weight pull your spine into better alignment.”

I turned to face them and grabbed the bar with both hands, then lowered my body until most of my weight was just hanging. I felt a couple of pops trickle up my spine.

“Wow, I heard that!” Will exclaimed.

“God, I hope I get the same reaction,” Sarah added.

“Don’t just drop all your weight into it. Ease down.”

Will was next. He noticed a number of cracks and pops. Sarah grabbed hold of the bar and slowly lowered herself. I hadn’t noticed before as we had been so focused on the lower body, but she was wearing a loose fitting shirt over a sport bra or tight tank top. With both of her arms holding her weight, her breasts were pushed together, giving a cascading effect from the loose folds in her shirt. I did my best not to stare again, but when I looked up, I saw her smiling.

Will spoke up, “I like this one, I see why you showed us. Good idea.”

Blushing again, I’m certain. I diverted “Yeah, so a bit of stretching in multiple directions later to make sure it stays loose.”

After the workout, we went to a mat and did some standard stretching finishing off with the yoga Cobra. “Don’t just push up, pull your torso forward. Make sure to squeeze the glutes when you’re pulling forward and up here. That will help to maintain that decompression.”

“I like that one!” Sarah exclaimed with a quick pat on Will’s behind.

I looked around; luckily it was a little later in the day and the gym was not so packed. I don’t think anyone really noticed their quick affectionate display or would have cared; they were obviously a couple. It was also tucked in an alcove so we had a bit of privacy.

“Your turn now,” said Will as he eased out of the stretch. “That does feel good.”

Sarah laid down and stretched her upper body forward. She figured this one out easily, and I couldn’t help but notice her full bosom from my position in front of her.

“Yeah. That looks good,” I told her.

“Thank you.” She returned with a sly smile and playful lilt. “Yoga has seks filmi izle done wonders for my flexibility.”

“Ha. Uh, Yes. You’re very welcome.” I stammered. “So that’s it for my workout. Can I meet you at the protein bar after changing? I suppose Will can escort me to make sure I pay you back.” My joke was not funny, but Sarah laughed anyway.

“Yeah, I’ll make sure he gives you what you deserve,” Will joked back.

We headed to the locker rooms. Will and I found ourselves not too far apart. We talked a bit more while changing- retelling how Sarah and I officially met, how we’d seen each other before working in the gym, how they met in college. We eventually headed out to the protein bar and Sarah met us. Then we headed out while chatting.

“Here’s your $20 dollars,” I said, handing her the bill I had set aside.

“I kinda feel like we should pay you for the workout…” Sarah said, while graciously taking the bill.

“How about one more trade to even it up? Not a perfect trade, but I think it’ll work out alright,” Will countered.

“Ooh yeah. That could work. What’s your schedule like next Friday?” Sarah continued.

“I can certainly check,” I said as we started to head for the door.

“We’re having a little get together slash house-warming party. We could use someone to tend bar. It’s super simple; we just need someone to pour drinks- mostly wine, probably.” Sarah explained.

“We just had some remodeling done to our house, and we’d like to host a swanky little party with our closest friends. You’re our newest friend, but we know that might be pretty awkward with new friends and a bunch of even newer people. But we could use an extra to play bartender. It’s an easy gig and we can make it worth your while.” Will continued, “There’s just one potential caveat.”

“Okay.?.” I wondered.

“Do you trust us?” Sarah interrupted.

“Well, you took a chance on me,” I rationalized. “I will check my schedule and email you tonight. Sound okay?”

“That sounds great,” Sarah said. “Our car is this way, so we’ll hear from you soon?”

“Tonight probably,” I answered.

“Great!” Will said. “I hope this works out.”

We parted ways and I headed home. As it turned out, my schedule was free for that night. After a little consternation, I emailed to confirm that I would be available. They returned the email and let me know a few details- just an address, the time-frame, and that they’d be willing to pay me $100 for my time if that worked for me- they assured me that’d be cheaper than if they hired a real bartending service. I replied that everything sounded great.

The next morning, I had another email that there would be one other stipulation that they would ask for, but they were waiting for a package. Apparently, I would arrive about an hour before guests, so that I could get to know the house and them a bit more before the party.

I was very curious, and a bit enamored with this couple. They were playful and friendly; certainly an attractive pair. After some second thoughts, I decided I would do it. $100 is $100. And it seemed like it would be an easy evening.

As the week passed, I did not see them at the gym, but on Wednesday evening, I got an email with more details on time and place and a confirmation to make sure I was still on board:

You can trust us, but if you feel it’s not right, we’ll respect that. We can get by without an extra to help, but it’d be lovely to have you.

I appreciated that. Trust is very important, and I felt I could trust this couple. The fact that they acknowledged my potential misgivings helped relieve some concern. Still, I planned to be aware when I got there.


The Friday evening finally arrived. I was nervous as hell, but excited too. I parked a block out from their house, perhaps being over-protective of the situation. I arrived at their doorstep and rang the doorbell.

Sarah arrived at the door. “Adam! Thank you so much. I know this is probably awkward, but I swear you can trust us. That’s why we wanted you here early. Please come in.”

That seemed almost ominous for a bartending gig, but I shook it off and entered the doorway. I was immediately taken by the grand-ness of the house. It was located in a ritzier part of the city- definitely a well-to-do neighborhood, with brick fences, 3-car garages, grand porches and well-manicured lawns. Inside the 1960s-built home; renovated to a more contemporary fashion, the space was warm and inviting with open areas for guests leading into the kitchen and dining room. Sarah showed me around the main floor.

“You’ll only need to worry about this area for the party. The bar is stocked, but most likely wine will be the note of the night.”

I was intrigued by her elegant demeanor. She was dressed in a snug fitting party dress: dark blue medium length showing just above her knees, until the slit in the side revealed all the way up her left thigh; all the while her upper body was covered with form fitting fabric with exposed shoulders and arms. She paired the dress with a basic pearl bracelet for jewelry. She certainly fit the role of hostess. Luckily, I dressed at least close to her level: black slacks, white button-down, black vest with a few ties in hand, just in case.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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