Admiring a Woman Shoe Shopping

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I’ve often find it very interesting how women can have so much power over men using their sexuality. I think every person has things that turn them on. We all have things that bring us to that point where we are paralyzed by lust. For me, this happened about a month ago.

I needed a new pair of dress pants and headed to a department store called Kohl’s. I walked in a went to the men’s section and began looking at dress pants. Out of the corner of my eye I notice a tall, attractive, blonde woman walking my way.

I paused from looking at dress pants and looked her way. We made eye contact but I then looked away. She was between 18 and 24 years old. She was dressed like a business professional. She had on a tight black pencil skirt, a nice top, and black high heels.

I watched her walk by and stop at the womens shoes. I wasn’t that far from her so I tried to casually move closer to where she was. I walked in and out of the racks pretending to be looking at clothes. The entire time a was navigating the clothes racks I had her in the corner of my eye as I moved closer and closer to her. I stopped at a section where they had men’s shorts. I pretended to look at shorts.

After getting myself in a close position to her, I then concentrated on watching her. My original ataşehir escort thought was to casually walk by and see if I could get a closer glance at this sexy woman. I moved around and got myself in what I though was a good position to see her. But I then looked around and couldn’t find her.

I couldn’t see her, I had no clue as to where she went. I felt my plan went wrong somewhere. I left the men’s shorts section and walked down the main isle that separated the women’s shoes and the men’s section. I was looking down every row as I passed. Then, as I look down one of the rows, I saw her.

She was bent at the waist looking down for a pair of shoes on a bottom shelf. I paused. I first looked at her black six inch heels. My eyes then moved upward. My eyes moved up her legs to her black, tight, pencil skirt. It was rising up a little on her ass as she bent forward. Her ass was amazing. The skirt was so tight. I couldn’t move, I just kept looking at her amazing ass in that skirt.

My eyes then moved to hers. My heart skipped a beat when our eyes connected and I realized she was watching me check her out. I panicked. I looked down in embarrassment and immediately turned to opposite direction down another isle. I calmed down and tried to gather my composure. kadıköy escort

I was standing in the appliance section of the store. Ending up in the appliance section turned out to be the best move. The shelves were mostly metal and there were large spaces between shelves. I found myself looking at a coffee maker.

I glanced through the shelves and saw the woman almost across from me. We were surprisingly close. I saw her reach out and grab a box and pull it out to look at it.

Standing there, she opened the box. It was a pair of strappy high heels. She was looking over the heels and she once again caught me looking at her. I quickly pretended to look away.

From that point forward I felt like she was always looking at me out of the corner of her eye. I kept slowly moving around that main shelf pretending to be extremely interested in coffee makers.

She took one heel out of the box and undid the ankle strap. She bent down to put it on the floor. She took her foot out over her heel and stepped it into the new heel. She wiggeled a little to get it in and then bent down again to use her hand to assist in getting the heel on. She looked to one side and then the other examining how the new heel looked on her.

She then grabbed the other bostancı escort bayan heel and put it on the ground. She stepped out of her other heel and stepped into the new one. She now had on both new heels. She started to walk but the ankle straps were not strapped on. I moved closer to her and got myself in a better position to watch.

She looked around, looked right at me, smiled, and looked back at the bench behind her. She sat down on the bench. She sat at an angle so she was facing me. I didn’t move. I froze as I watched her sit.

Sitting on the bench, her legs apart, I noticed her tight pencil skirt had a slit up the front, just to one side. She leaned down with her hands on her heels and worked on fastening the ankle straps of her heels.

I couldn’t move. As she was bending down with the ankle strap her legs spread. I was looking right up her skirt. She was wearing a pair of light pink panties. Her legs seem to spread more and more as she worked on those ankle straps. My eyes were fixated on her panties as she got the straped hooked.

When she had both heels on, she sat up straight on the bench. Her legs were still spread. She looked up at me and gave me a seductive smile. She then stood up. She wiggled as she took both her hands on the hem of her skirt and she pulled it down.

“Do you like them?” She asked.

“Very much!” I answered.

She bent at her waist and unstrapped both heels. She stepped out of them and back into her own. She put the heels back in the box. She smiled and walked away.

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