After The Party

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One week after the party Jason Moore was still having trouble coming to grips with what had transpired. Everything had happened so quickly. One moment he was doing his normal routine, the next he had his cock buried up his Aunt Carol’s pussy. Her very wet, hot pussy.

Just sitting there on the couch in his boxers reliving that moment was causing his cock to expand. With his eyes closed and his head back on the cushion he was able to visualize the event as if it were a movie he was watching. He could see his hands on her hips and his cock sliding in and out of her. His cock glistening from all the juices her cunt was secreting. The feel of her vaginal muscles squeezing his shaft each time he was pulling back was beyond incredible. And when her orgasm hit, her pussy had clamped down on him like a vice, forcing him to fall forward with her. That was all it had taken for him to explode, shooting his hot sticky cum deep inside her.

Not fully aware of what he was doing he reached into his boxers and pulled his now rock hard cock out. Pre-cum leaked steadily from the tip of it. He used his fingers and smeared it over the entire head of his cock and began to slowly stroke up and down the length of his shaft. He became aware of what he was doing as soon as the tingling spread from his balls up to his cock’s head. He barely got his eyes opened before his cum came rushing out, sending rope after rope of spunk shooting out on the floor several inches from the couch. Damn, that’s the third time this week he was going to have to clean the floor, Jason mused.

Jason was repulsed that he had screwed his own aunt, but oddly, aroused at the same time. He wasn’t sure what to do. Should he confess to his aunt? Or should he just leave well enough alone? These thoughts plagued him day and night. If he had it to do over again, would he? The answer that came rushing to his mind was a total shock. Of course he would! That by far was one of the best fucks of his entire life. He was completely disgusted with himself. He had never had any incestuous thoughts about any of his family. Now, it seemed that was about all he could think of.

From the age of fourteen Jason had been the man of the house. His father had been killed when a drunk driver ran a red light. The driver, a teenager from a very wealthy family, had survived. Instead of going through a messy lawsuit the family had settled out of court. This, on top of his father’s life insurance, had left Jason’s family with no financial worries. His mother had taken some of the money and opened up a small dress boutique. Within two years she had opened up two more. All of the shops flourished and allowed his mother more time to spend with him and his sister. She guided them in their everyday lives and also helped with their schooling. As a result, Jason excelled in academics and was awarded a scholarship to the local university. His mother offered to pay some of the expenses on the condition that he got a job. She wanted to instill a good work ethic in him. He had accepted her offer. However, the stripper job was the only one he found that would work with his academic schedule. He hadn’t told his mother what he was doing to earn extra money, nor had she asked. He was content to leave it that way. If she were to ask, he would come up with something that was more appealing than being a male stripper.

Later that evening his boss phoned and asked if he would be available for a private party the next day. Being that today was Friday and he had no classes on Saturday, he said that he would. Then his boss explained that it was a repeat at the same address from a week ago. He also informed Jason that he had been asked for specifically. Without waiting for any reply, thinking everything was taken care of, his boss hung up. Jason sat there in stunned silence, knowing that his boss would be highly upset if he did not accept the assignment. Since the club he worked for made a commission on his private parties he was sure that if he failed to show up for this one, he would probably not receive any more private bookings. His boss could be quite vindictive when he wanted to be. So this left Jason very little choice in the matter. Maybe he could explain everything to his Aunt Carol when he saw her tomorrow, provided he could find the courage to do so. He leaned back on the couch and started to tremble slightly. Mostly from fear of what would happen once he revealed himself to his aunt, but also from the anticipation of seeing her again. His cock twitched slightly with that thought.

Wearing the clown outfit that he had worn the last time he was there, he arrived at his Aunt Carol’s house just before noon. Unlike last time, there were no cars in the driveway or parked along the street. He decided to park on the street right past her driveway instead of parking in front of the house. He exited the car but left his CD player and bag of balloons behind. He was pretty sure that he would not need them. He was filled with dread as he slowly made his way up the walk to the house. He was just about to ring the doorbell when he casino siteleri noticed a note taped to the door that read: “Out back by the pool-come on back.” Leaving the note there, he walked around the side of the house and came to an eight-foot tall wooden fence that surrounded the back yard. A heavy looking wrought-iron gate was installed in the fence but seeing no lock he opened it and stepped through into the backyard.

Standing just inside he noticed that the fence completely surrounded the entire yard, and was so tall it afforded complete privacy to the entire area. At the back of the house was a covered patio with outdoor furniture and a small table set up on. He could see on the table what appeared to be a pitcher of margaritas and only one glass. There was a sliding glass door that led into the house. The pool itself was set a short distance away from the patio toward the far corner of the yard. He let his eyes roam around the entire yard but saw no one anywhere. Small splashing sounds coming from the pool forced him to look in that direction. What he saw caused his jaw to drop and his eyes to bulge in their sockets.

Aunt Carol stood slowly up in the shallow end of the pool, water cascading down her body in little torrents, her thick red hair plastered to her head. Jason could only stare slack-jawed as she lifted her hands and pushed the mane of red locks back behind her ears. This caused her breast to lift prominently on her chest. The white string bikini she wore was almost transparent, her light brown areolas clearly visible through the material. Eraser sized nipples stained the fabric, as if trying to escape their captivity in the bikini’s top. Taking all of her in, Jason allowed his eyes to roam further down her amazing body, coming to rest at the junction were her thighs met her hips. Strings on each side held the bottom part of the suit together. What greeted his eyes had to be the most perfect camel-toe he had ever seen. He could just make out the landing strip of pubic hair through the thin material of her bikini. She had just enough of a tan to contrast nicely with the white of the suit. His cock was rapidly expanding, threatening to burst out of the confines of the modified G-string he was wearing under the clown costume.

Carol stood up out of the water feeling it run down from her head, between her breasts before making its way to her crotch. She felt the snugness of her bikini bottoms riding up into the cleft of her pussy. She immediately felt the sensation of eyes boring holes through her. Opening her eyes she saw the guy in the clown costume standing about fifteen feet away with the look of a frightened deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

“Well, hello there Mr. Clown. Glad you could make it,” she purred as she walked toward him.

Jason stood there speechless not knowing what to do. All he could do was gaze in awe at this amazing creature coming his way.

“Cat got your tongue?” she laughed softly.

“Glad to see you again,” he finally stammered. His throat dry and his tongue felt like it had doubled in size.

Carol stood directly in front of him by this time. She reached up with both hands and grabbed his outfit were the seams with Velcro held the shoulders together. In one strong downward motion she yanked the outfit from him. He had not bothered to wear the silk boxers this time she noticed, so he was left standing there in just his shoes and modified G-string. This brought a sparkle to her hazel eyes, and a wide smile to her full lips.

“Now, that is so much better,” she whispered as she lustfully drank in his nakedness. The bulge growing larger in the G-string almost caused her to drool with anticipation. She let her hands slide down his torso, past his abdomen, till she had one hand wrapped around his cloth-encased cock. Without taking her eyes from his, she began to softly stroke his manhood while her other hand reached under to firmly cup his balls.

As soon as Aunt Carol grabbed his cock Jason knew he was lost. The feeling of pure lust that overtook him was too powerful to fight. Bending down toward her upturned face he brought his lips to hers. His tongue snaked its way inside her mouth and collided with hers, while his hands wound their way around her to grasp her supple ass. He squeezed both cheeks roughly, feeling the soft flesh conform to the pressure his fingers applied. Taking his left hand off her ass, he reached to her hip and found the strings that held the suit on and tugged them loose. He did the same to the other side and felt the bottom of her bikini fall away. His hands were now roaming over the bare skin of her round ass cheeks, pulling them apart and then pushing them back together again. He slid his right hand down the between the crack of her ass until his fingers came to rest between her legs. Extending the middle finger, he slid it into her slit and let it trace a line from her anus to her clit. He repeated this several times, her wetness coating his finger until it was completely slick. Each time his finger hit her clit she would shudder slot oyna slightly and a low moan would escape between their clinched lips. Slowly Jason pushed his finger deeper into her sopping slit until he finally found her entrance. He pushed his long finger up inside her cunt just enough for him to feel her muscles start to suck it in, then pulled it back out. Slowly Jason pushed more of his finger up inside until he had most of it in her. After a minute or so he felt her body go rigid and begin to shudder.

She felt his finger rubbing smoothly along her vaginal slit, digging deeper with each pass, until it finally pressed up and entered her. Barely inside, then slowly feeling more being steadily inserted. The pleasure coursing through her body was overwhelming; her cunt began to pulsate with each upward thrust of his finger. She could feel the fluid flowing copiously from her pussy, causing a squishy sound to be heard in the silence. Her orgasm hit in rippling waves, shooting throughout her entire body like a jolt of electricity. Carol pulled away from the kiss and gasped for much needed air.

“OH MY GOG! FUCK! Yeeesssss,” she rasped, as tremors ran up and down the length of her body.

Jason was astonished by the intensity of her orgasm. Reaching with both hands, he grabbed the globes of her ass and lifted her off the ground. Without any hesitation, he carried her to one of the lounge chairs and gently laid her on her back. He ripped the modified G-string off himself, freeing the beast trapped within. His cock stood straight out from his body, pre-cum oozing freely from its swollen head. He had never had an erection this hard before; it was almost painful. He watched as Aunt Carol sat up on the lounger, then reached out and circled his manhood with her right hand. Gently her hand began to stroke back and forth along the length of his cock. He could feel the pressure building inside his balls, knowing that he would not last very long at this rate. Glancing down at her, he became aware that her top was still on. He reached behind her and tugged the strings holding her top together until they came undone; her top fell away, revealing her magnificent breast to his wide-eyed gaze. There was no hint of sag in them as they stood out proudly from her chest, the nipples erect and hard. The sight of them was all it took. Jason’s cock exploded. The first strand of semen landed on her right nipple; the next few landing in various spots on her chest and stomach. She continued to stroke him, milking his balls empty. His knees buckled from the release and he sat down on the ground, his deflating cock still clasped in her smooth hand.

“God, that was amazing,” he told her.

“You haven’t seen anything yet, Mister Clown. Come lay up here and we will see if you can raise that pole back up,” she said with a smirk.

Jason climbed on the lounger that his aunt had vacated and rolled onto his back. His head was pointed in the direction of the pool with his feet facing the sliding glass door. He watched as his aunt stood beside the chair staring down at him. This was the first real good look he had of her naked figure. He was very impressed with what he saw. Her breasts were firm and her stomach was flat. The small patch of hair above her pussy was auburn in color, proving that she was indeed a red head. He watched as she came and stood by his head, then slowly she lifted her left leg over until she was straddling his face. Looking directly between her legs, he saw she was clean-shaven except for the landing strip. Her inner labium was prominent, extending slightly past her outer lips and he could see the clit peeking out from its’ protective hood.

Lifting his head a few inches, his tongue made contact with her soaking wet slit. He started licking it from one end to the other, savoring the musky smell and tangy taste of her. She lowered herself down fully onto his mouth and leaned forward. He felt her tongue start to lick the head of his penis while her hands rested on his thighs. Her breath was hot on his cock and he could feel it start to grow again. He sucked her clit between his lips and held it there, batting it gently with his tongue. A loud moan escaped her, right before her mouth swallowed about four inches of his rapidly expanding cock. Her head began to bob up and down on the end of his rod, while he shoved his tongue as deep as he could up her smoldering cunt. Neither of them was aware of the woman standing inside the glass door staring at this carnal display.

Nancy Moore arrived at her sister Carol’s house at around twelve-twenty and parked in the driveway. Saturdays were usually spent with her younger sister. They would get together for lunch and exchange the gossip of the day, or just hang out with each other. She enjoyed her baby sister’s company and relished listening to her exploits from the previous week. The two had always been very close growing up and were still that way.

She saw the note attached to the front door right away, so she tried the door and found it unlocked. Without hesitation she let herself in and headed canlı casino siteleri toward the back patio expecting to see Carol lounging in the sun drinking some form of alcohol. What she saw when she got to the sliding glass door and peered out left her speechless. There was Carol sitting on someone’s face while she inhaled what had to be the longest cock that Nancy had ever seen in her forty-nine years of life. She could see that her sister was only able to take about half of the hefty member down her throat without choking. A twinge of jealousy slipped quietly into the back of her mind as she watched the spectacle play out in front of her. It has been so long since she felt a real cock up her pussy that she couldn’t really remember how it felt, Nancy thought to herself. Sure, her little eight-inch buddy tucked away in her nightstand took the edge off, but this magnificent specimen of man-meat was light years ahead of that.

Before she realized what she was doing her hand slid down the front of her loose fitting summer dress and cupped her mound. Her fingers pressed inward against her blood-engorged clit, causing a shudder to course through her body. Without a conscious thought, her hands reached under the dress and pushed the blue satin panties she wore down her trembling legs, until they were in a pile at her feet. Her right hand moved, as if on autopilot, to her hair covered sex. Heat radiated from between her legs as her fingers worked their way through the thick bush of black hair covering her drenched slit. First one finger slid up inside, quickly followed by two more. She began to masturbate in total abandonment, never taking her eyes off the two people on the patio.

Carol removed her mouth from Jason’s cock and glance over at the glass door. She knew that Nancy was supposed to come over; and there she was, standing at the door with three fingers rapidly plunging into her cunt. Carol was amazed at how hairy her older sister was. Placing a finger to her lips to indicate silence, she motioned for Nancy to come over to where she was. She had to gesture several times before getting a reaction from her sister. She watched as Nancy silently opened the glass door and headed in her direction, removing the summer dress as she approached. It looked to Carol as if her sister were in some sort of trance the closer she got. Carol continued to stroke Jason’s saliva coated cock while holding it straight up in the air and smiling at her big sister.

Jason eagerly lapped at his Aunt Carol’s slippery pussy, trying to get as much of her cunt cream in his mouth as he could. He let his tongue roam everywhere, even over her tiny rosebud. When his tongue traveled over her puckered asshole she let out a squeal of delight and ground her crotch harder on his face. He could feel the warm hotness of her mouth pull away from his cock, but was immediately replaced with a new sensation. What felt like soft feathers tickled the tip of his cock briefly, followed by a hot, wet feeling that slowly engulfed his entire cock head. At first he thought that his Aunt Carol had begun to suck again, but the heat and the slickness of the new sensation was much greater than it had been. He knew it was something else when his aunt stood up and moved away from him. Glancing down his body the sight that greeted him was incomprehensible. His mind raced, and his heart started beating rapidly in his chest. There, slowly lowering herself onto his cock was his mother, his very beautiful mother.

He watched in near horror as his cock was slowly disappearing inside his mother’s extremely wet and very hairy pussy. She was so wet that he could see little trickles of her juice sliding down his shaft. Lower and lower she slid, until almost all of him had disappeared up inside of her. The heat radiating from her was almost too much to bear. He could feel the walls of her vagina contracting against his shaft as if to make room for his invading manhood. He wanted to shout and tell her to stop, but all that came out was a ragged gasp. He was experiencing sensations that he had never felt before. No one had ever taken this much of his cock up inside before. But it was wrong, his mind cried out to him. This was his mother that was sitting on him with his cock stuffed up inside of her. For some reason that he could not understand, the thought that it was his mother seemed to make his cock get harder. How could this be, he wondered. How could his own mom possibly be arousing him? What he saw when he took her all in was a very beautiful woman. Her shoulder length black hair had small streaks of gray in it. Although her eyes were closed he knew that they were a sparkling blue-green color. Her breasts were large with just a slight hint of sagging, the silver dollar sized areolas a dark brown with small nipples protruding from them. Her stomach had a very slight bulge to it and he could just make out a few very faint stretch marks. From her waist, hips flared out moderately, and her legs were toned and long for her height. He couldn’t help notice that her areolas were crinkled and the nipples erect, as if they had ice cubes touching them. The whole scene before him was so surreal. While he was trying to wrap his head around what was happening, Aunt Carol had moved behind his mother and was lightly rubbing her shoulders.

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