All in the Family a Cuckold’s Tale

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Our family has always been dysfunctional. It wasn’t until my brother and I were both 18 before we discovered just how dysfunctional we were. My Mom has cuckolded my dad as long as I can remember. He seems to get off on it. For my 18th birthday mom invited me to join in on the fun. I gave it a try to see what it was all about.

I decided that I would observe at first to see what she did to cuckold him. I sat back and watched as mom had a black lover visit their room and have sex with her while dad sat in his panties wig and makeup fluffing mom’s lover and cleaning them both up afterward. I felt kind of bad for him as he is such a pathetic excuse for a man but that’s what he’s into so to each his own I guess.

Now that I was 18 and Robby (my brother) was 20 we could freely show our love for each other as we have wanted to for years but were not able to. After spending the evening watching my parents play in their weird world I retired down the hall and stopped in Robby’s room instead of going straight to bed. I opened the door without warning and caught Robby whacking his huge cock.

“Hey what the hell” he barked at me, “Could you knock maybe?”

“Sorry” I said trying not to laugh. “Why don’t you let me help you out with that big brother” I lamented.

Within five seconds my mouth had swallowed his girth and he gave no attempt to fight me off. I proceeded to casino siteleri suck him to completion and kept sucking him until he came again. I came up for air and gave him a little kiss and told him that I would give him head anytime anyplace. We spent the rest of the night in each others’ arms.

I woke Robby up once again sucking his lovely cock and he grabbed me and flipped me over him so we were in a deep 69 and stayed that way until our jaws were locking up and we needed to eat some breakfast.

Mom saw us as we held hands walking down the hall towards the shower. My stallion brother had enough left in him to bend me over and fuck me in the shower. I was really starting to enjoy my new lover and was looking forward to a new appetite for sex matched with a new lover who could satisfy me.

We headed down to the kitchen after getting dressed and found my parents preparing breakfast. Dad was dressed in a french maid’s outfit with a thong panty, thigh highs and heels. We looked at each other and giggled. Mom said that now that their relationship was out in the open and we were all adults that dad would now dress as a sissy full time while at home.

Over breakfast Dad described his life as a cuckold and how he enjoyed worshiping Mom and her lovers. They were now offering us the same opportunity (cuckolding him) but only if we wanted to do so. We agreed that we would give slot oyna it a try and agreed that we would try it out that night.

A long 8 hours later the anticipation was building as we prepared to “play” with our parents for the first time. Dad was sissified with full make up, a nice blonde wig fishermen net pantyhose. Mom and I had discussed the scene so we kind of had a draft as to how we were going to play it.

Robby and I walked into their bedroom and Dad was kneeling next to the bed. Mom was laying on her side on the bed waiting for our arrival.

“Come in she said, welcome to my lair.”

“Thank you Mistress.” I replied.

“Cucky you need to fluff our guest” she commanded.

Dad immediately knelt before Robby and began to suck his cock until it was hard. When Robby was nice and lubed and stiff we directed dear dad to lay on the bed with his head at the foot of the bed. I straddled his face my wet pussy inches away from his mouth. . . Robby took his spot at the foot of the bed and slowly entered my pussy as he proceeded to doggy fuck me just inches above his father’s face. Dad had to watch as his son fucked his daughter. He shouldn’t have enjoyed it but his tiny cock was hard as can be and precum was leaking all over his crotch.

Robby slowly pulled out of my pussy and let dad have a taste of his daughter’s pussy juice as he slid his cock in and out of canlı casino siteleri his father’s eager mouth.

“Suck my cock daddy you faggot” my son barked at him. Daddy did as he was told.

Mom fingered her pussy as she watched her son and daughter fuck like rabbits and her husband ready to clean them up.

Robby finished fucking me and buried his cock deep in my pussy as he unloaded his balls draining them into my pussy. He pulled out and jammed his dripping cock into his father’s mouth for clean up which was done quickly and with gusto.

“Daddy you now will have the pleasure of eating your daughter’s sweet pussy.” I teased him. “You had better clean me out good daddy because I am not on the pill right now and if you don’t swallow all of Robby’s sperm he might impregnate me.” I warned him.

Daddy ate my pussy for an hour licking all of his son’s semen out of his daughter’s pussy. As he finished he had to watch his son fucking his wife in addition to his daughter. Full emasculation has been completed. Once he finished cleaning me out I had one more command for him.

“Jack off that tiny dick onto my feet Daddy and lick that shit off of them. Do it now bitch!” I yelled at him.

He did as he was told and in no time had jacked off onto my feet and cleaned them off swallowing his sperm.

After we had finished our scene Robby and I discussed the experience and decided that this cuckolding thing was not for us. We let Mom know. Nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.

Robby and I would begin to live as husband and wife and we will update you soon.

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