All in the Family Ch. 04

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Mary woke up before the others, she had to take her birth control because it would be so fun trying to explain who the father was if she were to get pregnant. Carefully she slid out of her father’s arms and stood briefly to look at her two handsome and hung men that made her heart skip a beat. Quietly she crept up to her room, taking her medicine she lay back down, this time on her bed, and drifted back off to sleep.

Jamie turned inward to William, a hand falling in his lap brushing his father’s penis. William, still sleeping, took Jamie’s hand and brought it over to rest on his dick. Jamie took hold of it, stroking it slowly; William turned his head to Jamie’s and planted a kiss on his forehead. Jamie lifted his head up to meet William’s lips and touched them with his own. William finally opened his eyes as he cupped the back of Jamie’s neck to bring him closer. Still drowsy William broke the kiss to lean down in Jamie’s lap; he took his hardening prick in his mouth to suck it. Jamie’s eyes flew open at the overwhelming sensation, looking down he was surprised who was sucking him off but too content to say anything. Instead he casino siteleri brought a hand to rest on the back of William’s bead, gently pushing down further on his now fully erect penis. William took it entirely in his mouth up to the balls. By this time he was awake and after a brief battle with his conscience one more time about right and wrong he made his decision. He rose up off Jamie’s dick and one by one took his balls into his mouth, suckling and massaging them. Jamie’s hand reached under his father’s dick, wrapping his hand around it and began jerking him off in a hurried up and down motion. William’s pace slowed as the sensation grew inside him.

“Dad I need to fuck something,” Jamie replied, breathless.

“Me too, should we call Mary?”

“No, I want to fuck you.”

With a brief hesitation William agreed, “Okay, so long as I fuck you in return.”

“Deal, now get down on the floor doggystyle.”

William did as he was told and braced for the penetration.

“I’ll try to be easy with you Dad.”

“Please do.”

Jamie played with his own dick for a second before wetting it with spit. He slot oyna placed his hard twitching phallus in front of his father’s asshole; slowly he inserted the head, thrusting a little to get his father used to the feeling. Then he slipped it in little by little until he was fully immersed. William gasped in air at the feeling.

“You okay Dad?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. It kind of hurts and feels weird, that’s all.”

“I’ll be gentle and it’s a feeling you have to get used to.”

“Oh I know. Okay son, go ahead.”

With his father’s consent Jamie gave a hard thrust and William cringed while Jamie smiled. Jamie resolved that he would be gentle and therefore kept his thrusts gentle. Jamie was breathing hard and felt close to his climax when William spoke up.

“I think I should get a chance to return the favor and fuck your ass.”

“Okay well let me cum in your mouth then.”

“After it’s been in my ass?”

“If you want to fuck me you have to.”

“Fine, are you about to cum?”

“Yeah, come here.”

William obeyed and sat sucking on his son’s ass flavored dick till he felt its release and canlı casino siteleri hot salty fluid fill his mouth. At first William gagged after being caught off guard but overcame the taste and licked it all up.

“Oh wow that was good, I guess it’s your turn now,” Jamie stated with reluctance.

William smiled, “It sure is, now lay down; we’re going to do this a bit differently.”

Jamie obeyed and William lifted his son’s legs over his shoulders after kneeling in front of him. William said nothing but smiled mischievously as he rammed his dick viciously in Jamie’s ass.

“Shit, Dad that hurt!”


William kept up his pace , fucking his son’s ass hard, being unforgiving and lightly smacking Jamie’s balls, Jamie squirmed and tried to escape but William held him firm, pumping faster as he felt himself nearing his explosion. William pulled out before cumming and straddled himself over Jamie’s face which was contorted in pain. William forced his dick in Jamie’s mouth just in time as his seed blurted out of him and into Jamie and he gagged at the taste and the experience.

“Ah, that felt great,” William replied with a smile.

“Dad, why’d you treat me like that?” Jamie asked after recovering.

“Because I can son because I can.”

“Now that’s hot,” Mary chimed in as she watched the whole thing from the doorway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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