Alone With My Perversions Ch. 2

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In part one, Amy gets caught in her bother’s room where he drunkenly fucks her thinking she’s his girlfriend, Sarah.

* * * * *

The next weekend, Sarah dumped him and he spent most of the next few weeks sleeping in his room or moping around the house. He stopped drinking, making my constant fantasies of taking advantage of him in his drunken slumber again impossible to realize so I was once again stuck with masturbation.

One night, weeks later, a friend of mine invited me to a party and my brother asked if he could come along. It was the first time since that weekend that he had shown any interest in getting out of the house so I agreed. Besides, I thought, maybe I could get him drunk enough to take advantage of him later.

The party was BIG. More young, vivacious people than I knew there were in our tiny little town. I didn’t see much of Jason once we got there, but I knew he was drinking and having a good time. I had been flirting back and forth with a couple of guys who were there together from out of town. My friend had been doing the same with another guy who we went to school with. We were all steadily getting more and more inebriated.

The five of us sat down and decided on a game of spin the bottle. Our little group grew bigger and after an hour of steadily louder and dirtier questions and more risqué silly dares (which involved everything from flashing tits to dry humping in front of the group and were making all of us extremely horny), I was dared to go blindfolded into the closet and to have sex with the next guy to come in, a guy chosen randomly from the group not playing our game. Wow, I thought. I’m not going to need my brother tonight after all. The only rule was that I couldn’t say a word to him and had to keep the blindfold on until he was out so that it would be a totally anonymous experience.

Fine with me, as long as I get to come, I thought. So I went into the closet, pulled my panties off from under my skirt, and after what seemed like an eternity (probably only 3 minutes), the door opened and someone stepped in. I put out my hand and felt a hairy, muscular leg and followed it up to firm erection pointing toward me. My pussy was wet almost immediately. As soon as I stood up, he kissed me and began to undo my shirt and bra. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. He reached up under my skirt for my panties, only to find I’d already removed them, so instead finger fucked me while we made out heavily. My skirt was quickly hiked up and I sat on his lap, easily slipping his cock into my hot, wet, and ready pussy.

We kissed as our bodies accustomed themselves to each other and found a rhythm to fuck to in the tiny little casino oyna space of the closet. The fucking was intense and better than it had been with my brother. I was bouncing on his lap and breathing heavily into his ear. The game, the kissing, the expert finger fucking, and now the feeling of this hot, muscular body throbbing under and inside of me quickly brought me around to where I wanted be. I slowed and began to grind my hips into his and gradually felt every muscle in my body begin to tense. I whispered, “I’m coming” and he must have been in the same place because he started coming too. He grunted out “I’m coming too!” as I felt his cock explode inside me. I suddenly stopped and pushed back with my hands flat on his chest. “Jason?!?” I heard myself yell. It was my brother!

“Amy?!” I could hear the tension and fear in his voice.

I yelped as I felt the last of his semen spurting into my pussy. We both fumbled to separate, but the confines of the closet made it a clumsy attempt that only succeeded in putting us both up on our knees and burying his cock deeper inside of me. “My god! Get off me!” he grunted as he pushed me back. This undermined my attempts to stand up and elevated his pelvis so that I was knocked off balance and pushed over on top of him with my knees behind him and feet up in the air. “Amy, stop. We have to cooperate” He whispered.

“Who sent you in here?” I asked.

“A guy I was talking to about Sarah said there was a cute girl in here waiting to get an anonymous lay and I’ve been so lonely lately that I decided to go for it. I can’t believe I came inside of you!” He covered his eyes with his hands and buried his face in my neck as he started to cry. “Why does everything have to be so god damned complicated for me?? For five minutes I had forgotten all of my problems only to find out they’re worse than ever!” He was fully sobbing now and his body jerked with each inward breath.

As hard as I tried to abate it, the motion was arousing me again and my pussy began to tighten around him. “Listen, sweetheart,” I whispered into his ear. “If it was good for just those five minutes, then it was good period. Just forget that it was me and replace those feelings with what you were feeling while we were…um, you know, into it. I have to live with the fact that I just lost my virginity to my own brother,” I lied. “But all I could think about while it was happening was how hot and fucking beautiful this guy underneath me was.”

“Oh god, Amy, that was your first time? I’m so sorry. I’m so stupid! Not only have I ruined my own life, but now I’m starting on yours!” He sobbed even harder now, almost bouncing me on his fully erect cock, still deep inside slot oyna of me.

“Please, Jason, if I can let it go I fully expect you to as well. You know? My first time can’t be ruined unless I let it be. I mean, you are beautiful, you have a totally hot body, you’re exciting and sensitive, and I love you. On top of that, I’m totally inexperienced and you were gentle and attentive enough to make me come. What more could a girl ask for her first time?”

His sobbing stopped abruptly and I noticed for the first time that I had been keeping his rhythm with my hips. I stopped before he noticed, I think. “Oh, Amy, you’re so sweet. Thank you. You’re the first person to say anything nice to me in months. Sarah was such psychotic bitch.” He paused for a few seconds. “Was it really that good? You don’t think I’m gross?”

“Gross!? You are so HOT. I wish I was capable of getting a guy just half as hot as you. You know I haven’t been holding onto my virginity out of choice.”

“You are so sweet!” he whispered as he planted a kiss on my lips and hugged me, pulling me closer to him. I couldn’t resist any longer and hugged back while thrusting my hips slightly upward. He buried his face in my neck again as he calmed himself over what I had said to him. I relaxed my hug a little, then arched my back with another downward thrust.

“Amy! What are you doing? You want more?!?” he exclaimed.

“Well,” I weaseled. “I guess not. I’ve had a lot to drink…and, it was really nice. I sat up on him and he pushed on my arms to help me stand up. His cock slipped out of my pussy with a slurp. “Help me find my panties” I requested. “You weren’t wearing any when I came in” I replied. “They were in my hand. I dropped them when I…you pulled down your pants.” He clumsily started standing up next to me and I felt his still hard cock sliding up my legs.

“You’re still hard!” I grunted as I wrapped my fingers around it. He put his hand on my arm and pushed it around behind me and said “I’m sorry Amy. We just can’t. It’s wrong. What if you got pregnant?” I heard in his voice that he wasn’t beyond a little coaxing.

“You could pull out before it squirts,” I mused.

“Help me find your panties. It’s so dark and cramped in here.” He turned around and knelt down in front of me, feeling around on the ground. He stood up saying “god damn it. I can’t find them. Is there a light?” I knelt down in front of Him and began feeling around. I felt a lacey, slightly damp piece of cloth in one of the corners, but held onto it for the moment.

My face was at the level of his crotch, which smelled strongly of sex. I put my arms around his thighs and took the tip of his softening cock into canlı casino siteleri my mouth.

“Stop it! People know we’re in here! I don’t know what I’m going to say as it is.” I jutted my tongue out, licking around the head and felt his cock jerk to attention. Unexpectedly, he didn’t react at all. I did it again, this time leaving my tongue there a little longer and moving it around. His stance softened a little and his cock grew harder. “Ok,” he whispered. “But just stand up and fuck me. It takes me too long to come that way.”

I stood up slowly and he slid his cock between my thighs. It took a few stabs before he found the right spot, but then it slid right in. “Aaaahhh…” he moaned. I moved my hips just like before and he pushed me up against the wall. He had more leverage this time than I had when I was on top and I was able to feel the wonderful friction of his cock rubbing against the tip of my cervix.

This quickly brought him to the brink of orgasm and I whispered “wait, I haven’t come yet. And when you do, don’t come in me this time.” But it was too late. He was shivering as he silently unloaded another wad of semen into me while keeping up the motion. He had to slow down, but just pushed deep into me and ground the base of his cock into my clit. I matched his motions and brought one of my legs up and wrapped it around behind him. After a few minutes of this I began to shake, pulled him tighter against me and whispered “right there. oh yeah, I’m coming, oh god, I’m coming” into his ear.

By the time my spasms slowed, he was hard as ever and ready for another one. He started pumping in earnest and again I reminded him softly to pull out when he comes. I put my hands on his hips, guiding every stroke and listened to his heavy breathing on the back of my neck. One of my hands found the hair on the back of his head and I pulled his head back. When he came forward with my next pump, our lips met and tongues entangled. This sent him over the edge and he shuddered and moaned as I felt his orgasm begin. I pushed him back hard and I felt his cock slip out of me. I took it in my hand and stroked lightly as he shot a couple of wads of semen toward me, not knowing where they would land.

I continued stroking, lighter and lighter as his passion subsided. Finally, he bent over and pulled up his pants. I put on my panties, bra, and top and straightened my clothes and hair. “If anybody’s waiting for us to come out, we’ll just tell them that we figured it out immediately and were talking,” he said.

“Ok.” I said as I fumbled for the doorknob, grabbed it and turned. We stepped out to a roomful of people, but only a few were watching our closet. “Funny trick you guys,” I said. “You didn’t think we’d figure it out?”

“Did you guys do it?” I heard someone ask Jason as I felt the first of his semen begin to leak into my panties. “Of course not!” he said. We talked about Sarah and she was really sweet.”

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