Amazing Grandmother

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Brent was 22 years old and he and his wife were expecting their first baby. His wife was in her last month of pregnancy and was having complications. Her doctor had ordered no more sexual intercourse until after she delivered the baby. That was bad enough for Brent who was always horny seeing his wife’s milk filled tits as the leaked during sex. He was also fond of sucking her milk which she also loved. But now two weeks had gone by with no sex at all! His wife felt that since she had to sacrifice that he should also, so a hand job, much less a blow job, were out of the question. This left Brent to the limited satisfaction of his own hand now and then. When Brent got home form work on Friday afternoon, his mother was at his house looking in on his wife.

“Hi Mom.”

“Hello dear, are you working tomorrow?”

“No why?”

“Well your Grand mother has a plumbing problem out at the farm house. I thought maybe you could drive out this afternoon and if it got too late you could spend the night.”

His mother could see the concern on his face about leaving his wife alone in her condition.

“Oh don’t worry about Darla; I’ll stay here with her while you are gone.”

A short time later found Brent on the road to his Grand Mother’s. She lived about 70 miles away on the farm where she and his Grand Father had raised crops and cattle. But since his Grand Father had died three years ago, the farm became just a house where his Grand mother lived. She sold off a lot of the land they used to farm and leased out the rest. The barn became just a storage area for different things she collected over the years. She had the house completely remodeled and even had a swimming pool put in so she could exercise. At age 63 she looked a lot younger. She was a little plump, but that didn’t detract from the fact that at a young age she was a looker and still looked very good for her age.

Brent knew the farm very well. As a young boy he would spend nearly all of his summer vacation from school there helping out on the farm. He was glad he did since it made him see that he never wanted to grow up and be a farmer. But he also great full to his Grand parent’s for helping his mother get him through college. As he drove his horny streak hit him and he felt himself get an erection. He reached down and gave himself a little rubbing, whishing his wife was able to fuck.

But as he slowly massaged his aching muscle his mind drifted to his Grand mother! He remembered when he was only thirteen and was staying on the farm. After breakfast, his Grandpa had told him to go out into the tool shed and start straightening it out. In cleaning the shed he came across a few things that he felt could be thrown out, but he didn’t want to unless he talked to his Grandpa first.

Finding the house empty he headed out into the barn. As he entered he heard his Grandma’s voice.

“You are so nasty! What’s gotten into you this morning?”

“I saw you getting dressed and I know you don’t have anything on under that dress!”

“Well we can’t do anything about your problem here; Brent might come in any moment.”

“Don’t worry about that he’s out in the tool shed, he’ll be there for quite a while.”

Hearing the conversation going the way it was peaked Brent’s curiosity, so he silently moved forward and peaked around the corner of the grain bin. There sitting on a bail of hay was his Grandpa. His bib overhauls and under ware was down around his ankles. Wrapped in his hand was the biggest cock Brent had ever seen! He was slowly stoking it in front of his Grandma. He watched silently as his Grandma moved forward and knelt in front of his Grandpa. Then she did something that shocked and excited Brent to no end. She wrapped her hand around the cock and lowered her face to it and began sucking on it. His Grandpa groaned and his hands went to her head as she sucked almost all of his cock in her mouth, and then began bobbing her head on him.

“Oh baby that’s the way! You are the best at sucking cock.”

“Glad you like it honey, but just a little, I want you inside of me.”

Brent watched as his cock was tenting his pants. His Grand Mother sucked for another minute or so and the stood up. She unbuttoned her dress and let it fall to the barn floor. His Grandpa was right, she wasn’t wearing anything else. She was totally naked except for her tennis shoes. From the angle Brent was watching her could see her huge left tit with a huge large nipple and some of her pussy bush. He took out his own cock as he watched her straddle his Grandpa’s legs, holding his big cock upright as she slowly inserted it into casino siteleri her vagina. They both moaned as her weight was fully lowered and she had his cock fully inserted into herself.

The sight before him was too much for Brent who had been stroking his own cock as he watched. He stifled his own moan as his cock launched spurt after spurt of his young juice onto the barn floor. His cock never went soft as he continued to watch his Grand parents.

“Suck my tits honey bite them for me.”

Brent watched as his Grandpa lent forward and took a huge hard nipple into his mouth causing his Grandma to throw her head back and gasp as she ground her crotch down onto the invading flesh shaft inside of her.

“That’s it honey keeping sucking I’m so close…are you?”

His Grandpa only groaned as his hips slammed up to meet her thrusts. Brent realized that he was again jerking off as he watched. Boy this was sure better than any magazine he had seen to jerk off to. Suddenly his Grand Mother arched her back and her tit came out of his grandpa’s mouth with a loud pop. “I’m c….c…..cumin Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fill me with your cream darling cum in meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Brent watched as his Grandpa grabbed her hips and slammed his meat up into her like a wild man. Then he suddenly stopped and began moaning as he shot his load deep into her vagina. They kissed and necked some as they came down from their orgasms. Then his Grandma slowly rose and disengaged herself. Brent watched as the semi hard cock slipped out of her. It was all shiny and wet from their juices. He watched as his Grandma bent over and took the wet shiny cock back in to her mouth and sucked it clean. In that position Brent could clearly see in her vagina from the back. Although she was very hairy, her lips were still wide open from being wrapped around the thick cock. Brent’s cock erupted for the second time as he watched his Grandpa’s sperm dripping out of her slit. Brent quickly zipped up and went back to the tool shed where his Grandpa joined him a few minutes later.

That scene was repeated in his mind many times as he grew up and jerked off. Then he realized that he was about to shoot off in his pants if he didn’t stop rubbing his cock! He saw a sign that read “Rest Area 3 miles” He pulled his car into a secluded spot in the rest area and took out his cock. He reached under the seat and brought out a roll of paper towel he kept for cleaning the car windows. He tore off several sheets and starting jerking his cock.

He suddenly became aware of another car which pulled in only a few spaces form where he was. It was driven by a pretty young brunette. She got out and came around to the passenger side of the car. She was wearing a fairly short skirt and heels. She had a terrific pair of legs. As he watched and continued stroking his hard cock, she opened the rear door. She had a baby in a car seat in there which she bent in to get the baby out of the car seat. As she did her skirt rose up exposing her stocking tops and a cute little pair of pink panties. Brent moaned as his cock exploded as he watched her bending over. His first spurt went clear up onto the dash of the car. Four more followed all over the steering wheel and his hand.

As he cleaned up the mess he made, he watched the girl and her baby go I into the rest area building. He wished he had been able to shoot his load into her instead all over his car. But his horny mood had been satisfied even better than he had thought. At least for the time being anyway.

A little while later he was pulling into the farm house driveway as his Grandma came out to greet him. She hugged him and they went arm in arm into the house. On the way in she told him that all of her drains were backing up. Brent knew from experience that it was probably her drain field on the septic tank. After doing a few checks, he got a shovel out and dug up the tank cover and opened it. It was like he thought, filled right to the top and not draining. He finally found a company that would come out and pump it even though it was early evening.

Once they got there and pumped the tank they could tell by the back flow that the drain field was plugged and would need to be worked on. Brent arranged for them to come back out Monday and install a new drain field. The pumped tank would be okay until then. Brent had forgotten to bring a change of clothes with him, so his Grandma gave him a bathrobe to wear after he showered while she washed his clothes. After he got out of the shower his Grandmother took one also.

“Boy I feel better now, haven’t been able to use the shower slot oyna since Thursday when the damn thing plugged up.”

Brent felt kind of funny sitting on the couch naked under the robe. His Grandma came into the room also wearing a robe. He could tell by the way her breasts moved she wasn’t wearing a bra. She sat down next to him with her leg touching his. She tapped his knee with the palm of her hand.

“Thank you Brent for coming out and helping me.”

“No problem Grandma.”

He became aware that after tapping his knee several times, that her hand stayed resting there.

“Darla’s pregnancy must be really tough on you this last month huh?”

Brent kind of looked at her and thought if she only knew just how tough due to Darla’s refusal to give him any no matter what it was. “You don’t need to be embarrassed Brent your mom told me all about you two not being able to have any sex this last month of her pregnancy.”

Brent silently cursed his mother for being so open about his problem, but realized it was Darla’s big mouth that let his mother know.

“Is Darla helping you in other ways Brent?”

Was this really his Grandma asking him if his wife was giving him some other form of sex?

“Stop being so shy son, I’m your Grand Mother. There are other ways that your wife can help you sexually besides intercourse. Is she doing that for you?”

All he could do was to look at her and shake his head no.

“Oh you poor dear, that sure is inconsiderate of her.”

Brent felt her hand slowly move from his knee to his thigh, dangerously close to his crotch. The warmth of her hand and the subject matter she was talking about coupled with the clean smell of her next to him was having an effect on him. He could feel his cock begin to rise. Before he knew it his cock was hard enough to raise the robe panel, allowing his Grandma a view of his rising cock as she held down the other half of the robe on his thigh with her hand. The image of what he had seen her do to his Grand Father also came into his head which caused him to become fully erect, causing the head and a few inches of his shaft to be exposed.

He didn’t realize it until he looked down just in time to see his Grandma’s hand reach forward and wrap around his shaft which made him groan with pleasure.

“You poor darling you must be so tense.”


“Shhhhhhh…you need this son, let me help you.” She began to slowly jerk him off. He knew it was wrong, but it felt so good having another hand jerking him off instead of his own. He opened his legs wider and leaned back and enjoyed it.

“Does it feel as good as the time you did it to yourself while you watched me and your Grand Father in the barn?”

“WHAT? You knew I was watching?”

She chuckled as she stopped jerking him and milked a huge drop of pre cum out of his piss hole then with her thumb she smeared it all over the head of his cock.

“I knew almost from the beginning. I caught sight of you out of the corner of my eyes as I took my dress off. Then later I found many droplets of sperm on the barn floor where you were hiding.”

“Did Grandpa know?”

“No, I never told him, but it always excited me to know you watched. I even considered taking your virginity sometime when your Grandpa was in town or in the fields.”

“You did? Why didn’t you?”

“Because I decided it was wrong, but now you need some help and I haven’t held anything so hot and hard in over three years.”

He watched as his Grand Mother slid off of the couch and got between his knees. As she leaned forward towards his cock she whispered:

“Did you watch me do this?”

And with that she took his cock into her hot mouth and began bobbing her head on him.

“Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…God……Grandma…That……………….. Feels sooooooo….Godd…….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

His hands went to her head and he started fucking her mouth with urgency. It wouldn’t be long and he would cum. She was jerking his shaft as she sucked and her free hand was massaging his ball sack.

“G……G…..Grandma….I…..I’m going to cum if you don’t stop.”

“It’s better for you to let it go in my mouth honey, let it go.”

Hearing that and feeling her dive back down and suck even faster was all it took. Despite having shot a huge load in the rest area, he felt at least five strong spurts shoot into his Grand mother’s mouth. She stayed with him all the way and kept sucking long after she had swallowed all he had to offer. It had been so long since she had sucked a cock. Doing it to her canlı casino siteleri own Grandson had caused her to climax without even touching her vagina. Each spurt of his creamy offering caused her vagina to spasm delightfully.

“Boy….you seemed to have really needed that, how long has it been?”

He didn’t want to tell her about jerking of on the way over.

“About two weeks now?”

“Hmmmmmmmm…if only I were 20 years younger, I’d ride this beautiful cock.”

“Do it Grandma please…let me do something for you too.”

“You mean you want to get inside of this old ladies vagina?”

“Yes…Yes Please Grandma will you let me?”

He watched as she stood and took off her robe. His eyes went up and down her naked body. Her tits sagged some but they were still sexy with huge nipples. She had some wrinkles around her waist and a real thick bush of pubic hair. She had him lay long ways on the couch as she straddled his legs. She reached down and guided his still hard cock to her opening.

“I may be too dry for you son, Let me know if it’s no good and I’ll stop. There hasn’t been a man in me for over three years you know so go slow.”

He felt the lips of her pussy open to accept him. Then he let out a loud moan as she lowered herself down a few inches, taking half of his shaft. She was so hot and so wet that he slid in with no difficulty at all.

“Oh my god what a feeling, after so long! You feel so good in me son god you feel good.”

With that said she dropped down fully engulfing his member to the pubic bone causing loud moans from both of them. She leaned forward and pressed her tits into his face.

“Bite them honey bite my nipples while I ride you.”

He bit down on her stiff nipple as she began to slide up and down his pole faster and faster.

“OH……….GOD!!!!!!!……I’m…………Cumming…….already Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….Oh baby baby! Oh Brent!”

Brent felt her pussy juices flowing out around his cock as she slumped forward against his chest. Once she recovered she sat back and her pussy muscles started massaging his erect cock inside of her.

“Do you like that Brent?”

“Mmmmmmmm…Yes I’ve never felt anything like it before.”

“You haven’t cum yet, I want to make you cum inside of me.”

It didn’t take very long and her muscles were massaging the hardest erection he had ever felt.

“God Grandma it’s like you’re ….vagina is sucking me.”

“You can say pussy dear, that’s what I like to call it. You’re so hard inside of me again.” “You are the best fuck I’ve ever had Grandma. And you thought you would be too old.”

“Well the only thing I’ve had in my pussy for the last three years is my fingers and vibrator you know. Remember back when you saw me in the barn honey, tell me what you saw.”

“Well I saw Grandpa sitting on the hay bail with his cock out, saying that you weren’t wearing anything under your dress.”

“Then what did you see?”

“You sucking on his cock.”

“Did that excite you to see me do that?”

“Oh god yes did it ever.”

“You took your cock out and jerked off while you watched?”

“When did you shoot off while watching us? Do you remember?”

“Yes I remember it very well. I did it twice”

“Twice? Mmmmmmmmm …you naughty boy!”

“The first time was when you took off your dress and sat down on Grandpa’s cock.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm…YES! And when was the second?”

“When you stood naked and bent over and sucked him clean, I could see your pussy slit with his cream dripping out of it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….shit……Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…I’m Cumming Grandma!”

“Yes honey do it fill me with your love cream.”

As Brent’s cock went soft inside of his Grand mother he sucked her big nipples as she fingered her clit and brought herself to orgasm. “Brent have you ever had anal sex?”

“No Darla is afraid to try it.”

“Well the next time you come over you can have me there if you like. We’ll have to take it easy; I haven’t had a big one in me there like yours in a long time.”

They slept together in the same bed that night, but both were too exhausted to have anymore sex. As the morning came Brent started to wake to wonderful warmth around his cock. As he opened his eyes, there was his Grandma sucking his cock! What a way to wake up he thought. Then she abruptly stopped and took out a jar of Vaseline and smeared some all over his cock. She got one her hands and knees and looked back at him.

“I decided to let you have me anally before you go home dear, are you ready for it?”

As he grabbed his Grand Mother’s hips and slowly slid his hardness into her tight ass hole, he couldn’t help thinking how lucky he was to have a Grand Mother like his. In no time at all he was launching his morning load deep into her bowels!

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