Amber’s Family Pt. 01

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18-year-old Amber stood naked in front of the full length mirror and admired herself. She stood 5’6″ tall, with strawberry blonde hair reaching to the middle of her back. She had slender somewhat toned arms and legs, a generous bubble ass, wide hips and a very slim waist. Her Stomach was toned and flat. Her whole body was tanned a beautiful golden color that only the sun can bestow. She had just shaved her cunt and slender legs today and as she felt her young body up she realized how smooth and silky she was!

She turned around in front of the mirror and was pleased with her bubble ass and slender legs. Facing forward again she looked at what she thought was her best features, her ample tanned breasts. Her glorious mounds stood on her chest, not sagging at all, full D cups, completely symmetrical. Her frame was small so they looked even bigger on her! Her areola were round, not small, but not overly large either, perfectly shaped, and her nipples were currently very hard, standing at attention begging to be sucked. Looking up she examined her face. She had a slender elfin face with a slightly upturned nose, and a small smattering of freckles. Her lips were full and she had large beautiful emerald eyes that seemed to glitter in the light. Her girlfriends thought she looked like Amanda Seyfried.

Amber was happy with what she saw. She was proud of her body. She had worked hard on her tan that summer and had kept her body slim and toned by being on a local dance team and trips to the local gym. She looked critically at her body again and decided she looked “thoroughly fuckable!”

Standing nude in front of the mirror, she began to think of all the boys and men that looked at her every day when she went out. Their hungry eyes would roam over her tight young body. A fluttery sensation was forming in her tummy. She liked it when they looked at her with lust. She liked seeing the bulges in their pants as they would stare at her ass and tits. She had even caused 2 minor accidents when boys had looked at her instead of the road. She giggled thinking about it. At least no one got hurt! she thought.

Men! She thought a lot about them these days. Their strong arms. Their sexy flat abs, their beautiful strong faces and hungry eyes. She thought about one man more than all the rest however. Her Daddy.

Her cunt began to get wet. She ran a finger down her perfect pussy lips letting it get nice and slippery, then moved it up to her tiny hard clit. She loved playing with her pussy. It made her feel so good!

Men… Daddy… with their strong hard cocks and heavy balls…. mmmmmm… she thought. I wish Daddy was here now so he could fuck my tiny cunt. God, I’m such a slut she thought, as she continued to rub her clit, thinking about hard cocks and getting fucked. Her dad was at work, or she would have tried to make something happen with him.

Her father was Michael Shae, a lawyer, 36 years old, 6′ 2″, dark hair and eyes. He kept in shape and was very handsome. A few months ago his firm had opened another branch in Austin and had offered him a much higher salary to move there. It was also an offer which he couldn’t refuse. He took the job and, much to his daughters chagrin, they had moved away from Valencia and into a much bigger house in Austin.

Michael’s wife Shannon was still a knockout at 35 years old. She stood 5’8″ tall with light blonde long hair and a slender elfin face. She had large D cup breasts and had gotten elective surgery on them 4 years ago to remove their sag. They hadn’t put any implants in and now, they looked almost twin to her young daughters, though Shannon’s were slightly larger. Her body was tight from working out 3 times a week, and she also had a bubble ass that she worked hard to maintain.

Shannon had been 16 and a swimsuit model before Michael had found her and swept her away. Within less than a year she had become pregnant and they were married. Her parents were rich and had given them their summer home in Valencia to stay in, as long as Michael stayed in school and kept after his plans of being a lawyer. They liked Michael and wanted him and his daughter to have a good life, so her parents had given them enough money to live comfortably and hire a maid to help with the baby while Michael went to school.

Michael stayed in school, got great grades and became a lawyer for the state of California. Shannon had been a stay at home mom for a long time, but after moving to Austin she had found a job in a upscale luxury spa center, where she helped women pampered themselves. She loved it.

Many people remarked on how beautiful the three of them were, as a family and individually. The Shae family knew what it was to be lusted after and desired.

Michael and Shannon’s sex life had been amazing throughout their 18 years of marriage. They were still very much in love and attracted to each other. Once in a while though, they would have other people join in their fun. This seemed to enhance their love life rather than pull them apart.

Their previous home in Valencia casino oyna was nice. The Shaes had a clothing optional rule there. They weren’t nudists per se, but they loved to work on their bodies, and felt no shame in showing them off. They had a rather large house with large grounds and a nice swimming pool in the back, hidden away from the street by trees.

Amber had many good times in that home. Growing up her parents had treated her well. Amber was a natural dancer and they had enrolled her in dance and gymnastics at a very early age. She never got tired of it and was still dancing at 18. Her parents were very lax about most things, but they made her wear clothes around the house until she was 18 years old. She remembered how unfair that had seemed to her as her mother would often wear just panties and her father would usually only wear boxer briefs. They were strict and insistent on this rule though, and on her 18th birthday they told her the restriction was lifted.

She remembered that talk she had with her parents on her 18th birthday. After her friends had left for the night, her mother called Amber to their room. Her mother and father sat up on their bed, their shirt and blouse discarded. Her mother sat up with her tan skin, taut stomach and large breasts displayed proudly, her father with his tight tan muscles and slightly hairy chest. The blanket covered them from the waste down. Amber thought of how sexy they both were. Her mother’s large firm breasts were slightly larger than her own and she was envious of them.

Her father had taut tight abs and defined muscles with strong arms. She loved to watch him shirtless. The way his muscles moved often made her pussy wet and she had begun masturbating while thinking of her father about a year ago.

They invited her to sit on the bed with them and then with a serious tone her Father began to talk. “Amber hun, you are 18 years old now and your body has grown beautiful.” Amber blushed deeply and was deliriously happy. Her father thought her body was sexy! “Your mother and I think it’s time we allow you to have the same freedoms we share. You’re a fully grown woman now, and we want you to be proud of your body and become a confident woman. You can take your clothes off around the house now baby.”

Amber was ecstatic! “Oh thank you Daddy!” She scooted herself up and hugged him and gave him a kiss on the lips.

Michael chuckled and hugged his tight-bodied daughter back. his cock stirred under the covers as he felt her nipples press into his chest. “Furthermore, we are going to take it to the next level and treat you as an adult now” he said. Michael looked at his wife. She had a twinkle in her eye as she nodded to him. “Stand up baby girl and take off your shirt for us” said Michael.

Amber quickly bounced up and took off her night shirt. Her breasts stood proudly on her chest, nipples hard. They were large and firm and mostly untanned. She had tan lines in perfect triangles around her breasts from the bikini she wore by the pool. Amber now stood in nothing but her pink boy short panties.

Her father looked at her firm body admiringly. She had grown! he thought, his cock becoming half hard now under the covers.

“Look at our baby girl, turning into such a sexy young woman!” Said her mother proudly, as she lay her head on her husband’s shoulder taking in her young daughter’s body.

Michael cleared his throat after staring at his pretty young daughter and said “As an adult, you can walk around the house like that, or….. you don’t have to wear any clothes at all.”

Amber looked at her mother and father questioningly. She had often seen her father in nothing but his boxers and her mother in her panties, but never before had she seen them completely naked.

“You’re an adult now honey,” said Michael, “and we want you to know what an adult looks like.” He turned towards his wife and gave her a quick passionate kiss. His cock was now fully erect. Shannon nodded to him, and they removed the covers. They were completely naked underneath, and Michael’s 9″ cock stood up proudly.

Amber’s eyes widened and were drawn to his erection. It was so big! she thought. She had seen it scrunched up in his boxers, or tented in them, but never in the flesh! her stomach began to get fluttery sensations and her tender pussy itched. She looked at her mothers pussy and saw that she was completely shaven down there. She looked gorgeous! She was suddenly ashamed of the small triangle of hair she kept unshaven above her own pussy.

“What’s wrong baby girl?” said Michael, seeing a sad look in her eyes. “Oh, it’s not much, I just really like Mom’s shaved pussy and mine has an ugly triangle of hair above it.”

Her mother smiled and said, “don’t worry baby, I’m sure it looks very sexy.”

Shannon got up and hugged her daughter. “You are gorgeous you know. Your father has an erection because of you.”

“Really?” said Amber hopefully, looking at his large hard shaft. “I like it Mom. Daddy’s penis looks big and strong.” slot oyna

“It is baby,” said her mother, “and you can call it a cock now if you want. That’s what adults call them.”

Amber nodded solemnly, looking at his now fully erect cock. Her pussy was getting very wet.

Amber looked down at her panties, then pushed them off her bubble ass, and down her slender legs, kicking them off her foot. Her young pussy was slightly wet and she had a small V of reddish hair above it. She looked shyly up at her father and saw his cock twitch. She smiled at him and did a slow twirl. “Am i sexy daddy?” she asked.

Michael groaned as he stared at her daughters wet snatch. “Yes baby. you are a very sexy young woman.”

Amber looked happily up at her mother who looked down at her and smiled back. Her mother said “Why don’t we take you into the bathroom and shave your pussy bare like mine?”

“Yes mom, I’d love that!” Amber replied excitedly.

The girls went into the bathroom and Michael sighed. He was going to have to fuck his wife all night to empty his overloaded blue balls. Images of his young sexy daughter kept flashing in his head. Her beautiful breasts and flat stomach, flaring hips and amazing ass, and finally, her sexy wet cunt. He had two of the most beautiful women in the world in his house, he thought. He turned on the t.v. trying to distract himself and watched some sports center. He heard the girls in the bathroom talking and giggling.

Fifteen minutes later they came out of the bathroom with mischievous looks on their faces, and half smiles on their full lips. Both were now completely shaved and it looked like they had put on light makeup and done their hair again.

Michael turned off the TV and looked at the two beauties. They both did a twirl for him. Gorgeous, he thought.

“Daddy,” said Amber “do you like my cunt better now?”

His cock twitched as he heard that word coming from his young daughters mouth. Apparently his wife had told her that he loved it when they called his wife’s pussy a cunt.

Michael cleared his throat and said, “yes hun, I love it”

Amber quickly ran up to him on the bed, her titties bouncing prettily, climbed on top of him, mashing her heavy tits on his chest and kissed him on the lips. Her little cunt brushed against his fully hard cock and it sent shivers through him.

“Thank you daddy” she said, hopping off him and sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at his erection. She had just felt his cock brush against her pussy and it had felt amazing.

“I like your cock daddy” she said staring at it. “It’s so big!”

Shannon smiled and said “Yes baby, it’s bigger than most men’s cocks.”

Amber’s body was beginning to react to having his big cock so close. A flush had appeared on her chest and her cheeks. Her nipples were harder than they had ever been and her cunt was leaking juices down her thigh.

“Can…I touch it daddy?” the highly aroused teen asked.

Michael looked to his wife, and she looked back, a smirk on her face. “No baby, that’s your mom’s job.” he said. “We’ve all had a lot of fun tonight, so why don’t we tuck you in and all get some rest?”

Amber looked crestfallen. “I want to stay the night with you two though” she pouted.

“No baby, you’re not a little girl anymore. Besides, your mother and I have things to discuss.” said Michael. “But i will tuck you in your room. Come on.”

“Ok,” said amber with a sigh.

Michael got up and took his daughter by the hand. His erection stood out proudly and bobbed as he took his daughter to her room. He watched as his daughter breasts bounced and jiggled slightly with every step she made, and he stared at her hard nipples. He had always loved amazing breasts, and his daughters certainly were just that. they looked very large on her small frame.

For Amber’s part, she had her eyes mostly glued to her father’s powerful cock. How would it ever fit inside her tiny cunt hole? she wondered. It made her little cunny feel good watching it bob up and down as they walked.

Michael hurried his daughter into her room and asked her if she wanted to wear anything for bed. Amber smiled and said “I want to be naked as much as I can now daddy. I like it.” She slowly crawled into her bed which gave her father an amazing look at her ass and cunt in the process. Lying down now she asked “Can you give me a big hug and kiss daddy?” reaching her arms up to him.

Michael wrapped his arms around his daughter and pulled her close. Her breasts mashed against his chest. She had spread her legs wide and one of them was touching his cock. He kissed her on the lips. She murmured and opened her mouth slightly, gently licking his lower lip. Almost of it’s own volition, his tongue snaked out and met hers. Amber moaned slightly as their tongues began to move against each other, their mouths opening wider.

Michael allowed the kiss to go on for 5 seconds, then quickly regained his composure, pulling away. His daughter still held him canlı casino siteleri tightly though, her hard nipples and tit-flesh mashed against his chest She loved the feeling of her daddy’s strong chest and arms around her. Her nipples were sensitive and felt good against his moderately hairy chest. She reluctantly let go. Her young body was now flushed from her head to her chest.

“Thank you daddy. I love you” she whispered.

“You too baby. Sleep well.”

Amber didn’t plan on sleeping though, she planned on doing something else entirely.

As Michael walked back to his room he masturbated his cock to the thought of his daughters tight young body and wet cunt. He held off only when he about shot his load all over the carpet. He quickly walked to his room and his waiting wife.

There she was, on the edge of the bed, ass pointed up, on hands and knees, waiting for him. Her pussy was wet and glistening in the light. She looked at him over her shoulders and with a sexy voice said “Well?”

Two quick steps and he was at the edge of the bed, moving into position to fuck his wife’s cunt till it overflowed. He lined his cock up then shoved all 9 inches into his wife’s wet fuckhole in one go, making her scream. She sometimes loved it rough and tonight she was going to get it rough.

He pounded her fuck channel mercilessly like an animal, fast and powerful. She began moaning and talking. “Uhnn Yes!, That’s it!, fuck me like a whore!” Michael’s furious rod pumped deep and fast into her canal. Her bubble ass quivered with each powerful thrust. He pulled his wife’s hair and forced her face up off the bed. His other hand held her waist tight. He began spanking his wife’s ass as he fucked her. SLAP! fuck, fuck, fuck, SLAP! fuck, fuck, fuck. She loved being spanked. “That’s it Michael! Spank my whore ass!” she shouted as Michael continued to fuck her like a man possessed, spanking her in rhythm. Doggy style was his wife’s favorite position. She thought it was a dirty way to have sex, and loved it all the more.

Michael wasn’t going to last long and felt his balls tightening against his rod. His wife was babbling incoherently now “fuc..cunn…ahhh!” and “whore…cock…yes!” almost sobbing the words. Her ass was red from the slapping. Michael reached under her chest and grabbed her right tit, squeezing her nipple hard while continuing to fuck her fast. Shannon had sensitive nipples and this took her over the top. She began cumming hard all over Michael’s cock, her pussy squeezing it mercilessly. Her juices began gushing from her sloppy twat. “unhgn YES!, I LOVE YOUR COCK!” she shouted much too loudly before almost screaming and sobbing “AhhnnnhhgggnnnhhAAhhfuck!”.

His wife often got so worked up she would cry during her orgasms, and this was one of them.

Her spasming cunt was too much for Michael and he shot load after powerful load into his wife’s creaming pussy. Eight loads of potent spunk shot into her fuckhole, filling it up and overflowing it.

He held his cock in his wife’s cunt for a minute after cumming, catching his breath. Meanwhile she whimpered and shuttered having mini orgasms around his cock. He then collapsed onto the bed and pulled her close, her back to his chest, and began fondling her ample tits. She was still whimpering. He had fucked her senseless. She came around after about a minute of shuttering and whimpering, a few tears streaming down her cheeks. She kissed Michael and said “That was soo good! I love it when you take me like that!”

He kissed her back. “You will always be my fucktoy babe” he said smiling at her. He turned her around and gently fondled her breasts, leaning down and taking the left nipple into his mouth. Shannon loved it when he sucked her titties. they were sensitive and it made her feel good. They had mastered the art of giving her breast orgasms over the years. More often though, it was their post sex ritual for him to suck her titties while she lay there and closed her eyes, simply taking in the feeling of it.

Spunk ran down her thighs to the bed below. she scooped some of his semen up from inside her twat and sucked her fingers dry. There was something magical about Michael’s cum. To her it tasted better than most desserts.

She remembered the first time he had come inside her mouth. His hot jizm filled her mouth to overflowing and dripped down to her heaving breasts. As she swallowed she realized it was fantastic! She had swallowed all of it, scooping it up on her fingers and sucking till there was none left. After that day she would suck him off every morning to get her cum meal, before she would let him fuck her. She still practiced this ritual most mornings. Michael had a heavy load of fuck juice in the morning that built up during the night and it often served as her breakfast. It was part of the way she stayed so slim. She jokingly called it her Jizz Shake.

As he continued to service her breasts she began to speak. “I know that our daughter will constantly get you horny, now that this house is a naked one. But like you said, I’m your fucktoy and you can use me anyway you want to, whenever you want to. You know how much of a slut I am for you.” She scooped out more spunk from her messy cunt and sucked it off her fingers.

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