Amusement Park Adventure Pt. 02

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Chapter Six: “The Haunted House”

The afternoon sun blared down unrelentingly. It was the type of mid-July heat that made your body warm and in a state of constant semi-arousal, a hypnagogic state where everything seems cloudy yet vivid, and both real and not. Nick and Sarah were hyperaware of one another’s presence. Familiar touches on the small of his daughter’s back or the brush of her father’s hand against hers felt sensual, and almost dangerous. Unspoken thoughts and desires were electric and hung in the air between father and daughter.

The precarious balance of familiar father-daughter roles and the unfamiliar taboo roles of lover to lover teetered as the afternoon wore on. Nick struggled with feelings of fatherly love and protection with the kind of longing and desire one feels for a lover while Sarah felt herself tossed between seductress and little girl.

Sarah had always been able to talk to her father about anything, and felt he was her confidant. She trusted him implicitly and had always told him her friendship, boyfriend and school woes. He had even given her the birds and the bees talk a few years ago when she started dating.

“Dad?” she asked him, while they were waiting on line for the haunted house.

“Yes, honey?” he answered.

“Do you still miss mom?” she asked.

Nick’s expression grew serious and he answered her in a grave voice. “Yes, Sarah. I miss your mom a lot. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her.”

She nodded and looked down, her eyes glistening. Nick pulled her close and hugged her. “You miss mom, too, huh kiddo?” he asked her. Sarah nodded.

“You know, she would be very proud of you if she were here today, Sarah. You have grown into a very beautiful and smart woman,” he told her.

“Do I remind you of her at all, dad? Do I look like her at all?” she asked him.

Nick looked at his daughter and again marveled at how beautiful she had become. She did have a striking resemblance to her mother. He nodded and reached out to stroke the curve of her face. “You take after your mother very much, Sarah. You look a lot like her when she was young. She was just a few years older than you when I met her.”

Sarah nodded and then was quiet a moment. She appeared to be thinking, chewing on a thought she was struggling to get out.

“Do you love Carly as much as you loved mom? Do you wish she was here right now? Are you sorry you didn’t take her with us?” The questions came in a barrage as she was able to find the courage to ask about what had been very much on her mind.

“Hold on, honey,” he said and held her at arms length to look her directly in the eye. “I never said I was in love with Carly. And no, I am not sorry she is not here. This is our time together, baby.”

She looked at him dubiously.

“I am serious, Sarah. I like Carly well enough but she is not your mother and YOU are my number one priority. No one will ever take the place of my girl. Understood?” he asked as he squeezed her upper arms.

Sarah nodded. “Promise me you’ll never leave me, daddy?” she asked.

“I promise”, he responded solemnly.

“Will I always be your little girl?” she asked.

He nodded. “Always,” he answered.

“I hope I find someone one day who loves me as much as you do, daddy,” Sarah said.

She was so beautiful, he thought to himself as he looked into her deep brown eyes. He found himself wanting to kiss her, but not in a fatherly way. He wanted to show her what he thought of her, how much he loved her and wanted to be with her. If only she knew that it was her he thought about as he was thrusting his bursting cock into Carly. It seemed every day he could not get his mind off the scent of his daughter’s luscious pussy. By the time he saw Carly, he was beside himself and just wanted to find release. He berated himself silently for the prurient thoughts about his own daughter. He must be a pervert.

Sarah wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tight, as a small child would, dismantling his irreverent thoughts. Nick stroked the top of his daughter’s head, running his fingers across the silky blonde hair at the crown of her head and down her long pony tail, losing his fingers in the soft strands of thick hair. Sarah sighed deeply. She had always loved her hair being stroked.

He felt her hot breathe in the crook of his neck where she had rested her head. The hands that were caressing his back in the way she had when she was a child suddenly felt like the hands of a woman exploring the muscles of her lover’s back. He felt his skin tingle and when she placed a small kiss that turned into several small kisses on his neck; he found his hands wound tightly in her hair, pulling her pony tail the way a lover in the throes of ecstasy might.

“Come on! Move it, lovebirds!” called out someone from the back of the line, eluding the father daughter lubricious embrace. A space had cleared in front of them during their hug. They pulled apart reluctantly.

The pair waited in silence, avoiding casino siteleri one another’s eyes. Nick didn’t know what he should do at this point. He had clearly enjoyed his daughter’s touch, as he was certain would have been evident to her. Yet, she was his daughter and it was wrong.

Sarah knew she had turned her father on, and if that damn guy in the back hadn’t interrupted them, who knows what would have happened next. She knew she was playing with fire, but her desire for her father had won out from any practical thoughts she might have had about the situation. She was determined to drive her father to the point where he was beside himself and wanted only her. What was more, she wanted to hear him say it aloud, and not just show her.

When they finally were able to get in the car that would take them on the tour of the haunted house, Nick felt relieved that there would be some reprieve from the heavy silence that had been between them and that they would be distracted during the ride. His daughter had always liked the haunted house, and always managed to get a scare, no matter how many times they had been through it.

“Isn’t it funny that guy thought we were lovers?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he managed to say, caught off guard by his daughter using the word ‘lover’ to describe them.

I have an idea,” she said. “Let’s pretend to be girlfriend and boyfriend.”

“Sarah,” he began, “I don’t think that is a very good idea.”

“Why?” she asked.

“First of all, I am much older than you. No one would believe you would be seen dating a guy like me. Second of all, I am your father,” he said.

“Dad,” she said, “You look like you are in your thirties and it would not be so strange for a girl my age to be with a man your age. Plus, you’re hot. And, anyway, no one has to know we’re father and daughter.”

He laughed and looked at his daughter. “You’re just saying that because I am your father and you have to be nice.”

“No, I’m not,” she said with emphasis, “All my friends think so too,” she added. “Besides,” she continued, “It isn’t like we are actually going to DO anything. We are just going to pretend. It will be fun! Plus, I will feel older and it is my birthday after all. You did say we could do anything I wanted to, right?” With that, she took his hand and laced her fingers into his own. “Come on. Please?” she begged.

Against his better judgment, he agreed. “Ok. Just for fun and just for make-believe,” he said. It couldn’t hurt anything to pretend, he reconciled with himself. Inside though, he knew they were playing with fire. But, he just couldn’t stop himself. Or perhaps he didn’t want to. The more honest thought came floating forward, unwanted, from his conscience. He decided to ignore it. Just for the moment.

Sarah grinned at her father and he grinned back as the car moved forward. They entered complete darkness. She instinctively moved closer to her father and went to reach for his hand, which she found resting on his lap. He wrapped an arm around his daughter and drew her closer to him as he had always done when she was frightened. He felt her small hand rest on his leg and then grip his pants when a bloody man with an axe through his skull jumped out from the darkness.

A banshee-like ghoul came screeching above their heads, and she let out a scream, buried her head into the space between his arm and chest covered her face with two hands. They both laughed and he squeezed her. She relaxed into him and took the hand that was in his lap. Her hand pressed against his crotch and she left it there.

His body stiffened and his heart hammered at her touch. He sharply inhaled. Nick was frozen, unsure what to do. He did not want her to remove her hand. It felt so damn good to have his baby touching his cock.

He was turned on, which Sarah knew by the instant erection that arose as her hand touched her father’s shaft through his pants. His dick was now as hard as steel but Sarah had made no attempt to move her hand. In fact, she began to rub his hand with her fingers, which caused her hand to rub against his cock back and forth. He felt the back of her hand moving against the length of his cock slowly but steadily.

He was afraid to move. What if she really did not realize what she was touching? A sudden movement by him would surely make her take notice and embarrass her. He did not want to do that. Was it possible though that she was aware of what she was touching? Was it possible that his daughter was purposely touching his cock? The thought made him even more turned on and his cock stiffened further.

He heard her murmur, “I love you, daddy”, into his chest.

God, how he had always loved hearing her say that but now, he thought how badly he wanted to hear her say those words as he was inside her. He thought to himself, “How could he think such a thing about his own daughter?”

Nick felt a hard nipple pressed into his chest from the breast she had against him, which made him suddenly realize that she did indeed know what slot oyna she was doing. The rubbing against his hand had become faster and his cock had sprung up between his hand and hers so that she was now rubbing his cock directly instead of his hand. He was losing his mind with desire. He struggled with what he should do. His excitement won out, and decided that he too could play at this game.

The arm he had wrapped around her shoulders drooped lower so that his hand was covering the breast not pressed against his chest. Around them came the sounds of the howls of the haunted house and the shrieks from children and adults alike in cars behind and in front of them. Nick began softly caressing Sarah’s breast through her t-shirt. Her nipple poked through the fabric. He rolled the large nipple between his fingers. Sarah moaned and whispered, “Daddy. Mmmmm.”

He felt his cock grow hard as steel. She now had a good grip at the base of his dick, and was slowly moving her hand up and down against the length of his shaft. “You’re so hard, daddy,” she said in a sexy whisper.

He wanted to take her and fuck her right there in that car. She was turning him on in ways she did not even realize. This was like a fantasy coming true for him. He continued pinching and pulling on her large nip.

Sarah was writhing in her seat. She couldn’t believe her father’s hands were on her breasts. “God, they felt so good touching her,” she thought to herself. Her nipples had never felt as rock hard and on fire as they did now with her father rolling her large nipple between his thick, warm fingers! Her lips found the skin of her father’s neck and softly began to suck on his warm, salty tasting flesh. She felt the cock in her hands twitch and gave a sultry laugh into her father’s neck, making him grow even harder with the vibration of her mouth on his throat. For the moment the pair did not give a second thought to the fact that what they were doing was wrong. They were lost in ecstasy.

Too soon, they began to approach the opening of the tunnel and light began to filter in. Nick removed his hand from his daughter’s breast and Sarah pulled her hand off her father’s cock. Nick attempted to adjust himself and pressed down on his large erection as unnoticeably as he could. When the ride came to a halt, Nick got out, extended his hand to his daughter and helped her out of the car. He couldn’t help but notice her tan, shapely calves topped off with firm, muscled thighs.

Chapter Seven: “The Carousel”

They were both very turned on at this point, in a state of high arousal. “I want to ride a stallion,” Sarah said as she looked into her father’s eyes suggestively.

“W-w-what?” he stammered.

Sarah pointed to the carousel. “You have a dirty mind, old man,” she said in a sarcastic voice.

He smacked her ass playfully. “Who are you calling old?”

“Ah, so you are dirty?” she teased.

The line was short for the carousel, so they were able to get on in a matter of minutes. “Pick your stallion, honey,” Nick said in a low voice.

Sarah spun around and narrowed her eyes at him, looking him up and down in a flirtatious manner. When had his daughter learned to flirt like that? She got a wicked smile on her face and selected the horse to her right. “This one,” she said looking directly into his eyes. “I want to ride this one.” She smirked at him and he shook his head slowly.

“Incorrigible,” he said. She raised her eyebrows in a suggestive manner and blew a little kiss his way as she batted her eyelashes. He took a deep breathe and then hopped onto the horse next to the one she had chosen.

The horse she had selected was high off the ground. Sarah put a foot into the saddle and swung her leg around the back of the horse in an exaggerated manner, sticking her rounded ass out as she did. She tossed her blonde silky pony tail over her shoulder as she was straddling the carousel horse and looked in her father’s direction to make sure he was looking at her ass.

He was and was transfixed by the sight of her curves and by the way she had straddled the back of the horse. He was imagining what it would be like if she were to straddle and ride him. He felt another erection start to build.

Sarah grabbed onto the pole in front of her and kept her back straight so that her breasts were thrust in the air and buttocks were pushed out behind her. She felt completely alive as she flirted openly with her father. She began to roll her hips and bounce slightly up and down on the horse. “Remember how much I used to like riding, dad?” she asked. “I guess some things you just don’t forget how to do,” Sarah said as she pretended to trot the horse.

She could feel herself grow wet with each downward bounce onto the back of the horse. She thought how hot it would be to be riding her father instead of the horse and felt her pussy throb with excitement. She longed to feel his huge cock deep inside of her, buried to the hilt. She was certain he would completely fill her. Nick’s eyes nearly flew out of his canlı casino siteleri head when he saw his daughter practically fucking the horse she was on. He wondered where she had learned to roll her hips in such a seductive way.

When the carousel had come to an end, she didn’t want to get off and asked if he would get on the horse with her. “Just like we used to do when I was little and we would go riding together,” she cajoled.

He shook his head, unsure if he should keep continuing with the game they were playing, but he felt so far gone he barely cared at this point. He hopped onto the horse behind his daughter and she settled back into him as the ride took off once again, taking its 360 degree course.

Sarah could feel her father’s hardening cock press into her buttocks and she pressed her ass as close as she could to him so that she was practically sitting on his hardness. “I like to ride real slow, trotting up and down nice and evenly, enjoying the feeling. What do you think, Daddy?” Sarah asked in a low, sultry voice.

Nick gulped and said, “Taking your time while riding does make for a nice long ride, Sarah. There is nothing like a drawn out, leisurely ride.” He continued, getting into their flirtation, “Sometimes though, you want to go a little faster. Sometimes I like to gallop for a while, riding real hard and fast, so that the sensation becomes almost unbearable until you become so out of breath from the exertion that you have to slow down again before you become fully spent.”

Sarah was turned on and could feel her pussy dripping juices, saturating her panties. Hearing her father’s low, seductive voice in her ear telling her how he liked to fuck was driving her wild.

“Then what happens when you slow down, Daddy?” she asked in a little girl voice.

“Then you take it slow for a while, drawing out the ride, making sure you get the full experience and depth of the motion. When you can’t hold back any longer, you start riding real hard and fast again until you reach the point of no return and all your senses are completely taken over in the moment. Nothing else matters but what you are feeling right then and there.” Nick’s voice was low and even. He was trying to keep his breathing regular and his emotions under control. The task was becoming more impossible to do.

They became silent, each breathing a bit heavier than before. The ride came to a stop and he helped her off. “Let’s go get wet and cool off, daddy,” Sarah said, breaking the sexual tension that had overcome the two, and she pulled him toward the water rides.

Chapter Eight-“The Fight”

They rode the log plume ride- the kind where you sit in a car, one behind the other, and go through a series of dips, each one making you successively wetter, until the final plunge where you become soaked. They laughed themselves silly and enjoyed the feel of the cool water on their flesh, hot with the warmth of the late afternoon sun.

When they got out of the log car, Nick’s eyes widened at the sight of his daughter’s full breasts clearly outlined in her soaked white t-shirt. What was more, her nipples were clearly visible and erect through the fabric. Their rosy color was evident through what he saw now as a demi cup translucent bra, which barely covered her luscious looking breasts. He gulped and licked his lips at the sight of the huge, dark areolas completely noticeable through the translucent t-shirt.

Sarah looked down to see what had stolen her father’s attention and smiled when she realized the effect she was having on him. “Like what you see, Nick?” she asked him in a seductive voice.

“God, Sarah,” he started but stopped, unsure what to even say next. He berated himself silently for openly staring at his daughter’s breasts but could barely help himself.

Sarah moved closer to her father so that she was merely a few inches away from him. The currents of electricity that sparked between their bodies couldn’t be denied. She took Nick’s hand and brought it to rest on the curve of her hip, and took a step closer to him so that their bodies were just barely touching.

“Feel how wet I am,” she said in a low voice, as she took Nick’s other hand and brought it to rest on the space between her breasts. He could feel the curve of her breast bone and the movement of her chest as she breathed deeply.

He was paralyzed, unable to move, except for the growing hardness that had developed between his legs.

“Are you as wet as I am?” she asked in a seductive voice. She was willing him to kiss her, to do something. Her body was not touching his but she could feel the fire coursing through her father’s blood as her own body gave off an undeniable heat indicating her desire. She wanted desperately to pull her father towards her, press her breasts against him and feel his cock pressed between her damp legs. She was so wet and eager for her father’s cock. He would slip inside her easily if he took her at that moment.

But, she knew she needed to take it slow. She needed to work him up so that there was no doubt in his mind about what he wanted and what he should do. She was going to seduce him, but it would have to be him to make the first move to take her. That way she would know for certain he wanted her.

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