And Then There was Three

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Everyone in this story is 18 or older. There is a m2m m2f mm2f sex so if you don’t like any of that, you might want to find another story. Yes there may be a few typos and maybe a grammatical error or two, keep that in mind as you read. I’m not perfect but I’m working on getting better at writing. Thank you in advance for your comments and words of encouragement. Enjoy!


Sara and I met when we were freshmen in college. I was pledging a fraternity and she was pledging the sister sorority at the same time. We were just friends at first and hung out all through our college years and our senior year I proposed to her. A year after graduation, we got married and it has been a great relationship ever since then.

Fast forward twelve years later and we are still hot in love. We have sex at least once every two or three days and it is never a quickie. Sara’s five foot six inch, thirty three year young body requires my full attention during our sex sessions. Her athletic frame, C cup breasts with small pink nipples with perky nipples demand that I suck on each before moving to her firm flat stomach. Her belly button piercing is a bonus as I tenderly kiss her smooth skin all the way to her smooth pussy lips. I should add here that my wife has no tan lines, more on that later. As my tongue licks her wet pussy to orgasm, I hold her sexy bubble butt in my hands like I’m eating a watermelon slice. This always causes her to run her fingers through my light brown hair.

At thirty four years old, I am in my prime and I make sure that I take real good care of my wife in all departments. For instance, we moved into our new home three years ago after my promotion at work. I am a regional manager for a very large mattress resale company. I travel some with my new job when I do Sara goes with me. Sara is a personal trainer and is the best around. It shows through her clients and her body.

Myself, I work out pretty regular but I do miss days due to work. Sara keeps me in pretty good shape. I am five foot eight inches and about one hundred and eighty pounds. When I work out with Sara, she puts her light brown hair up in a bun. I prefer if down but she says it makes her too hot.

Thursday of last week, we get a call from my sister in Oklahoma asking if her son could stay with us for a week so he can get his affairs ready to move in to his college dorm. After discussing this with Sara, I told my sister that with our new house, he was more than welcomed to stay here. We have more than enough room and he could still have all the privacy he wanted. She said she would discuss it with Trent, her son, and get back with us.

Monday, my sister calls and tells us that he would love to stay at the house and that he would be no trouble. She told me that if he became a problem, we could kick him out. I assured her that he would be fine and I let her know we looked forward to having him around. Before we hung up, we finalized his arrival and living arrangements. Sara was looking forward to having him as we are a close family and Trent is our only nephew on my side of the family.

Friday arrived before we could blink. Trent is arriving this afternoon and Sara had been preparing his room for him while still maintaining her busy schedule. She even had time to work on her all over tan by our pool in the back yard. We live a few miles out of town on a ten acre spread. Neighbors are sparse at best. The closest house is about three miles away. So when Sara sun bathes, she walks around naked and I join her sometimes. When I don’t have time to join her in her naked state, I just enjoy the view. Her sexy body keeps my heart warm and my cock hard all of the time.

So around 5:30 the doorbell rang. Our front door has slim glass windows on both sides so anyone can see inside if they looked. Sara had just come inside from the pool, naked of course, and went to answer the door. Just before she opened it, she wrapped her towel around her body. I was right behind her a few feet as she approached the door so I saw Trent’s head jerk back from the window. Sara totally missed it.

As she opened the door, Trent entered and bear-hugged Sara, picking her off the floor and swinging her in a circle. Trent is about six foot tall and solid as a rock and at nineteen years old this made him a very large young man with shoulder length blonde hair. “How’s my favorite aunt?” he asked as he swung her around with her ass in plain view from under the towel. The view of her being swung around with her ass showing made my cock twitch.

As he placed her back on earth and stepped back, her towel fell off. Sara bent down and picked it up and rewrapped herself as if nothing happened. Trent got the best view in the house. “Damn aunt Sara, nice bod!” Trent said.

“Awe, such a sweetie. Thank you” Sara said as she pulled his head down and gave him a peck on the lips.

“Uncle Dave, my favorite Uncle!” Trent said as he bear-hugged me. He did leave me on the floor however. “I am so glad to be staying with you two. casino siteleri I promise not to be any trouble.”

“It will all work out” Sara said as she popped him on the butt. “Let’s get you settled in.”

Trent and I went out to unload his stuff as Sara went to put some clothes on. We all met up in Trent’s new bedroom and helped sort his belongings. “This is so cool” Trent said as he put his belongings away. “So aunt Sara, I have a couple of posters I’d like to put up but I want to get your approval. If you are offended, they won’t go up.”

“Thanks for considering my Trent” Sara said as she walked over to Trent and put her hand on his forearm. Trent smiled at her then slowly unrolled the first poster. It was a picture of a long blonde that was posing sideways nude. Sara stared at it before speaking.

“Very sexy Trent” she said as she kept one hand on his forearm and the other supported the outer edge of the picture steer. As she continued to stare I noticed her nipple harden under her very thin top. In sure Trent saw the same thing but he never let on that he had.

“So is this okay?” Trent asked. “She’s nowhere near as pretty as you but I enjoy looking at a beautiful figure every now and then.” He reached for a second poster and it was a full frontal nude with long brown hair. Her pussy was shaved smooth.

Sara looked at it up and down, pausing more on the looking down part. “This one is hot” Sara said as she took it in her hands and walked to the wall she thought it should go. “What do you think about it here?”

Trent and I agreed and Sara smiled really big. “Okay stud, get’m up” popping me on the ass as she left the room. I smiled big at her reaction because I knew right now that she was super horny. I looked at Trent and he had a shit-eating grin on his face.

“That’s right, I’m the stud” I said as we laughed it off and hung his posters.

As we finished all our work in Trent’s room, Sara came to the door and announced that she had made us something to eat. Not only is my wife beautiful but she can cook as well. We gathered around the island in the kitchen and ate spaghetti and salad. Trent and I agreed to clean up since evening swim while you to strong men clean up door. I wasn’t sure if she had on a swimsuit or not but it didn’t really matter since it was almost dark and there were towels outside to cover up.

Trent and I finished our cleaning and I suggested that we join Sara out back. Trent agreed and I grabbed a few beers and the wine on my way out back. Trent was ahead of me so I couldn’t warn Sara in case she was swimming as usual, naked.

“Hey aunt Sara” Trent said as he exited the back door. Sara was in the water and the pool light was off so he couldn’t tell if she was naked or not.

“Trent, if you are going to live here, drop the aunt please” Sara said as she worked her way to the edge of the pool. “And that is just Dave, but I call him stud sometimes” she smiled wickedly.

“Baby, I brought you some wine” I said as I poured a glass and walked to the edge of the pool. I told Trent he could have a beer if he wanted but that he couldn’t ever drive if he drank. He quickly grabbed a beer, opened it, and drank it all.

“Thanks unc…Dave” as he cut his eyes at Sara. “Sorry, I’ll keep working on that.” We all laughed and settled in to the deck chairs. Sara drank a few sips then swam a lap to the deep end and back.

“The water feel great stud, come in” Sara said as she reached for her second sip. I drank the last of my beer, stood and walked towards the door to change. “Baby, the pool is this way” Sara said softly.

“I was going to go change” I paused to say at the back door.

“You don’t need a suit stud, there’s no one here but Trent and he has a cock like yours. It’s not like he doesn’t know what one looks like” Sara said in her sexy voice. I turned around and walked towards the pool stripping as I walked. When I reached the pool’s edge I stepped in completely naked Andy cocktail had grown to half mast. Trent just sat and watched the fun between us.

Sara met me as I stepped in. She stood up giving Trent a view of her body down to her waist. There was no shame or embarrassment on Sara’s face as she took a step up reaching for my arm. I noticed her shaved pussy was exposed at this point but I said nothing. Sara was treating Trent to a free shot of her body for the second time today.

After we kissed at the top step of the pool, Sara eased herself back in the water while holding my hand. Her eyes were on Trent as we slipped in the water. I eased back in without blocking Sara’s view of Trent, I figured she wanted to see his reaction. After we sank down in the water and hugged Sara, I turned us so my back was to Trent. “Did he enjoy the show?” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes and he’s still enjoying it” Sara whispered back. She wrapped her legs around me and took my cock in her hand. She positioned the head at her pussy and pulled me with her legs. My cook sank in he wet hole and she let out slot oyna a long breath. I slowly turned us so our side was facing Trent. I looked over and he had his cock out striking it slowly.

Sara raised and lowered herself on my cock. Her pussy was warm an wet as she slid the length of my cock. Her arms were over my shoulders and her hands were on the back of my head as she leaned back while being impaled on my seven inch cock. Trent was slow stroking his cock and from where I was it looked bigger than mine.

“Trent, come get in. The water is just..right” Sara said as her warm pussy engulfed my cock. My hands fondled her breasts and my thumb and forefinger tweaked her nipples and she pressed her pubic bone against mine. “Are you trying to get me to cum early” she leaned in and whispered. She loves me to tweak her nipples and this caused her to take a sharp breath.

During our play we heard Trent enter the water. He swam around us and to the other end. He paused at the deep in to survey his path back towards us then took off under water. “I wonder if he can see us under water making love?” Sara asked.

“Not sure” I replied as I felt the beginning of my orgasm building. “Someone watching us is gonna make me cum early” I commented as I slid my cock deep in her.

“God you feel so good in me stud” Sara whispered as she leaned into me and wrapped her arms around me. She was pressed against me but her pelvis was humping faster now and she was taking shorter breaths. Trent surfaced a few feet away and stood as if he didn’t know what to do next.

“Sorry” he said as he began to move away.

“Don’t…be…Trent. Sta…Sta…stay…rrrrrrriight…th…th…there…oh god stud..” Sara breathed out as she forced the words out. I knew she was having an orgasm but Trent didn’t and he froze. Sara’s legs squeezed me as she came on my cock. As her pussy clinched my cock as she came, it took me over the edge and I came with her. Her orgasm rolled over her body for several minutes as she held on to me tightly.

It seemed like we came for an hour with Trent staring at us. As our orgasms subsided I noticed that Trent had moved closer to us, close enough that I could feel his body heat. Sara opened her eyes and looked up at me then over at Trent. She looked back at me and I winked at her. She took my cue and said “Trent, we don’t usually do this in front of anyone but since you now live here, you will probably see this more than you know right now. Are you okay with that?”

Trent said “I am but is it okay if I watch sometimes? And would you two care if I, you know, while I watched?” Sara looked down in the water and saw that he was naked and sporting a very large hard on. Sara looked back at me then darted her eyes down towards his cock then back at me. I knew what she wanted so I winked again.

Sara took her arm from my shoulder, reached down and wrapped her hand around Trent’s cock and stroked it slowly. “Hmm, I don’t see why not. Who knows, we may invite you to participate sometime.” Trent’s eyes rolled back in his head as Sara stroked his rather large cock while I was still in her soaking pussy. I felt her pussy tighten around my still hard cock and I knew Trent’s cock would be where mine is before too long.

“How about we all get out of the pool” I suggested. Sara unwrapped herself from me and my cock slipped out of her pussy. He eyes never left mine and her hand never left Trent’s cock. She was still stroking him as I eased away from her. I turned and headed out of the pool with a semi erection with Sara pulling Trent by his stiff cock. Trent followed Sara as if he was in a trance and at this point I think he may have been.

I picked up a towel and began drying off and when I turned around, Sara was on her knees with Trent’s cock head in her mouth. Trent’s head was tilted back with his hands on his hips as Sara took more and more of his cock in her mouth. He must have remembered where he was, eyes opened and his head swiftly turned to my direction. He began to speak up I put up a hand as if to stop him. “It’s okay, if Sara wants to suck your cock, let her. I’m okay with that. Now just enjoy this moment” I said in a reassuring tone.

Trent’s face relaxed, shook his head, then closed his eyes and let his head tilt back. Down on her knees, Sara was working her talented mouth and tongue over the shaft of his cock. Her lips stretched around his cock and I noticed his girth was bigger than mine. That didn’t slow Sara down as she took his cock deep in her mouth. Slowly she withdrew his cock long enough to stand and move him over to a deck chair. He sat down and Sara dropped to her knees and resumed her quest for Trent’s seed.

I sat on a chair next to the action and began slow stroking my already hard cock. Sara reached over and took over my stroking while simultaneously sucking Trent and stroking him with her other hand. Trent’s hand was on the back of Sara’s head and his other hand was stretched to caress her breast. Observing the action going on in the chair canlı casino siteleri next to me, I noticed that Trent’s cock was longer, bigger in girth, and he was totally shaven. Sara is great at deep throating my cock so I wanted to see if she could deep throat Trent’s bigger cock.

Sara eased off Trent’s cock, moved back from him a little, leaned over more to straighten her neck out, then eased his cock in her mouth. She took a deep breath and slowly worked his cock down her throat. Sara has great muscle control so she never gagged or choked as this massive cock invaded her throat. When her lips reached the base of his cock, her throat was enlarged with his cock. She held it there for a few seconds then withdrew it. Trent voiced “fuck that feels so good. I’ve never had anyone do that before.”

Sara released his cock and said “you haven’t felt anything yet.” She continued to hack both of us and it was pretty obvious that Trent was about to blow his load as his legs stiffened and he grabbed Thad chair with both hands. Sara reclaimed his cock head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head. “Oh fuck, I’m coming” Trent said as if warning Sara. Sara just sucked harder while Trent dumped his load in her mouth. Sara swallowed load after load of Trent’s seed while Trent’s ass muscles tightened with each shot.

I felt my load building as Sara finished Trent and cleaned his cock. Sara felt my cock grow a bit bigger then swallowed my cock just as I shot the first rope of cum. She swallowed the entire load then cleaned my cock off. The entire time she sucked my off, she continued stroking Trent’s still hard cock.

When she finished, she sat back on her feet while stroking us and said “Trent, we have never done this before so don’t think badly of us. I just saw your cock and wanted to suck it. Dave was kind enough to agree to let me.”

Trent replied “Sara that was the best blow job I have ever had in my life. I hope it wasn’t bad for you or Dave. I’d never do anything to hurt either of you or to ruin our relationship.”

“Trent, as long as you keep this between us, you may be included in to our love making even more” I said to establish the understanding.

“Dave, Sara, I’d never tell anyone anything. Not even if they tried to force me.” Trent said setting up in his chair. “I’d love to be included to anything you will include me in” Trent said. Sara had stopped stroking us at this point but still had her hands on our rock hard cocks.

“After Dave and I discuss this, maybe I’ll let you fuck me, would you like that.” Sara said in a very seductive way. Trent’s eyes got big and he looked at me with his mouth open.

“Seriously?” he asked, looking at me.

“Slow down sparky, we haven’t talked about it yet”I told him.

“What are your thoughts on this Sara?” I asked.

“Well, his cock is bigger than yours and longer so if he does fuck me, I’m going to get stretched some to accommodate it. Will that bother you? You know how much I love you and I would never do anything to hurt our relationship.” Sara said as she focused her full attention on me. “And we may fuck when your not here, how are you with knowing that?”

“Should I go inside while you two talk?” Trent asked.

“You’re okay there Trent” Sara said. “We talk openly around here with nothing to hide.”

“I’m okay with everything as long as you never hide anything from me and I’m in the loop on everything that happens here” I said to Sara. “If we begin to show any signs of jealousy, we all stop and work it out. Agreed?”

Sara agreed. “Trent, you agree?” I asked.

“Yep. So let me understand this. You two are saying that I can fuck Sara without asking anyone and with her consent? Even if we are fucking and you walk in, that’s okay?” Trent asked, eyes darting back and forth between us. “What about sleeping overnight with her?”

“Only if she’s okay with it and I know about it” I said. I looked to Sara for agreement. Sara nodded in agreement.

“Trent, we want you to be comfortable living here and seeing us make love without any awkwardness. We also don’t want to leave you out. We want to include you, after all you do live here” Sara said as she moved around to face him. “As far as you being okay, you were great. I love the taste of your sperm but I’m going to have to take it slow on adjusting to your size. With some time, we should be fine when we fuck.”

“It’s getting late, we better get some sleep” I said as I stood then helped Sara up. Trent stood and his hard cock brushed Sara’s back as she turned to walk in the house.

“Oops, sorry. I’m not used to walking around naked with a hard on.” Tent apologized.

“Well, you’re gonna need to get used to it. We are naked here more than we are dressed.” Sara said as she lightly stroked his cook.

Back inside, Sara and I retired to our bedroom and Sara asked if we could leave the door open. “Sure baby, whatever you want” as I patted her lightly on her ass. We climbed into bed with just a sheet over us and Sara crawled on top of me. She grabbed my cock, lined it up with her wet slit, then eased it inside her until her pubic bone was resting on mine. The light form the bathroom gave enough light that I could see her beautiful face.

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