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John was stood at his kitchen sink washing the dishes he had used for dinner, it was 8:00 at night, he pondered going to bed early, or watch the match starting at 9:00

He was a widower now, Julie his wife; the love of his life had died tragically 5 years ago.

He had dated a couple of times since, but his heart hadn’t been in it, so he had not developed a romance.

He was an accountant in a city firm, and was on line to be top dog one day.

He didn’t smoke, drank little, wine was his preferred tipple. He had a couple of keep fit things in the small 4th bedroom of the house that was now too big for him really.

He played golf on a couple of nights in the summer, and every Saturday, rain or shine.

At just turned 43, he was quite happy how his life had turned out, with the huge exception of losing his wife, and his only child’s mother.

He had plenty of friends who had rallied in his time of need, and even now he would have plenty of invite’s to the partied, dinners etc etc, and he still had, they hadn’t tailed off.

He knew he was a popular man, and for that he thanked Julie, for making him the man he was today.

The one bright shining part of his life that had held him together was their daughter, Andrea.

He had got through it because of her, he had to live for her, and in his darkest moments, she would always be there with him somehow.

She mystically seemed to sense the fall within him, stood by him, and picked him up, while he made the climb back.

He loved her with a passion, and the day she had got married was happy yet sad day, she belonged to another man now.

He accepted it, without ever letting her see the heart break he felt at losing her.

He couldn’t help but mistrust her new husband; he had had a heart to heart with Andrea. But she related his life to her dad, so he understood a little about him.

But never the less there was something about him he wasn’t sure of.

Andrea told her dad, that Mike had been taken into care when he was a baby. His mother was a drug addict, his father was unknown.

He had been through several foster parents, she told him, and then had been adopted at 5 years of age, by a couple who turned out to be bad people.

His adopted dad became a drunk and abused him. He was terrified to go home after school never knowing if he was to be beaten, or hopefully just ignored. His adopted mother was in fear of his dad too, so help was never forthcoming.

He had an older brother who suffered the same thing, but was 7 years older than he.

And he left home and ran away at the first opportunity.

Then Mike had done the same thing; he was on the streets until he fell into the arms of the Salvation Army.

They took him in, fed him, clothed him, and found him a job, at the local hospital as an orderly.

He enjoyed it and thought he would go far within it.

He had managed to turn his life around, but had to give credit and thanks to the Sally Army.

Her dad was sympathetic towards him, but there was always that nagging doubt, an edge, an unease that would always be there, when ever they were in each others company.

John uncharitably thought he might be, ‘damaged goods.’

Then he had met Andrea, she liked his quiet ways, and shy demeanour.

They fell in love over the next 6 months, he asked her to marry him, and was amazed when she said yes.

They had a small ceremony at the registry office. Her dad and a few friends of hers were the only people there.

No one was there from his side.

And because they didn’t have a lot of money, their honeymoon was a long weekend, at a seaside hotel.

He had wanted a lavish wedding for his 21 year old daughter, but he flatly refused to let him do it.

So their four day honeymoon was over on the following Tuesday, on the Wednesday they both returned to their respective jobs.

Their hours were different, Andrea was at work an hour before him and worked close by, he would arrive back at their tiny apartment an hour and a half after her.

As he came through the door, she hugged him and gave him a loving kiss.

He accepted it, and then looking over her shoulder said.

‘Why isn’t dinner on the table?’

‘Because I haven’t started it yet,’ was her reply.

‘What?’ he asked her, ‘you have been home all this time and you haven’t started it yet?’

Andrea looked at him a little nonplussed.

‘Is this our first tiff as a married couple?’ she giggled.

‘No,’ he growled, ‘but ground rules have to be laid Andrea.’

‘Ground rules, what ground rules?’ she said.

‘You are my wife now, I am the man of the house, you have to look after me and my needs,’ he told her solemnly.

‘And I want my dinner on the table when I arrive home okay!’

Andrea was astounded, and her temper took over.

‘I didn’t marry you to be your house keeper, or servant!’ she bellowed at him.

All he said was, ‘Andrea, I’m going to bed, good night,’ and with that he was gone.

She stood there stunned.

They never spoke again, until casino oyna he walked through the door the following night.

She had told herself to be nice to him, give him the benefit of the doubt.

She was halfway into making their dinner.

‘Hi darling,’ she said gaily.

‘Dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes, okay?’

He stood there glaring at her.

‘Andrea, I told you I want my dinner on the table the moment I get home, are you fucking deaf,’ he shouted at her.

Andrea was frozen to the spot, ‘who is this man?’ she said to herself.

‘I’m sorry,’ she lied, ‘I was late home.’

‘Don’t do it again.’ He ordered her.

‘I won’t,’ she promised.

Her dads words and concerns about him, seemed to have a ring of truth about them now somehow, she hoped he was wrong, and that hMike was trying to get used to being a married man.

He said, ‘I’ll read the paper while you finish, call me when it’s ready please,’ and walked off into the lounge.

His attitude toward her was changing by the minute, at the end of the week; Andrea was now beginning to doubt his love for her.

The weekend was little better, he was gruff with her, and hardly spoke either.

The following week was the same, and getting worse, he was becoming demanding, last night he hadn’t made love to her, he had almost raped her.

She called her dad for a chat, and he asked her what was wrong, he could always read his daughters mind.

‘Nothing dad, I just wanted to chat to you.’

His heart lurched, he hoped she was okay, but he thought of Mike, and pondered about him.

They finished chatting, said goodbye with love and kisses.

She got through the weekend, and by Monday night when he had flown at her with verbal abuse, and almost hitting her. She knew she had made a hugely massive mistake in marrying him.

She resolved to talk to him on Tuesday night. But her efforts fell on deaf ears, she was his wife, she had to obey him, and that was the end of that, and if she didn’t, she would be fucking sorry! He had roared at her.

Now she understood that his upbringing had damaged him, she knew he was on pills, but he had told her it was because he suffered from vertigo and ear problems. And she had believed him.

But they were really anti depressants, because he was depressive, and no way to be treated.

She tried again to talk to him, asked him how she could help him, what could she do? I’ll do what I can Mike, but you have to talk to me honey, she had said.

He raised his hand and slapped her then, and went to bed.

The following day, Andréa left work early, went home and packed her things, ordered a taxi, and left.

She had written him a note explaining that the slap had ended their marriage, I won’t put up with that sort of behaviour, she had said.

She apologized for her leaving, but he was at fault.

Her marriage was over in just over three weeks, her heart cried out at the hurt of it.

She had gone to a guest house, but her heart was broken, so at 9:00 in the evening she went home to her dad.

John was just sitting down when he heard the key in the door, he jumped up, and she rushed weeping into his arms.

She told him everything, and he was deeply hurt by her hurt.

The phone rang and he answered.

‘I want to speak to Andrea, is she there!’ Were the words he heard, no, ‘hello, how are you, is Andrea there please?’

‘No she isn’t, why? Is there something wrong,’ he asked him.

‘There might very well be, if she comes round to yours, tell her I’m here at home.’

And before John could say anything, the phone crashed in his ear.

‘Wow,’ he said, ‘he doesn’t seem very happy babe.’

‘No he isn’t dad, I’m so sorry, but you seem to be right, having doubted him?’

‘I’m not happy baby, I don’t feel vindicated.’ He said sadly.

He said to her, ‘lets have a glass of wine, then bed, and tomorrow we’ll talk, I’ll take the day off, okay?’ he smiled gently at her.

‘Oh dad, you always know how to treat me don’t you?’ she said.

‘You are my baby Andrea, of course I know how to treat you,’ he said happily.

Andrea was like her dad in her looks, but in a very feminine way.

She had his hair colour, but his was greying a little at the sides, she thought it made him look distinguished.

He was 6ft tall; she was 5ft 8″.

Her hair was still lustrously dark brown, and long to her shoulders.

But she had her mothers beautiful sea green eyes.

She was full bodied, soft full breasts that were firm too.

Her nipples were wide, and thick, like the ends of two thumbs, about half an inch long, and feely.

But it was her pussy she was most proud of, it was soft, and yielding, and covered with a thick bush of soft, silky dark brown hair, she loved it.

It was so thick it crept above her bikini line, so she had to shave it away.

She was proud of her body, a body her husband would never touch again.

Andrea and her dad shared a bottle of white wine, and then made their way upstairs, he put her case slot oyna in her bedroom, kissed and hugged her, told her he would love her forever, and shooed her into the room.

He went to bed, and pondered what she would do, he hoped her husband wouldn’t get nasty, he didn’t want that, but finally sleep started to overtake him.

He woke with a start when Andrea shook his bare arm.

‘Daddy, I can’t be on my own, can I please sleep in here with you?’ she said so quietly.

‘Of course you can baby, come on, get in,’ he said, moving over and pulling the covers back.

Andrea climbed in, laid her lovely head on his shoulder, and John sighed with love and happiness, it had been a long time since she had done this.

He was on his back, his right arm around her, holding her carefully; Andrea put her arm around her dad’s waist, and squeezed him.

‘Mmmm,’ he whispered.

She snuggled into him, and he went to sleep, Andrea did the same.

During the night he opened his eyes, something was going on, his fuddled sleepy brain couldn’t gather what it was.

Then he understood quickly exactly what it was, Andrea had a hold on his prick! And was slowly moving her tiny soft hand up and down it, and it was growing hard at an alarming rate.

He didn’t know what to do, should he grab her hand and pull it off, or if he did, she might wake, and think he was trying to get her hand on it!

Her grasp was perfect; it was in just the right position.

Then it was too late for him to stop her, his body, and his needs took over. Jesus fucking Christ, he thought, I can’t stop her, and I’m going to cum soon if she carries on like this.

He looked about him stupidly, and his eyes fell on the box of tissues he had at the side of his bed, because last week he had had a cold.

He reached for them and managed to grab hold, one handed he got some out, and pushed them down under the covers, he had to catch it, he couldn’t risk messing the bed with her in it.

She was making a real job of it, and he felt his legs stiffen, he was going to cum, please God, don’t let her wake up please?

He shot his load into the tissues, and he couldn’t stop the moan of pleasure that left his lips.

He couldn’t help burying his face into the top of her soft hair, and kissed her softly whispering, ‘I love you baby.’

After a moment, ‘I love you too daddy, I really do,’ she murmured back, giving his now softening cock a good squeeze!

He froze, his body stiffened in shock, she was awake, ‘oh my god, what has happened, what have I done?’ he asked himself silently.

‘Andrea,’ he said in a quiet whisper, hoping she was still asleep.

‘Yes Daddy?’ she whispered just as quietly.

More shock!

‘Are you awake honey?’ another quiet whisper, not knowing what to do.

Again, ‘yes daddy.’

He threw the tissues onto the floor and circled her in both his arms, she held his prick tight, and raised her leg over and just as tightly, squeezed his legs with hers.

‘Andrea, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that to happen, I just woke up, and you were….’ He gasped now.

‘But I meant it daddy.’

‘You didn’t, did you babe?’

‘Yes I did daddy, I love you.’

She raised her face upwards.

‘Tell me to stop then daddy?’ she said.

But she was squeezing it again, and rubbing it, he didn’t have the power to say stop, so she didn’t.

‘Andrea baby, I’m your dad, please, we shouldn’t be doing this,’ he moaned.

‘We daddy, we, we aren’t doing anything, I am daddy, it’s me who’s doing it!’ she giggled softly.

She pulled herself tightly into his prone body, and he was giving in, no man could resist this, she had taken him by surprise, and he was beaten.

He kissed the top of her head again, Andrea lifted her chin, ‘will you kiss me daddy, kiss me?’

He dropped his lips to hers and pecked her.

‘That wasn’t a kiss,’ she pouted.

‘This is a kiss,’ she said, and pulled herself onto the top of him, and locked her lips to his. She kissed him so sweetly, this was his daughter, but he loved it.

When she pulled her lovely face away from his, she said breathlessly.

‘That daddy was a kiss!’

He was stunned once more, his daughter, his baby, his married daughter, who was here in bed with him, had just tossed him off, and had made him cum.

And now she was kissing him, like lovers kiss!

‘Darling,’ he bleated, ‘I don’t know what to say, I really don’t.’

‘Don’t say anything then daddy, just love me please?’

‘I do baby, you know that?’

‘Yes daddy, but now I want you to love me as a woman, not just your daughter,’ she begged.

She was working his cock, and it was growing again, his future was being secured by his beautiful daughter, and already there was nothing he could do about it.

‘Oh honey, I love you, I love you,’ he told her.

She giggled, ‘I think I’m getting that message loud and thickly daddy,’ she said, giving his prick an extra hard squeeze, and rub.

She bent her lovely head, and kissed him again, he responded in kind, he couldn’t canlı casino siteleri resist it.

He caressed her as much as he could, but he didn’t touch the tits that were pressing on his arm and chest, he daren’t.

Nor did he make any approach to her body; his parental feelings wouldn’t let him, not yet!

Andrea made all the approaches, she was beginning to make love to him, he was feeling so excited by her, he was bodily responding, but not quite in his mind.

She turned away from him without a word, he thought momentarily that she was going back to her bedroom; I suppose that’s for the best he thought sadly.

But she had no intention of going there, not now!

She moved about, he wondered what she was doing, she was removing her panties, then she sat up, and pulled off her small nightdress.

She was now naked, and in her dads bed.

Staying sat up and facing slightly away from him, she took his cock in her warm soft hand again, and began to make him hard properly.

When he was fully erect, and hardly able to breathe, she said.

‘Are you okay with this daddy?’

‘Oh baby, this is so so…’

‘Nice and erotic?’ she finished for him.

‘Yes,’ he murmured, ‘but honey, are you really aware of what you, we are doing?’

‘I couldn’t be more aware than I am right now, nor sure daddy,’ she replied softly.

Then she turned, climbed over and straddled him, and he got his first ever glimpse of her beautiful swinging full breasts.

His rock hard prick was poking out from beneath her bush, he stared in amazement at it, and he had never seen anything like that in his life.

The purple head of his prick was all that was on view.

It was on his belly, being held down by her pussy; she bent her head and looked at it. Then without lifting it back up, she raised her huge green eyes and looked at him though long lashes.

Her look was devilry, cheeky, surly, and so erotic, sexily her eyes played with his, he was becoming irresistibly hooked by her, and he was mesmerised.

Slowly she raised one leg, still looking him eye to eye, took hold of his prick, pointed it at her, rubbed it around it, found the right place and sank her soft moist pussy, and body down onto her daddy.

He gasped in pain and pleasure, he reached up and pulled to him, he wanted to kiss her badly.

She took the kiss fully and lovingly.

Then sat back up and started to fuck him, he gave it back to her in spades, and then touched her body for the very first time, he reached out and squeezed her hard round nipples.

Andréa moaned with it, it sent her over the edge into an orgasm.

Putting her hands on his chest she began to fuck him in earnest now, she wasn’t going to take prisoners, she was going to ram road him into heaven, her heaven, her pussy and her life.

She drove at him, up and down, backwards and forwards, no remission, no respite, she was taking him, reaching behind, she collected his nuts in her fingers and powered him on, and she would make him submit to her forever.

He did, he cried out at the utter sublime feeling rushing though him.

He shouted out to her.

‘Andrea, I going to cum baby, I’m going to cum!’

She put her hands back on his chest and held him down.

He thrashed his hips upwards, and unloaded a bucketful of cum into the waiting receptacle that was her pussy.

She took all he had to give her; she had never felt like this. She realised that it was her dad she had loved all along. All her life, the old feelings she had always had for him, came flooding back.

She knew now that those butterflies she used to get in her tummy. It was her young awakening body, telling her that it wanted him, only him, and only him would ever do.

She flopped onto him, her own orgasm blasting her into shattering pieces. Her pussy flooded, it washed out of her, covering them both with it, and his juices.

She lay there gasping for breath, as did her wonderful daddy.

His arms wrapped lovingly around her, he reached for the covers and pulled them over her and him.

They lay there for a long time, until he heard her quietly sobbing.

‘Baby, what’s wrong?’ he asked her.

‘I love you daddy, I’m sorry, but I do, please don’t send me away, please don’t,’ her sobs wracked her body.

‘Oh darling, how could I ever do that,’ he said, ‘I wouldn’t anyway, even if this hadn’t have happened, I would never turn my back on you, I love you with all my heart babe, honestly, I love you.’

‘Her heart broke, ‘Oh daddy, I love you so much, I won’t ever let you down, I promise.’

‘You have never let me down, or disappointed me honey, never,’ he told her.

He held her tight to him, and she locked her legs under his and wrapped her arms hard around him.

‘Come on honey, lets sleep, and we’ll discuss the way forward tomorrow, okay babe?’ he whispered.

‘You won’t change your mind daddy will you, you won’t change the way you feel about me, or love me will you?’ her voice was scared.

‘No Andrea that will never ever happen I swear.’ He promised her.

‘Thank you daddy,’ she said, and kissed him with all the love she had.

She fell, asleep on top of him, he did too, and in the night she rolled off him, but never stopped being up close and tight into him, or did he.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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