Anne, Mike and Me Ch. 03

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On Saturday morning, the doorbell rang early. I grabbed a towel (I always sleep naked) and answered it. Anne was there:

‘Did I wake you – sorry!’ she began, nodding at my towel.

‘That’s OK – want to come in?’

‘No – we want you to come out. It’s such a lovely day Mike and I though we’d go for a walk over the fields. I’ve made a picnic. We thought you might like to come?’

It did sound like a great idea. There wasn’t a cloud in the clear blue sky and it promised to be a scorcher. We lived right on the edge of miles of countryside.

‘Give me ten minutes.’

I dressed in shorts and a T shirt, and grabbed a carrier bag and filled it with cans of beer from my fridge.

‘My contribution to the picnic,’ I said.

We went back to Anne and Mike’s house, picked up two picnic boxes which Anne had prepared. Their mum was in the kitchen, and I was stunned to see a mature version of Anne who had clearly taken care of herself. She was wearing black leggings which showed of her still pert bum and a baggy T shirt. There was no bra and two nipples were clearly visible through the cotton. She cheerily told us to enjoy ourselves and we set off.

We walked through woods and across fields, chatting about this and that. Eventually, we settled on a grassy clearing and set down the picnic stuff.

‘We’d better eat and drink all of this,’ I said, ‘it weighs a ton.’

‘We’ll let’s hope your thirsty!’ Mike lifted the lid of his picnic box to reveal it was full of beer.

‘Don’t worry’ said Anne there’s plenty of food in the other one.

So we settled down on the grass, and began to eat the sandwiches and started on the beer. A couple of beers each loosened our tongues and we were chatting about our adventures together. Anne and Mike had discussed everything about sex for as long as either of them could remember. Every time something casino siteleri had happened with one of them, they had gone straight home and told the other one!

‘Come on,’ I said, handing out more beer ‘we don’t want to carry it all the way back, do we?’

‘I can’t’ protested Anne ‘beer goes straight through me – I’ll be pissing like a racehorse. It’s OK for you two. Men can piss anywhere.’

‘So can you’ I retorted ‘we’ve both seen your pussy before’

‘Yes, but you’re kinky – you got turned on watching Mike piss!’

‘Maybe I did, but nobody died’


‘And you’re not?’

‘Well anyway, I don’t think I can – not in front of you two.’

Nevertheless, she opened another beer. Mike also started another can.

‘Be careful Mike, when you’ve had to much you can’t open your own flies’ she said.

To Mike’s embarrassment, Anne told me that she had had to help him two or three times, just like I had.

‘I’m jealous’ I said.

‘I’d do the same for you’ she said.

‘OK, you’re on’, I replied, ‘we could make this into a game. If one of us needs to pee, he has to put his hands on his head and let the others help.’

So we agreed, Mike readily, Anne reluctantly. We would each have to drink the same amount. We had drunk three cans each already – and there were four each left. Can number four was opened and drained. Mike stood up, and put his hands on his head.

‘OK, I need a piss – who’s helping me’

Anne looked at me: ‘You want to do it or shall I?’

I wanted to. I knelt down and unbuttoned Mike’s shorts, letting them fall to his ankles. I pulled down his briefs past his balls and gently held his prick with my fingers. Almost immediately a stream of pale yellow pee started to flow and sprinkle on the grass in front of us. When the flow finished, I teased Mike but pulling his foreskin back slot oyna and giving his balls a little rub.

‘All done’ I said.

My bladder was feeling very full now, but my dick had swollen and I wasn’t sure if it would make it hard for me to pee. I opened my next beer and waited for things to subside. By the end of it we had all drunk five beers and I was bursting. So I stood and assumed the position.

‘Which of us do you want to help you’ asked Anne.

I couldn’t make my mind up.

‘You decide.’

Anne came over and fumbled with my shorts. Then, she slid down my briefs and my half erect dick sprang out. She took it in one hand and I tried to pee. Mike stood next to us and announce he needed to pee again. Anne took his dick in her other hand. It was hard, but once the flow started it turned into a powerful stream. Anne played around wiggling the flow from side to side. Mike also peed some more and for a short time Anne had a pissing cock in each hand at the same time.

About halfway through beer number six I was beginning to think Anne must be a camel. Finally, she admitted she was bursting to pee. Uncertainly, she stood with her hands on her head.

‘I don’t want to wet my clothes’ she said ‘you’re going to have to take my knickers off and lift my skirt up.’

Mike lifted the hem of Anne’s knee length summer skirt revealing white panties. I pulled down the panties and Anne stepped out of them. I gazed at eye level at her gorgeous trimmed pussy.

‘You’re going to get wet there’ warned Anne ‘I can’t aim!’

I moved back a few inches and then with a loud hiss, a stream of piss shot from Anne’s pussy straight down onto the ground between her feet. Her stream hit the ground so hard it was bouncing up and splashed my legs. When the stream slowed and stopped, my mouth was as dry as sandpaper, and Anne just stood there in front canlı casino siteleri of me with wet swollen labia.

‘I have to be cleaned up,’ said Anne, ‘get a tissue from my bag’

Instead, I grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy to my face, and licked greedily. She sank to her knees over my face and groaned as I sucked on her swollen lips and clit, tasting of woman, piss and fanny juice. As I revelled in this, I felt a warm wet sensation in my groin. Mike had taken my cock into his mouth and was sucking on the tip. As I continue licking and sucking at Anne’s slit, I could feel Mike taking more of my cock in his mouth. I needed to warn Mike I was close to cumming, but Anne was by now grinding her pussy into my face. I couldn’t hold back anymore and felt my cock erupt. Mike just carried on sucking and licking as I surely filled his mouth with my monster load. I pulled Anne’s hips into my face as my cock was erupting and Anne convulsed and screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm overtook her.

‘Fuck me’, Anne said to me, ‘I need to be fucked hard!’

But as she climbed off me she saw Mike look up from my now flaccid, satisfied cock smiling. Disappointed, her eyes moved to Mike’s cock, which was sticking up like an angry red poker.

‘You’ll have to do it then’, she commanded.

Mike didn’t need to be asked twice. He didn’t care – his cock was crying out for pussy.

‘How do you want it sis?’

‘Hard, from behind’

Anne turned away from Mike and towards me, and bent forward holding on to me for support. Mike took his cock and slid it easily into Anne’s sopping wet pussy. She looked up at me and moaned. Mike began slamming his cock into Anne, making her body jerk into me with every thrust. This was very uncomfortable, as my bladder was full again! Eventually, Mike cried out and slammed into Anne extra hard as his cream spurted into her. Anne grabbed me even more tightly and I felt I couldn’t hold on any longer. As Anne stood up, my piss exploded from my cock, splashing Anne’s feet. She grabbed my cock and pointed it to one side as I gratefully emptied my bladder.

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