Appreciating a Woman Ch. 03

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In the first segment, my horny, but not really promiscuous Mom, had awoken me from an alcohol induced sleep with the greatest blowjob I had ever gotten…well, really, the only blowjob I had ever gotten. It had taken me totally by surprise, and I became truly concerned that I might have crossed the forbidden boundaries of a Mother and Son relationship.

In the second segment, Mom and I discussed what had transpired. I confided in her that her athletic and muscular son was basically still a virgin. However, she managed to convince me that everything that had, and would, transpire between us was not incest, but the continuing Sex Education that she had been instructing me, through most of my teen/adult life.

Now, the hopes and dreams of taking my Mother, completely, have almost been completely dispelled…


For the greatest part of the rest of the summer Mom and I cavorted around like young lovers. We had fantastic oral sex experiences. She brought me to unbelievable and even unthinkable orgasms, to the point where I would deliver so much cum, I could not believe that I would be able to deliver. Conversely, she taught me how to treat, touch, and mouth-play a woman so well, that even she was having trouble resisting my desires to take our sexuality to completion.

No matter how much cajoling, teasing, harassing, or even angered remarks I made, nothing seemed to hit home. Mom was really and truly intense on keeping our relationship more of a Sex Ed type arrangement. I just didn’t make sense. Either we masturbated ourselves in front of each other, on each other, or masturbated each other. We also had absolutely fantastic oral sex…almost every day! That is…while Mom was not on her period. She would not let me touch her on those days.

It just didn’t make any sense to me.

One day we went to the shopping center. She decided she wanted to buy a new sundress and bathing suit. In the clothing store, she would take a couple of garments to the changing room, and ask me to stand nearby, so she could show me how the outfits looked on her, and if I approved or not. She would disappear behind the curtain for a few minutes. Then poke her head out and call my name. When I appeared, she would sling open the curtain enough to show me her body in different arrays of undress…bra and panties…braless…completely naked.

I was going crazy. I had a massive erection in my pants, pitching an unbelievable tent, and making me very uncomfortable in the middle of the store.

Then she would try on a dress and call me over again. I would nod my head in approval and she would smile a big smile. If no one else was in eyesight, she would wink at me and then lift up her dress to show me she was naked underneath. She did this a couple of times, nicely displaying the beautiful curves of her ass…or the neatly trimmed patch between her legs. I was ready to storm into the dressing room stall and show my mother just what she was doing to me…but, I think already she knew and was teasing me on purpose.

Finally she had chosen a couple of sundresses. Thank god, ’cause if she teased me like that again, I swore to myself that I would just go right in after her, and fuck her! Like it or not.

Next we went to the swimsuit department. There, it became the same thing over again. But, this time I was ready. I had moved as close to the dressing room as I dared to, before upsetting any other women in the area.

The first time she tried to flash me with her nudity, I was standing right next to the stall. As she started to pull the curtain, I reached in and grabbed at her breasts. She let out a startled shrilly whine, but she did not try that again, as we almost got caught.

By the time we came back to the car, the sun was starting to set. We were both hotter than two dogs in heat. We wasted not a minute. She lifted her skirt, showing me she had not put her panties back on. I already had my erect casino siteleri penis out. Thank the lord for the old bench seat cars! We were in the 69 position in seconds. It only took a minute or two for both of us to have an explosive and exhilarating climax. We sat up and licked the remains of each other’s love juices from our fingers and faces. We kissed very deeply and then cleaned each other’s mouths with our tongues.

By the time we finished kissing and cleaning up, my dick was once again so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it. I grabbed Mom around the waist, with the other arm going over her shoulder and tried to lay her down. She took my wrist into her little hand and gave it a Judo-like twist, putting me into submission.

“I told you, we are NOT going to fuck!”

Boy was she angry.

“But, there is something we have never done before…climb up on my chest and put that wonderful cock of yours between my tits!”

“Huh?” I replied. “They’re not that big, Mom.”

“Just get up here and put that beautiful cock between them! I’ll push them together, and what don’t fit, will go in my mouth!”

Wow! I could not believe this new twist.

Mom lay back on the seat and spit into each palm. She rubbed the spittle between her 34C’s and then grabbed my cock. She placed me between her breasts and pushed them together. If this is any indication of what real sex is like….

I began a slow and even rhythm of pumping my love pole between her nicely rounded boobs. She exerted just enough pressure to create a heavenly feeling on my penis, which was nicely stroking back and forth on her chest. On each upstroke, her waiting and open lips would wet the bulbous head of my penis, which would more lubricate the luxurious cleft between her breasts. I was rising fast and Mom knew it. My penis was getting stiffer and straighter, and she could tell by the tension in my testicles that I was fast approaching yet another climax.

“Give it to me, my sweet baby boy,” she whimpered, in anticipation of my release. “Give me all of you sweet cum…between my tits, on my face…but save some for my mouth!”

I could feel the rush of my ejaculation building way down in my knees. This new sensation was so overwhelming to me. I began to pick up some speed with my strokes.

All the while my Mom cooed, “That’s it my big boy. Mommy’s waiting to taste that sweet cum. Awwww, my baby boy, cum good and feed mommy!”

That was it. It was all I needed to hear. My testicles pulled right up to the skin of the perineum, between my testicles and my ass. I felt like my cock would split in half as my first load of cum jettisoned between Mom’s tits. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!………… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!…… Godddd!……………. Unnnnah!”

The first squirt was indeed huge. It squirted right up to Mom’s nose and dribbled down into her mouth. She guided the next spurt right between her titties and this lubricated the skin between them some more. Next she pulled my cock out from between them and deposited a squirt on each nipple. And then she took my now very sensitized cock head into her mouth and sucked it dry. I was squirming like a greased pig. I finally pulled out of her mouth with a pop, and almost collapsed on top of her.

It took me a good five minutes to come back down to Earth, and regain some feeling in my legs. She gently cleaned any residue from my cock. After Mom rubbed in any cum left on her breasts, Mom cleaned herself up with a hankie from her purse and started to put herself back together for the ride back home.

It probably took me fifteen minutes to stop panting. There was almost a deafening silence on the ride home, which was only broken by Mom’s almost inaudible giggling at my reactions to this new experience.

We had a whole repertoire of “Sex Ed Lessons” that we “practiced” almost every day and night. Before either of us realized, I was just a week away from returning to college and the boredom of Ho-Hum, slot oyna non-penetration sex with Debbie.

I was continually struggling and trying to achieve my final goal…to penetrate my own Mother’s sweet and delicious pussy…maybe even to deposit my heated cum in that moist and velvety love tunnel. I constantly prodded, cajoled, ridiculed and teased Mom, to try to get her to give in to my lust for her cherished jewel. I tried everything, short of physical coercion, as I knew that if I did, it would be the complete end to everything…maybe even never speaking again.

NO, that was out of the picture, although I had contemplated it a few times.

She always had a plain and simple answer, “No, Timmy! I will not fuck you! That IS incest, and we won’t do that.”

It was now the Saturday morning before I returned to college. Mom made a fantastic breakfast for me and suddenly disappeared from the kitchen. After a bit, I heard the shower start to run, so I went into the living room and turned on the TV. I was just sitting there in a pair of boxers, as our dressing habits when at home and alone were quite uninhibited. Soon the shower stopped, but there were no other sounds, and no footsteps of Mom heading to her room.

Suddenly, the most sensuous smelling perfume wafted into my nostrils. I immediately came to my senses and looked around the room. There, at the top of the stairs, was my mother. She was wearing a pair of strappy, black, patent leather heels, stockings, a black graduation gown, with a motarboard on her head. Her face was perfectly made up. God was she looking beautiful.

I was totally stupefied. So much so, that I didn’t even have an erection. She smiled her most beautiful and loving smile at me, and then she winked. Mom lifted her hand to the zipper, and in one fell swoop, unzipped the entire gown. She grabbed each side with her hands and held it wide open. Oh, lordy……..she was totally naked underneath, except for the stockings and heels.

She blew a big kiss at me and very throatily and hoarsely whispered, “Timmy…it’s graduation time!” and disappeared into her room.

I took me a minute to digest what had just happened. Did my Mom finally invite me to her room?

I took the twelve stairs two-at-a-time, and had ripped my boxers clean off me by the time I got to the landing.

There, on her king-sized bed, Mom had the most seductive pose. She was lying half on her side. One hand was behind her head, and the other on her leg. The lower leg pointed straight down, while the other leg was bent at the knee and poised just over the top of the first, so I could not view her luscious sex mound. If I only had a camera at that very moment in time, I would have one picture which said a thousand words. She had the loveliest and most sensual, erotic pose I had ever seen. The look on her face was one of pure seductress and lust.

She barely audibly whispered, “Today, my darling, baby boy, you are going to get your final Sex Ed lesson, test, and diploma…all at once!”

She turned flat on her back, taking her bent leg up and straightening it down to make a “V” between her legs. I could already clearly see her moistness. “Kneel between my legs baby boy,” she moaned. “This is your final lesson, so don’t you dare try to take things on your own. Do it my way or we don’t do it at all!”

My throat was so dry I could hardly reply. “Yes, Mom.” And I climbed up between her legs and knelt close.

She motioned my head down to her pubic mound and instructed me to give her the best oral I could possibly give. I did as she instructed, and took my sweet time in taking her on her sex climb. Just as she was starting to crest I backed off and did something less stimulating. After a few moments I resumed my previous motions and brought her up again.

I did this to her four or five times. Her hands were quickly threading through my hair. Her head was thrashing from side to side. She had brought her canlı casino siteleri ankles over my shoulders and locked her heels behind my head. Suddenly, she started screaming!

“Yessssss….goddamnit……you are so damned good……eat me hard you son of a whore….your’re making mommy cummmmm…………. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddddd………………….. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Her hips bucked up almost erect, as if trying to buck my mouth away from her; yet her hands pulled at my head, as if trying to push my head into her love canal.

I pulled away just slightly, and let her have her complete orgasm. As she started to slowly come down from her climax, she told me that was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

She gently reached down to my aching erection and stroked her long fingernails over it, sending shivers all through me. She felt the pre-cum oozing from the glans and rubbed it all over the head. Then she eased me towards her and began to instruct me on the optimum methods of penetration. Her love tunnel was so sopping wet it did not need any further lubrication, and my tongue had opened her up nicely. She slowly eased me into her, constantly giving instructions and “do nots.”

Soon, I was completely imbedded into the velvety and plushy walls of my mother’s vagina. I was all the way in…pushing against her cervix…slapping my balls against her anus. We found a slow rhythm we could both enjoy, and alternated between in and out strokes and circling motions.

The sweat was dripping down my body. Some of those beads ran down our bodies and some dripped off onto Mom. She licked and sucked up every drop that was anywhere near her mouth.

She began to pull her legs up, with her knees on each side of her head. Then she managed to put her high-heeled feet onto my shoulders, allowing me maximum penetration. I could feel my cock bending under the pressure of being in too far. Plus the definite Ommmfff…..Ahhhhhhhhhh……and Ugnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn’s of mixed pleasure and pain.

Mom’s Kegel muscle practice sessions paid off here. Sometimes she managed to close up so tight that I could hardly stroke in or out. I could sense she was getting close…I knew I was. Once again, her head was flailing from side to side, her hands were alternating between grabbing the sheets into knots and tearing the flesh off my back.

“Timmy, cummmmm my baby bay. Give it all to your mommy………..oh, baby boy, that’s it…..give it to me nooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

That was it. That sent me over the edge. All at once I felt my balls get hard as granite. My testicles were aflame as my climax ripped out of me and shot rope after rope of hot, sticky-gooey wet cum into my Mom. With each load of jism, Mom sort of winced and whined, as if I were punching within her.

As it subsided, maybe a good five minutes of climax, we both lay exhausted, and napped. We had taken just a few winks, when one of us stirred and woke the other. We got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. Mom hugged me real tight and kissed me a deep, wet, sexy, tongue kiss that lasted quite a while, as we fondled each other’s body.

Mom looked at me with a gigantic adoring smile, and winked at me again. “You’ve learned all of your lessons very well. I would have to give you an A+. Now for your graduation present…”

I was totally startled. I could not believe…still not believe, that I had actually made love with my Mom and cum in her pussy. I interjected, “But…Mom…I thought you said you would never fuck me?”

“My dearest, darling baby boy. Timmy. We have only had Sex Ed Lessons…but I have a special graduation present for you…” she hesitated.

“Tomorrow night you head back to college. From now until then, I am your graduation present…do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want! However, remember, you have learned your lessons like the scholar you are; once you have graduated, your education is complete!”


“Tim, I told you, we WILL NOT commit incest. I have taught you, you learned…and now I’m your present!…and my warrantee expires in 26 hours!”


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