Appreciation of a Loan

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Today was the day Trish and I were going to get our loan check to start our business; both of us had been looking forward to it all weekend. We couldn’t wait to get to the bank and give our own special thank you to the loan officer that approved us the previous Friday after we’d…well, shown him our own version of `collateral.’

Preparing for our day once we’d gotten out of bed after our own morning of unrestrained passion, we showered together (with Trish giving me more of that outstanding cunt licking of hers!) and put on our sexiest underwear along with outfits that were also sexy, without being too obvious.

Trish was really looking me over. “Damn, if we didn’t have that appointment, I’d rip off that outfit and eat you out again right now, that is how hot you look!”

“Glad you approve,” I smiled, also eyeing her over. Her tits looked inviting in the tight-fitting top that showed a little cleavage, along with jeans that equally showed off her juicy, plump ass. And to think I shared my home–and more recently, on a regular basis, my bed– with this beauty!

“But could you go ahead in once we get to town?” I asked. “There’s something else I have to do first, and I figured you could get the paperwork started in the process. After all,” I grinned knowingly, “you did play a huge part in getting us this money.”

She smiled back, “Sure baby, anything you want.”

We then hit the bus stop, and caught the next one that would take us into the vicinity of the bank, taking seats clear in the back. During the ride, and both of us still horny as hell, Trish spread her jacket over our laps and dove her hand inside my slacks, slipping her fingers inside my cunt as I returned the favor. To think two women were on this nearly-crowded bus finger fucking each other while the passengers around us unaware of what we were doing under that jacket (and exercising strong restraint not to make our multiple orgasms known!) really got both of us off!

We had just finished cumming one final time from our impromptu sex game when we reached our stop. When the bus was far enough away, she whispered praises that I was getting better at the girl-girl thing, then licked my ear.

“Mmmm..that was fun,” I answered, “But now we got business to take care of.”

We then went our separate ways, with me finishing my own business as soon as possible, hardly waiting to both of us to meet up with the loan officer and getting both a taste of his horny body and Trish and I doing each other at the same time! My pussy was now soaking thinking about what was going to be happening shortly…

When I finally reached the bank, Trish was nowhere to be found; I was giving instructions to go back to a private office where she was with the officer when I inquired where she was. When I got to an office located in the back of the building (maybe so we wouldn’t be disturbed…wink, wink…?), I gave a tiny knock before going in and got an eyeful!

There was Trish and the loan officer, both totally nude, on his desk as he fucked her missionary style. They certainly didn’t waste any time getting down to `business!’

“Oh… oh… oh… oh… ohhhhh yes… ohhhhhhhhhh God, FUCK ME!” she cried out as his cock slammed in and out of her and her long blond mane flew everywhere over the edge of the desk.

Meanwhile, I locked the door, also stripping naked, laying on the sofa there in the office and began rubbing the clit of my own drenched cunt as I watched Trish on that desk getting fucked harder by the loan officer, with cries of one orgasm after another escaping her lips.

“Deeper,” she panted to him. “Fuck deeper! Oh yes! YES!”

He happily complied, shoving his cock deeper inside her as each thrust made her huge tits bounce up and down and both of them grunting and sighing in unison during their sexual tryst. She then looked over at me and motioned me over, her head now fully hanging off the desk.

“Spread your legs,” she sighed before diving her head between them and tongue fucking me in time to the cock slamming in and out of her own pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Trish!” I cried out. “That’s so good!”

Apparently seeing Trish’s hot mouth working on my slit had turned him on even more, as he began to speed up the fucking he had been giving her even more. Her muffled cries of orgasm hummed against my pussy as she continued to work on me with her tongue inside my hole. My own body began to quiver as I came, sending a flood of my own cunt juices all over Trish’s beautiful face as I reached my own climax and she’d begun to cum yet again from the force of the loan officer’s cock.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” he finally called out after twenty minutes of us going at it like this. “I’m cumming, baby!”

“Oh yes! Give it to me! Fill me with that hot cum of yours!” she called back after taking her mouth off my pussy once I’d cum one last time.

He then let out an animalistic grunt, slamming several times into Trish as he sprayed stream after stream of jizz deep inside her casino oyna while I reached down to finger her clit at the same time, sending Trish into possibly the hardest orgasm I had ever seen her have.

Spent after he’d cum, the officer slowly pulled his limp cock out of her, collapsing in the desk chair, and Trish sighed with satisfaction. “You two never fail to make me get off,” she smiled warmly.

I smiled back and helped her off the desk, leading her to the couch. Time to give our loan officer a show, I thought.

Once on the couch, I gently shoved Trish back into a lying position, spreading her legs and rubbing her clit some more before putting my head between her milky, thick thighs and suctioning out the officer’s cum that had begun leaking from her soaked slit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” she moaned as I drove my tongue deeper inside her. “That’s it baby, right there!”

I looked out of the corner of my eye as I ate out my friend and saw the loan officer, obviously very turned on with what we were doing on his couch, stroking his hard-again cock. Seeing him so hard and horny turned me on even more, so I slid two fingers of one hand inside of Trish while the other played with her tits.

“Yeah, yeah , yeah baby, fuck! Fuck me!” Trish cried out in encouragement.

I could tell then by the tightening of both her cunt and body that she was about to cum. Within minutes of me working my fingers even deeper inside her as I ate her pussy, she quivered and soaked my tongue and lips with her orgasm.

“Lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndon,” she called, “I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmming! Fuck me, baby!”

As she continued to cum, I worked on both lapping up every drop of her climax and nibbled her clit as the loan officer across from us stroked his dick even more, no doubt aching to get in on the action himself. But Trish’s hot body was mine for the moment, and both she and I had planned out all weekend this part of making him watch us as we did each other.

Her body then began to relax, the familiar sign that she had indeed cum and was very satisfied with the performance I had given her. I then licked my index finger in front of both her and the now very- horny officer, tasting her sweet cunt on it, before Trish got up and pushed me back.

“Your turn,” she said before shoving her head between my legs and treating me to yet another of her legendary cunt eatings. Within minutes of her own tongue and fingers working over my drenched pussy, I had begun to cum.

“Don’t stop, Trish! God, fuck me! Fuck me!” I yelled.

By this time, the loan officer had gotten up out of his chair and, still jacking his huge pole, went to get behind Trish and attempted to enter her from behind. His attempt at doggy fucking was blocked when she suddenly closed her legs and constricted her pussy shut, not missing a beat as she still gobbled every inch of my cunt, then lifted her head for moment, looking back at him.

“Not yet, baby,” she told him. “You have to watch us first.”

He groaned in desperation as Trish dove back between my legs, slipping an index finger into my ass as her tongue flicked my clit before shoving her tongue inside me, along with three fingers, sliding them in and out of my now saturated sex as I approached another orgasm.

“Trish…I’m going to cum!”

That made her finger and tongue fuck me even harder as I spilled my cum juices all over her mouth and fingers as my orgasm increased in intensity. It turned out, though, I wasn’t the only one that was in the throes of cumming.

The loan officer’s crotch was also covered in his own jism as I came down from climaxing and Trish had finished with me. Our little sex show for him was over. For now.

“Shit…I didn’t mean to bust a nut all over the place, but you girls really turned me on!” the officer said, getting some Kleenex to clean up his crotch and thighs. He never got a chance to use it, though, as Trish began cleaning his cum off with her tongue. It hadn’t taken long while she was doing that to him to get hard again, before Trish took his cock into her mouth and began deep throating him.

“Fuck!” he called out. “Yeah, baby…suck that cock!”

I began rubbing my slit again as I watched her take down every inch of his hard meat, her head bobbing wildly as she sucked him.

“Oh yeah, suck it baby, work that dick…suck it…damn, you know how to suck a cock!”

There was no question that Trish had been loving taking down his throbbing prick now as she had eating out my cunt only minutes before, but then she had popped his dick out of her mouth and licked her lips.

“You feel so good in my mouth, baby, but I can’t keep this nice hard dick to myself,” she smiled, looking over at me. I knew then she wanted me to join in on getting him off orally.

I went over and kneeled down beside Trish, taking his cock in my own mouth and sucking him as Trish licked his balls and fingered his ass. In the throes of ecstasy, he began bucking his hips above us as we both worked his cock slot oyna and balls over. We then switched as I licked his shaft and balls while his tool bobbed in and out of Trish’s hot mouth, we both stopping only to deeply kiss in between taking turns of sucking his cock.

“Ohhhhhh God,” he groaned. “That’s it…work that cock. Both of you suck me…suck that cock, you nymphos!”

We happily complied, still going back and forth between his cock and nutsack as he face fucked us during each turn at his excited member, thrusting even harder into Trish’s mouth as his cum worked his way up into his cock!

“Who wants it?” he panted as he was about to cum. “Who wants to take down my cum?”

Trish then guided his dick into my own mouth, where he shot off the first loads of hot jism that I swallowed every drop of before passing his cock back to Trish, who swallowed down the remaining seed that streamed from his prick until the last drop of cum escaped from him.

“Damn…” he grinned as he pulled out of Trish’s mouth when he finally finished. “You two are some real cum sluts!”

“Well, you certainly weren’t complaining,” we teased back as Trish licked the last drops of his load from her lips before kissing me again, our tongues entwining.

“Mmmmm…I loved that. My wife won’t even suck my cock, much less swallow cum. So what other tricks do you girls have in mind?”

I then pushed Trish back onto the floor, and without my eyes leaving the loan officer above us, began flicking my tongue over her clit before slowly licking the rest of her pussy up and down as she moaned in delight.

“Shit, ” he sighed as he began jerking his cock again. “That is so fucking hot seeing you two go at it.”

Trish and I then shifted our bodies until we were in the 69 position, eating each other out with a passionate hunger, our moans of orgasms muffled with our heads driven into the dripping slit of the other as we both came over and over as he continued to jerk off above us.

Trish and I continued to work on each other’s fuck boxes until the officer shoved her off of me and stood over us, a long stream of cum then emerging from his cock and splashing over both our bodies. Trish then stared up at him sexily as she rubbed his cream into her own large tits as he continued to cover my own in his cum. And like a true cum slut she is, Trish then leaned over and licked the remains of the officer’s orgasm off my stomach as I rubbed the remains of his seed into my own big breasts.

We’d been having sex with both him and each other for over an hour before we took a little break and, still naked, we got the paperwork done to get our money and chatted briefly, before Trish reached over and began rubbing my clit again.

“Mmmmmmmm…” I heaved softly, spreading my legs wider as she continued to rub. “That feels really good.”

The officer then got up out of his chair, coming over to suck my tits as Trish continued to both finger and suck on my clit. I couldn’t help but cum almost immediately as both of them worked on me and seeing his cock rise in erection yet again at the same time.

Taking his mouth off my tits, he then lay back on the carpet, his cock fully erect now and standing in the air. “Ride me,” he said to me. “Fuck my cock, baby.”

As I lowered myself onto his man meat, Trish went over and mounted her own pussy onto his face, grounding down onto it as I rode his cock. Our tongues entwined in several hot kisses as we rubbed each other’s clits and breasts while the stud beneath us was getting fucked and eating out some eager wet pussy at the same time.

The three of us were going at it on the carpet, when he bucked Trish off his face and flipped me over onto my back, thrusting his cock in and out of me even harder as she crawled over and rimmed his ass with her tongue.

“OH YEAH!” I called out. “Right there! Fuck me good…I want to feel all that cock… fuck me like a whore…FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!!”

His thrusts sped up as Trish’s tongue slipped deeper into his ass, no doubt ready to cum as his cock began to swell inside me. “You want it in you, baby?” he panted. “I want to cum in you! I’m going to cum right NOW!”

“Cum in me,” I replied. “Fill my cunt!”

His sperm filled me to overflowing, with some leaking out the sides of my pussy as he came inside me, mixed with my own orgasms as I gripped his tight ass cheeks, forcing him to deposit his seed even deeper into me while Trish now watched us cum together.

“What a hot lay!” he beamed when we were finished. “I can’t believe you don’t have men in your lives, being the good fucks both of you are!”

“Well, maybe we’re picky,” Trish said slyly, winking at me. “We don’t give it to just anyone, you know.”

She could’ve fooled me! I thought amusingly.

Offer it to her and Trish fucked just about anyone, be it cock or cunt…the woman usually had more sex partners in a month that I had in year (A good example being that she’d been with at least six to eight different men during ONE canlı casino siteleri week just recently…and was gangbanged by at least five more men and two women the month before that. No kidding..she’s a bigger slut than I am)!

Trish then made her way over, diving down into my cum-filled pussy and sucking out every drop with her talented mouth as he watched, stroking his semi-erect prick yet again. It didn’t take me long after that to quiver in orgasm as she lapped every drop of the officer’s jism out of me.

Now rock hard again from watching Trish and I together on the carpet, he then got behind her and entered from behind, slowly fucking Trish at first, then thrusting deeper and faster. Her hums of delight from his cock inside her made my pussy quiver and I began to cum yet again.

“Come on, Trish. Get me there…do me, baby…I’m going to cum!”

The officer’s grunts increased, slamming in and out of her hot cunt as my orgasms became more intense from Trish’s fine tongue fucking. She then lifted her head once I had cum, her own body convulsing in orgasms of her own.

“Oh yeah, you man whore! Fuck me faster! Harder! Fuck my cunt!” she screamed. “Fuck me!”

I leaned back and rubbed my wet slit to more orgasms as I watched Trish’s own pussy being pounded by this sex-starved loan officer, his balls slapping against her meaty ass with every thrust, before pulling out and then slowly placing his dick–now well-soaked with Trish’s sex drippings, slowly into her ass until he was completely in, gradually speeding up the assault on her asshole.

“That’s it!” she squealed. “Fuck that ass! I want all of you in it! Fuck it!”

“Ugh…Uggggggggggggggghhhhhhh…ughhhhhhhhhhhhh…God, my cock feels so good in your hot, tight ass, baby!”

“Fuck it…harder. Fuck my ass deep! Bury that big hard cock in it, you male whore! Fuck me!”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…such a hot bitch! Your ass feels so fucking good!”

The room was filled with moans, gasps, sighs and squeals as he fucked Trish’s round behind and I was fingering myself to climax yet again as I watched them go at it in front of me. His cock then began to swell inside Trish’s chute, ready to cum at any minute.

“I’m cumming, baby,” he grunted, pumping the fastest he had the entire time they had been fucking. “I’m going to cum right now!”

Trish then looked back at him. “Fill my ass,” she panted. “I want to feel you cum!”

He then let out a long yell as his seed blasted into Trish’s bowels while she wailed in one final orgasm. “Oh baby, yes, take all my load!” he hollered as he exploded shot after shot of hot cream deep inside of her ass.

Once he had cum, he pulled out of her slowly and collapsed.

Trish then turned over, facing him. “That was really good. You certainly know how to fuck a girl’s backdoor,” she grinned. “We need to have our own anal affair sometime.”

He was jerking his cock again. “Well, I don’t get that at home, either.”

“Mmmmm,” she teased. “You really do need some ass on the side, then.”

I’d gotten off the couch and joined them on the floor, rubbing the cum that was leaking from her asshole around the outside of it as she moaned with pleasure, then moved up to fingering her cunt as the officer looked on, Trish moaning happily.

Now fully hard for what seemed to be the fiftieth time that day, he made both of us lay back on the carpet and spread our legs, before sliding his cock inside me. As he fucked me, I continued to work on Trish’s clit, making sure she too was getting sexual pleasure as the officer serviced my pussy.

He must have fucked me for about ten minutes before he pulled out and buried his tool inside of Trish; it was her turned to get fucked as she also reached over to work on my clit. It went on like that for awhile until each of us would cum while he fucked us, before he’d pull out and bury his cock in the cunt of the other, back and forth, taking turns banging Trish and me.

His cock again saturated with cunt juices from doing us back and forth, he then wrapped my legs around his shoulders and guided his fuck pole into my ass, burying three fingers into Trish’s still-hot pussy in the meantime, thrusting them in and out in time with his cock in my ass.

“Oh, God, your asshole is sooo tight and hot, too!” he called as he banged my backdoor.

“Fuck me,” I panted back, enjoying his pole in my chute. “Give my ass a real good fuck, baby!”

Trish leaned up on one arm to watch his cock slip in and out of my streched back hole, getting more turned on with what she was seeing.

“That’s it, baby,” she purred at him. “Show me how good you can fuck my girlfriend’s asshole!”

Both mine and Trish’s encouragement made him do me much faster as his cock went deeper into my bowels, giving me the anal orgasm of a lifetime as he continued to fuck me and Trish watching his cock bob in and out of me in the process.

Then, after he had suddenly pulled his cock out of my ass and he approached his climax, he stood up and jerked his swollen tool speedily, before jets of creamy seed began to spill onto both our bodies as he shot off stream after stream of cum onto us, tits, legs, stomachs, until his prick was emptied of sperm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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