Aspiring Writer

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To anyone else it might have seemed a crazy idea but it is truly a perfect plan. I figured out a modern way to live free and “live off the land”. Over the years I’ve written many unpublished stories and novels. I know the business as well as anyone actually in the business. It was all fun. Soon, I’d have more time on my hands to write and then the checks would just come rolling in.

Literotica, an Internet site, daily accumulates off the wall, sexually oriented stories in a very large volume. One evening, after reading a really bad story, with sexual positions that were physically impossible, I took notice of the author’s profile. Then another and then another.

Micro-town-girl caught my interest in a twisted way; she described herself as rubenesque, early 30’s, living somewhere between No and Where in Iowa, and a wannabe author. I found many more like her so I responded to a few. We critiqued each other’s work but we really wanted to know more about one another.

Micro-town-girl invited me to visit for a week. She lived alone in her own house and had a spare bedroom. It seems like she wants someone to get her out of the small town as badly as I wanted to disappear into one. That’s why I left Pompano Beach, Florida early this morning with all my worldly possessions. I pulled into the parking lot of Lockley, Iowa’s finest, and only, supermarket and called Peace Blanchard.

“Hi Peace, Elliot, how are you?” I asked.

“Fine Elliot. You’re fast. Are you at the supermarket?” she asked.

“Yes, as we agreed,” I answered.

“I am about ten minutes north of town. See you then. Bye,” she replied. Lockley looked to be a small, mid-state farming town which had seen prosperous days perhaps a generation ago. Mature trees filled the courthouse square and the stately but livable homes lined the main streets.

Eventually, a green minivan approached my car. A shapely, early 30’s, nice looking woman with shoulder length dark hair got out of her van. “Peace?” I asked as I approached her car.

“Elliot? Nice to meet you,” she replied with a wide, welcoming smile. She offered a cheek for me to kiss. As I gave her the obligatory welcome kiss she pulled me into a hug. She seemed to make a point of rubbing her ample boobs against my chest.

“Nice to meet you, Peace. You look sharp. You described yourself as rubenesque but you’re not; you’re just sexy. Shall I follow you?” I asked.

“Thank you, Elliot. You are very kind. I think you might have topped just how good looking you said you are. I am sorry but my two errands this morning took longer than I expected. I have a closing this Friday morning and I am so nervous. We have to watch closings so closely. I assume you’ve heard what the real estate market is like?” she asked.

“You didn’t tell me that you were a Realtor,” I replied. “Good,” I spoke in my mind. “You certainly can’t support yourself with that drivel you wrote. But I’m here to help you become better.”

“Follow me,” she glared, “it’s not far.”

She drove five blocks through a neighborhood of nice homes to her house. She pulled into the double driveway and I backed my car in.

“You backed in your car. Are you a police officer, Elliot?” she asked.

“No, it’s easier if you have to jump it. Besides, I’d rather not advertise my tag,” I answered. “I’m a little behind on my payments, you know.”

“This economy is something else,” she replied.

“You’ve got a beautiful house, Peace,” I commended her as I grabbed some suitcases. “Why are you selling it?”

“I’m not really selling it,” she said. “It’s an old Realtor’s trick. You put a sign in front of your own house to get the calls. Sometimes you pick up a buyer that way.” She opened up the unlocked door and led me to a vacant bedroom. “Put your things anywhere you like,” she said.

“You have a beautiful house, Peace,” I said noticing that there was not too much stuff in it.

“Hello, Peace?” a female voice asked. I peaked out the door to see a man and woman walk in the front door.

“Hi,” Peace answered. “Elliot, please come in here. I would like you to meet my sister and her husband.” I left the bags where they were and returned to the living room.

“Hi,” I announced, “I’m Elliot Hagen from Pompano Beach, Florida. Nice to meet you.” I offered a hand to the gentleman.

“Oh, yah dude, I’m Ronnie and this is Honey, my wife,” he lazily offered. “Nice to meet you. Peace, do you have something for us?” he asked indicating the end of our exchange of greetings.

“Yes, Ronnie, I just returned from the stockbroker in Milsaps. Give me a minute,” Peace answered annoyed.

Something looked out of place with the slender sister. She spoke, “Look, I’m on my lunch break. We can come back if it is too much now. Ronnie just had to get his money, you know.”

“Okay, then let’s do it,” replied Peace as she sat down dining table. She spread the contents of the bank envelope on the table. She counted out one thousand dollars and put it in one pile then counted out nine hundred and fifty two casino siteleri dollars and put it into another pile.

“Ain’t she great, Elliot?” said Ronnie picking up the nine hundred dollar pile. “Works like a charm, I’d say.” He counted out ninety five dollars and pushed the pile towards Peace. “Thanks again, Peace. Do you have another?”

“Yes, I do. I got one yesterday,” answered Peace.

“What the fuck, let’s do it,” he said and pushed the thousand dollar pile toward Peace. She scooped up the thousand and put it into the bank envelope.

“Asshole, don’t use that language in front of our guests, okay?” said Honey. “And give me my money.” Ronnie reached into his pocket and paid out two hundred to his wife. She spoke to me, “He often ‘forgets’ to pay me but that doesn’t work. Usually, we go out to celebrate and take turns picking.”

“Yah, it’s my turn to pick and I know where Elliot and I want to go, don’t we man? Londonville!” he emphasized.

“We’re not taking a guest to fucking Londonville so don’t argue with us,” barked Honey at her husband. She looked at me again and said, “Londonville is a sleazy topless joint. Unless, you’d really like to go?”

“No, thanks. Let Peace pick out something. I don’t care,” I responded. “Is that all right with you, Peace?”

Peace beamed, “Sure, why don’t you two come by at seven tonight, okay? Elliot still has some unpacking to do and I’d like to give him a local girl’s tour of our town.”

Honey took the hint. In less than a breath, they departed.

Peace looked at me and said, “Go ahead and get moved in and comfortable. I’m going to get out of this business suit and into my house clothes.”

“I hope you don’t mind what I’m saying but moving in can wait a moment. I would like to help you get out of that business suit. You are so sexy. I promise to be gentle,” I begged.

“My, Elliot, you are a fast one. Come over here and kiss me first,” she said.

“Shouldn’t I lock the front door first?” I asked.

“No, Elliot, we’ll lock the bedroom door,” she replied. “And Elliot, no tired jokes afterwards, okay? I got a piece of Peace, or something like that. I’ve heard that all my life.”

“Never from me, my dear,” I replied and began pecking at her lips. She pulled me tight into her as her tongue danced with mine in her mouth. After a moment she backed off and felt for my penis.

“You’re almost ready. Let’s get undressed,” she said without me responding. She carefully removed her green business suit and white blouse and hung them in the closet to wear again. Shoes went inside, too. I kicked my clothes into a pile and stood naked observing her in her white undies.

“You look so gorgeous in your underwear. You look like a model. I’ll bet your breasts are perfect. Let’s take a look,” I said. “Stand still,” I said and walked behind her. “Let’s look at that lovely ass,” I said. I seized the top bands of the panties and slowly lowered them to her ankles. “Yes, we have a world class butt here.” Then I unsnapped the bra hook and pushed the bra straps from off of her shoulders so that the bra dropped to the floor. I reached from the back to the grasp those soft breasts and felt for the hardened nipples. Peace moved her legs further apart.

“They feel like world class breasts but let’s see,” I said sitting on the corner of the bed and directing her hips to turn her body so that her breasts were at my eye level. I immediately began to suck those nice round breasts. Coming up for air I looked at her smiling face and she said, “Do you like the girls?”

“I love the girls,” I said. “They are nice, firm, and round. The areolas are smaller, so cute. I love them.” She let me fondle and play with her breasts for a minute and then retreated with that nicely proportioned body to the other side of the bed.

“I want you to be my new man. I want to give you what you came here for, Elliot,” Peace said. She reclined into the middle of her bed with her legs together.

I walked to the foot of the bed and said, “Peace, please put a pillow under your butt.” Then I bent to massage her feet and widening her legs ever so slightly. I put my head between her feet and began to kiss her ankles and moved up to her calves, knees, and thighs.

I began my pussy assault by rubbing her outer labia with the top of my head. She moaned slightly and I could smell the trickling juices. As I continued to slither up her body, my mouth reached her pussy and my tongue began to dart about as I had kissed her earlier. She moaned in pleasure some more and my fingers played with her clitoris. Her legs spread far apart. The aroma from her juices was very strong. I continued my body travel up her soft stomach and softer breasts, now old friends.

Before I kissed her I rose up and guided my penis along the labia canal. She slid down and I began to insert him only a short distance each time to tease her. She continued to slide down struggling to take it all in. To end her pain I shoved him all the way in and began an in and out rhythm. When I began to kiss her, slot oyna she was already very hot. She thrust her body at me and I responded.

Soon I could feel the pressure of ejaculation building up inside me. I tried to delay it a couple of times but soon I raised my body and thrust my hips as deep and as hard as I could until the sweet pleasure that gripped and paralyzed my body let go.

I rolled over and stroked her pretty face trying not to go to sleep. I’ve been told by wiser men that women keep men who give them plenty of foreplay and after play. I could envision settling down here with Peace.

“Peace, it may be premature but I love what you do for me. May I ask you something?” I asked.

“I appreciate you, Elliot. It’s been so long since I felt like a woman. Thanks, Elliot. Sure, ask away,” she answered and rose to go into the bathroom.

“If you don’t want to tell me just tell me it’s none of my business and I will not be offended. What was all of that money business with Ronnie and Honey?” I asked.

“Yes, I really did not want you to see that, at least not at the beginning of knowing you. I have this gift. Have you ever heard of the psychic Edgar Cayce?” she asked.

“No, but there are a lot of psychics with radio shows these days,” I answered.

“Edgar Cayce was prominent during the first half of the twentieth century. He had many gifts and one was the ability to pick out land parcels that made money. The gift did not allow him to make money for himself but only as a gift for friends. Does that make sense?” she asked.

“Well, go on, Peace,” I responded.

Did I tell you that I was in a car crash and in a comma for three months” she asked.

“No, are you all right?” I asked.

“Yes, my body had recovered. I lost forty five pounds and they did a little surgery on my brain to relieve the pressure. It’s weird. I thought I met Jesus and some of His angels in dreams. The long and short of it is that sometimes I get these visions. The vision is of stock pages. I noted the stock names and they seem to go up in value. I mentioned it to Honey and Ronnie and they bought some stock and it doubled in three days. I tried it myself and I lost half my money but they continued to make money. Now does that sound strange to you, Elliot?” she reappeared from the bathroom, tossed me a washcloth, and began to get dressed.

I wiped off the draining penis. “I don’t know what to think of it, Peace,” I answered.

“Since this gift does not allow me to directly benefit, Ronnie gives me ten percent, like you’d give to a church. That seems to work. Ronnie is lazy and doesn’t work. Honey works for the water department. The tips they give me help between closings and in this economy there aren’t many closings,” she stated. “I hope to make some money writing and I so appreciate the help you have given to me so far. Get dressed and I’ll make us some lunch. Then we can review each other’s stories, okay?”

“Sure Peace. Where is your Internet connection?” I asked.

“Sorry Elliot. As a Realtor I use an air card on my laptop but it has been turned off for two months, like cable TV and many other things. I use the public library for now. The closing Friday should give me enough money till the next closing,” she replied. “I haven’t told anyone else about this gift so please keep it to yourself, okay?”

“Till my dying day, your secret is safe with me, Peace,” I mused.

That night the four of us drove to a nice restaurant in Monroe. Ronnie drank too much and was really loose. As the dinner dishes were cleared away the girls excused themselves for a trip to the ladies room. Ronnie turned to me. “Get out man. That’s my advice. Or you’ll be trapped like me,” he said.

“What are you talking about, Ronnie?” I asked.

“Iowa. I come from California. It has a better class of people, if you know what I mean. There not farmers or church people like here; they’re alive. Peace owns that house which she inherited and Honey will stay with the city until she retires. I feel like I’m dying every day. I can’t leave; I ain’t got the money. You know I drink a little and smoke a little. The money’s gone before you know it. Honey’s a damn fine piece of ass. Ah, I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. Just get out man,” Ronnie stammered.

“This is nicer for me that Pompano Beach, Ronnie,” I replied.

He stared at me. “Are you on the run?” I did not answer. He continued, “Ah, so that’s it. I got warrants back in California. I can’t go back, either. I’m fucked for life.”

“I never said that, Ronnie,” I sternly replied.

“I know man. You know sometimes I do get out of here. When the Oakland Raiders play in Chicago or somewhere nearby, I go. Honey hates football. I do, too. I get out and get some strange pussy. Does that make me a bad boy? This booze makes me an asshole. Sorry man. Please, don’t say nothing, all right?” he begged.

“I heard nothing, Ronnie,” I replied. He smiled. “May I ask you a question? Why don’t they look like sisters?”

“They’re step sisters. canlı casino siteleri One got the house and one got fucked over,” he replied.

The sisters walked back to our table. When I first met Honey I thought something was odd about her appearance and now I realized what it was. Her body was slender but her boobs were large. They generously bounced as the sisters approached the table. Honey must have had a boob job. Also, I realized why Ronnie did not work. If he had some good ID’s then he could get plugged into society instead of living off a woman. It was strange how the alcohol gave me such insight that night.

Also I learned that Honey and Ronnie did not own a car. They dropped off Peace and me off and drove Peace’s car back to their single-wide trailer. We made love that night and again in the morning. Ronnie drove the mini-van back and Peace drove away. Ronnie pulled out some cereal from the kitchen cabinets and helped himself to breakfast.

“Sit down Elliot, have some breakfast,” he said with a refreshed grin. “You know I was just admiring your car. Would you let me drive it? Just around the town; nothing fast. I’ve just never driven a Ford Mustang before,” he asked.

“Okay, Ronnie. It’s nothing special really. It looks good but this one does not run as fast as some of them,” I answered. I asked him about growing up in California but he changed the subject to me growing up in south Florida.

He drove my car around town and we returned to Peace’s house. “Can I drop you off at your trailer, Ronnie?” I offered.

“No thanks, Elliot. It’s only five blocks and I need the exercise. I am used to walking everywhere in this town. It is only during the blizzards that I beg for a ride, you know what I mean?” he joked.

“No, Ronnie, I don’t. We don’t have blizzards in Pompano Beach,” I mused. “But we sweat our asses off during the summer.”

On Wednesday, Peace and I drove to Millsaps and I waited in the van while she went into the stockbrokerage office. Then we drove to a nearby bank and she again went inside to cash the check. When we returned, Ronnie and Honey were in the house. Again, Peace paid out the thousand seed money and eleven hundred and twenty dollars profit to Ronnie and Honey. Again Ronnie gave her ten percent and asked if she had another vision. Again, she stated that she had one and he gave her the seed money again.

After they left, Peace and I sat down to lunch that she made from the near empty kitchen cupboards. “Peace, would you mind if I invested with you?” I asked.

“Ah Elliot, I have no control of this. I don’t want to disappoint you. I like you and I don’t want to lose you. You’re a nice man. Think about it; you have some time,” she responded.

“I have thought about it. I’ve thought about it a lot. This is a chance to score big. I’d like to invest with you, please,” I implored her.

“All right, get your money and I’ll buy you some stock,” she relented.

I returned with a stack of cash. “Here is twenty four thousand dollars, Peace,” I stated.

“Elliot, are you crazy? That’s a lot of money to invest,” she protested.

“I want to double it,” I answered smugly.

“Elliot, Elliot,” she stared at me for awhile. “This isn’t your money, is it?”

“I want to double it,” I answered again.

“You should return it and only invest honest money,” she responded.

“I’ll double it and return the original amount, okay?” I replied. “That should take care of things.”

“Elliot, you scare me. This is a lot of money. Is this what you really want to do?” she asked looking soberly at me.

“Yes, Peace, invest it all,” I responded seriously. I never intended to tell her about my money or where it came from but there it was out. I guess sharing secrets keeps us together. We drove to Milsaps and she walked into the stockbrokerage again. Then we drove home.

“Peace, I am so excited. If I just keep reinvesting the whole amount, in a month I’ll be a millionaire. This just blows my mind,” I exclaimed.

“Elliot, let’s take it one day at a time. There’s no rush; if it’s to be it will be. I believe that,” Peace replied.

On Thursday morning I had a sexy dream and realized that my penis was in Peace’s mouth. When I opened my eyes she rose up and spread her legs over me and slid her torso down my erect shaft. We bounced up and down until I came inside of her but she kept bouncing up and down until she became tired.

“Sorry, Elliot, I am so worried about my closing tomorrow. Sex relaxes me. Everything is in order but I don’t know. Afterwards we’ll drive to Milsaps and pick up your check and Ronnie’s check. Ronnie wants to go to Chicago to watch a Raider’s game. He’ll leave by bus in the afternoon. Honey is fighting with him not to go. It’s the same thing year after year,” she paused propitiously. “Honey made me promise to ask you a question. I am embarrassed but she is my sister. This is her question. No wait; will you promise not to hate me?” she asked.

“I won’t hate you. I can always say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ like an adult. What is it Peace?” I responded.

“This is awfully embarrassing. Okay, I’ll just say it. She wants to have a sexual threesome. I don’t know what that is but she says she’ll show me,” Peace remarked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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