At the Villa Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — Lydia Part 1

This is part of a series of adventures which took place at the villa, after some of the girls were involved in three previous adventures, two, ON THE BOAT and one, AFTER THE BOAT TRIP — VICTORIA. So read the previous stories and continue to enjoy the ladies hunger for the satisfaction of the flesh. There are more to come.

I hope you enjoy them. They are all fiction. Comments are welcome.


The lunch was fantastic. We started about two in the afternoon when all the girls were gathered around the table. There were lots of salad and barbecued lamb not to mention the home made wine. Every body ate to their heart’s delights and drank some of the special wine especially the sweet Rose. I sat at the head of the long table, while the girls wearing full bikinis sat three at each side with Padme taking the other end; opposite of me.

Lydia was at the farthest end with Diana next to me on my right. There was a lot of talking going on, much of it was about the sex and the moments of pleasure, that the girls had enjoyed, but nothing about Lydia’s resemblance. Not much was said about the way I fucked Victoria’s and Aphro’s arses.

As soon as we finished eating Padme looked at me expecting some orders; probably about Diane.

‘I think in about two hours or so; from now.’ I answered. She just bowed and that was when she stood up and started collecting the plates and clearing the table. Other girls joined; helping her.

I stood up, looked at Lydia and gave her the sign. She knew that it was time to get involved. I just walked away towards the interior of the villa hearing footsteps behind me. As I entered my domain, she was there, next to me. After I closed the door I stopped, looked at Lydia; focused my eyes on her beautiful face, which sustained a nice, intriguing smile. Then, I scanned her fantastic body from head to toe and back. I was trying to explore if she knew anything about what my suspicions were, any feelings or better any suspicions. If there were or if she had any, she was not showing them. I kept my silence as long as I could. I just kept looking at her beautiful body. She knew I was just appreciating her beauty, until at last she opened her mouth.

‘Sam, I’m the last of the ladies being called to your domain, what’s the purpose or better is there a reason?’ Lydia asked.

‘Not particularly, but it was a decision I had taken on the way back here. That was when I planned the whole program or better the way I was comfortable in becoming intimate; the best for the end. Maybe, I thought you are too beautiful to please; so quickly. Now I may have more time; I had a rest, fully fed and very relaxed. What do you think?’ I answered her question without giving her any clues of my suspicions.

‘Thanks Sam, a very splendid thought.’ Lydia answered to the last part of my invented declaration.

‘May I kiss you?’ I asked. She did not answer. She got closer to me. I opened my hands and hugged her, pressing her body against mine, like somebody special. I kissed her all over her face until our lips locked and she went wild. Her tongue just crawled into my mouth and moved around against mine. She pressed me against her body as much as I was pressing hers. She was hot, hotter than I thought. She was much hotter than I was suspecting. She lifted one leg and turned it around the back of my thighs, pressing my raging hardon against her pussy. She became wild. She was moaning in my mouth while she started to pull on my tongue as her body started to shake. My doubts turned into reality.

We broke the kiss and looked at each other. ‘I never thought you’re so hot!’ I exclaimed.

‘I couldn’t believe this, myself, Sam. I had never been in such a situation before; yearning and crying for sexual pleasure.’ She declared.

‘Maybe, you had never been with the right partner?’ I asked.

‘Well yes and no. But I never yearned for sex before. Just a few kisses! I was always scarred going further,’ she answered.

‘Why? You never took your clothes off while in the company of a male?’ I asked.

‘No Sam, you may be the first to enjoy my gorgeous naked body!’ Lydia exclaimed.

‘I thought you had been fucking for some time?’ I asked while my eyes had never stopped watching her.

‘I never evaluated the matter; just I thought I was not ready. It was an excuse that always worked.’ Lydia answered.

‘But you are on the pill, right?’ I asked again.

‘Yes I am, but I started not so long ago. I wanted to do it someday, so I had to be ready, but was never sure.’ Lydia answered.

‘What about now? Are you ready?’ She gave me a look which said too much as I finished my questions.

‘Just looking at you, I became so hot, I didn’t know what to do Sam. The moment I saw you I became jealous for not choosing me, instead of Diane. I wanted to cry, but I had to hide my feelings.’ She answered me while she licked her upper lip.

‘So, you are ready!’ I exclaimed.

She did not answer but moved closer to me; put a hand around casino siteleri my neck and our lips touched slowly. As they pressed together she sent her tongue slowly crawling into my mouth while her other hand grabbed my hard cock. We kissed first, very lightly. Then, the intensity increased as I started sucking her tongue. She pressed her pussy against my leg and my hand grabbed her bare ass as I pressed her pussy, jamming it against my leg. She again started to moan as her pussy was moving up and down, rubbing against my bare leg. She was really hot. I could feel her body shivering as she held me tight to herself. She moaned again and again inside my mouth. I wanted to push her away so I could take off that little bikini she was wearing. It wasn’t easy to move her as she was totally lost into her own sexual fantasies. Fantasies which had woken up from the moment jealousy infiltrated inside her dirty mind.

My hard dick was being massaged by her rather inexperienced hand. The way she was doing it was making things rather difficult for me. I was totally lost in my own desires, thinking what it would feel like having my hard dick inside her sanctuary of love. This extraordinary beauty was lying down on my bed, her legs wide open. I marvelled at who she was, and if it was true who she was. The more I thought the wilder I became in my dirty thoughts. I just pulled away from her and moved behind her. As I moved behind her I unlocked her bikini. She pulled the straps forward and the rest fell, exposing those magnificent orbs as she turned towards me.

Lydia’s breasts were bared, for me to devour. They were beautiful, rather full, rounded at the bottom with beautiful aureoles nicely centred and hard nipples pointing outwards. In no time, she was totally naked. I moved a few paces back and looked at her beautiful proportioned figure. She was beautiful; very beautiful; almost a replica… . 5ft . 7; 38C. 24. 36. A very nice, gorgeous body indeed, is with what she was endowed. I just stared at her body and that beautiful face she was gifted with.

‘Please, turn round slowly?’ I ordered, my dirty mind blown with all kinds of desires.

She started turning as soon as I sat on a chair which was close to where I was. She just turned very slowly. She knew exactly what I had in mind. She knew that I wanted her to parade her naked body for my delight; to visualize and evaluate her beauty, her figure, her sexuality. She knew I was hot for her. She knew I had a raging hardon waiting to enter, to penetrate and to make love to every orifice she had. She stopped as she came into a profile.

Lydia only turned ninety degrees: I could enjoy her figure, her breast with its’ hard nipple pointing outwards, the shape of her legs, the smoothness of her skin and her calves, from her upper thighs down to her feet. What about her bums?

At the very top of her thighs a half moon extended outwards showing the roundness of her extending smooth bums. Her back was straight, starting just above the roundness of her bums, extended upwards up to the beginning of her rather medium long neck. Her beautifully shaped head covered with beautiful hair extended downwards over her shoulders and covering half way down her back.

My hard cock was raging, still locked in my trunks. Lydia had not even looked at me; she was looking straight forward, fortunately infront of a mirror. I turned towards the mirror just for a second, but returned my vision back. I did not want to distract her, as neither wanted to loose the excitement of seeing too much too quick. She was too beautiful… She did not move, not yet; then she asked.’ May I continue, or you want to further appraise my beauty?’ Lydia asked.

‘Well, I knew, that you know you’re beautiful; but I must say; that you are more than just beautiful. Where is that fortunate guy who took your virginity?’ I asked.

She didn’t answer except a slight smile that had escaped from between her lips; something she did rather kept to herself.

‘What about that beautiful hair hanging down over you back? Have you ever taught of leaving it to grow, long enough to cover those beautiful orbs?’ I asked.

‘Never taught of and never will I do. It will be a torture to keep even as it is. I just love it as it is or rather a little bit shorter.’ Lydia answered to my disappointment.

‘Lean forward, and loose those bottoms? I asked.

Lydia kept her posture perfectly straight as she started to lean forward per bottoms were moving downwards; then turned her ass towards me giving me a glimpse of those beautiful bare bums with that slit in between. It was enough to notice that her pussy was freshly shaved. Slowly, her panties continued their way down her smooth legs until she had to lift one leg. I was watching her next move with great interest, but she pointed her bums the other way; to my disappointment.

‘Bastard!’ I thought.

She just shook her panties off her feet as quick as possible. She continued turning slowly until she stopped infront of me; perfectly facing me, her legs tightly slot oyna closed.

This time I scanned Lydia’s body, slowly stopping at my own leisure and focused my eyes on her pelvic area. Immediately I confirmed that her pubic hair was freshly shaved. A small tuff was left forming like a tree with its stem, looked like originating out of the top of her clit. I could still detect the residues of the baby oil still glowing in the light.

The other incredible and fascinating thing I noticed was the gap between her upper thighs; exactly where they connected to the rest of her body, precisely at the vee. Just precisely in the centre between those pair of magnificent beautiful legs were protruding downwards two fully blown major labia and from between them through the crack, two butterfly slippery wings were also spotted, the labia minora. At the top end of the labia, naturally was the canopy that housed her clitoris, which in Lydia’s case was evidently highly exposed.

I moved my eyes further up until I focused on her tits, then on her face. The shape of her tits formed like two round nice pomegranates’ with the nipples popping out of the very centre of each. They just had rounded shape at the bottom and both exactly the same size and shape, perfectly identical.

‘Do you like what you see?’ Lydia asked, while she winked and then moved her tongue along her sexy upper red painted lip.

‘More than you think; I couldn’t wait to be inside your body.’ I declared.

‘Then you will be my first!’ she exclaimed softly.


‘You rightly heard, but I’m not a virgin as declared earlier, and further declare that I had never been with a naked man. Please don’t ask how I broke it. I may tell you later,’ she said.

‘I don’t mind waiting, but I’m proud that I’m going to be your first.’ I answered.

‘Thanks for understanding me. I tell the story later, although not much to tell. We were watched all the time by my mother. We are two sisters with three years in between and our baby brother came later and is now eleven.’ Lydia said.

‘I think your mum had been very naughty when she was young?’ I naughtily asked.

‘Maybe; I have no idea. She never said anything about her teen years and beyond. She was always a good girl, she used to say. She also said that after she married, maybe even on her first night of her honeymoon, she conceived me.’ She recounted her mother’s words.

‘That is really very interesting,’ I said and continued, ‘she must have been very hot.’

‘Yes I think she was very hot, maybe not as much as I am now.’ Lydia declared.

‘Any way; does your mother know that you are on the pill and you are here with your friends?’ I asked.

‘Yes she has knowledge of both, as when I asked for permission, she helped me a lot and thought me quite a few important things so if I ever have a casual or a long relationship I will be prepared. I even told her how I lost, you know, but I never gave my secret,’ she said.

‘I’m very happy you told me the truth, and I know this is the real truth. You look perfectly beautiful. You must have a beautiful and a let say a good father?’ I asked curiously.

‘I look perfectly like my mother but my sister and brother are a bit different, more like my father?’ She answered.

‘How far did you go with your sister, you know playing around?’ I again asked.

‘She three years younger than me so we had never indulged into anything except normal girl talk, you know…’ Lydia answered.

‘So you never have been involved with any other girl?’ I asked.

‘Well, only a few times with a very personal friend, who lives next door. We used to do school work together and sometimes, we used to be home alone. Some normal things; like examining our intimate parts, getting to know more about how they look like, their functions, how to masturbate and oral, more experimenting, but not something that we had done frequently. We talked more about boys, marriage, family and being mamas. What about you Sam? You already said you had some relation with your sister. Didn’t you?’ Lydia became nosier now.

I was still sitting infront of her, a pillar of beauty, there standing infront of me, I was immersed just watching her. I scanned her body, again and again. She smiled; a very sexy smile emerged from between her lips, but it was not a whorish one. It was a perfect wanton smile; of yearning and hunger for sexual stimulation, hunger for something of which, as yet she had no real experience. She was yearning to be fucked and filled to the brim, enjoy the wild pleasures which probably she dreamed so much about.

‘Do you like to keep turning?’ I asked.

‘You have not seen enough yet? I’m getting too anxious to wait for what you have in your dirty mind.’ She declared.

With not answer from me, she continued turning slowly, the rest of the 180 degrees. I didn’t stop her. I just watched and enjoyed the pureness, the freshness and the smoothness including the overall creamy colour, of her skin. For me she was a special lady canlı casino siteleri a very special one and very rare. Don’t ask me why? I still had my doubts; who she was.

I stayed there stuck to the chair I was sitting on, watching in wonder, marvelled and amazed as her back came into view, the roundness of her bums extending nicely outwards, then the crack of her ass as she kept turning. At last she was there, her beautiful well filled round orbs just looking straight at me. That crack, there between her tight closed legs and that little gap at the top end of her rather longish legs, exposed those beautiful swollen labia with the minor labia now looked; well bigger than had been seen from the front.

I sat there, now scanning the shape of her legs, giving particular attention to the smoothness of her calves. Slowly I moved my vision upwards scanning the rest of her legs until I focused on her round exotic sexy orbs; and the most prominent, the crack, the slit, the most important part of her anatomy. Her temple of love!

She looked more than desirable. My craving, my yearning for her body was evident as my raging hardon wanted nothing more than to break my swimming trunks. It wanted to pop out and take this beauty, make love slowly and smoothly, enjoy her beautiful body and slowly building up so much sexual energy that we end with mind shattering climaxes.

I had to wait. I wanted to build this up slowly until that moment, of truth. That very moment; the very right time when I would fill her vaginal tube, with the total length and grit my phallus possesses; and sure it would be a perfect fit. Yes; a perfect fit.

‘Lydia?’ I asked.

‘Yes.’ She didn’t move, just stayed there straight like a solder on a parade ground.

‘Open your legs slowly until I say stop. Please?’ Immediately I stopped talking, her legs started to part. I did not stop her until I could perfectly see her rosebud when I slowly shouted, ‘ stop!’ I just focused my eyes on her pubic area. Her lips slightly separated, looked magnificent, especially with the flow of love juice, which was flowing outwards, out of her vaginal tube, streaming downwards along her inner thighs. She was wet; very wet, more than drenched; probably the hottest of the five, although Diana was amazing.

‘Please, slowly lean forward and rest your hands on the bed?’ I ordered.

She immediately obeyed and slowly leaned forward and rested herself, while her pussy became prominently exposed, her swollen clit distinctly extended. I just focused on her vaginal area, which now was the centre of attraction. Those pouty lips, fully filled and swollen, those rather thick flat butterfly extended lips, squeezed between them; all wet with the juice of Venus. Her erect clitoris was there looking at me at the very bottom and her appropriately exposed rosebud at the top.

I walked towards her; moved around her, looked at her well filled breasts hanging down, her nipples still hard, maybe harder. I moved towards her behind and knelt. There, infront of my eyes, so close, I had her most beautiful, desirable pubic area, as it looked from behind. I took my time evaluating the beauty, of the intimate parts of this stunning, gorgeous and exquisite creature; she possessed. She knew I was there with my eyes and my mouth so close. Maybe she was even feeling my inhalation, as I watched her love juices flowing and her pelvic area contracting with every breath she was breathing.

I could feel her breathing getting stronger and her sexual energy doubling by the seconds. At last I moved closer and as my nose nearly touched the inner wet lips, I inhaled as hard as I could. I was trying to evaluate the beautiful aromatic smell of her most enchanting pussy. The smell was exquisite and the more I breathe in. The more my desires increased. I wanted to suck her juices and roll them around my tongue as if tasting a well matured and preserved bottle of wine. And then much more.

My tongue slowly touched her clit and pressed against it. I felt her body shiver, freeze and shudder. I knew that she had the first real feelings of what sexual pleasures were. I lapped at her clit for a few moments. I then moved my tongue slowly down inside her valley of love, collecting as much juice as I could. She shook again, her body vibrated. My tongue continued moving until it entered her vaginal opening. I pulled away and turned and rolled what I collected around my tongue, while evaluating the exotic tastes which were flowing out of her craving hot spring.

A moan came out of her mouth just before my tongue left her pouty lips. I soon evaluated the aromatic taste as my fingers separated her lips and took a good look at her valley of love and desire. Tremors increased as I tried to look into her inner folds, staring closely at the beauty of her sexual organs from her clit to her vaginal opening.

‘Do you like what you see Sam?’ She asked teasingly.

‘More than you think my dear; it’s not only incredibility beautiful; it is also perfect.’ I looked at her vagina, the lips still held open by my fingers, for a few moments more. Then, I put my finger on her clit, rubbed it a few times, then moved it up and down her slit, wetting it properly. I then started slowly inserting it into her vaginal opening.

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