Aunt Anne Showed Me Hers

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“So come September after Owen goes off to college you and I will be empty-nesters,” my Aunt Anne reminded my mother as they sat at our kitchen table and talked about me like I wasn’t there. “If you were still married you and your ex would be able to hump like bunnies whenever you pleased just as you did back on the day. Of course, you could always bring in some fresh meat. That sounds like a better idea.”

“Anne!” Mom groaned, blushing as she often did whenever Aunt Anne would say something risque. “Anyway, with Owen working down at the market this summer I hardly saw him anyway. Going to miss my little man.”

“Ma,” I groaned.

“What happened to your girlfriend Owen?” Aunt Anne asked me, and I winced again as I shook my head regarding my first real girl who was no more.

“Just as well, with me going away and all,” I explained, although I would have been happy to have kept seeing Celeste until summer was over.

“Plenty more hippie pussy out west,” Aunt Anne said with a wink, her intention to annoy my mother succeeding, and Mom was happy to head down to the laundry nook when the buzzer went off on the dryer, leaving me with “the black sheep of the family” as she was known in some circles.

I like Aunt Anne a lot, both because she was really wild for a middle aged woman, saying anything and everything she wanted, but she also dressed rather provocatively, with the sundress she had on this day a good example.

It was a brightly colored summer thing, sleeveless and short enough to show off her skinny but pretty nice legs, and as always Aunt Anne wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. I overheard Mom in an uncharactersitically catty way tell a friend of hers once that her sister Anne didn’t wear a bra because she didn’t need one, and I guess that was true.

Aunt Anne did have smallish tits alright, probably the size of lemons and they didn’t seem that firm any more. From what I could see they hung down a bit, but my aunt did have big nipples that always poked out into her clothing. That turned me on because I like boobs of all sizes and I had always wished I could see Aunt Anne’s nipples without any covering, so after Mom left us I was free to check my aunt out better as she went to the sink to rinse out her coffee cup.

“Poor Owen isn’t getting any,” Aunt Anne chuckled after leaving her cup in the sink, but when she turned to face me my eyes were diverted from her titties as she calmly reached down and lifted her sundress up to her waist, proving that she wasn’t wearing panties either. “Here’s a belated graduation present for you.”

“What’s the matter honey?” Aunt Anne asked as she kept her eye out for my mother’s return. “It bother you that the carpet doesn’t match the drapes?”

“Huh?” I mumbled, unable to take my eyes from the lush triangle of rich dark hair that filled her delta.

“I meant, are you disappointed that I’m not a natural blonde?” she asked as she took one hand up to her short blonde scalp.

“No,” I finally managed to answer. “I knew that already.”

I stammered an explanation about having noticed that the five o’clock shadow that usually filled her armpits gave that away a long time ago for me, and that made Aunt Anne laugh.

“I know you always check me out but I had no idea you were that thorough. Touche!” she giggled. “Then what’s the problem? Too much hair down there for you?”

“No,” I replied as I prayed the dress would stay up and my mother would stay down for a long time.

“Didn’t think so, judging by the look of your bohemian girlfriend, or should I say ex-girlfriend,” Aunt Anne recalled. “She was a furry thing if her pits were any indication. That really bothered your Mom you know? Her being a free spirit and all?”

“I know,” I answered.

“Then what is the problem?”

“You’re my aunt, and you’re showing me your – you know?”

“So? And showing you my what? Go ahead and say it.”

“Your pussy,” I whispered.

“Well, I though you needed cheering up. I mean, I would flash my tits too but I could never match your girlfriend there,” Aunt Anne indicated. “The chubby chick has quite a pair on her.”

“She’s not my girlfriend any more, and besides I like boobs of all kinds,” I blurted out as the sound of the dryer door closing downstairs had Aunt Anne drop her dress back down and straighten it out. “I love big nipples”

“That so? That’s a good thing because that’s about all I have up there,” Aunt Anne told me as footsteps came up the stairs.

“Be right back. Have to hang these up before they wrinkle,” Mom announced as she whizzed through the kitchen on the way to her bedroom.

“I’ll help you,” Aunt Anne said, and as she walked past me to join Mom she squeezed my crotch and declared. “You want me – come by some Tuesday. I’m off that day.”


“Yeah. Give me a chance to find out if your cock is as big as your mother said.”

With that I was alone, and after my head stopped spinning I managed to make it outside so I could breathe again.


“I’m casino oyna so happy you called me before you left, Owen,” my Aunt Anne said after letting me into her house and to her kitchen. “Coffee? Water?”

“No, I’m good,” I said, trying not to look at my Aunt Anne’s top which made the sundress she wore last week look modest in comparison.

Her breasts – slightly larger than lemons apparently – did have a bit of droop to them but not nearly enough to keep her from being appealing, and when she caught me looking she did nothing except maybe thrust her chest out as she leaned back into the kitchen counter and motioned me to sit down.

“No, I sat on the drive over,” I said, and my aunt thought that was funnier than it probably was.

“To tell you the truth, I was afraid that I might have scared you off the way I was acting at your house,” Anne admitted. “My sister makes a mean Margarita.”

“No. I’m kinda used to you. You like to make people blush or be uncomfortable. I think that’s cool.”

“Good. I didn’t scare you off with my flashing you, so what do I owe the honor of this visit?” Anne asked. “Did you like what you saw?”

“Well – sure,” I mumbled. “I was more concerned – well maybe not concerned but – were you kidding about what Mom said to you about me?”

“You mean about you having a big cock?” Aunt Anne said without blinking, but she did enjoy the way that my turned red despite myself.

“Well, yeah.”

“No, that’s what she told me. Said she came home early from work and happened to pass by your bedroom. You were naked and on your back and jerking off like a deranged chimp,” Anne clucked had I tried to find a hole to crawl into. “I guess you were so wrapped up in your whacking that you didn’t notice her so she ducked back out, but she was quite impressed. She said you looked like John Holmes there.”

“Oh geez!” I moaned.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about, Owen. Most guys would be showing it off all the time.”

“No, she’s just crazy,” I sputtered. “It’s – I’m nothing like that. Trust me, I would know.”

It was true. Maybe it looked bigger to her because I’m skinny and not that tall, but I spent a good part of my teenage years measuring the thing and while it might be a little longer than average it sure has hell wasn’t anything like what Mom described.

“I don’t know,” Aunt Anne said. “She seemed to be sure about what she saw.”

“She not only needs to date again, she needs glasses I guess,” I noted.

“I’d be happy to offer my opinion,” Anne offered dryly, and when I chuckled she added, “Really Owen. Whip it out. Give a lonely divorcee a thrill.”

“Here?” I scoffed while gesturing at the surroundings, and although when I decided to come visit my Aunt Anne this was what I was dreaming for, when it was actually happening I started to get cold feet.

“Why not?” she laughed, but after I shrugged and sort of shook my head she added, “well, if you’re ashamed or something…”

“I’m not ashamed,’ I snapped, going after her obvious baiting.

“If you’re afraid I’ll tell my sister – let’s just as that while you might think I’m a loose cannon shooting my mouth off about things, trust me that I know all whole lot about our family that no one ever heard about from me,” she explained and then winked.

“Besides, I showed you mine. Remember?” she asked. “If a 53 year old woman can show your her overgrown rain forest without flinching, you should have nothing to worry about. Right?”

So that was how I found myself on that muggy August morning in my Aunt Anne’s kitchen fumbling with the belt on my shorts before letting them fall, and then after giving my pouch a tug to try and coax a little respectability into my limp dick, tugged my underwear down and stepped out of them.

“Hmmm… you didn’t get cheated there babe,” Aunt Anne noted, and then as I stared at her she put her hands on her breasts and began kneading them through her blouse. “Can I see what it looks like angry?”

“Will this help you Owen?” she asked when I must have looked confused,and after she yanked her shorts down and revealed that she had gone commando she added while one hand fluffed her pubic hair as the other kept squeezing her titty, “you seemed to like this as I recall.”

In the most unlikely scenario I could ever have imagined, there I was stretching my flaccid in front of my aunt while she brazenly raked her fingers through the dense thicket that filled her delta.

“Fuck, I’m wet,” she grunted as she watched me tug away, and despite my nerves I began to get hard. “That’s it. Damn!”

“Take your top off Aunt Anne,” I muttered.

“Don’t want you to lose your hard on,” she replied, making me a little mad.

“Take the frigging blouse off. I want to see your tits!” I heard myself say loudly, and to my surprise this made her smile and then interrupt her playing with herself to yank the top off.

Her breasts were pretty small and they did qualify as hangers, but I loved seeing them at last, and as for those slot oyna plump crimson areolas with their thick pegs for nipples, I thought they were incredible.

“Now you’re getting into the spirit of things,” Aunt Anne cracked in response to my out of character barking at her, and as she went back to playing with her pussy remarked, “That’s a gorgeous dick. Looks a lot different than it did 18 years ago when I used to change your diaper. I like, but it’s drooling on my nice clean floor.”

“No. Don’t,” she said when I started to wipe the tip, and before I knew it she had scurried the few steps over to me and gracefully went to her knees, tongue out and licking the pre-cum before it stained her linoleum.

“Oooh!” I groaned as I looked down to my aunt, and then I might have let a few expletives fly when she opened her mouth wider and let her wet lips slide ever so slowly down my rigid dick, taking a long time to travel the 6 and 3/8th inches until her mouth was buried in my pubes and the tip of my dick was grazing her throat.

Aunt Anne kept her mouth attached to the base of my cock while she looked up at me, making loud suckling noises as she seemed to be nursing on my dick. She even grabbed my nuts and pulled on them, even rubbing them against her chin before letting her lips glide back up to the head.

I had my hands in her short cropped blonde hair, to keep my balance as much as anything else, and when I saw the hint of her dark brown roots beginning to show themselves the sight turned me on. Then again, so did everything else.

“You aren’t going to cum are you?” Anne asked after taking me out of her mouth.

“Keep doing that I will,” I grunted as she pulled my angry cock upright and proceeded to suck on my balls, first the left and then the right, and she wasn’t tender about it either.

I wasn’t sure about the rough treatment my balls got but it was somewhat pleasant and it kept me from cumming. When Anne got done with my sac she asked me whether I was a one and done or not?

I wasn’t sure what that meant at first but figured it out. While my experience was limited to all day masturbation sessions in my room and the glorious months with my one and only conquest Celeste, one thing was not in question and that was my endurance.

“Hell no,” I answered, but before I could tell Anne anything more she got up quickly and took my hand, but after starting to take off with me to what I assumed was her bedroom she stopped in her tracks, looking like a even more frantic of Lucille Ball on the candy conveyor belt,

“No, right here,” Aunt Anne said as she turned and with a wild swipe of her arm sent the morning newspaper off of the kitchen table and onto the floor, and after pushing a napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers out of the way, bent over the table and presented herself. “Give it to me.”

Aunt Anne had a tattoo on the small of her back, some kind of Chinese symbol that was faded enough to make me think she got it done when she was my age. While I wasn’t big on tattoos the petite blonde sprawled on the mahogany certainly met with the approval, and Anne lifted her right leg up a little impatiently, waiting for me to put my throbbing dick into her.

I couldn’t see what I was doing as I moved up close – that dark brown bush went all the way up between her legs – but I poked around into the soggy fur and found the target. Aunt Anne yelped with delight and from tat point I just tried to hang on. Each thrust of mine was met with either a grunt or an exclamation to keep going, often with cursing in the message.

The table with Aunt Anne on it began lurching across the kitchen while I moved along with it. She sounded like she was speaking in tongues as she clawed at the table like she was scrambling up a hill, and each time I plunged into her it sounded like galoshes sinking into mud. Hanging onto her hips didn’t stop the table moving, but before we hit the wall Aunt Anne started making sounds like a seal.

The salt and pepper shakers – little roosters – got knocked over with one falling off the edge while she came, and her cumming was a good thing because I had already started shooting into her. I held onto Anne for dear life as she came and came and came some more, and even after she seemed to relax her sweaty body still shuddered a bit, most notably when my spent dick slipped out of her.

“You okay honey?” Aunt Anne asked, breaking me out of the trance I was in watching her Felix the Cat clock’s tail move in time on the wall, and when I looked down at her I didn’t recognize her because she looked like she had just come in from a storm, hair messed and her face beet red. “Should warned you that when it’s good I get a little crazy, but – anyway. Let’s go to bed.”

“Your salt shaker,” I mumbled at the casualty on the floor.

“Pepper. To hell with it,” she said, and when I started to put the table back where it was she grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall. “That crap can wait.”


I have no idea why Aunt Anne and canlı casino siteleri my uncle got divorced, but it might have been because the guy couldn’t keep up with her. Maybe it was a case of me being not all that great, or Aunt Anne having a good time but she was insatiable. We tumbled onto the bed seconds after we got int the door, and right away I was getting my cock sucked while Anne spun around and straddled my face, offering her pussy which was a steaming cauldron of my spunk and her fluids.

When she lowered herself down onto my face I didn’t have much of a choice but wasn’t squeamish and proceeded to perform cunnilingus in what I’m sure was an amateurish fashion. My efforts got no complaints though, and as soon as she got me somewhat erect Anne was spinning around and putting my dick into her, bouncing on me like I was a trampoline while I just laid there and enjoyed the show.

And what a show it was. This 50 something woman was like a teenager, completely wild and uninhibited, writhing around on me and clawing her tits. That saying – dance like nobody’s watching – certainly applied to my aunt, and she got me caught up in her craziness as my usually somewhat calm demeanor disappeared for the day. By the time we finally took a break for a late lunch we had made love four more times, and even when she didn’t cum Anne seemed to revel in my orgasms.


“How about a turkey sandwich?” Aunt Anne offered.

“Sure,” I replied as I prepared to follow her as she got out of bed.

“Stay here honey. I’ll bring it in to you,” she said.

“No, I have to get up – What the hell?” I yelled when i saw bright red streaks all over the bed. “Blood?”

I looked over at my petite aunt but it wasn’t her, and she shook her head when she saw what happened, pointing at me and cursing herself for buying cheap fabric softener sheets.

The source were my knees, where the skin had been rubbed off and were responsible for the garish stains. Apparently I had been in such ecstasy that I hadn’t noticed my war wounds, although after I saw my bony skinned knees I started to feel the sting.

“Your back is pretty red,” I noted while following Anne to the kitchen, although she was only discolored.

“We’ll have to change positions after lunch,” I was informed, and I resisted the urge to ask where I was supposed to get the energy for that, although as it turned out eating lunch naked with her in the kitchen did bring me back to life a bit.

“Another sandwich?” she asked after we ate, and I declined with thanks.

“Anything else I can get you?”

“No. I’m good.”

“Anything you ever wanted to do to a woman but they wouldn’t let you?” she giggled. “Not much I’ll say no to.”

“Can’t think of anything right now.”

“Do you like anal?”


“Anal. Giving, not receiving,” she said quickly.

“I know.”

“Well, the way you looked at me I thought maybe you were wondering whether I was going to stick my dildo in your butt,” she said with a wink. “I will, if you want.”

“I’ll take a rain-check,” I responded. “In fact, I don’t know if I ever have the energy to go down the hall to the bedroom.”

“You aren’t going to fizzle out on me now are you?” she asked. “After only four rounds?”

“Four? You left out the one here at the table.”

“Right. Don’t how how I forgot that. I squirted all over the place.”

I wouldn’t know what that meant until much later. All I knew was the table was wet and I stepped in a little puddle on the floor. Steeped in teenage ignorance, I was clueless.

“Well, if all else fails I’ll toss your salad,” Aunt Anne declared as we went down the hall. “That always raises the dead.”

“Salad?” I mumbled to myself before ducking into the bathroom.

“Whatcha doing?” Anne asked me before I closed the door.

“Going to the bathroom.”

“Number 1 or number 2?”

“Number 1. Why?”

“Want to share? I can get in the tub?”

“Share? Uh – no,” I answered naively, thinking that she wanted to watch me pee.

If I knew then what I know now, I often think, but that was okay.

A little later that afternoon when my aunt got tired of pulling on a very limp noodle, she declared it was time, and that was when I learned what tossing my salad meant although even after she threw my legs over her shoulders I had no idea. I did catch on fast though, and she was right about it raising the dead.

Eventually I had to leave, although we had to take a shower before I took off for home. That was sweet too, as was the very meticulous drying that followed. No matter how much she dried my stuff it was not going to stir, and I felt so drained I wasn’t sure whether I would ever recover.

“I hope this doesn’t change us,” Aunt Anne said before I departed, and while I assured her I loved her more than ever she wasn’t so sure.

“You probably think I’m a nasty old lady,” she suggested.

“No, you’re very open and young at heart.

“When you come home between semesters and you have the urge to – you know,” she offered. “Give me a call. If you want to that is. No hard feelings if you don’t.”

“Sure. I’ll call you,” I said honestly and then added after we kissed goodbye, “I should be recovered by December.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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