Aunt Sandi Ch. 24

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This story is part of a series. If you haven’t read the previous chapters, click my username above. All characters are 18 or older. Thank you for reading.

* * *

Aunt Sandi – PART 24

On Monday morning I awoke and found myself alone in bed. I’d had Amy on one side and Sandi on the other the night before and I wondered where they were.

I rolled over and picked up my phone from the nightstand and sent a text to the group chat I had with them and said I was awake and asked where they were.

Amy answered almost right away. “Good morning love. Breakfast. Your mom got us Cinnamon Toast Crunch! If you want any you better get down here. Bethy’s on her second bowl.” That was followed by a kiss and some smiley faces.

I laughed to myself and replied that I’d be down in a minute. I pulled on my underwear from the night before and went and peed and then headed downstairs. Everyone except Dad and Tom were there gathered around the table and talking.

Amy saw me and smiled. She said, “Finally! I saved you some cereal from your bottomless pit of a sister over here.”

Bethany said loudly, “I am not a bottomless pit! It’s not my fault it has to be so good and cinnamon-y.”

Everyone laughed, including her as I got a bowl from the cabinet and sat down in one of the empty chairs. Lisa asked, “How’d you sleep?”

I poured the cereal into the bowl and the smell of cinnamon hit me. It had been a really long time since I’d had cereal of any kind. “So good. How about you?”

We chatted a while and I asked where Dad and Tom were. Mom said, “Daddy’s out in his shop and Tom’s friend Wes needed him out on a job site because of some problem.”

Lisa said, “I was hoping you’d be able to drop me at home since Tom took the car.”

“I don’t know… I mean, it’s not that far of a walk,” I teased.

“You’d make me walk? That’s so mean!” She pushed her lower lip out like a child and I shook my head.

“Well, fine, if you’re gonna make that face, I guess I can do it.” I smiled and took a big bite of cereal and crunched it loudly.

She shook her head and the chatting started up again. We all got finished up and got the kitchen put back in order, and then headed upstairs to shower and get ready to leave.

We all gathered at the door and hugged each other goodbye. Sandi said that she wanted to take a drive around the regional medical center where her new job was going to be and that she and Amy would see me at home.

Amy hugged me close and whispered, “When you get home I want to talk about some stuff.” She felt me stiffen and quickly added, “You’re not in trouble. I just want to make sure we’re on the same page about everything. I love you.”

I relaxed and kissed her ear. I grabbed my bag and Lisa’s and headed outside and put everything in the trunk. She got into the passenger seat and waved to Mom one last time and told her she’d call her later.

I got in and started the car. I looked over at Lisa and decided to be playful.

“Is your plug in, slut?”

I could practically feel her blushing as she said, “Um… actually no, Sir. My butt’s kinda sore and I’m pretty worn out. I hope that’s okay.”

I turned a corner and laughed. “It’s fine. I’m just messing around.”

She relaxed and offered me her hand as we drove in companionable silence for the few minutes it took to get to her house. I pulled into the driveway and shifted the car into park.

When I left the car running and started to get out, Lisa quickly said, “Danny? Um… Do you want to come in for a minute? You don’t need to rush off, do you?”

Even though I still had a lot to learn, I could very clearly take a hint as obvious as this one and turned the car off and grabbed her bag and headed inside right behind her.

The door barely had a chance to close when she attacked. In between hot kisses she quickly shed her clothes and got down to her bra before really aggressively pushing down my pants and underwear.

She moaned really loudly as she took half of my length into her mouth. I could feel the heat in her tongue as she licked firmly over the underside of my already-hardened cock. Her sheer enthusiasm was a huge turn-on by itself and I couldn’t help but gasp out a moan as a rush of pleasure overtook me.

When she twisted herself around and presented her ass to me, I could see that her pussy lips were glistening with arousal and I didn’t hesitate to step forward and bent down slightly and buried my cock all the way inside her.

“Oh god!” she yelped.

I skipped any sort of buildup and just pounded her like the slut I knew she wanted to be, using her body for my pleasure exactly how she needed, and just a few minutes into it her almost continuous grunts grew in intensity and her pussy tensed up around me and I felt a rush of warmth as her first orgasm rocked her body.

I continued thrusting hard and deep inside her pussy until she had come two more times and I started to feel close. I slowed down casino siteleri a little because the intensity of the pleasure increased a lot and I wanted to completely fill her up.

Lisa had other plans though and suddenly turned around again and quickly took me back into her mouth and sucked me as if she was possessed. She surprised me when she pushed herself hard against me and I popped into her throat.

With just a few more deep thrusts I unloaded everything I had into her mouth, with her moaning loudly as cum pulsed out of me.

She looked up at me with glassy eyes and then did something unexpected. She opened her lips slightly and pushed all the cum in her mouth out and let it run down her chin and neck and even down between her big breasts which were still tightly held together by her bra.

Once she’d done that she sucked me a bit again to get the last little bit and smiled up at me as she swallowed it down. She started gathering up the cum she’d spit out and put it back in her mouth a second time, this time swallowing it and making sounds like it was the most delicious meal she’d ever eaten. It was so hot watching her.

I said, “Good girl.” She smiled widely at the compliment.

I was feeling a bit tired and knelt down on the floor next to her and started kissing her again. I could taste my cum and her pussy juices and I thought I could even make out the taste of her squirt as well.

She looked down at the floor where we’d just finished fucking and giggled. “We made a big mess. I should get that cleaned up.”

She didn’t move at all, though, and continued kissing me and holding me close. She whispered, “I know I shouldn’t say this again but no man has ever fucked me like you do. It’s like you just know exactly what I need every time. Oh my god I love you.”

She was idly tracing her fingers over my slick cock and brought them to my lips and I opened my mouth and sucked and licked them. She repeated the same thing after gathering up more of her juices from her pussy. When I took her fingers back into my mouth again she whispered, “It’s so hot that you don’t mind your own taste.”

I pushed her fingers out and smiled. “I know I taste good.” She smiled really widely and pulled me tightly against her. She shook her head against me and said incredulously, “How can I be this lucky to have you as my lover and my future son-in-law? It just blows my mind.”

I hugged her tightly. “You’re not the only lucky one.”

I thought back to Amy’s words from earlier and added, “But, I should get washed off and head home. Amy’s waiting for me.”

She sighed deeply. “Are you sure you can’t stay the rest of the day?”

I laughed softly but I knew very well that she was serious. “I wish I could. Maybe on Wednesday or Thursday I could come spend the day. Tomorrow we’re meeting up with Kayla.”

She made a clearly negative sound. “Why do you have to keep messing around with her? What’s so great about her besides her ass?”

“I really like her and she likes me. And her ass is amazing but it’s more than that. There’s an emotional connection,” I said.

She took a long breath out. “I’m really trying to not be jealous but it’s really hard for me. There’s still this big part of me that wants you all for myself. And I keep having this thought that I should be enough for you, even though my logical brain knows you’re not mine, you’re Amy and Sandi’s. And I’m really nothing more than just one of your other sluts.”

By the time she’d made it to the end, there was some heat and anger in her words. She must’ve realized it too because she exhaled heavily and said, “I’m sorry. I’m really trying. It’s just that any time we have sex I feel this intense possessiveness that I can’t seem to shake. I can’t get these thoughts out of my head that you’re gonna like one of these other girls more than me and you’re gonna just forget about me, and then I remember you’re not going anywhere and I’m gonna get to have you for the rest of my life. I feel like my emotions just don’t agree with reality. I know I’m being irrational and I hate it. I think I need to talk to Sandi about it, actually.”

I relaxed the tight grip I had on her and backed up enough so I could look into her eyes. I caressed her cheek and said, “You really should. I know it’s not easy to figure out the jealousy thing. You have no idea what I’ve been feeling since Amy was with Dad. I’ve had some of those same kinds of thoughts like you had where I’ll be thinking, ‘Does she like him better than me?’, or, ‘Am I gonna lose her to him?’, and all the time I know that none of those things are true and it’s just my brain coming up with these wild and totally irrational thoughts. So let me repeat this again: You are not going to lose me. I’m going to marry Amy and you’re going to be my mother-in-law and we are going to all be together for a very long time. And I don’t ever want to hear you say that you’re just one of my sluts. I mean, yeah, we play around and I call you ‘slut’ and slot oyna whatever names, but don’t forget all that stuff is just a game. My feelings for you are real and I’m not going to stop telling you I love you until it finally sinks in. Okay? I love you, Lisa. I love you.”

She exhaled slowly and buried her face into my neck. She shifted slightly and said, “Thank you. I know it’s annoying but I really just need some reassurance right now, especially after spending the weekend with your family and not having you all to myself the whole time.” She took another breath and added, “Okay, I guess I’ll let you go now. If you must.”

I laughed. “I must. I’m gonna go rinse off in the shower real quick.”

She giggled. “Oh? I thought Sandi liked it when you came home covered in other girls’ juices.”

I stood up and helped her to her feet. “She does, but I’m thinking she’s pretty worn out from the weekend.”

She leaned in and for a long moment we kissed lovingly, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.

I finally broke the kiss and looked down at her chest. “Your bra got all wet.”

She giggled and said, “I don’t care. I’m not changing it either, and I’m not coming in the shower with you. I want you on my skin. When Tommy comes home maybe I’ll allow him to lick it off.”

I laughed and we started slowly walking, parting ways at the stairs. I got rinsed off and dried and came back down and got dressed again. I noticed that Lisa had a towel over the spots on the floor where she’d squirted.

We stood at the door and kissed for another few minutes before she finally let me leave.

When I pulled into the driveway at home I was feeling like I was ready for a nap. I was really hoping that whatever Amy wanted to talk about wasn’t too intense.

I came into the house through the door in the garage and heard the sound of the vacuum cleaner running. I had noticed Sandi’s car wasn’t in the garage so I headed toward the sound and found Amy in the kitchen.

Every cabinet door was open and I figured she must have been cleaning them out. When she saw me she smiled and turned the vacuum cleaner off.

She said, “I thought you were never coming home. How many times did you fuck her before she let you leave?”

I put my hands up and smiled. “Hey, she attacked me. I was just gonna come home. Where’s Sandi?”

“Oh, she went into the office. And I’m just messing with you, baby. She told me before you guys left that she was going to fuck you. She is such a slut for you. She can’t stop talking about it for two seconds and I’m really trying hard not to be annoyed.”

I walked over and embraced her. “She’s having a really hard time with jealousy and has all these insecure thoughts going on. We need to give her time to figure out how to process all this craziness. She said she wants to talk to Sandi about it.”

She kissed my ear and said, “I know, she told me that too. I’m trying to be patient. But Mom’s not what I wanted to talk about.”

She let go of me and walked toward the living room and I followed behind her. She motioned for me to sit down first and then sat with her back against me. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me. “So what is it?” I kissed the top of her head and she sighed.

“This is nice.” She turned slightly and rested her head on my chest with her legs resting on top of mine.

I hummed in agreement and she took a long, slow breath.

“Do you want to hear what it was like with your dad? You never asked me.” she said tentatively.

I had thought about it during the weekend visit but had tried to put it out of my mind since worrying about it wouldn’t change anything. I told her my thoughts and she nodded and said, “That’s kind of what I thought you’d say. I just wanted to make sure you knew you have nothing to worry about. It was fun having two dicks to play with, but they’ll never be you. Like, it was just sex with James. Really great sex, but that’s it.”

I smiled and said, “Oh, it was really great, huh?”

She giggled. “I mean, yeah… Your dad knows how to please a woman. I probably shouldn’t say this, but he made me cum even harder than Daddy. But anyway, that wasn’t the main thing I wanted to talk about either. It’s been on my mind and I wanted to make sure you didn’t feel like, threatened or whatever.”

“I appreciate it. Then what is it?”

She took another breath and snuggled even deeper into my chest. I put my arm around her and caressed her breast with my hand and idly teased her nipple until I felt it harden. She sighed and began talking.

“So, we’re going to see Kayla tomorrow, and I know you and her have been texting a lot, and I trust you but I really want to know what you’ve been talking about. Do I need to be worried about her?”

“Oh. Worried about her in what way?” I asked.

She sighed again. “Danny, do I need to worry about you making yet another woman fall in love with you?”

I thought it over and snaked my hand down into canlı casino siteleri my pocket and pulled out my phone and unlocked it. I opened the messages app and went to my conversation with Kayla and handed her the phone.

Silently Amy scrolled up through the texts and landed on one where Kayla had asked if I could see us together. She scrolled down and read my responses and then continued upward again. She read the conversation for probably a good ten minutes before locking my phone and handing it back to me.

She sighed again. Her voice sounded defeated when she handed it back to me. “I knew she was going to be a problem. She’s in love with you already. She’s not even divorced yet and she’s already plotting and planning a life with you.”

My eyes opened in surprise. “Wait, you got all that just from reading text messages? Didn’t you see all the parts where I told her—”

“I saw everything. And you said everything perfect, which makes me feel really good, but trust me, I’m a woman and I know how we think. It was what she said and how she said it. She wasn’t even trying to hide it. You just can’t see it the way I can. And you already know she’s someone who doesn’t quit until she gets what she wants. I can tell you right now that somehow, one way or another, she’s gonna find a way into our lives and once she’s in she’s never leaving. And I’ll bet you anything that she’s already thinking about you making her pregnant with another baby.”

Once again my eyes opened, this time in shock. “Um, but you know I don’t want kids yet.”

Amy looked up at me as I continued to idly squeeze the tip of her nipple between my fingers. “I know, but Darling, it’s not up to you. If that woman wants you to breed her, she will find a way to talk you into it and once she’s done with you you’ll believe it was your idea to begin with.”

I laughed. “Breed her?! Why’d you say it like that? And you make it sound like I have no control over myself at all.”

She shook her head and I moved my hand into her panties and very lightly caressed her clit and labia. She sighed with pleasure and said, “You don’t know how women are. We’re made to make babies, and she’s already got one but not with the man she really wants. She’s gonna want to have your child.”

I sighed and didn’t know what to say. I moved my fingers down and pushed my middle one inside her and found her to be really wet. For several minutes I gently fingered her until she shuddered and came. She tightly clung to me as I brought my thumb to her clit and circled it, quickly bringing a second orgasm. I didn’t stop.

I whispered in her ear, “Do you want me to breed Kayla?”

She gasped and came a third time. By now she was trembling as I continued circling her clit and whispered again, “Do you want me to breed her and put my baby inside her? Do you want me to fill her unprotected pussy with cum again and again and make her pregnant?”

Amy tensed up and shouted, “Oh my fucking god yes! I want it!” My fingers suddenly felt a rush of hot liquid on them and she came so hard she nearly screamed.

Still, I continued teasing her clit with my thumb as I fingered her g-spot. I knew my pants and probably the couch were getting wet with her squirt but I couldn’t stop now.

“Do you want me to breed you, love? Do you want my baby inside you?”

All she could do was grunt but she nodded her head emphatically as I felt another wave of warm liquid rush out of her.

The squishing sounds being made by my hand in her pussy were both highly erotic and arousing and my cock was so hard it was painful.

Amy pulled away from me and attacked me in almost the same way her mother had not long ago. She unbuttoned and unzipped and yanked my pants until my cock sprung free and pulled her panties to the side and she straddled me and took my entire length inside of her and started rocking up and down on me.

She leaned forward and her lips crashed into mine. She kissed me with such force that it was a little painful but I didn’t care in the slightest. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and licked it passionately.

She groaned loudly each time I bottomed out inside her and in another moment she started a new round of orgasms. I could feel the warmth of her squirt and the spasms of her vaginal muscles as she came.

She broke the kiss and hissed into my ear, “Breed me! Put a baby in me!”

I don’t know what it was about those words but my orgasm was on me in an instant. I grimaced and tensed up and came so hard I saw stars for a few seconds. It was an orgasm of volcanic intensity, one where I felt like I completely lost control. Somehow it felt at least double or more in intensity than the one I’d had inside Lisa’s mouth earlier.

Again Amy whispered, “Breed me. Make me pregnant!”

Somehow another small mini-orgasm, or maybe it was some kind of aftershock, overtook me and I think I may have shot just a little more cum out, and I knew that the tip of my cock was right up against her cervix deep inside her pussy.

Amy had stopped moving and was now sitting on me with my softening cock still inside her. For a few minutes we stayed that way and held each other, breathing deeply.

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