Auntie Em Ch. 02

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I lay beside my auntie, panting like a dehydrated dog on a hot summer day. She had just given me the most amazing blowjob I have ever gotten. I doubt seriously if anyone will ever be able to do any better than her. I was weak and exhausted from the ordeal. I had been on the receiving end of several hummers from several of the high school girls I had dated in the past, but they paled in comparison to what I had just experienced at the hands (or should I say mouth) of my own Auntie Em. My own mother’s sister lay next to me, waiting for me to return the favor. She didn’t have to wait long.

I climbed over Auntie Em and knelt between her legs. I grabbed my shaft of steel and aimed it at her glory hole. I pressed my cock against the entrance to her love tunnel, a little more than just anxious to get inside.

“Whoa,” she said. Auntie Em gave me a sexy smile. “You’re getting ahead of yourself.”

“But, I thought…”

“This ain’t one of your drive-in movie dates,” she said as she pressed her finger to my lips, indicating that I should be quiet and listen to what she had to say. “A woman needs more than just a couple of strokes and a thank you. She needs to know that she is loved and appreciated.”

“But I love you, Auntie Em. I always have and I always will. And I do appreciate what you just did for me.”

Auntie Em smiled again. The look in her eyes let me know that she loved me with more than just a family type of love. “Are you a virgin?”

I shook my head. “Gosh no, Auntie Em. I’ve gone all the way with more than a few girls when I was still in high school.”

Auntie’s voice turned sympathetic. “I take it that you’ve never went down on a girl before.”

I was a bit puzzled. “Went down?”

Auntie Em’s eyes widened a bit. “You mean to tell me that despite all your conquests, you’ve never licked a girl’s pussy?”

I lowered my chin to my chest and looked downward. My cock was slowly wilting. “No, Auntie Em, I haven’t. I never did. None of my dates ever asked me to do anything like that.”

She held out her hands and I fell into her grasp. I rolled off her and lay beside her on the bed. She turned to face me. “You poor boy,” she said sympathetically as she rubbed the back of my head with one hand and stroked my man flesh with the other. “No need to feel embarrassed. It’s just that you’ve got a lot to learn about pleasing a woman and I think I’m just the one to teach you.”

My cock sprang back to life. Once again it was a throbbing rod of steel in Auntie Em’s hand. “Will you, Auntie Em? Will you?”

She gave my cock a squeeze. “Only if you quit calling me Auntie Em.” She said. “As intimate as we’ve already been with each other and as we continue to be even more intimate together, I think you should start calling me Emma.”

“What about when Mom comes home?”

She laughed, a throaty little laugh that exuded sex and desire. “Then, I think it would behoove the both of us to go back to the relationship we had before your mother and father left for Dallas.”

“That will be hard,” I said.

Auntie Em laughed again, squeezing my dick as she did. “It already is.”

I blushed. “You know what I mean.”

Auntie Em looked at me with desire written all over her face. “In the words of that country song several years back, ‘shut up and kiss me.'”

I turned and pressed my lips against hers. Her tongue quickly found its way past my lips and over my teeth. I could taste my own cum. It didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would. In an instant our tongues met, dueling once more as though our very lives depended upon the outcome. Auntie Em and I groaned simultaneously as I began sucking on her tongue. When I released my suction her tongue quickly retreated back into her mouth, allowing mine to become the invader. We battled back and forth like that for quite some time, sucking on each other’s tongues like there was no tomorrow.

Auntie Em pulled away and lay on her back, both of us panting casino siteleri loudly. “Wow,” she said breathlessly. “You sure know your way around a woman’s mouth!”

I knelt over her and began licking and kissing the nape of her neck, occasionally moving up the sides of her neck to suck on her earlobes. I treated each side of her neck with tender loving care. Once when I sucked a bit too hard, Auntie Em told me to be careful. “Don’t want to leave a mark, hon,” she said. “Them old biddies at church have enough to gossip about as it is.”

I kissed her on the chin, moved upward and trapped her lower lip between my own lips, sucking it into my mouth. “Uhmmmm,” she moaned as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. “So, so good,” she breathed huskily. “So good.”

I moved up and licked behind her left ear. This caused her to groan even louder. After paying homage to her left ear, I kissed and licked my way across her face and did the same thing to the right ear. Then I began my downward journey.

I licked every inch of Auntie Em’s skin on my way to her breasts. I paused just long enough to take a deep breath before I continued. I licked the tops of her mountainous mammeries. I licked and kissed the sides. I then lifted each one in succession and licked the undersides, paying particular attention to the creases where her breasts met her chest.

Auntie Em wiggled beneath me. “Uhmmm,” she groaned. “You do that so good. I almost feel like I could cum.”

Hearing her say that spurred me on. Me? Making my Auntie cum? My pecker flexed repeatedly. I left her bountiful boobs and made my way to her belly button, wetting her stomach with my saliva as I went. Auntie Em’s whole body jerked and twitched noticeably when I wiggled my tongue around inside her navel. I guess she’d had enough of that because she arched her pelvic region as she pushed my head away.

“Time to claim your prize,” she told me, her voice dripping with lust and desire.

I felt her pubic hairs brush against my chin. Unlike the sparsely covered twats of my high school conquests, Auntie Em’s mound was covered with a dense, but well groomed, blanket of dark black hair. Made me hornier than a two peckered billy goat, it did.

Auntie Em reached down and spread her pussy lips apart. “Stick your tongue in there,” she said. I did as I was told.

“Now fuck me with your tongue,” she told me.

Being inexperienced as I was in the art of cunilingis, I was a bit unsure of exactly what she wanted me to do. But, not wanting to come across as a complete idiot, I did what I thought would satisfy her. I began sawing my tongue in and out of her hole. Sometimes slowly and sometimes fast. On the back strokes, I would curl my tongue and drag it across the upper part of her hole. On the down strokes, I would stiffen my tongue and forge straight ahead.

I must have been doing a right good job because Auntie Em grabbed both of my ears, stuck both of her legs straight up in the air and screamed like a banshee. Her whole body convulsed uncontrollably. I stopped what I was doing and looked up at her. Her eyes had rolled back to where I could barely see the pupils. She pulled my face into her cunt until I could hardly breathe.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she yelled. “I’m almost there!”

I resumed licking at the altar of her womanhood, her legs still straight and her toes pointing to the ceiling. Auntie Em was still twitching all over when she began pumping her legs like she was doing sit-ups, her feet touching nothing but the air above us. She would lower her legs until her heels bounced off my shoulders and then, up they would go again, stiffen and come back down.

“I can’t stand it,” she yelled. “I can’t stand it.”

I stopped once again and tried to pull away, but she tightened her hold on my head and squeezed her thighs together. I couldn’t move.

“Keep going, Aaron, baby,” she cried. “Keep going! Fuck your Auntie with that slot oyna golden tongue of yours! Fuck me until I die!”

I continued pleasing my auntie with my tongue for what seemed like hours. I was tired, but I was enjoying myself too much to quit. My mother’s sister must have had at least a dozen orgasms. Finally, her body gave one last huge jerk and her legs fell like a hammer onto my back. She mewed like a kitten as she continued to twitch. It was like an earthquake had occurred inside her and now the aftershocks were taking control.

Auntie Em loosened her grip on my head and I pulled away from her hot box, my face covered with her juices. I licked my lips several times. Auntie Em sure tasted delicious. I swiped the palm of my hand over my face and across my chin, gathering her love offering as I went. I licked my hand until I was satisfied I had gotten it all.

I raised up on my knees, moved over and lay down beside my still trembling auntie. There were tears on her cheeks. “Are you okay, Auntie……? I mean Emma. You’re crying. What’s wrong?”

Auntie Em scooted closer. She caressed my face. “Oh, Aaron, honey. Nothing’s wrong. These are tears of joy.”

I kissed her softly on her nose. “For a moment there, I thought I’d done something wrong.”

“No, baby, you did everything right.” Auntie Em smiled weakly. Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

I held up my right hand. “Scout’s honor,” I said.

She blinked slowly. Her voice slurred almost as though she were drunk. “I……haven’t cum……like that……like that since your……your……mother……” Her voice trailed off and her eyes closed. Auntie Em had fallen asleep.

I was tempted to try and shake her awake and ask her to finish what she was saying about Mom, but Auntie Em had been through quite a bit. After all, she’d cum more than a dozen times that I could count. Probably more than that.

What about my mother? My mind whirled almost out of control thinking about the possibilities. I could come to only one conclusion. The idea was mind boggling. Was Mom and Auntie Em……? No. It couldn’t be. Mom was so prim and proper. Never dressed provocatively. Never. My man flesh began to swell. The idea that Mom and Auntie Em were lovers was making me horny all over again. I made up my mind to find out. How I would go about doing it, I didn’t rightly know. I fell asleep with my stiff cock in my hand.

The next thing I remembered was Auntie Em standing near the bed, her hand on my shoulder, shaking me gently. “Wake up, sleepy head. It’s almost time for dinner.”

I blinked and rubbed my eyes. “Dinner? What happened to lunch?”

Auntie Em laughed. When she did her breasts swayed heavily beneath her robe. “Lunch has come and gone. All that activity has made me ravenous with hunger.”

I blinked again and stared at her chest. Damn, those were some wonderful looking fun bags! I sat on the side of the bed, my feet on the floor and shook my head to clear the cobwebs.

I pulled her to me. She came willingly and sat in my lap. She wiggled her hips on my boner and giggled. “You always hard like this?”

“I am when you’re around.”

“So I’ve noticed.”

Then Auntie Em turned serious. “You okay with what happened between us?” she asked.

I hugged my auntie. “Of course I am, Emma. Why wouldn’t I be?”

She nibbled at my earlobe. “Well, for starters, we’re family. You’re my sister’s son. In case you haven’t noticed, society frowns on incest.”

“Society be damned,” I said. “How can what we did be wrong when we both enjoyed it so much?”

“Just the same,” Auntie Em told me. “I don’t want to hurt you in any way.”

I kissed her lightly on her forehead. “I feel the same way about you, Auntie……Emma. I think I would curl up and die if I ever hurt you.”

She ran her fingers through my hair. “Let’s make a deal, then. If either of us starts to feeling trapped we’ll let the other one know. Deal?”

I canlı casino siteleri reached my hand inside her robe and squeezed her tit. “Deal,” I said.

Auntie Em jumped out of my lap. “Good,” she said. “I’m glad that part’s over with.” She clapped her hands together. “We have time to take a shower before we head into town.”


“Yes, town. I’m taking my new found lover out to dinner.”

I stood and followed Auntie Em into the bathroom where I helped her out of her robe. She started the shower to running and waited until the water had warmed sufficiently before stepping in. It was one of those glass enclosed showers with a bench on the far side.

“I like it,” I said as I closed the shower door.

Auntie Em grabbed the soap and handed it to me. “Wash my back,” she said. “And then I’ll do yours.”

“What about the front?” I joked.

“We’ll get to that soon enough,” she said as she turned and stepped under the flow of water. It was a bit hot for me. I always took a shower with water that was barely warm enough to feel the difference. But who was I to complain? Here I was in the shower, naked with the sexiest woman I knew. And I was washing her back.

I slid the bar of soap all over her back, lathering her up good and proper, then I began to massage my way from her neck and shoulders down to that sexy little cleft where her ass crack began and back up again. I positioned Auntie Em to where the water would rinse the soap off of her and handed her the soap.

She gave the soap back to me and said, “You forgot to wash my ass.”

Once again I began scrubbing and massaging; both cheeks at the same time. Then I ran my fingers up and down her crack. Auntie Em wiggled her hips and pushed her ass towards me, making contact with my big, hard boner. I about shot my load right then and there.

I decided to tease my auntie. I started caressing that area of skin between her twat and her ass hole with my forefinger, occasionally stopping to press against her little brown eye. When I did, Auntie Em would wiggle her ass and moan something unintelligible.

On the next pass I pushed my finger inside that little hole to the first knuckle and wiggled it around just a bit. Auntie Em began to shiver all over. She pressed the palms of her hands against the wall of the shower to keep from falling, grunted loudly and shivered some more.

I pulled my finger out of her bunghole and placed the soap in its holder. I pressed against her, grabbed her tits and played with her nipples until they were rock hard. Meanwhile, my fuck stick was sliding up and down her butt crack as if it had a mind of its own. At this point, I figure it did. I was too consumed with lust and desire for my mother’s sister to have a rational thought. I continued humping Auntie Em’s butt crack until I felt myself getting ready to cum. Reluctantly, I pulled away from her, turned her around and kissed her deeply. Damn, if I weren’t enjoying the hell out of this!

Auntie Em was the first to break the kiss. “Your turn,” she said huskily. “Turn around.”

I did as I was told. Auntie Em began scrubbing my back much in the same manner as I had done for her, rinsed the water off and began scrubbing my ass. She reached between my legs and caressed my balls for a couple of seconds before she started rubbing from behind my nut sack all the way to my asshole!

I was getting close to cumming myself. I was about to tell her so when her finger found my poot chute. In one swift motion she jammed that finger into my poor unsuspecting ass hole all the way to the last knuckle!

The tip of her finger found my prostate gland and caressed it with the tenderness only an expert like Auntie Em could muster. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I was over the edge once again. “Aaaagggghhhh,” I screamed as I shot what felt like a gallon of my white, sticky cum on to the shower wall. My screams got louder and louder as each spurt twisted my nuts into a frenzy. Gradually, my screams became softer and softer until they turned into whimpers much like that of a puppy that’s cold and hungry.

Auntie Em pulled her finger out of my butt and laughed. “Turn about’s fair play,” she said.

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