Auntie Gives It All Ch. 01

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She was relieved to be out of her clothes and into her favorite Violet silk robe as she sat on the bed brushing out her long Auburn hair.

A knock at the door made her rise and tie the sash on her robe. As she walked to the hotel room door she could still feel the warmth of the wine they had all consumed that night.

She was in town for the wedding of her niece, her husband couldn’t come and her children were all away at college.

She opened the door to find her favorite nephew standing there looking very tall, dark and handsome. Being an usher in his cousins wedding he had worn a tux to the rehearsal dinner and now had the bow tie undone and the top few buttons of the shirt open. He was holding a bottle of Champagne.

“Auntie Emily, how about a nightcap?” He smiled.

That smile sent a hot chill right through her. At 25 he was an extremely hot looking young man, with should length black hair that hinted at his Italian/Native American heritage. As did the sharp lines of his face and strong nose. Damn, she had to remember that this was her brothers son for heavens sake.

“Dominick, what are you doing here, it’s after midnight?” Emily smiled.

“Auntie, everyone else has wimped out and gone to bed, or on to more pleasurable activities.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “And no one will finish off this bottle with me.” He pouted.

“Well, Dom, we all need to get up for a wedding tomorrow.”

“But Auntie, the wedding isn’t until 4 in the afternoon.” he countered

He had a point, and she was nowhere close to being ready to sleep. “Come on in here you maniac.” She said as she stepped back from the door to let him in.

“OOOOOOOO nice room, Mike and I are sharing one but it’s not as nice as this.” He walked past the King sized bed and into the bathroom. “Wow, this is great…” He said when he saw the Jacuzzi tub and the oversized shower.

“When we made the reservation Uncle Bill was supposed to be coming also, so we went all out.” Emily went to get 2 complimentary glasses and brought them into the table near the balcony. Being that it was May in Atlanta, she had the balcony doors open to let the night breeze in.

“Hey, Auntie, can we go out on the Balcony and drink this?”

“Sure, come on.” Emily brought the glasses out and Dom followed. There was a table and 2 chairs overlooking the city. Dom shed his jacket on the bed before coming outside.

“This is great, take a seat and I’ll pour” Dom suggested.

Emily sat down and stretched her arms out over her head as she looked over the city.

Dom couldn’t take his eyes off her. Her large breasts pushed against the “V” of the robe, and the silk did nothing to hide her nipples that had been hard since she answered the door. For as long as Dom remembered he had had the hots for his Aunt Emily. She was a voluptuous Italian woman, built like a brick shithouse, and she only got sexier as she got older. He thought about the first time he remembered thinking of her in a sexual manner. She had been breast feeding one of her kids and he hadn’t been much older than 10 and he saw her nipple and saw his little cousin latch on to it and he popped a boner. Ever since that day he had been aware of her as a very sexy woman. That was over 15 years ago and she was totally unaware of it.

“Helloooooo, earth to Dominick…” She laughed as she waved a hand at him.

He casino oyna laughed and handed her a glass. “That was a great party tonight. Thanks for the dance.”

“It was my pleasure, we did quite well together, I love dancing” Emily was remembering being in Dom’s arms and feeling how big and solid he felt. She threw a sideways glance at him and he was once again staring at her, she felt her nipples tingle at the look in his eyes. She took a few sips of champagne and smiled.

“It was all my pleasure.” Dom said in a low dark voice that sent tingles from her nipples to her stomach. She took another drink and shook her head. What was she thinking; he was 10 years younger than her and her NEPHEW! She shouldn’t be wondering what he would look like if he unbuttoned a few more buttons on that shirt. Or if that really was a large bulge in his pants or just the shadows playing tricks. She lifted her heavy curtain of hair off the back of her neck and over the back of the chair as she slouched down a bit and rested her feet up on the balcony railing.

Oh God, Dom could not believe how sexy she looked. The “V” in her robe grew deeper and he thought he caught a glimpse of her nipple when she adjusted her hair. And now the robe covering her legs was slowing sliding off on one side. He could feel himself harden and throb.

They sat in silence for a while, finishing off the bottle of champagne, each feeling hotter and hotter as they thought of the other in ways they shouldn’t.

When Emily reached over to put her empty glass on the table, her robe opened to give him a perfect veiw of her milky white orb, topped with that large dark nipple he so fondly remembered. He really wanted to touch her. That’s what he came up here for. She was alone, he was alone, they were both adults, and after years and years of lusting after her he figured ‘Why not’. Except that now that he was here he didn’t know how to broach the subject.

As they chatted about the family, Emily was unconsciously running her fingers lightly over her cleavage. It was the sexiest thing that Dom had ever seen. Her eyes were hooded, and every time their eyes met she nervously looked away. Could it be that she wanted him, even a little. It was time to see.

“WEll, I guess it’s time to call it a night.” Dom said as he rose from his chair and offered Em a hand up. He pulled her up, her head spinning, and right into his arms. When his arms closed around her and he pressed his erection into her, their eyes met and she breathed “Oh, Dom…”

His mouth lowered slowly, giving her time to decide, but the decisions were already made. Their lips met and he gently tugged on hers. He rubbed his lips up her jaw and below her ear as she moaned. His hand skimmed her plump, white,breast and her breath caught. Her hand found his hip, and then found the long thick hard length of him.

“Uh Uh Uh, I don’t think I could handle that right now.” He said as he took hold of both her hands and drew them behind her back. Which pushed her breasts out lusciously. “God, you are so beautiful.” He said as his head lowered and he nibbled her nipples through her robe. She moaned again.

“Oh, Dom, what are we doing. We need to stop, this can’t be right” she could feel the wetness pooling between her legs.

“As good as this feels it has to be right, we are both adults, it’s just us here, no one else, just you and me. slot oyna I’ve always wanted you Auntie Em. I’ve measured every girl, every woman against you and they all fall short. You are in my dreams all the time, and now it’s time for reality.” He nudged her robe aside and licked her large, hard nipples. She arched her back and he began to suck, he loved the low moans she made in the back of her throat.

“I love knowing I can give you pleasure. I love those sounds you make, it makes me so hot. I remember seeing you nursing your baby, and I wanted to suck on you then, and ever since then.” He suckled hard and her knees got week.

Dom backed her against the wall of the building. They were on a high enough floor that no one could see them from below. The stone of the building held the days warmth. He kept one hand holding her hands to her back. With his other hand he cupped her face and looked into her eyes.

“I’ve wanted you for so long, and I can feel how your body wants me. Tell me” He asked.

“Oh Dom, this isn’t right,” she panted. “I’m your Aunt, how can this be….” she moaned as he rubbed his erection over her mound

“I know you’re my Aunt. And for 15 years I’ve been thinking of what you would look like naked, writhing under me. What it would feel like to put my cock into my Aunties pussy.” Dom said as he rubbed against her and inhaled her musky excited scent.

It was then that he noticed that she moaned even more at his use of those base words.

“Ohhhh, Auntie likes that doesn’t she, do you like the thought of your nephews cock in you.” Dom whispered in her ear and felt her body tremble. Her breathing became heavier as she made that low sound again in the back of her throat.

His mouth found it’s way to her nipples again as he tormented them. “I love sucking Aunties big nipples. Do you like that Auntie?” His hand was now opening her robe and he found her naked beneath. He thought he might lose it right there. When his hand came into contact with the dark auburn hair between her legs his heart pounded. He slipped a finger between her nether lips and found them dripping.

“Oh, Auntie, you can’t deny that you want me.” his knee spread her legs further apart and he ran his finger around her clit. “MMMM so wet, that makes me so hot, knowing you are so turned on. “Look at me” as their eyes met he slowly sucked his wet finger into his mouth, “MMMMMMM you taste as good as you look.”

Emily thought she would fall right then and there. She had never been this turned on. With her hands behind her back all her deepest fantasies were coming true, of being taken, and feeling she was being commanded.

“Don’t you fall, we have a long way to go.” His tongue slipped into her pussy and she swayed and moaned his name. “That’s it Auntie, say my name, tell me what you feel”

“So hot Dommie, I’m so hot.” Her pussy was pulsating around his tongue and then his lips found her clit and he started to tease it.

“Tell me Auntie, tell me what you want” he said as he stopped suddenly and looked up at her. She tried to bring her hands around to her front but he increased the pressure of the hand manacling hers. “NO, no, no, you stay just like that, now tell me what you want.” Dom commanded

“Your mouth, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase.”

“Where do you want my mouth Auntie?” Dom didn’t think it was possible but he was getting even more aroused canlı casino siteleri playing this game.

“Dommie, please, put your mouth back on me”

“ON your pussy, Auntie, do you want me to eat your pussy? You have to say it” He ordered

“Yes, yes, I want you to eat me, put your mouth back on my pussy, oh please, please”

And Dom did just that, he pleased her like she’d never been pleased before. His tongue found places that she didn’t know she had, he fucked her with his tongue and then sucked on her clit until she was shaking and finally threw her head back with a high keening sound as she came. Her knees would no longer hold her and as she slipped down the wall, Dommie caught her and carried her into the bed.

He laid her on the bed and thought she’d never looked sexier. Her whole body was flushed, her silk robe was open around her breasts and hips, but the silk belt was still tied and the ends hung down to her swollen, wet, pussy lips. As he gazed down at her he quickly removed his clothes. He ran his hand from the fiery hair at her pussy, up around her breasts and nipples, it was then she seemed to come to and caressed his hand, bringing it up to her mouth and sucking his fingers into her warm wet mouth.

Their eyes met and something primal seemed to pass between them. She hoarsely whispered, “Take me, Dom.”

Don lowered himself to the bed, half on her and half off. He couldn’t stop touching her, running his hands all over her, teasing her pussy more and more. She released his hair while all the while kissing every part of him that she could reach. When her lips found his nipples he groaned, the feeling going right to his cock. Emily’s eyes went down his body to see his long thick cock twitch.

“Oh, Dom, I don’t know if I can take all that. My God….”

“You’ll take everything I have to give you….”

And Emily groaned at that. It didn’t take much for her to be aroused right back to fever pitch, Dom had very talented fingers.

“Oh Dom, now now.” Emily raised her hips trying to take him.

“What does Auntie want now, tell me Auntie? Do you want my big cock, hmmmm, tell me.” Dom pleaded.

“Yes, yes, I want your big thick cock in my now, pleeeeeaaaaase. Come on, you want me, you want to fuck your Auntie, come on fuck your Auntie.” Emily writhed.

Dom’s head spun at her words. “Oh yes, I want to fuck my Auntie, I’ve always wanted to fuck my Auntie, and your hot pussy is just begging for it, now you beg for it Auntie.”

Emily tried to wrap her legs around him and pull him to her, but he kept away, the struggle was turning them both on even more.

“Come on Dommie, my pussy is so hot and wet for you, give me your cock, give your Auntie your cock” She was almost growling the words. “FUCK ME DOM, FUCK YOUR AUNTIES HOT WET PUSSY WITH THAT GLORIOUS FAT COCK, I NEED IT SO BAD, DON’T MAKE ME WAIT, GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO YOUR AUNTIE,”

Dommie plunged into her and it was a total Fuck Fest from that point on, they all but clawed at each other as they each took their pleasure.

“Oh, God, it’s better than I ever imagined, you feel so good Auntie, so hot and wet and you’re taking all of me, OH EM, I DON’T THINK I CAN HOLD BACK….”

“DON’T HOLD BACK, GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT ALL TO ME, FUCK ME DOM, HARDER, TAKE ME, YES YES YES OOOOOOOOOOOO….” Emily screamed her release and Dom made a long gutteral sound as he emptied himself into her.

As Dom collapsed on top of her, Emily kept herself wrapped around him even as they drifted to sleep gaining energy for the rest of the night and what was to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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