Banged My Sister-in-law Pt. 02

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A piece of loud music was playing in a marriage ceremony of wife’s distant cousin’s brother. It was a cold and windy night in the winter. My wife was at her parent’s place for a week because of wedding rituals. It was the previous day of the wedding; I reached the venue at around 7 p.m. with my family.

We went to my in-laws sitting in a corner of venue along with their other family members. I kissed my wife’s forehead and sat beside her after greeting all the other family members. All the time my eyes were searching for Jenna. Approximately 15 minutes passed and still, there was no clue about Jenna.

I stood up and told my wife that I was going to drink water. It was just an excuse to find Jenna. I started looking around for Jenna while walking towards the water dispenser and there I saw a group of three ladies sitting near the wedding stage.

Jenna was sitting in between her two friends, not to mention she was easily outshining both of her friends. She had straight dark brown hair, Velvety eyelashes, and silky smooth and shiny skin. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails. It could jolt you like an electric current when that megawatt smile gives you her full attention. She was wearing a wine red backless midi covering till her upper thighs.

A few moments after she noticed me and instantly came to me and greeted me, I could see the naughtiness in her eyes and wickedness on her face. We hugged lightly and I whispered in her ears, “You are looking dead sexy, Jenna.” “So do you, Sho,” she replied.

After a few moments of eye contact and some wild thoughts, I said, “Okay, Jenna, enjoy with your friends, I am sitting with your sis, join us when you are done here.” And went to my wife and sat there.

She came after a while to us and sat opposite me, giving me a perfect view of her milky white thighs which felt a bit bigger from our last encounter a month ago. Hell, she put up a little weight overall, but the meat was growing in the perfect places, making her curvier than before.

Everybody around us was gossiping while I was enjoying Jenna’s perfect body while making plans in my head to ram her again tonight. I was already feeling my dick roaring inside my pants. Suddenly our eyes met each other’s and I signaled to her to come behind me.

The venue had a party hall on the ground floor and there were guest rooms on the first floor. There was a common washroom on the first floor. The function was already in progress so everybody was downstairs. I reached the first floor and waited outside the ladies’ washroom. The moment Jenna reached the first floor; I grabbed her hand and took her in the ladies’ washroom.

I closed the door of the washroom and drubbed Jenna on the wall. “No, not here, someone might come and it could cause disaster,” Jenna said.

I planted a kiss on her soft fluffy red lips and said, “I am going to take you out on a ride tonight, be ready with an excuse to get out of your home, I’d be waiting for you at 11 O’clock at the central park, But before that let me enjoy you here for two minutes. I know you can’t wait for me too, Jenna.”

Putting her fear behind her, she allowed herself to me. We started kissing slowly and carefully so that her make-up doesn’t get spoiled. I rather stopped kissing her lips and kissed her neck while grabbing and squeezing her butt. I turned her around as she grinds her ass on my cock while I squeezed her boobs, entering my hand inside her midi. I licked her ears and kissed her cheeks and said, “11 O’clock, be ready, be very ready,” and left the washroom quickly. I went downstairs and sat down with the family. Jenna came after a while so nobody doubts us.

Two hours passed as we took dinner and again sat with other relatives. It was around 9.45 pm and the venue was getting less crowded. My parents planned to go back to our town while I would stay at my in-laws for a night and it was getting late so we all stood up and said goodbye to our relatives. My parents went to our home while I went to my in-laws.

I had a lot of friends in my in-law’s town so at 10:45 pm I told my wife that I am going to hang out with them and that I will get late in coming back home. I took my car key; Jenna was sitting on a sofa in very small shorts revealing almost her whole gorgeous thighs. I winked at her and left the house.

I went to the central park and parked the car in a quiet place. I was wearing black track pants, the first thing I did after parking the car was to take out my dick and masturbated for a while. It’s almost the time, Jenna might arrive at any time hence I placed my cock inside my pants and waited while listening to some soft romantic music.

After casino siteleri about 5 minutes my fuck-buddy gently knocked on the car window. I unlocked the car; Jenna instantly sat inside, making sure no one had seen her getting inside the car.

“Hey sexy, what excuse did you make?” I asked.

“As same as you handsome, friends, it always works,” She said.

We smiled for a while before she grabbing my t-shirt and dragged my mouth into hers and started making out with me like a hungry whore. “I can’t resist you when you are around,” She said. “Same story with me Jenna, You are like a strong magnet to me, but we can’t do it here, we have to go out at a lonely place out of the city,” I said.

We broke the kiss and I started the car and started driving. After a few moments we were out of city limits and traffic was relatively very low. “I can’t wait anymore,” Jenna said and untied my track pants lace and lowered it down with my help. She grabbed my 8″ long, hard, throbbing dick. She pulled, flicked, and rubbed the head of his cock with her fingertips while tracing the length and width of him with her fingers. Her touch was making me mad as she was looking at my fully erected cock. I lifted my buttocks while driving to give her hand better access to my hard cock. I wanted her to touch, feel, and stroke my big cock as much as she wanted to touch, feel, and stroke my naked cock.

“Look at that lovely piece of meat of yours,” she said, touching my thick cock with her fingertips while teasing me and staring up at me. I watched her wrap her fingers around my cock and squeeze it as if she was checking the sausage before eating it.

“Holyshit! Jenna, your hands are ice-cold,” I gasped. She tightened her grip a little more to show her dominance at the moment. Her hands were very cold but the sexual feeling was way above it.

“When I saw you for the first time at the event today, I just wanted to get on top of you, Shoaib,” she said. “I just couldn’t wait to play with this,” She said while looking at my rockhard dick.

After stroking it for a little while, she flicked her hair back and bent herself down and kissed the top of my cock. She started encircling her tongue around my cock and slowly sucked the top of my dick. Traffic was very low and we were about to reach a calm location. She was teasing me by sucking only the head of my cock. I grabbed her head with my left hand and pressed it, making her swallow my whole cock up and down, up and down before she fully deepthroated me.

“Oh, my God, Jenna, It’s been a long time since someone gave me a blowjob like this, I am loving it, keep doing it.”

Keeping one hand on the steering, I began to massage her back inside her T-shirt, running my hand slowly towards her bra and unhooked it before removing it without removing her T-shirt. I slid my hand to her boobs and squeezed both of her boobs one by one. Touching her boobs made my cock even bigger. Later on, I again caressed her back while she was sucking my cock like never before, I slowly ran my hand inside her shorts.

My hand was on her left ass chick and I could say that it felt bigger than the last time. She was wearing lace panties which I quickly moved off to the side. I groaned again as she deepthroated my throbbing cock.

I just started to trace the outline of her pussy lips when I found the blind-spot from the road and parked the car in that spot. It was dark and no one was around. I slowly but regretfully pulled her away from my cock. I pulled the lever of her seat and flat it out and asked her to remove her shorts while I removed my t-shirt.

I grabbed her left leg and positioned it behind the back of my seat so that I had perfect access to her love hole. I got up from my seat and gently kissed her neck, moving along her jawline to her mouth. I began to kiss her lips passionately. parting her lips with my tongue, massaging the roof of her mouth. My mouth slowly moved on to her boobies, sucking them a little bit and biting both her nipples softly.

I gently moved on to her navel, inhaling her beautiful aroma I kissed around her navel slowly but passionately. Her eyes rolled up into her head as she arched her back and her body was reacting to every kiss of mine on her navel. I moved further down, she was expecting me to suck her pussy but I jumped to her thighs to tease her a little.

Slowly, I began to kiss my way up her inner thighs, kissing them both one by one. The more I was getting closer to her love hole the more aroused she was getting. Her slow moans were driving me crazy. I could see her lips started to glisten up with her juices. She was enjoying the moment with her eyes closed. I was trying so hard to overcome my temptation to just slot oyna straight out fuck her with my dick.

Jenna’s moans was getting louder, she spread her legs a little more. I returned to her legs and kept on kissing and sucking her inner thighs. The more I was getting closure to her love hole my kisses were getting stronger almost like smooth love bites. When I reached the joint of her thighs, I planted a soft kiss on her pussy lips, then began to lick her smoothly.

I pointed my tongue and inserted it deep down inside her vagina. She was spreading her legs even more so that I could go as deep as possible. I kept on working hard on her vagina for at least 5 minutes before I got my tongue out and sucked on her clit. Her moans got even louder, I was enjoying this to the maximum. I felt like my penis would drill a hole inside the car seat.

I slowly inserted my finger in her tunnel while kissing her clit and hit her G-spot, I rubbed my finger across her inner wall near G-spot. I just wanted to give Jenna the best oral experience of her lifetime. Jenna was closing in on her orgasm, so I put another finger inside her tunnel and began to stimulate it faster. Jenna was moaning out of control.

It was time to take Jenna to a heavenly orgasm. I started licking and sucking her clit more intensely while fingering her G-spot with two fingers. She pushed both of her thighs on both sides of my face. I could feel her muscles getting stiff. My ears were getting quashed by her thighs and she let it all out with the loudest scream till now. Her hot cum was all over my face as well as my fingers, Jenna squirted in 5 streams, 2 of them were very large and 3 relatively low in amount. She was biting her lips and she was shaking like there was an electric shock that was given to her.

I sat in the driver’s seat and pulled it as behind as possible. “Full sex with your previous boyfriends or oral sex with me chose one,” I said.

“You are like a wild dream Shoaib; nobody stands a chance against you.”

“I don’t know if everything around me right now is real or not, oh God,” Jenna said.

I pinched a little on her thighs and said “See, its real my ‘sister in love’ oh sorry ‘sister in law’ I mean.

She jumped on my thighs facing me and said, “I am so horny, just get inside me already.”

“Then spit on my dick and lube it.”

Jenna spat on my cock and spread it with her hands by stroking my cock while sitting on my thighs. My cock was roaring near her entrance wanting pussy. I rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy lips and placed a hard long kiss before lifting her a bit to put my cock inside of her. I slowly put her down on top of my shaft as her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned while her vagina slowly swallowed all my 8 inches. Slowly, almost painfully, I began to push into her, my bare cock was feeling her soft skin around me.

I kissed her as I felt my eyes rolling up. I kissed her, and I filled her in at the same time. As I began to move, sliding in and out of her as she laughed and moaned and told me how good it felt.

“It’s amazing,” I moaned incoherently. “It’s… Its’…out of this world,” I said.

“So much better,” she said, grabbing my shoulder as I fucked her harder and faster.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned, somehow wrapping her legs around me.

“Admit it, you like to fuck me more than anyone else,” she said, clenching around me like she could pull me all the way inside her.

“No doubt Jenna, I am in love with your fucking sexy body, especially your beautiful ass,” I said while grabbing her butt chicks in my hands and squeezing them hard.

I grabbed around her waist and she was going up and down while I was playing with her beautiful boobies with my mouth. I grabbed my seat’s lever and lent the back of the seat down, now she was riding me in a cowgirl, running her ass up and down on my cock. after a while, she grinds her ass on my cock and started to give me some love bites on my shoulder as well as my chest.

After a few minutes of cowgirl banging, I grabbed her from her ass and directly placed her pussy on my mouth while lying down and tongue fucked her while drinking all of her pussy juice as Jenna kept moaning softly.

I asked her to go and sit on her knees on the back seat. She went and pushed her head into the covers so that her ass was in the air and I could enter her from behind. I stood behind her spreading my legs to lower myself to get into a comfortable position. I spat on my cock and spread it. My cock was like an arrow waiting for its target. “OH! My God! She ruptured as I powerfully thrust her into sending her over the precipice of sanity. She was rapidly losing whatever control she had left but I didn’t canlı casino siteleri care.

I grabbed her hair with both hands and started going in and out rapidly. I could feel her pussy muscles getting stiff, her moans were turning into screams, I speeded it up even more. I could feel every single cell of her pussy encircled around my cock. Her body started to shiver and a stream of juice drained all over my cock and my balls. I made her cum again. She was out of breath and unable to stand. She dropped herself on the seat as I removed my cock out of her vagina.

I sat beside her for a while, only to start making out again. She jumped on top of me and asked me to suck on her boobs. I enjoyed sucking on her small but lovely boobies. “Are you ready again Jenna? I want to take my loadout now,” I said. She nodded her head signaling yes.

There was no one around us, I opened the door of the car and grabbed Jenna from the waist. She wrapped her legs around my buttocks and her arms around my neck while kissing me deeply. I took her in front of the car and drubbed her on the bonnet. I teased her by rubbing my cock on her clit for a while. I slowly slid my rod inside her hungry pussy.

Being on her back allowed her to prop one foot up my shoulder, I started kissing her leg while slowly picking up the pace. As I was thrusting into her I heard her say, “God, we are going to dent your car’s bonnet today.” I held her left hand with my right and I used my right to hold her hip. I wanted to keep her in some kind of reasonable position so she didn’t bounce around too much and slide off the Bonet. She certainly didn’t object. In fact, she grabbed my ass to urge me to go deeper.

I was almost nearing my cum. This time I wanted to cum inside her pussy. I told her, “Jenna, I am going to cum inside you this time, just shut up and enjoy my hot load.” She was full of pleasure and was again about to reach her orgasm. She didn’t say a word and nodded her head with acceptance.

I took my cock out and made her stand upon the ground. I bent her over the bonnet and lubed her pussy with my mouth. I shoved my whole cock forcefully into her tunnel and fucked her harder than ever and faster than ever. “This is what you wanted, right, Jenna? I am going to stuff my load inside like I always do to your sister. Are you jealous that she got my cum before you?” I said while gripping her hair and stroking her harder.

I was looking at her slim back, I kissed her back for once and kept fucking her as fast as possible. “I’m going to cum,” we both said at the same time. “Ohh! Yes, Jenna, let’s do it together.”

My body was pulsating and I didn’t think I could last much longer. After several minutes her body started shaking and I was almost sorry that this thrill was nearing an end. We were each other’s addiction. she slammed herself back down and her body rocked completely as her pussy tightened around my cock and creamed over my cock while at the same time I got tensed, arched my back and let loose with a primal cry as I stuffed all my load inside the vagina of my sister-in-law.

I rubbed her luscious juices all over my body. She turned around and sat on her knees. After tenderly squeezing his balls, she gently licked my cock and lapped the remaining semen off my gorgeous shaft. her moans quivered around my shaft as she struggled to take my entire shaft in her chops. I felt my balls tighten and cock stiffens, yet she kept sucking, swallowing as much cum as possible in her mouth and letting some of it run down on her beautiful breasts, she totally cleaned my groin of excess cum of mine and hers before leaving my cock free.

I walked and entered the back seat of the car and fell down on it. She came to me and laid on top of me. Our bodies were enjoying each other’s company skin to skin as we made out like a just-married couple, fully indulging in love and lust. “OMG! its already 1 am, my mom is going to kill me. Take me home fast,” she said. I took her from where I picked her up as soon as possible. She kissed me before leaving the car, started her moped and went home.

I sat down in the car for 10-15 minutes alone thinking of the blissful moments I had a few moments before then I started the car and went to my in-law’s house. Jenna kept the door open for me. Everything was calm inside, Jenna was already on her bed and all the others in the house were sleeping. Due to their cousin’s marriage, there were guests at their home hence Jenna’s mom was sleeping in her room on the couch while Jenna was almost asleep on the bed.

I slowly crawled on Jenna’s bed, got inside her blanket and kissed her inner thighs. Before Jenna could say anything, I put my finger on her mouth and kept her lying on the bed. I kissed both of her thighs then kissed her pussy on top of her shorts, kissed both her boobs and then smooched her mouth for at least half a minute. I kissed her forehead and wished her ‘Goodnight’ and left her room and went to sleep.

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